Watching Gavin and Sarah


I live in a 3 storey apartment block in a city complex. From my upstairs windows I can look down at the ground floors of the properties below. Opposite my flat is Gavin, a handsome football player who is 22 years old. I should say at this point I'm Dee - a 36 year old waitress, probably too old and saggy for a hunk like Gavin, but a girl can dream, can't she ? I've got a bloke, Jim but he lives in a different city and I only get to see him at weekends, so much of my free time is spent alone with my rampant rabbit for company.
Whilst Gavin draws his drapes at night there is a wide panel above the door to his flat which has no curtain through which I can see right into his apartment when he has his lights on. Often I've gazed at him on his sofa drinking beer watching the game and occasionally I've spotted my naughty little hunk masturbating! And yes his cock is in keeping with the rest of his body - ie chunky and big. . . . . I have an open relationship with Jim and have told him how I sometimes frig thinking of Gavin's cock and he gets really turned on at the thought of the young testosterone fuelled hunk pounding me to a shuddering climax.

Recently, Gavin has started hanging around with Sarah, a 19 year old who is the daughter of one of my friends. She has an angelic face and petite body but has quite a reputation as a minx and I knew if waited long enough I may spy her and Gav having some fun one night. And that's just what happened.
I had been working late and jumped straight in the shower as soon as I got home. Stepping onto the landing dressed in just a towel, I spied Gavin's light was on and could see him walking around his living room naked from the waist up.

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  My fingers made an involuntary trace along my pussy lips as I drooled at his taut, lean muscular frame. God, he was such a gorgeous hunky bastard and Sarah was one lucky girl.
Just then, Sarah walked in the room, dressed in a green zip up cheerleader jacket and shorts. Looks like Gav had asked her to dress up for him !! I watched as she tugged at the waistband of Gavin's shorts, pulling them off to release his delicious cock. Needless to say it was already hard and i watched in rapturous amazement as she sank to ker knees and sucked on his plonker. I knew Jim would want a piece of this too so I rang him on his mobile, put it on loudspeaker and proceeded to describe every act of their love making.
Sarah slipped her shorts off to reveal the tiniest firmest bottom I think i've ever seen (how jealous I was of her at that moment, the lucky bitch) and climbed astride him on the sofa. Luckily for me she was a 'cowgirl' for Gav so I got to see everything! I described every detail to Jim as we both wanked, me dreaming I was humping this gorgeous young stud. Sarah meanwhile was coming - you could see the strain etched on the grimaces on her face as she thrashed about wildly, her blonde hair shaking in time to every thrust. Gav had his large meaty hands under her unzipped jacket  cupping her small firm boobs.
I was stood at my window (lights off of course so i couldn't be seen) as my legs started to buckle as I approached my own orgasm. I started babbling uncontrollably "Yes, Gavin, fuck me you gorgeous bastard, shoot your hot seed up my cunt - oh Christ oh shiiiiit , urrrrrrrgh ,fuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk meeeeeeee" and with that I collapsed, my fingers flooded as i saw my fantasy hunk grip his young partner by the shoulders as he thrust in hard spasms shooting his delicious cum inside Sarah's willing body.
In my frenzied lust, all thoughts of Jim had been banished but as I picked up the mobile he said, "Judging by how much that turned you on, maybe you need to experience Gav for yourself. " And maybe he's right. .

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  . . . . .