Stacie and Annie---New Friends Ch. 02


For the first time Stacie’s pussy was filled with a human touch other than her own. Now she was totally awake and took a deep breath in, holding it as a quiet gasp while a thundering orgasm rippled from her clit outward. And then another, and still another before Stacie collapsed forward, off the chair and on top of Annie. Annie and Stacie were on the wood planks of the porch, wrapped around each other within the warmth of the girl cum stained comforter. They were eye-to-eye, face-to-face, and now lip and tongue to lip and tongue. Annie was taking her time exploring Stacie’s horny mouth as she savored the recalling of past female-to-female romps. Stacie fought against the deliberateness of Annie by not only exploring, but also biting and sucking. Instinctively, Annie slowed Stacie down and at the same time pushed her near the top by reaching for a hard protruding nipple and rolling it between her fingers briefly, and then pinching it hard. The pinch made Stacie gasp, and made her pussy gush. “Annie, what are we doing?” asked wide-eyed Stacie. Again, Annie answered without words by tenderly kissing her new lover. While they held the kiss it became somewhat less than tender and four hands began exploring.

Annie was fixated on Stacie’s pert size 32C breasts, especially on the brownest most pouting nipples she had ever pinched. Her ministrations to Stacie’s chest were met with gyrations and upward thrusts as she offered her cunt to Annie’s face. Stacie then wrapped her arms around Annie’s head and buried her face in her chest—Annie responded by replacing her pinching fingers with her lips, tongue and teeth. Annie’s paired her sucking, licking and biting by masturbating Stacie’s soaking cunt.

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  Now they were sitting facing one and other, their legs wrapped around each other, and with the comforter beneath and around them. Both pussies were pointed upward begging for attention as Stacie was mimicking Annie’s attention. Mutual kissing, sucking, biting and finally rubbing each other’s cunts. Both women were as much participants as observers but Stacie surprised Annie by quickly having more thunderous orgasms than it was possible to count. Annie loved the way Stacie would begin her cum action by cutely jerking her head to the side, becoming quiet, and then letting lose long sensuous moans. Her crescendos included wetness from several orifices including her eyes, mouth, and mostly, her cunt. Annie was so turned on by Stacie’s response that she was determined not to let her “finish”. So, as Stacie was composing herself, Annie slid between her legs and began to suck on her sweet clit while finger fucking her. Stacie was so caught up in the moment that she readily agreed to be eaten doggy style while rubbing her own clit. As Annie brought Stacie to and over the top, she whispered into her ear “Now it’s your turn to do me. ”Stacie got up and helped Annie to her feet. They walked into the cabin and to Stacie’s room. Stacie removed her vibrator from under her pillow and motioned for her first lover to lie down. They began to kiss again while lying face-to-face. Annie had draped a leg over Stacie’s leg, and was enjoying humping her soaking cunt against it.

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   Stacie slid the vibrator between them, reached down and separated Annie’s cunt lips, and slid the device home, just like she did for herself most nights and many days. Annie giggled at her first thought “Sean is dispensable”. Her second thought was the blur of being totally out of control. And then she had no more thoughts until she came back down from a place that she had never been before, taken there by the raw sex of Stacie, who was technically still a virgin, and her amazing vibrator. The last time Annie was so perfectly sated was the time, before Sean, that she dated twins who routinely fucked her ass and cunt at the same time. It was now 5:30 am and the first signs of light began to peer through the window. Stacie and Annie were exploring each other’s lips with their fingertips when they began to feel like they were being watched. To be continued. . . .