SpyCam Caught My Wife


About five years ago I became a little more than suspicious of my wife. There were times when I couldn’t seem to get her in the mood at all and other times when I’d come home from work and she’d almost rip my clothes off.
So I began to wonder what was turning her on during those occasions when she seemed to be horniest. I thought it was someone where she worked and maybe they were having an affair. I did work very long hours in those days and she was always home hours before me. She had plenty of opportunity. Then it occurred to me that maybe she was even bringing him home and fucking him right in our marital bed. At first I chastised myself. Maybe she is just really turned on by someone at work and can only deal with it by fantasizing that she is with him when she is really with me. It isn’t like I haven’t done that. But the feeling that something was going on would not relent.
Finally, I hatched a plan. I would discretely hide two video cameras somewhere in the house and see if I could catch what was going on. We have one older video camera and one new one so I could choose the two most strategic places to hide them in the house. The newest camera I hid in the bedroom on top of the dresser mirror. I made certain that it was pointing straight down on the bed.

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   The bedroom was of course the most logical place. Deciding on a place for the other camera would take some thought. Finally, I chose to hide this one in the kitchen. Our kitchen is completely open to the den on one end so if I placed the camera correctly, I could catch both rooms and have a great view of the sofa where she might be fucking someone new.   I chose to hide this camera on the counter behind the toaster and some cooking crocks.
Everyday, I would drive home about 30 minutes before she arrived home from work and switched the cameras on. Every night, after she went to sleep, I would check them and find nothing on them except for her bumping around the house. A couple of times I caught her in one of her bathing suits so I knew she had been out in the pool. It was June and very hot and humid. I actually thought about moving the kitchen camera outside to face the pool and then decided against it.
About two weeks after starting my voyeuristic endeavor, I came home and Kim was very horny. She rode me like she hadn’t had sex with me in 20 years. When I was checking and the bedroom camera, I found the usual nothing but suddenly I saw something very interesting on the kitchen cam. At first, I was just looking at the side of the fridge and the den off in the distance but I could hear voices and one of them was male. The voices were getting louder and then suddenly she walked into the kitchen past the camera.

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   She was wearing her skin-tight white bikini and she was wet like she’d been in the pool. All accept her hair. She never actually swims in the pool and never puts her head under the water.
She rarely ever wears this particular bikini and just looking at her in it made my cock stir in my pants. My wife is a rare beauty. Five years younger than me, five foot five inches tall, brown hair and eyes, flat belly, firm little tits and a killer ass. I found myself actually hoping that I was going to see her fucking someone else. The thought of watching her scream on another guy’s cock was sending all of my blood right to my nether regions. What I was about to see was more than I ever dared to dream.
As she walked into the kitchen, she was drying herself with a towel. She approached the rectangular, wooden, empty kitchen table and she laid the towel out on the tabletop. Then turned to face someone entering the room right behind her. At first I didn’t recognize him from the back of his head but when he approached her, she turned her profile to the camera and since he obviously wanted to face her, he did too. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We have married friends who are about 12 years older than us. 

   I worked with the husband some years ago and that is how we all met. They have a son named Brian who was 9 when we met them but had just turned 18. Brian and my wife Kim have always been close. He even referred to her as aunt Kim even though they are not related. He had just graduated from high school a month prior and it was him who now stood before my nearly naked wife!
On this camera, I really couldn’t hear the playback very well. I hurriedly hooked the camera to the TV in the den and rewound the tape to the part where they entered the kitchen so I could hear what they were saying. As I listened, I began to realize that I was witnessing a first time. She had not cheated on me before and she was reluctant to cross that line even now. He was coaxing her but she was resisting. She was making light of his advances but she was resisting by trying not to take him seriously.
“Come on Kim,” Brian was saying in an almost whining tone, “No one will ever know. ”
“No Brian,” Kim said with a shy giggle, “I’m married and you’re like… what…twelve years younger than me?” I noticed her face flush when she answered him. I knew that look on her face too. She was not all that opposed to the idea of fucking him and was wrestling with her inner demons. Who could blame her? Brian was slightly over six feet tall with a very athletic build.

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   He had sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes that sparkle when he laughs. Add to the fact that he was wearing a blue pair of athletic shorts and a red muscle shirt that showed a few light brown chest hairs and I was surprised she was putting up any fight at all. He reached out to grab her but she wriggled away, turning her back to him but facing the camera in the process. “You really need to stop this,” she said, with a shy giggle again.
“Why?” Brian asked her again teasingly. Then I saw him put his right hand on her ass. She quickly turned back to face him pushing the arm away in the process.
“I already told you why Brian,” she answered with a bit of firmness in her voice. He responded by smiling and pulling his muscle shirt over his head. Kim’s eyes had been locked on his but when his shirt was being pulled over his face, I saw her eyes flit down his body and back up again for a second. I also notice her gaze linger a bit on the growing bulge in the front of his shorts.
“Do you still say ‘no’”, Brian asked as he tossed his shirt to the side and turned his bare chest to her. Her face was bright red with embarrassment but she was grinning and her eyes were shinning in the way they always do when she is turned on. When she didn’t answer him, I knew her resistance was wearing down and she was beginning to contemplate getting away with it. She stared at the muscles in his young teenage chest.

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   Then at his round and muscular shoulders that curved up into a thick muscular neck. His abdominal muscles are ripped and there was a thin line of light brown hair protruding from the tops of his shorts to his navel. For a few seconds she was bashfully taking it all in.
“I’ll make you a deal,” she said when she finally spoke again.
“What’s that?” Brian asked, a little surprised himself.
“If you promise and I mean promise never to tell anyone…,” Kim’s voice trailed off as she was having second thoughts.
“What’s the rest of the deal?” Brian asked anxiously. She looked at the floor for a second as if to build up some much needed courage to cross the line she was so desperately trying to hold a few seconds before.
“If you promise never, ever to tell anyone…. I’ll… give you oral,” she finally answered. Satisfied to take what he could get and obviously not wanting to give her any time to change her mind, Brian hooked his thumbs into the elastic top of his shorts and jerked them all the way down.
He had on no underwear and his cock immediately sprang out. I almost choked. It was long, thick and super hard! Its tip was glistening with the precum that drenched it. When it sprang free, the tip of it poked right into the front of Kim’s bikini bottoms.


   She let out a little squeal of surprise and her eyes were almost popping out of her face when she looked at the large appendage poking her in the crotch. She immediately wrapped her fingers around it and dropped to her knees.
As I watched my wife’s beautiful mouth begin to lick the tip of the dick of my friend’s teenage son, I found myself squeezing my own dick through my shorts. When I became conscious of it, I removed them and sat in front of the TV butt naked with my hand slowly stroking my ever-hardening cock.
As Kim ran her tongue along the underside of Brian’s cock, she gazed upwards into his eyes as if needing assurance that what she was doing was satisfying to him. He only responded with some sharp intakes of breath as he gently stroked her hair with one hand. Then suddenly she slid the entire thing in her mouth, tip first. Her cheeks imploded as her lips sealed tight around his shaft and then, as he moaned in ecstasy, she began to slide him in and out past her lips.
While Kim was absorbed, so to speak, in the task that she was so expertly performing, Brian bent over her head and began to untie her bikini top. Kim suddenly stopped and said no. When he persisted, she looked squarely into his face and said firmly, “Look Brian, this is more than I should be doing. You need to stop now or we are finished here. ”
“I just want to cum on your tits,” Brian said in an almost pleading tone. They stared at each other for a minute, Brian gently flapping his cock with one hand in front of her face. A bit angrily she finally spoke, “Okay.

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   But this is it! Don’t ask me for anymore! If your parents or my husband were to find out… it would be bad. ”
“Don’t worry, I told you no one would ever know and I meant that,” Brian begged in reply. Kim reached behind her back, untied the bikini top and unceremoniously tossed it to the kitchen floor. Then she promptly put his cock back in her mouth and began to suck and stroke it at the same time.
It didn’t take very long before I watched Brian’s cock being pulled from her lips and the first shots of white sperm hitting her in the chin, neck and chest. Kim was on the floor on her knees. Her legs were spread wide apart and she was leaning back to let him take aim at her chest. Brian was fisting his cock for all it was worth and I have never seen so much cum. His cum shots were hitting her with so much force, they were actually splattering off of her in all directions. After he shot out about a dozen squirts he was finally spent and Kim was covered in white stripes from her chin to her bikini bottoms. There were even pearly looking drops of sperm in her hair over her forehead and around her ears.
Kim looked down at her soaked body and then back up at Brian. She was crinkling her nose in mock disgust and saying, “Ewe, yuck!” Then, smiling, she looked squarely at his cock, which remained rock hard even after all, that cum. “You mean that thing is still not satisfied?” She asked teasingly.
“It would be if it could fuck you,” Brian answered with hope in his voice.

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She stood up, turned away from him, grabbed the towel and began wiping the cum from her body. “You know we can’t do that,” she said with authority.
“Why not?” He said with a whine again.
“Because, it would be going too far. We already did more than we should and I feel guilty as hell about that,” she answered honestly as she continued to wipe herself with her back to him.
As she rubbed a shoulder with the towel, Brian moved up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her. As he did, he let the palm of one hand rub her belly and then sink into her bikini bottoms. I could tell he was fingering her click. For a second, I saw Kim close her eyes and her breath became labored. I knew she was enjoying it. Then she tensed and tried to turn to face him. The word “Stop” began to emerge from her lips but he smoother it but putting his mouth squarely on hers. She didn’t pull away! I watched her tension slowly melt away as she returned the passionate kiss and I could see their tongues tasting each other when they would pull away and readjust their lips.
As they continued to kiss passionately over her shoulder, his big hard dick was smashed between his stomach and her ass and his hand was routing around even deeper into her bikini bottoms. As she relaxed, she parted her thighs a bit for him and I could soon tell that he had a finger worked up inside of her.

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   Under her bikini, I could see his hand moving up and down as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Her breathing was now morphing into light moans and it was apparently becoming harder for her to breath.
Finally, while still locked in the kiss, Kim reached down and untied the bikini bottoms. First one side, then the other and let them fall to the floor. He was frigging her and now I could see her wiry brown pubes brushing the palm of his hand as his finger continued to work her into a frenzy. I could hear her pussy going “slurp, slurp, slurp” as his finger went in and out. Suddenly she stopped his hand, pushed his arm away and turned to face him with the most satisfied smile I’d ever seen her wear. They embraced and kissed some more, smashing their noses together in the process. Kim reached between their bodies and grabbed his cock in her fist as they kissed.
As they kissed, Kim stroked his cock up and down between their pressed bodies and she slowly backed towards the table until her ass cheeks were pressed on the edge of its top. Then she broke the kiss and slid up onto the table spreading her legs wide for him at the same time. His cock pointed right at her pussy and his eyes just drank in the beautiful sight of her pink, moist petals framed in her thick brown pubes. Kim reached out and grabbed his cock and drew it to her pussy.
“I want to eat you first!” Brian yelled in surprise. Kim just grinned at him deviously and shook her head from side to side.

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“Oh, no,” she said, “I want you inside me now!” And with that, she used her left hand to reach over top of her pubes and spread her pussy lips while her right hand guided the tip of his cock between them.
I couldn’t believe my luck. My wife was cheating on me with my best friend’s teenage son. A boy who was ring bearer at our wedding when he was only 12 and I had positioned the camera at the best possible place to catch all of the action.
    As Brian’s 18-year-old cock slowly disappeared into the pussy of my 30-year-old wife, I had the perfect view of her pussy lips wrapping themselves around his shaft and lathering up his pole with her thick white juices!
    Once Brian’s cock was properly aligned with Kim’s tight tunnel, she was content for a minute to watch his big dick disappear into her body between her pink outer petals. When they were completely merged, his balls resting on her ass cheeks, their inner thighs touching and their pubes one big nest of hair, Kim leaned back on the table and spread her legs wide.
    Brian leaned over her and grabbed the edge of the table with each hand on either side of her. Kim gazed into his eyes with both love and lust as he made ready to fuck her like she was so wanting him to do. Slowly he began to draw his cock in and out of her and with each stroke her breathing became heavier. Her eyes glazed over and her stomach muscles contracted with each stroke and I knew she was going to orgasm soon. She began to moan as he began to thrust harder and soon she was just outright screaming with each thrust.
    “Pound me!” I heard her scream.
    “What?” Brian said as if snapping out of a trance as he was so concentrated on his work.
    “Pound my pussy!” She yelled at him again. “Pound it hard!… Yes… Like that… Fuck me Brian!”
    In all the years we’d been together, I’d never heard her talk like that.


       It excited me beyond belief. Obviously it excited Brian too. He was about to pull out and cum but Kim locked her legs around him, drew him deep inside of her and held him there.
    “Aunt Kim, I’m going to cum!” He shouted in alarm. She didn’t respond to him because she was lost in her building orgasm. She kept him locked into her and as his rigid cock began to pulsate with the first shots of cum being released into her womb, she contracted her stomach muscles, clamped down hard on his cock and came with an elongated scream at the tops of her lungs. Her orgasm even continued long after he was spent. Then finally, breathlessly she relaxed her muscles and released him.
    Brian pulled out with a plop and his cum immediately ran out of her pussy and onto the floor. Still panting, she stood up and grabbed the towel she’d used at the pool and mopped up the floor. Then she began holding the towel under her pussy as she stood to catch any residual sperm that ran back out of her.
    “Aunt Kim, I came inside of you,” Brian said with sincere concern.
    “I think you can stop calling me that now,” she said, “It seems a little weird now and I’m not really your aunt. ”
    “Sorry, I guess I forgot in all the excitement,” Brian said exasperated. “But what if you get pregnant?”
    “Not going to happen bud,” Kim replied with a chuckle, “I swallow a little precaution everyday.

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    “Oh,” is all he could muster with a smile in reply. They were both still panting heavily.
    When she was satisfied that she had caught all of his sperm in the towel, she placed it back on the table and touched Brian’s half limp dick with her hand. Immediately it grew hard again.
    “You’re kidding me,” she said with a half laugh, half squeal. “You’re like the energizer bunny!” Brian laughed a bit in reply.
    Kim grabbed the kitchen chair and pulled it out to the floor. It was turned so that the view I had from the camera was mostly behind and a little to the side of the chair. Kim made Brian sit in the chair and I saw mostly his back and a little bit of his profile. I could see most of his large member poking up over his left thigh.
    Brian seemed a little confused when made to sit in the chair but as Kim straddled him, he began to understand what was happening next. While standing and facing Brian, Kim placed one foot along each side of the chair so that her crotch was opened directly above his. She grabbed his cock and slowly sat down on it as her hand guided him into her waiting gash. From my angle, I could see the upper part of his cock disappear into the center of her furry brown triangle until there was nothing of it left as if her pussy was swallowing him whole. Then it reappeared as she slowly moved up on him again.

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       Then it slowly disappeared. Soon she sat all the way down on his lap and they embraced and kissed deeply once more as their groins began to grind together in rhythm.
    Soon Kim was rocking hard on the Brian’s lap and her breath was hard and ragged again. The kitchen chair was taking such a beating that one of the lower supports fell off of the leg. To this day, I still have not fixed that chair! They never noticed and never stopped. Soon she was screaming again and she came as hard as she had the first time. Brian was slamming his hips upwards into her and I could hear him groan and grunt as he shot his another load of hot sperm into my wife.
    Once they finished, Kim stood pulling his cock out of her and his sperm ran out in a gush all over his lap and the chair. Again, with the towel, Kim mopped up and held the towel under her pussy. Suddenly she noticed the clock and made an announcement about me being home soon. Brian cursed a little and jumped up to throw his clothes on. Kim grabbed her bikini tops and bottoms and draped the towel over her shoulder.
    “I have to go jump in the shower,” she said to Brian.
    “I’d love to jump in there with you,” he replied.
    “I know,” she cooed at him. 

       “But you really need to get going. And don’t forget. Please never tell anyone. ”
    “Don’t worry,” he said, “I never will. I promise. Besides, I’m hoping we can do this some more. ”
    “We’ll see,” she said with a noncommittal tone.
    They kissed again like the lovers they now were and then he left the kitchen and she raced the other way with her clothes in hand. A few seconds later I heard the front door shut and then a car engine started. A few seconds after that, I heard the shower running. Then I ran out of tape.
    I don’t know if my wife ever met with Brian again. I always imagined they did. I never confronted her with the tape or even let on that I knew. After college, Brian moved to Florida and we rarely ever see him unless he is home for a holiday.

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       A couple of times when our families were all together I caught them sharing a secret knowing glance at one another and I chuckled to myself. I never again set up the cameras but I never destroyed the tape either. I find it too erotic to destroy and I sometimes pull it out for my own enjoyment when no one else is home.
    I hear Brian is getting married this coming December. I hope his new bride appreciates the carnal lessons taught to him by my loving bride. I wonder if he’ll close his eyes while his dick is buried in his new wife and fantasize about doing it with his good old aunt Kim? For me, I learned the thrill of watching another guy pleasing my wife and I have never had a better sex life since.