Rite of Passage


The following story is the cullmination of two years of hard work (yes, I type rediculously slow) research, writing and innumerable rewrites. This was my first serious attempt at writing; and while it was a nightmare, it was one of my most rewarding experiences. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
__________________________________________________ ____________

Chapter 1: The anticipation of Alison

It was nearly spring, and I was rapidly approaching my 16th birthday. I was growing more and more anxious as the day approached. Not only would it be my sweet 16, but I would have finally come of age and be eligible for marriage. . . almost. Only one thing stood in the way, my Rite of passage.

The Rite was a law and a religious decree, "No girl may be considered eligible to marry unless she has undergone the Rite of passage and been sanctified into womanhood within the first fortnight of her sixteenth year". The nature of the Rite however is a closely guarded secret; girls who have gone through it are given explicit instructions to discuss it with NO ONE who has not already undergone it. The penalties for breaking this silence, I am told, are quite severe. My best friend Laura went through her rite about six months before. When I asked her for details, all she would say was, "It hurt! That's all I can tell you, and I probably shouldn't have even told you that, so you never heard that, ok?!" Disappointed and nervous, I dropped the subject.

A year ago, my mother dropped the bombshell on me that she had arranged for me to marry my grade-school sweetheart Micah.


   I had known that this was coming (It is custom after all) but I was still furious about not having a choice in the matter. Eventually I realized that she made the choice that I myself would have made. Micah; I had always been enamored with Micah. Mom couldn't have chosen better so I quickly got over being mad.

Micah and I used to spend all our time together before we hit 7th grade. After that he was transferred to the boys schools, while I and all the other girls were sent to the girls schools. Since then we hadn't seen each other as much as I would have liked.

Once we found out we were betrothed, we officially began our courtship, and renewed our love for each other. All our dates however, were VERY closely chaperoned by my parents, or his, or both.

Though I loved Micah dearly, the thought of spending the rest of my life with him was terrifying. I'd heard about the things that husbands and wives did together and I just didn't think that I could bring myself to DO those sorts of things; not even with Micah.

Mom had harped on me for years about protecting my innocence. When I was nine she presented me with a "virginity ring" and told me that I had best never have reason to take it off until I was a woman.

In the weeks before my birthday mom was a flurry of activity. Since it was her responsibility to arrange the marriage, it was also her responsibility to make most of the arrangements for the Rite.

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   She had me memorize my part in a couple of ceremonies, and was making a special dress for me. She set the date for the event to be on my birthday; the wedding was set for two weeks after. One afternoon, about a week and a half before my birthday, mom came into my room and sat down on the bed.

"It's time to pick your aunts. " She said.

O. K. , I was confused. "Aunts?" I asked.

"Aunts. " She replied. "The aunts are wives who participate in the ceremony with you since it would be inappropriate for me to do so. They are called aunts because in ancient times your mothers sister, or sisters, would have taken you through it. The participation of relatives fell out of use thousands of years ago, and the position and title were passed to non related wives who were friends of both mother and daughter. The Rite calls for seven of them and they have three main responsibilities.

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"One; they select the one who will perform the Rite. Two; they are your guides through this event. If you do precisely as they tell you to, you will greatly enjoy this experience. If you don't, you won't. Three: they are your witnesses to the world that the Rite has been completed.

As I said, the Rite calls for seven aunts, you may choose three of them. A few simple rules first though. One, the ladies you choose must not be related to you nor may any of them be related to each other. Two, they must have already gone through the rite themselves. Three, they must be married or be within a month of getting married; married is preferable. Four, they may not be someone who is in a position of direct authority over you, which means you can't ask any of the school staff, nor your boss or supervisors at work. Five, the aunts you choose must be someone that I know. As your mother I have final say as to the fitness of your choices.

Think on it a little and let me know by this evening so that I can contact them. "

I thought for a moment and realized that I already knew.

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   "Laura. " I said. "I want Laura there; Bethany and Tammy as well. "

"Very good. " Mom said. "Good choices. I'll let them know. "

"Mom; what exactly happens during the Rite?" I asked as she got up to go. Mom paused for a moment with a thoughtful expression on her face. "All things in their proper time and place my dear. Some things in life should not be known until their proper time. Your aunts will explain what will happen when it is appropriate for them to do so. You are about to experience the wonder and mystery of becoming a woman; enjoy the moment. " She touched my face, smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I know that doesn't quite satisfy your curiosity, but your question will be answered soon enough. I'm afraid that's all I can tell for now.

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"Umm, mom. " I said. "I have a few more questions, things that have been bugging me. "

Mom looked back at me with an almost irritated look in her eyes, "I told you dear, I just can't tell you any more about it!"

"No. " I said. "Not about the Rite; about Micah and I. "

"Oh, forgive me dear, go ahead. " She replied, lightening up considerably.

I gave her my best worried look and said, "The wedding's less than four weeks away and Micah and I haven't even discussed where we are going to live, how we'll support ourselves; How will, or for that matter 'will', we be able to finish school?"

Moms jaw hit the floor and she gave me an utterly horrified look. "Holy Mother!" She said. "Your Father and I have been so busy getting everything arranged that We've neglected to sit you down and talk about your future. In the name of the Mother and the Father, I am So Sorry dear. " She sat back. "Let's see, where to begin?

After your honeymoon, you each will return to your respective homes. You will be husband and wife in name and deed, but not in practice. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   Not yet. The two of you will spend the remainder of this school term going to your current school. You two will spend your weekends alternating between here and his parents house. At the beginning of the next grade cycle, the two of you will be moving into the couples dorms at Simone Perry High School over by your uncle Joseph's house or at Gildamar High across town. There you will spend the next two years finishing high school and learning to create a working relationship. You will be taking nearly all your classes together, and most of them will focus on actual life skills, not just academics. Consider it kind of like a marriage internship program. "

We talked for maybe another hour about what the next couple of years were going to be like. It sounded exciting, though the concept of only being able to play married on weekends was rather disgruntling. Finally she got up and left to go about her business, and I turned my attention back to the math homework I had been working on (Ick!).

The next day at school I was ambushed at my locker by Laura, Bethany and Tammy who were all nearly hysterical.

"Holycrapwegettobeyouraunts!" Tammy blurted; "Thisisgonnabesocool!"

Laura rubbed her hands together doing her best witches cackle. "You're in our evil clutches now little girl. " She crooned. "What shall we do with her now ladies, hmm; now that her fate is in our hands?"

"Calm down.

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  " I laughed. "My mom just told me about the whole 'Aunts' thing last night. I picked you three because you're my closest friends and you fit the requirements. I still have no idea what the heck is supposed to happen, so lets go down to the coffee shop at lunch and you can tell me all about it. "

"Not even. " Said Tammy. "You'll find out when the time is right and not before. Besides, I am SO not getting into that kind of trouble. Sorry girl, not happening. No, no, no. "

"Ok. you two. " Bethany piped in. "Remember, we are supposed to be the adults in this conversation, helping to guide our young friend through her Rite of Passage. .

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  . Remember!? Actually Allison, you'll be talking about your future even before lunch. Mrs. Kaila's been looking for you. I ran into her about ten minutes ago down in the lunch wing. "

"Oh no, what does she want?" I groaned. Mrs. Kaila was my guidance councilor and the last person I wanted to have to deal with at the moment. She was sweet but could become a real pest at the drop of a hat. . . any hat.

"Oh, I don't know," Laura said. "Probably something to do with the fact that you're about to get married and how that will affect you academically. Trust me; we all had the same conversation with her just before our weddings.

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   It's nothing to worry about, but it will however give you something to think about. Things are going to change for all of us next year. "

"And how!" I replied. "Well, one nice thing about changing schools next year is no more damned perky Mrs. . . Kaila; Hi, how are you!" I'd turned and closed my locker door as I was speaking to find her standing right behind it. She didn't look amused.

"Miss Murrow," She said with a slight glare in her eyes; "Please come to my office. There are some things we need to talk about. I have already sent a slip to your teacher stating you will be absent this period. "

"Yes ma'am. " I said, and followed her to her office. Laura, Bethany and Tammy tried not to giggle too loud behind me. I heard one of them whisper 'Busted!'


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   Kaila's office was small and cramped. Virtually every vertical space was taken up by smiley faces or plaques with "motivational" or "inspirational" quotes on them. Virtually every horizontal space was covered in stacks of books, papers and files. The Gods Themselves could not have found a given item in this office if they were given a year to do it. Mrs. Kaila on the other hand could walk into that same office right after they left and find that same item in under a second. The only window was in the door and it only looked out into the main school office. Mrs. Kaila sat at her desk and I picked my way to the only other chair in the room. I had to move a stack of books off it in order to sit down.

"So," she began; "Looks like you've got a couple of big days ahead of you in the coming month. Your Rite, your wedding. Are you excited yet?"

I smiled, nodded and said; "Excited and a bit scared. "

"Good, good. " She said.




"Yes, good. " She replied. "Fear means that you're actually thinking about the future, and you are concerned. You're not just some doe eyed fawn who can't think beyond her wardrobe and her next social. It means that you may actually be ready to grow up and step into the role of an adult. If you weren't at all scared, I would be worried; especially with two events that momentous in a young ladies life happening that close together. Personally, I think I'd be terrified. "

"Well," I said; "I only really worry about the things I can't see coming; which, sadly seems to be just about everything for the next month. The wedding is making me a nervous wreck even though I don't really even have to do anything except show up. The Rite is a complete mystery. About the only thing that I know about it is when and where. That and my mom's been having me memorize these stupid ceremonies that make no sense. "

Mrs. Kaila arched her brow behind her thin framed glasses. "Those ceremonies aren't stupid young lady.


   Most of those ceremonies date back to the dawn of mankind, and they carry with them great weight and meaning. The ceremonies will begin to make sense as you perform them, or shortly after. You have to take them in context with the rest of what is happening during the Rite. "

"What is going to happen?" I asked innocently.

"Nope, nope, nope. Not on a bet young miss. " She said with a smile. "This is not the proper time or place for that information. What, do you think you're the first girl to try and pull that one on me? I've been doing this for more than twenty years. Trust me; there is nothing new under the sun. "

I tried to look guilty and ashamed; I didn't pull it off very well.

"At any rate Alison," she said; "the reason I called you in here was to discuss your future. Do you know which school you will be transferring to after this cycle?"

"Not yet. " I said "I don't think our parents have agreed on the school yet. "

She reached into a stack of papers and came back with a document which she handed me.

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   "Academically, you have done very well indeed. You are done with almost all of your academic requirements. This is a list of the classes which you will be taking next year, regardless of which school you go to, and a book list to go with it. Give that to your parents so that they can pick them up for you. "

I looked at the list and gasped. It read like college course list:

Language arts, year 3

Language arts, year 4




World history 3

Advanced Physical Education

Advanced Health

Advanced Home Economics

Advanced Home Economics 2


Child Psychology

Early Childhood Education and Development

Work Skills

Interpersonal Communications

Ethics and philosophy

Time Management

Critical Thinking

Stress Management and Meditation

Marital Counseling

The list went on for a few more lines, but my head was swimming by that point, these classes were crazy.

"You will note that most of those classes ultimately amount to life skills. " Said Mrs. Kaila. "You and your husband will be taking nearly all those classes together, so you get to spend your first couple of years together, learning together. "

With that, she got up and picked her way through the minefield that was her office and opened the door.

"Good luck Alison and bless you. As far as your comment in the hall. . .

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   It's forgiven. As I said, I've been doing this for more than twenty years and I've seen and heard it all. I know what the girls say about me and it doesn't matter. I choose to be happy all the time. Happiness is a choice. You're attitude about any given thing is a choice. You'll find as you go through life Miss Murrow that life is ninety-nine percent what happens to us, and one percent how we chose to respond to it. It's not always about what we want, but about acceptance of circumstance and willingness to find joy in all things. Good day Alison. " And she ushered me out of her office.

Time slowed to a crawl for the next week and a half as my apprehension increased. I was having a hard time concentrating on schoolwork. All I could think about it seemed, was my impending Rite and my impending marriage. Mom finished my dress though in truth it seemed like more of a chemise. It was pure white linen and it seemed like it was made to come off easily.

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   I asked her about it and she said that it was supposed to be loose fitting.

The night before my birthday I came home to a surprise party. My parents had arranged everything and all of my friends were there. I came home from the store and was startled out of ten years life by the big shout of SURPRISE when I opened the door! GOD it was so cool. We danced most of the night away. A little before everyone left at about midnight, I was able to get Laura, Bethany and Tammy alone.

"O. K. , tomorrow's my big day. " I said. "So tell me already. "

"You know we can't do that. " Said Bethany. "You'll just have to trust that your aunts know what they're doing and tomorrow what will happen will happen. "

I whined a little.

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   "But you're my best friends, you've gotta give me a clue. "

"But we're under restriction NOT to. We're also your aunts and we will reveal all at the appropriate time. " Said Laura.

"But. . . "

"No!" Said Bethany, "What will happen is a wonder and a mystery and it will remain that way until tomorrow. We can't tell you till then, alright?"

I pouted. "O. k. " And we rejoined the party.

The next day dawned bright and clear. Mom let me sleep in till 8:30. I got up and took a shower. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   Just before I got in, mom told me to just make it a quick one because I would be getting a bath at the temple.

I thought "Bath at the Temple??" Blink. . .

So I took a quick shower, dried off and went to go get dressed. After having seen the dress mom made for me, I couldn't imagine wearing that thing out in public. It would fall off in the slightest breeze. When I got to my room, mom was sitting on my bed smiling.

"Good morning dear. " She said. "Come; let me help you get ready. "

I asked. "Mom, are you sure that the ceremonial dress is made right? It just seems too loose. If I get caught in a breeze on my way to temple in that thing, I'll be left standing in the middle of the street in nothing but my bra and panties. "

Mom laughed and hugged me.

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   "Now there's an image for you. " She laughed a little more. "You don't have to worry about that dear. I should tell you two things now. One; the dress only gets put on at the temple, and your aunts and others will help you into it. "

"But what am I going to wear to the temple then?" I asked, kind of surprised. In response, mom simply motioned to the side of the bed where I saw my best dress already laid out for me.

She smiled again and continued. "Two; you won't have to worry about getting caught in nothing but your underwear, because you won't be wearing any. "


She helped me into my dress, brushed my hair and told me that anything more that needed to be done would be done there at the temple. Then she handed me what looked like a small white handkerchief and said, "This is for the blood. "

"You said what?" I asked, shocked.

"Don't worry about it darling, just give it to the aunts and they will know what to do with it. Now come downstairs and get some breakfast. "

So we went and ate breakfast, but I was having a difficult time concentrating on food.

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   Blood; I couldn't get it out of my mind. Whose blood and what were they going to do with it?

At 10:00 we got in the car and drove to the temple. As we pulled into the parking lot, I could see a group of ladies waiting by the door. Seven of them were dressed in red robes and one, a girl my age was standing there in something that looked almost exactly like the ceremonial dress mom had made for me. Another car was ahead of us and it pulled up to the group. A man and woman (her parents apparently) got out and walked up to her, took her into their arms and gave her a HUGE hug. The girl seemed to be beaming with pride. What appeared to be the oldest of the ladies in red walked smiling up to the mother and handed her what appeared to be a small folded white cloth. She embraced the girls' mother and then all of the ladies embraced the girl. As they were getting into the car I noticed that the girl seemed to be walking a little funny, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Dad parked the car and got out. I started toward the temple but I noticed that mom and dad had come around to the back of the car but no further. "Aren't you coming?" I asked.

Dad said, "No sweetheart. On this day, this is as far as we go with you, and this is far as you go without other guidance.

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  " I looked back at him in confusion. He continued, "The next twenty-four hours will be your first steps into womanhood. You must take those steps without us. Wait here a moment and your aunts will come and collect you. "

"Remember dear;" said mom "listen to everything they say, and do exactly as they tell you. "

Just then, two other cars pulled in and parked next to us. Out of each one stepped another girl and her parents. I recognized one of the other girls as Jill, one of my classmates. The other I had seen at school but I didn't know her. They both looked as nervous as I felt.

I looked at Jill and asked, "Are you ready for this?" She laughed nervously and said, "About as ready as you look. " She turned her head to the other girl and said, "How 'bout you? You ready?"

The other girl grinned kind of sheepishly and replied, "About as ready as I can be given that I have absolutely NO idea what's about to happen, and the only clues I've been given seem to be deliberately calculated to make me nervous. "

Jill and I both concurred.

Shortly, a bell chimed somewhere and the door of the temple opened. A line of twenty-one red robed ladies came out walking in-step.

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   They split into three groups of seven and approached us. As they got closer I recognized Laura, Tammy and Bethany in back of the line headed toward me. Then I recognized moms' friends Terry Ellen, Amber Rodriguez, Mariah Thompson and Tanya Dupuis.

I looked back and mom smiled at me and said, "I'll see you tomorrow sweetheart. " My aunts stopped a few paces away and Amber who was in front of the line smiled brightly and said, "Good morning Alison and welcome. I greet you as a teacher, but when we part tomorrow, we will part as friends and equals. Now kiss your parents goodbye and wish them well, for when we walk through those doors they will never see their young child again. When you come out through those doors tomorrow, you will be a grown woman. "

It all sounded very formal and ritualistic but somehow it made me nervous. I turned and ran back to my mom and dad and gave them both a big hug and kiss and said, "Mom, I'm scared. "

She smiled at me and said, "So was I, but it'll be all right. Trust me and trust them. All things change. This is one of those changes, from girl to woman. Farewell daughter, I will miss the child but I am anxious to know the woman I will meet tomorrow morning.



Dad just smiled at me again and gave me another big hug and said "I Love you sweetheart. I'll see you tomorrow. "

I turned and walked to my waiting aunts and said, "I'm ready. "

"Did your mother give you something for me?" Asked Amber. I reached into my bag and pulled out the small white cloth and handed it to her. She took it from my hand and said, "Then follow. " And my aunts turned and I followed them back into the temple.

Chapter 2: The High Priestess

We entered into the main temple foyer; ahead of us lay the main sanctuary. The main sanctuary was huge; it could seat over a thousand people. In about two weeks I would be married in that very hall, but that's not where we were going today. To the left and right of the great sanctuary doors stood slightly smaller doors which I had never had cause to enter before. The one to the right went to the sub-temple of the God. The left went to the sub-temple of the goddess, and it was through that door that our aunts led us.

The hall was long and had walls of rose marble. Our footsteps echoed lightly on the marble floor.


   I could see another set of polished brass doors at the other end of the hall with the rose and the moon, symbols of the goddess, inlayed upon them.

As we approached the doors we broke into three lines side by side and stopped before them. The Aunts all bowed and I followed suit after a moment of startled hesitation. The doors swung slowly and quietly open. They opened into a large carpeted sanctuary.

The room was circular and well lit from sunlight alone because of a large dome skylight above the very center of the room. The place could hold a service for about five hundred or so.

The altar was in the center of the room and we approached it. A bright shaft of sunlight was shining straight down directly behind the altar and in it stood the high priestess of the Goddess. She wore a white robe that seemed to shine like the sun in the light of that beam. I couldn't guess her age, she seemed timeless and wise. We stopped in front of the altar. Laura, who was directly in front of me turned around, took my hand very formally and led me up to the front of the line next to Amber and placed my hand in hers. I noticed that the same thing happened to each of the other two girls.

The high priestess looked at us and spoke.

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   "The sanctuary of the Goddess, mother of all, is the domain of woman. Children may not enter here unless summoned. Why then do three girls come before the altar?"

The aunts answered in unison; "They have been summoned. They stand at the doorway of womanhood; will you not let them in?"

"Not as girls. " Responded the High Priestess. "One may not enter Her house while standing at the doorway. One must cross the threshold and become woman. "

"It is to [become] woman for which they have been summoned. " The aunts replied together.

"Then in the Mothers name I welcome you, daughters. " Replied the High Priestess. "I bid you enter the Mothers house and prepare to undergo your Rite of Passage. A place has been prepared for each of you. Go then with your aunts and receive instruction from them until you are sent for. And know that while innocence of youth may enter with you, it will not leave with you.

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Then she stepped over to Jills line and asked; "Who comes before me and why do you undergo the Rite?"

Jill looked kind of meekly at her and said; "I am Jillian Amona Anderson. I am summoned by scripture and by law that I may marry. I am sixteen yesterday. "

"Do your aunts verify your age and your purpose?" Asked the High Priestess.

"We do. " Her Aunts replied in unison.

She smiled and motioned with her hand down one of the many aisles that radiated out from the center of the room; "Go then to the place that is prepared for you, and learn. "

Jills aunts then turned her and arranged themselves around her, two on either side, two behind and one in front and walked that way down the aisle and through a door at the far end of it. As I watched them disappear, the High Priestess stepped over to the next line and repeated the question to the other girl.

"I am Angela Marie Scott. " The girl replied. I am summoned by scripture and by law and by calling. I am sixteen today. "

"A Calling?" Asked the High Priestess. "You believe you have a vocation?"

Angela bowed her head and said, "I do Excellency.

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"So you come to undergo the Rite, that you may dedicate your life to HER service?"

"I do Excellency"

"And do your aunts verify your age and your purpose?"

"We do. " They answered together.

Again she smiled and motioned down a different aisle and repeated; "Go then to the place that is prepared for you, and learn. " Angelas' aunts formed up around her in the same formation as with Jill, and they walked down the aisle toward the door at the far end. The High Priestess came in front of me.

"Who comes before me and why do you undergo the Rite?" She asked.

"I am Alison Jane Murrow. " I replied. "I am summoned by scripture and by law that I may marry. I am sixteen today. "

"Do your aunts verify your age and your purpose?"

"We do. " They replied.

And again the High Priestess motioned down yet another aisle and repeated; "Go then to the place that is prepared for you, and learn. "

Chapter 3: A place that is prepared for you

Amber turned me and led the way. Laura and Bethany walked behind me, Tammy and Mariah to my left, and Tanya and Terry to my right.

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   Amber led us through the door at the far end of the aisle. It entered candlelit spiral stairway that led down to a lower floor. There was a short hallway at the bottom with a door on both sides and one at the end. She stopped at the end door and knocked twice. I noticed that this door and the first two each had a symbol inlayed into the door with some sort of colored stones. The symbol was of a rose; falling from its left side were two petals, from its right side was a drop of blood.

The door was opened by a priestess who appeared to be in her early thirty's. She smiled warmly at me and said; "Welcome Alison. This is the place that has been prepared for you. Please enter and make yourself comfortable. "

The room we entered was fairly large with four doorways leading out from it. It had white walls with what appeared to be rose tapestries on silk covering much of the wall space. The same rose pattern was used to upholster the large circular couch in the center of the room. A shaft of sunlight flooded into the center of the room through a domed skylight and lit the place fairly well.

When my aunts and I were all in the room the priestess turned and said, "Welcome to the Mothers house on this special day Alison. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   My name is Sister Anya. Please make yourself at home; you will after all be spending most of the next twenty-four hours in here. There will be another ritual or two that I will be performing before the final Rite, but until and between them; Aunts, the room is yours. I charge you to prepare this girl for that which lies ahead of her. For tonight, and for all the nights to come. "

With that, she turned and closed the door behind her leaving me alone with my aunts. Amber motioned to the couch and told me to have a seat.

"Who would like some tea?" She asked. After a chorus of "I" she went through one of the other doors into what appeared to be a kitchen, and returned with a tray loaded with cups, teapot and muffins.

As she sat and began to pour tea, Mariah turned to me and said; "So young lady; are you ready for this?"

"I don't know. " I replied. "I still don't know what exactly it is that I am supposed to be ready for. "

"Well;" Said Terry, "That's one of the reasons WE are here, to explain it to you, and to prepare you. "

"Prepare me for what?" I asked.

"For the Rite of course" She said.

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"But what exactly IS the Rite?" I asked. "The only thing that I've ever heard about it was second hand rumor that it hurts. "

"It can sometimes. " She continued. "That's what we're here to explain. The Rite is many things; it is the last major trial of childhood, and your graduation into womanhood. It is a rebirth; the girl that is you shall perish tonight and be reborn a woman. "

"O. k. " I said. "Would somebody please start making sense. First I heard hurt; now I hear perish! If you wanted me worried, I'm there!"

Tammy laughed and said; "Don't worry about it Ali. They did this to us too. I think the whole thing is designed to make us nervous. "


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  " Said Amber. "It's intended to give you the sense of awe that is appropriate for such a profound transition in your life. And yes, a healthy amount of nervousness is appropriate too. You may enjoy this event; you may not. If you relax and listen to us, you stand a much better chance of enjoying it. "

"But what's going to happen?" I asked.

"You are going to be opened dear. " She said. "Your body is going to be opened and you are going to become a woman. "

I blinked for a moment confused and then understanding slowly dawned on me, and as it was doing so I looked up at Laura who was smiling at me and slowly pushing her index finger in and out of the clenched fist of her other hand. The understanding that was slowly dawning on me suddenly smacked me in the forehead like a brick. I looked at her, shocked, and she nodded.

"You mean I'm gonna. . .

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". . . Lose your virginity; yes dear. " Amber completed. "That's what the scriptures are talking about. A virgin cannot marry. You may not enter into a lifelong relationship knowing nothing of your duties to your partner. You are here to earn that knowledge. "

"But how. . . WHO?!"

"The priest dear. The manservant of the Mother. He is from a special sect of the priesthood that has been called by the Father to serve the mother in this regard.

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   They are known for their gentleness and compassion and for the fact that they are sterile. You don't have to worry about getting pregnant. We have chosen one who we hope will make this a memorable experience for you. "

"But. . . but. . . but. . . "

"But what dear?" She said. "Did you think this was just a set of rituals and you go home? No. The Mother does not allow innocents in her service.


   There is a difference between saying you are ready to cross the threshold of womanhood and actually doing so. Tonight; ready or not, you will cross that threshold. "

Confusion and fear came over me like a wave and I thought; "I can't believe this is happening to me. " I could feel myself blushing clear to my toes and I shyly asked; "So, what do I have to do? What exactly is going to happen?"

Tanya answered, "You don't have to do a thing. Just relax and listen to what we tell you and try not to panic. "

"Panic?" I asked.

"Panic. " Replied Laura. "Your first time can be very frightening. It can also be painful, though not always. "

I thought; "Oh that's NOT EXACTLY what I wanted to hear right now!!!"

Amber cut in. "Come now ladies. Let's not scare the poor girl to death. "

A sudden realization dawned on me and it hit me so hard that I started to tremble and then to cry. Amber and Laura suddenly came to me and held me and asked; "What's wrong dear?"

I wailed and sobbed; "M-M-My mom's going to know that I'm not a virgin any more!!! Everybody's going to know!!"

"That's the point dear.


  " Said Amber. "Your mom went through this too; and remember, she brought you here. "

"B-B-B-But Micah, h-h-he'll know"

Laura spoke up; "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Micah is next door at the temple of the Father as we speak, undergoing a very similar Rite. "

I looked up shocked. "H-H-Huh?" I asked.

"Oh yes. " She said. "I saw his parents dropping him off about an hour before you arrived; the boys Rites start earlier. What; you didn't realize that the scriptures and laws apply to THEM as well?"

I was stunned! I had no idea! I mean sure, I hadn't read ALL of the scriptures, but I couldn't believe that I'd missed THAT! I'd never even heard rumor of it. Not that any of this made the knowledge of what was going to happen to me tonight any less frightening, but I suddenly found myself a great deal less horrified by it.

"It's o. k. to be confused dear. " Said Terry.

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   "The versions of the scriptures that you've been allowed to read are somewhat sanitized for younger readers. There are things in this world that should not be known until their proper time and place. The adult texts are a bit more umm. . . detailed. "

Amber said; "All your life, every effort has been made to preserve your innocence till it was time for you to grow up. Now is that time. This fear of yours is precisely the 'innocence of youth' that the High Priestess spoke of. "

I had regained most of my composure and was thinking again. I said; "You told me that The Mother does not allow innocents into Her service. I'm getting married, not joining the priestesshood. "

"But you are joining her service. By tying your existence to that of another you are doing her will and her work. From this day forward, so long as you are following the scriptures, and your heart is open to Her, you will always be in Her service.

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"Oh. "

The next two hours went by in kind of a haze of disbelief and worry as they explained more of religious aspects of it and explained what many of my responsibilities as a wife would be.

Finally, Amber looked up at the clock and said; "Ladies, I believe lunch is ready. "

Chapter 4: Purification

We all filed into the kitchen where a large table sat already prepared for us. Sister Anya and four acolytes had just finished setting it out. I was a little confused; I didn't remember any of them come in, and then I noticed a second door into the kitchen.

Sister Anya stood at the head of the table and welcomed us all to lunch as the acolytes filed out the other door. We found seats and said our afternoon prayer together. When the prayer was over, Sister Anya stood and said; "The Mother calls you to feast Alison, that you may know the riches of her bounty. Eat hearty and take nourishment for the path which has been laid before you. This shall be your last meal as a child, for after this meal begins the ritual of purification. You shall be taken from here, bathed and dressed in the gown of purity. Then you shall spend an hour of solitary meditation and prayer before you rejoin your aunts. From that time until you are summoned, no drink that is not pure as water may pass your lips. Likewise no food may pass your lips that is not the Mothers fruit.

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Lunch was absolutely amazing. I had never been so stuffed in my life. Every time I thought that I couldn't eat any more, another serving of something irresistible would be placed in front of me. We talked animatedly about everything under the sun and then some. Every time someone would bring up sex, I would immediately get embarrassed and blush.

Finally, when we all agreed that we were done; I was led back out into the sitting room and through another door. We entered a long candle lit hallway, which led to a large, circular and dome shaped, candlelit chamber. The room was warm from steam, rising from a huge, stone, sunken bathtub in the center of the room.

There were stairs going down into the circular tub and it looked like it could fit ten or twelve people. I noticed a curious stone bench on the other side and towels and other bathing implements arrayed around the edge. The acolytes had apparently been busy while we were eating, because the tub appeared to have just been filled and they were waiting for us when we arrived.

Sister Anya stopped in front of us and turned. "So begins the ritual of purification Alison. You will be bathed now so that the sins of youth may be washed away, and your body made ready for womanhood. "

With that, my aunts turned and walked back up the hall, leaving me with Sister Anya and the acolytes, one of which came around behind me and began unlacing my dress.

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"Please take off your shoes dear. " Sister Anya told me.

A chill ran up my spine as I stepped out of my shoes and onto the cold flagstone floor. The dress came off almost faster than I could kick off my shoes. I was shocked. I was standing in my underwear in front of five other people. I had never been less than fully dressed in front of anybody but my mother in my entire life. The steam quickly soaked my bra and panties, leaving them clinging to me uncomfortably. When the acolytes removed them from me, I found myself horribly self-conscious about my body. I felt every little flaw magnified because there were other people there to see them.

Sister Anya walked around me slowly, with an appraising look on her face and I withered beneath her stare. I tried to cover myself with my hands but she shook her head slightly and said; "There's no need for that anymore Alison. You must set innocence aside. "

She stopped in front of me again and smiled and said, "Your husband is going to be a very lucky man. You have a beautiful mind, a beautiful face and a body that probably isn't going to see a whole lot of sleep for many years to come. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   You're never going to be able to keep him off of you. " I blushed head to toe while she continued, "And by the look of you, you aren't even at the top of your game yet. You still have a little blooming to do. Do not be embarrassed by your body; you won't be able to hide it from your husband, and you won't be able to hide it tonight. . . or now. So relax, and let us wash you. "

The acolytes, who had undressed during Sister Anyas' "inspection", took me by the wrists and led me down the steps into the bath. When my feet sank into the water, I silently thanked the Mother, because it was blessedly hot. As the water slid up my thighs, I let out a sigh of contentment. If I could have use of this tub every night, I would happily join the priestesshood.

They held me still as Sister Anya finished undressing and joined us. As she waded toward me she quoted from the holy writs, "And the Mother sent her womanservants unto her daughter and gave them license over her that she may be bathed and her body prepared. For the Mother had summoned her manservant and given license unto him to go unto the daughter that night and to come into her and open her body that she may become woman.

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As she spoke, the acolytes had me kneel down so that the water came up just over my breasts. The hot water made my nipples sting a little and I whimpered slightly in response.
    When Sister Anya finished her recitation, she waded around behind me and gently took hold of the back of my head.

    "In the name of the Mother, we cleanse this girl of the sins of youth that she may be made ready to take her place within the greater world of the Mothers love. "

    Two of the acolytes slowly leaned me backward until all but my face was underwater. I was nervous that they might accidentally drop me and I kept tensing up. Sister Anya leaned down and kissed my forehead. "Don't be afraid Alison. " She said. "Just relax and let us do our work. "

    They stood me back up and I saw that my skin was bright red. I giggled a little as I looked at myself and said, "Lobster anyone?" They laughed and began soaping me.

    For the next twenty minutes or so I was washed more thoroughly than I had believed possible. I thought that I was prepared for the embarrassment of other people washing me and touching my breasts, but to my utter horror, they washed everywhere and everything. By the time they finished washing, I was redder from blushing than from the hot water.

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       I must have looked like a rose.

    Just when I thought we were finished, they led me over to the small bench I'd noticed earlier. It was leaned back a ways and shaped very much like a body, but with no support on the bottom. As we approached it I noticed that there were two leg-rests just an inch or two above the water. They went out at really wide angles to the side, sort of like a saddle for a very fat horse; a saddle with no center. I was confused and frightened by the implications.

    Two of the acolytes helped lift me into it as the other two climbed out of the tub and held my arms out to my sides. I was mortified. It was the most embarrassing and uncomfortable situation I had ever been in. My legs were spread so wide that my thighs hurt (and I'm a gymnast, so that's saying something), totally exposing my girlhood to them. I whimpered a little in embarrassment and fear as I closed my eyes and chewed my lip.

    I trembled slightly as I felt the hands of the two acolytes in the tub soaping up my legs again. When they were done there was a brief pause and then I felt something gently scrape down my thighs and I realized that they were shaving my legs. I tried desperately to stop trembling for fear that they might cut me but I only succeeded in making myself tremble even harder.

    As they got down to my calves, I opened my eyes long enough to see Sister Anya step up close between my legs with a small pair of scissors and I closed my eyes again in fear.

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       I felt her run her fingers through my pubic hair and then the slight tug and snip of the scissors as she began to trim me, down there.

    "Try to be still Alison. " She said. "I know that this is kind of scary but don't worry, I won't cut you. "

    After a few tense moments she took a small bucket from beside me, dipped it into the water, and poured the contents over my mound. I blushed at the feelings of pleasure that this elicited as the water ran down between my forcibly spread legs. I whimpered in shame as I felt her hands soap me up down there. I cried a little as she shaved around my pubic area. The feeling of the razor scraping around my mound and over my lips was terrifying. I could not believe that this was happening.

    She poured another bucket of water over my mound and then rinsed off my legs as well and I managed to stop crying and trembled a sigh of relief. She stepped back a little and said; "You must always keep your hair trimmed like this. It'll light a fire in your lovers loins that will only be able to be put out by yours. O. k.

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      , let's get you down from there girl. Trust me; we ALL know how uncomfortable and scary that chair is!"

    I said, "Uh huh. "

    They helped me down and led me out of the tub. My thighs were sore from being held open so wide and for so long and I was still a little shaky from crying and fear. We were met at the top of the steps by the other two acolytes who gave towels to the others and then wrapped me in one.

    Having just come out of hot bath, the air now felt cool despite the steam, and to my embarrassment I felt my nipples harden uncomfortably in the chill. The acolytes dried me quite thoroughly and then set about dressing me (if you could call it dressed) in the gown my mom had made me. They instructed me to hold my arms straight up as I felt the smooth fabric slide over my arms and down my body to my ankles.

    They finished lacing up my gown and I still felt like I wasn't wearing anything. Sister Anya called me over to a chair and instructed me to sit. I thought, "Now what?"

    I sat there for about the next half-hour while they brushed out my hair, and manicured my nails. When they were done, Sister Anya said, "You have been bathed and your body prepared; You will now be taken from this place to a place of solitude to spend an hour of prayer and contemplation. "

    They led me back up the hall into the sitting room and through yet another door which led into a small stone-walled room. The room was stark and bare, there were no decorations or furnishings of any sort in it. In fact, as I heard the door close, I realized that the only things that WERE in the room were me and a single, lit candle on the cold stone floor.



    I knelt in front of the candle and said a brief prayer. The room was cold and I was barefoot and wearing what amounted to a linen sheet, so I spent the rest of the hour wondering and worrying about what tonight was going to be like and trying to get warm. I was so nervous that I wanted to bite my nails, but my aunts probably would have gotten all sorts of mad at me about it. Finally, Tammy opened the door and I rejoined my aunts who were waiting for me on the couch in the sitting room.

    Terry looked at me as I came out and said, "Relax dear. If you worry yourself into a frenzy you'll make yourself sick; and the more nervous you are, the harder our job is going to be. "

    We talked for a very long time about the Rite and a few of the specifics of what was going to be done to me during it. I still got the feeling however, that there were things that they weren't telling me. We went over the last of the ceremonies and made sure that I knew my parts in them. They all talked about when they went through the Rite; how nervous they were, embarrassing goof ups, how they felt afterward. Not one word, however, about what exactly it was like during the Rite itself, so I asked.

    Amber replied, "That's a question that I'm afraid we can't answer in a way that you would understand. "

    "How do you mean?" I asked

    "It's a matter of frame of reference. How would you describe the color red to someone who was born blind, or the sensation of wiggling your toes to someone who was born without feet? In a way, you are that blind man, you have no frame of reference from which to understand any description we could give you. You were born a virgin, the only way to understand what sex feels like is to do it.


       That's what we are here for, to help you do just that. "

    At about seven o'clock we went back into the kitchen for dinner. Because of the purification ritual, I was restricted to fruit and water (somebody get me a milkshake please), while the aunts had spaghetti and wine, I was so jealous I could have eaten my liver. Oh well, it was only for one night. I hoped I was going to get something real for breakfast at least.

    We continued the conversation at the table. They told me things that I could do to help "turn on" my lover. I blushed furiously at some of the things that they told me, such as putting his thing in my mouth and sucking on it (What, am I supposed to pretend it's a lollypop?); they even demonstrated it to me with a banana. . . and had me practice.

    When we went back out into the sitting room they massaged my shoulders and feet as we went over the ceremonies one last time. About nine, as we were talking, the lights suddenly went out for a moment then came back on.

    Amber rose and said; "It is time. You have been summoned for the Rite.

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       Who will walk her back to the sanctuary?"

    Laura stood up and said; "I will. "

    "Very well. " Amber said. "Remember Alison; be calm, relax and this may be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Panic and it could be the worst. "

    I thanked her and smiled in spite of the growing knot of fear in my stomach. One ceremony left and then I would be losing my virginity, ready or not.

    Laura led me out the door and back down the hall and up the stairs. When we got to the top she stopped and did not open the door. I could hear a ceremony going on, on the other side of it. I recognized it and knew that this was almost my place to come into it. Laura motioned for me to turn around. I did so obediently. She started untying the laces of my gown. I was confused for a moment, then she brushed it off my shoulders and the gown hit the floor leaving me totally naked.

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    She leaned in a little and whispered in my ear; "For the next several hours you will have no need of clothes and so you shall wear none. You shall wear only that which the High Priestess gives you. Do you understand?"

    I thought; "NAKED!? I've got to walk through the temple NAKED!?" Until my bath earlier, only my Mom had ever seen me naked.

    I nodded and did what I could to choke down the rising panic and concentrate on the ceremony. Laura smiled and gave me a big hug and said; "I can't believe you're finally doing it! There's been so much I've wanted to talk to you about the last few months but haven't been allowed to!" Her smile turned to a wicked grin and she continued; "We've got catching up to do. But first, there's a little matter of your Rite. I'll see you in a little while. "

    And with that, she opened the door and gently ushered me out of it, closing it behind me. I was standing totally naked in the sanctuary of the temple!

    Chapter 5: Naked in the temple
    The high priestess was standing behind the altar again, though now she was standing in a bright shaft of moonlight. She looked positively ethereal. A little to my left stood Angela, naked as a jaybird and looking even more freaked out than me. To my right was Jill, also naked and looking petrified. All three of us were trying to cover ourselves, and we all had about the same amount of success. . .

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    About that time, I noticed that the four of us were not alone in here and my freak out factor went up a notch or TEN! In addition to the High Priestess there were four other priestesses and about twenty acolytes. What really freaked me out though was that there was a MAN in a Priests robe standing a few paces behind the High Priestess.

    When the prayer began, I knew that it was time for me to start forward. I was supposed to try to time it so that I arrived at the altar just as the acolytes finished praying. I walked down the isle trying desperately to cover myself, but to no avail. I simply couldn't cover everything. I was still naked and I only had two hands to work with and at least three major parts to cover. I looked left and right and noticed that Jill and Angela were also moving forward, and having about the same luck trying to be modest.

    We arrived at what seemed to be the right time (I got the feeling that they would have kept praying until we arrived), and three priestesses came over and led us up onto the dais to the front of the altar. The High Priestess looked at us with very intent eyes.

    "It is written;" she said. "The Mother and Father do not allow innocents into their service. Those who would advance from youth into adulthood and serve must lay down that innocence that they may be born again into maturity. I see the form of women before me, yet I do not see the knowledge of womanhood within your eyes. Why then do you come before me?"

    The three of us (still trying to cover) kind of mumbled together; "To show the mother that I am physically ready.

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       I come that I may lay down my innocence and be made woman (boy did that suddenly take on a whole new meaning). "

    The High Priestess slowly walked up to me, took my hands and gently lifted them away from my breasts and groin. She smiled a very understanding and motherly smile and said; "It is innocence such as this which you must lay down. Be neither shamed nor afraid child. What will happen tonight is meant to be a mystery and a wonder, do not hide yourself from it. "

    With this, she turned and nodded to two of the priestesses, who came around the altar and took my hands. They led me to the end of the altar and turned me around. The High Priestess turned to one of the acolytes, who handed her a large silver goblet. She came to me and carefully handed it to me saying; "Drink now of the fruit of the Goddess. "

    I put the cup to my lips and drank. It was very sweet, and very strong. I knew I was supposed to finish it but it was a little bit of a challenge. Not only was the drink REALLY strong, the goblet was quite large. By the time I finished it I was beginning to feel a little light-headed.

    The two priestesses then slowly bent me backward over the altar and laid me down on it so that my bottom was just on the edge, and held my arms out. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       The other two priestesses came around to my feet and gently spread my legs a little. I thought; "Merciful Mother! Here it comes; right here in front of all these people!"

    The High Priestess looked at me again in a very knowing and motherly way and said; "Alison, the Mother calls you now to lay down your innocence and step through the doorway into womanhood that you may serve her and be welcomed as an equal into the greater world. Will you accept Her hand?"

    Again my young mind thought; "Oh God! This is it!" I cringed a little and bit my lip and squeaked; "Yes. "

    Another acolyte came up to her with a small flask, which she took and opened. She poured a small amount onto my hair, each of my boobs and my mound.

    She said; "I anoint you with the water of virginity. Untouched; as you are untouched. "

    The four priestesses each took a small vial from other acolytes and applied tiny amounts of the contents to my wrists and ankles. "I anoint you with perfumes that the waiting woman may be awakened. " The High Priestess continued.

    The priestesses holding my wrists then gently stood me up and turned me to face Jill and Angela. I thought; "What? That wasn't it? Oh no!"

    They told me to kneel down and I obeyed. From another acolyte, the High Priestess took what appeared to be a long white, gossamer veil with a headband. She turned and placed it on my head. It went to my knees.

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    As she did so she said; "I place upon you the veil of maidenhood. This is the last garment you shall wear as a girl. It shall remain on until you are sanctified as woman. " With that, the two priestesses helped me to my feet and led me around to a spot behind the altar and told me to wait. I was standing right in front of the priest wearing nothing over my butt except an almost nonexistent veil and I was blushing so hard my butt must have glowed.

    The ceremony was repeated for Jill, and she was led over to stand by me, but it was a little different for Angela. The headband on her veil was covered in roses, and the veil itself had rose patterns woven into it in silver and gold. When she was stood up, instead of being led over to us, the High Priestess said; "Angela Marie Scott; You have been called by the Mother to serve directly. As such, you stepped through the door of womanhood when you approached this altar, and it is here upon this altar that you will undergo your Rite of Passage. We shall commence when the moon shines upon the altar itself. Please wait here. "

    She turned to us and said; "Follow. "

    Jill and I followed her down an isle going straight back from the altar. Before we did so, I noticed Angela's aunts filing into the sanctuary through the door from which she had entered. A number of priestesses and acolytes were entering through other doors and looked like they were finding seats.

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    She led us to a large wooden door at the end of the isle. Inlayed in the door was the same rose with falling petals and blood that was on the door to my room down below. She stopped at the door, turned to us and said; "Through here lies the doorway to womanhood. The time has come for you to enter. May the mother wipe away any tears you may shed and may you find great joy this night. "

    She motioned us to enter and I opened the door and stepped through. Jill followed close behind. The door opened into a stone hallway that was long, curved, narrow and fairly dark. The hall was lit by torches, and even then, only by a few. Jill reached out and took my hand. She was trembling and I could tell she was as scared as I was about what lay ahead of us. I kept thinking; "Ican'tbelieveImdoingthis!!", over and over again.

    After a minute or two we came to a fork in the hall. An acolyte stood at the juncture smiling. "Which of you is Jill?" She asked.

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       When Jill answered, the acolyte motioned to the left hall and said; "Go that way, always take the left passage. When you come to the doorway, enter. Alison; take the right hall but take only left passages after that. When you come to the doorway, enter. "

    I thanked her and hugged Jill (she looked like she needed it and I know I did) and said; "Good luck. I guess I'll see you in the morning. " The acolyte looked at us both and said; "Oh, you'll see her before that, but first, you both have an appointment you shouldn't be late for. Hurry on now. "

    I took the right-hand passage and it seemed to wind around forever. It forked off three more times but I kept taking the left passage. The hall was quite dark despite the torches and I was feeling very naked, vulnerable and scared. After a bit I realized that I was trembling. I was also feeling a bit more light-headed and giddy. The wine was beginning to kick in. After what seemed like an eternity the hall ended in a door.

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       It also had the rose symbol on it. I was about to knock when I remembered what I had been told.

    This was it. On the other side of this door waited the man who would take my virginity, whether I was ready or not. I couldn't turn back. My mind raced in fear; "Oh shit, I can't believe I'm gonna do this!" I took a deep breath, cringed a little, bit my lip and opened the door.

    Chapter 6: Surrender of innocence
    The room within was dark except for a few candles and a little moonlight. There was soft music playing and I could hear quiet voices. I took a frightened step inside and the door closed behind me. I spun around with a start to find Terry and Tanya behind me.

    "Bring her. " I heard Amber say from somewhere in the shadows. They took my wrists and gently led me forward. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the dark and I could see that I was in a room almost identical to the one that I had spent the day in. However, there was no couch, and where the coffee table would have stood was what appeared to be some sort of cushion.


       It was about two feet long or so, and one end was almost a foot taller than the other one. It appeared to be white with rose patterns on it.

    They led me over to the cushion, which was almost directly in the moonbeam coming through the skylight. We stopped and they turned me so that it was behind me. The rest of the aunts stepped out from the shadows and approached me; their bright red robes appearing almost black in this dim light. While Terry and Tanya kept hold of my wrists, Amber stepped up to me and said; "Are you ready?"

    "Do I ha.



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