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I had always liked swimming. I was captain of my high-school team and in college, and now I swam to stay to ease tensions. Usually, I would go to the public pool and I'd stay there for about 2 hours, until closing time, which was around 10:00 pm. One day in the middle of July, as I was about to leave the change room, I saw my little sister Vicki leaving the women's change room. Vicki was 19 and had just graduated from high-school. Vicki is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs around 102 pounds. She has long wavy golden-blonde hair, a light tan all over, and big hazel-blue eyes. She has a perfect smile, breasts of about 36C in size, long slender arms and legs, and a large, and round, perfectly heart shaped ass. Anyway, she didn't notice me as she walked by. She was wearing a cyan coloured bikini – nothing someone would go swimming in. More like something you’d just want to look good in. The bra just barely covered the nipples of her massive orbs, and the bottom piece was a G-string. I couldn't help but stare at her perfect ass as she walked away, her hair bouncing up and down rhythmically. She was also wearing these strapless stiletto high-heels which gave her ass all the more oomph. I became extremely curious as to what she was doing here. It was past closing time now, her clothes definitely weren’t swimming material, and besides, Vicki never really liked swimming.

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   I decided to follow her. We walked back to the pool area. Vicki looked like a goddess as she walked, swaying her womanly hips all too naturally. When we got back, I saw a man waiting there. He was wearing a casual black suit and was about 6 feet tall and well built. He got up and greeted her. "Vicki," he said, "I’m glad you could make it!" My sister looked a little nervous and her vision dropped to the floor. "Now, Vicki," he said, "you'll have to uphold your end of the bargain. You said you'd let me have my way with you if I made sure you got the marks you wanted, remember?" All this info was coming at me fast. My little sister had done really well in her final year which was weird because she was kind of the ditsy blonde girl who would only care about how her tan was coming along and how her hair looked, instead of school. The secret meeting was starting to make sense now. Then my little sister spoke for the first time that night. "Okay, Barry. You're right. You did your part.

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  . . Now it's my turn to repay the favour. " With that she lifted up her arms and posed as if Barry had won his prize. She threw in a dazzling little smile, showing off her perfect white teeth. The current happenings in front of my eyes were starting to get me really excited. The possibility of seeing Barry have his way with my incredibly hot little sister was already making my dick throb. Vicki looked damn fine for the taking, and I wasn't going to come into the middle of their deal. After all, business is business. Barry and Vicki walked over to a deck chair and started kissing and removing their clothes. Soon, Vicki was completely naked, except for the stilettos that Barry hadn’t let her take off. She looked like the kind of women that only appear in your dreams as she lay down on the long pool chair. "You'd better get comfortable," said Barry, grinning. "You're going to be there for a while. " Vicki squealed with excitement and flashed another sexy smile.

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   Her eyes were wide as she looked back and forth from Barry’s face and his engorged cock. Barry placed each of Vicki’s long legs on his shoulders. Her perfect, slender legs and feet looked their sexist. Barry used one hand to position his cock at the entrance of Vicki's tight, little cunt. Then he placed his hands onto the chair for support. Barry's dick was pretty long, and damn wide. It must have been about 8 inches in length and 4 inches around at least. I knew Vicki was going to feel this guy. Barry used only his hips to push into Vicki. Vicki's doe-like, hazel-blue eyes opened wide as soon as the head started to go in. Vicki began to gasp and wriggle under Barry. He pushed in a bit more, and then paused. He looked into her eyes waiting for her to adjust to his girth. He asked her if she was ready and she replied with a breathless "Yes" for him to continue. Barry then pushed the rest of his dick into her.

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   Vicki let out a series of quick “Oh my God!” phrases and squealed as she was filled by him. She closed her eyes and I saw a couple of tears escape as she did so. The view from where I was standing was absolutely spectacular. I was nearby but sort of behind them so they couldn't see me. I had a straight view of Vicki's tantalizing ass as it curved upwards because of her legs being in the air. Her pussy looked incredibly tight as it stretched around Barry's thick rod. His thick shaft went straight down into Vicki, impaling her. Barry started moving his hips forward and backward to make sure he was buried in Vicki to the hilt. Vicki continued to moan softly with her mouth open and eyes closed. She had wrapped her long fingers around the back of his neck – her long nails gleaming. . Then Barry began to fuck her, slowly at first but building speed and force. Soon Barry was pounding my sexy little sister mercilessly. Vicki was moaning and squealing in ecstasy and would scream from time to time too whenever Barry went really deep. She said “Oh my God!” so much you’d think they were in church.

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   Her echoes filled the empty swimming complex, adding to the whole scene.
    Her face was kind of wet now with tears and sweat. She put her hands on Barry’s back and dug her long feminine nails into it. Barry was still gripping the pool chair, using it as leverage as he deeply rooted my little sister. Vicki's sexy stilettos shook violently, perched on Barry's shoulders. In fact, Barry had moved down so close to her that Vicki's perfect feet were almost next to her golden-blonde hair, which was angelically spread on the chair now. Barry was kissing her lips, face, and neck as he fucked her. Her long legs looked incredible. Those lean calves and full thighs led down to her stunning ass, and her buttocks were constantly wobbling as Barry came into contact with them. They were both glistening with sweat now. My mind went wild at the sight of Vicki's beautiful breasts. They were incredibly larger than what they looked like trapped behind a bra. Her perfect orbs were enormous, with large dark-pink nipples in the direct center of them. They were naturally large and full-bodied, and were jiggling in a circular fashion with the rhythm of Barry's smashes. My little sister now began to climax.

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       Her orgasm came like a train wreck and she began to scream louder and faster than ever before. At the sound of it, Barry sped up even more and started thrashing Vicki's pussy double-time with long strokes. He’d pull out almost to the head and then drop back like a dead weight, penetrating Vicki all the way to the hilt. Vicki's screams continued to increase in pitch and volume until they were simply breathless shrieks. Her perfect ass was now convulsing violently and her legs and feet seemed to be shaking too. One of her stilettos almost flew off because of the shaking too. Finally, she reached the peak of her orgasm and screamed in ecstasy as she came. This sent Barry over the edge too and he grabbed a tight hold of her, with his hands under her back. He came deep inside her, buried all the way, and stayed inside her for around 30 seconds filling her with his seed. By now Vicki had become as limp as a ragdoll. Her eyes seemed to wander off into nothingness as she lay there breathing heavily, with her hands on Barry’s back. They lay like this for about 18 minutes, catching their breaths. When they stood up, Vicki's pussy was dripping with a mixture of her own cum and Barry's. It seemed like the goo just poured out of her, now red, cunt. Barry helped her walk into the shower where they both cleaned each other up.

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       They made their way outside, and I followed silently. My sister went to her car and put on some real clothes. Barry’s car was nearby and he just watched, smiling. Then Vicki said, “Maybe we could have coffee sometime. I’m working at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and I usually lock up the store on Wednesdays. How’s this week for you?” Barry smiled and said, “Sure. ”.