My Obsession


While I was watching my daddy and mama suck and fuck I got really excited and my own cunt got really juicy, so I stuck my fingers into it and it felt really good as I fucked my cunt with my hand. Finally, they stopped fucking and just laid down together and so I went back to bed, but I dreamed about big stiff cocks like Dickie and daddy’s for many nights thereafter. In fact, I still do. The next thing that happened is that I went into Dickie’s room one day and caught him with his dick out and it was pretty stiff. He turned away quickly when I came in and zipped up his fly, but I could still see the huge bulge of his big cock in his pants. He looked embarrassed, but I said, “That’s OK, Dickie, I know all about stiff cocks now, and I think they are really cool. You can take yours out again if you want. ” And then I went on to tell him how I had seen mama sucking daddy’s big pecker and how they had fucked afterwards and how cool that had really been. Dickie didn’t take his cock out of his pants again right away, but I said to him that I really wanted to see his again and that if he would let me see it up close I would suck it for him like mama had done for daddy.

Dickie looked at me like I was a little crazy, but I could tell he really liked the idea. “C’mon,” I said, “let me see your stiff cock again,” and I reached out and rubbed my hand over the bulge in his pants. He could n’t resist that, and he pulled his shorts off and showed me his awesome cock in its fully erect state. I reached out and took hold of it and got really close to it so I could examine it, marveling at all the veins and ridges, and especially the ring around the ball at the top. “Just suck it,” Dickie said, now breathless and impatient. So I popped his cockhead in my mouth, and begin to suck it with my tongue swirling around it like it was an ice cream cone, except it was warm and stiff, but his skin was really soft there and it felt really groovy in my mouth. It was about then that I felt his balls with my hand and as I brushed my fingers around them Dickie moaned with obvious pleasure, so I did it some more and sucked faster and deeper on his big shaft.

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   I kept it us for several minutes it seemed, when all of a sudden he moaned more loudly and then this salty cream shot out of his cock and into my mouth. It surprised me at first, but I sort of liked the taste and I swallowed most of his cum and then licked his cock until it was all clean. After that Dickie often showed me his cock and I sucked it for him whenever he wanted. Eventually I taught him to lick my cunt, too. Needless to say, while I enjoyed Dickie’s cock, it was never enough to satisfy my curiosity and I wanted to see every cock I could. At school I began to find ways to lure boys someplace where they could show me their cocks.
    They usually wanted me to suck them , too, and I loved that so I probably got quite a reputation as the school’s leading cocksucker. But I learned a lot about cocks in high school. A few guys had trouble getting them up, but I only sucked the ones that were good and stiff, although they came in many sizes, from about 4 inches on little Toby Grimes, to Paddie McCleery’s 18-inch monster cock. What a load of cum that thing put out!Eventually I went to college and continued my passion for cocks there, getting really familiar with many of my classmates’ cocks as well as those of a few of my professors. In addition to sucking now, I also fucked them and really enjoyed the feel of a hot stiff cock in my cunt. Well, now I am through college and working, but I still love to look at big hard stiff cocks. I have a digital camera now, so I like to take pictures of all the cocks I can, and put them in my cockbook. It’s a scrapbook with pictures of hard cocks, sometimes even spurting their cum. Its really cool and I really enjoy browsing through it when I masturbate, looking at all the big cocks that I have sucked and fucked, or just looked at.

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       I am still building my cockbook and if any of you guys would like to contribute you can just send me a picture of your big stiff tool (no soft cocks, please!) to me at cinamonjane@hotmail. com . Thanks. .