my gorgeous boyfriend


Hi, im abbie. This is my first story so please comment! It is dedicated to my gorgeous boyfriend, Damian. "Abbie! Get up you spaz! Jeeez its nearly 18 in the morning!!" this is my mate leah she's helping me get ready for my outing with my boyfriend!! I feel a hard bop on my head from her pillow. "omg leah. ugh what time is it?" "10 love now get your arse out of bed!!" I scramble out of my bed and go down stairs to be greeted by cocopops mmmmmmmm. 3 hours later im on my way to town sat on a bus, im getting a few whistles from the back of the bus. I turn around and wink at the 6 teenage boys sat at the back. they would be winking because of my outfit i was around 5'6 petite figure, with 32b breasts my hair is a spiky brunette boband i have deep brown eyes to make you melt. i was wearing a brown boobtube that barely covered my boobs and tight denim daisy dukes that hugged my arse and showed off my long, tanned silky soft legs.

(thats goes for my pussy too ;]) i walk over too the boys and allmost immediatly they start stroking up my leg i lay across the 6 hunky boys another guy starts massaging my boobs until there hard. at the other end 1 guy gets so far up my leg he's slightly inside my shorts. for a special treat for damian i wore my blue lacy thong. the guy finds my shaven pussy and starts feeling around i start to get wet but as i was about to moan the bus jerked to a stop throwing me closer too him and making him shove two fingers in my tight hole. i let out a loud moan and slowly move myself off him. when i saw damian i gave him a bear hug pushing my hard boobs to his chest he bends down and nibbles my earlobe and kisses my neck - he knows how to turn me on - I said i couldnt be arsed shopping and i asked whether he wanted to go back to his place, so we did. i walked through his door and put my cardi over the banister.

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  . . pt two cumin soon!.