My experience with a young girl on a train.


First a little about me, i'm 6'0", slim, 25 years old, and i workout regularly.

I was riding on a train to Chicago one day on my way to a business conference. I was sitting in the back of an empty car when a your girl, maybe 18 or 18 walked up and sat right next to me. I ignored it at first and asked her politely what her name was. She said her name was Amy and that she would be meeting her parents in Chicago. I smiled and asked her why she had sat next to me. She blushed and said that she thought i was cute. I smiled and laughed lightly. She put her hand on my thigh and said that she would like it if i joined her in her individual room.

I grabbed my things and followed her and she closed and locked the door behind me.

She jumped on me and kissed me roughly. She said that she wanted me to be inside her. I got rock hard and laid her down on the seats. She smiled and watched as i undressed and my hard 9. 5" cock stood out at attention. She quickly undressed and straddled me.

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   She smiled and said that this would be her first time.

I smiled and kissed her then quickly slid in popping her cherry and stopped when i hit her cervix. I moaned and she bit her lip from the pain. I stayed where i was for a minute before i began to fuck slowly taking long strokes in and out. i pulled her down and kissed your playing with her nipples and slowly increasing my pace.

After 20-30 minutes i had begun to feverishly fuck her making her tits bounce and she moaned almost uncontrollably. I moaned and said ohhh Amy i'm going to cum! she moaned and said go ahead fill me up. I couldn't hold back and i came hard emptying my balls deep inside her just as she hit climax and squirted sweet cum everywhere.

I lay there panting and smiling. She got off and cleaned us up then dressed and smiled. You were amazing she said. I lay there smiling then get dressed and kiss her passionately. I ask her how old she is and she smiles and says she is 18 i almost have a heart attack and she starts to walk out saying that she won't tell anyone. Ihand her my business card and smile. Let me know if you wan't to go again.

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I go through the business conference and then i get back on the train to go home. Who do i see on the train but my little Amy. . . More to be continued if you wan't. .