My Exhibitionistic Fantasies Became a Reality - Chapter 2 - Part A


When I finally got up on my feet, I did a couple stretching exercises. Then I put my shirt and pants back on. The lack of underwear allowed my cock to hang free, and bounce around in my pants. I usually don’t walk around like that because the extra stimulation causes my dick to keep getting hard-ons. But for some reason, it felt good today. I headed to the little kitchenette where I could hear Karen humming to a tune on the radio while she was cooking breakfast. She was standing at the stove, putting some bacon, eggs, and toast on two plates. It had been a long time since a woman had cooked breakfast for me, which made this a real nice treat. Karen didn’t know I was up yet. When I got to the kitchenette door opening, her back was too me, and I had to decide whether to walk up behind her, and give her a hug, or just hang back and admire the view. Being the voyeur that I am, I opted to enjoy the view. She didn’t have anything on, except a little cotton night-shirt that just barely covered her ass. Her legs were a little on the short side for her body type, but that suited me just fine. I usually attract tall women with long thin legs. I guess it’s because I’m big and tall myself, and tall women tend to gravitate towards tall men. But Karen was short with a stocky build; not at all fat mind you, but solid like the build Mary Lou Retton, the gymnast had.

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   In fact, their builds are almost identical. Like so many other women, Karen thinks her hips are too wide. But they look absolutely fantastic to me. I want my woman to have some hips. It’s part of what makes them look feminine. I never could understand what the hang-up is, that most women have about their hips. But if we’re talking about big asses; well that’s another matter altogether. I don’t care much for those big fat asses I see on some women. But I don’t like those little flat asses either. Karen has a great ass; not to big, not to small. Her ass is firm, but still soft and pliable. She has the kind of ass a man likes to hold onto, and squeeze, when he’s pulling a woman against him. If I had to choose something that wasn’t quite right for me about Karen‘s body, I would have to say it was her tits. And this certainly isn‘t meant as a complaint. This is one of those areas where I differ than most men.

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   Karen’s tits are a bit larger than I usually prefer on my women. They aren’t overly large, but they’re large enough to draw a lot of attention. I noticed that last night at the pub. The nice thing about Karen’s tits is they’re firm, and I’m sure she wouldn’t have to wear a bra if she didn’t want too. Another nice thing about her tits is that her quarter size nipples always seem to be stiff, and pointing upward. They look like they want to be suckled and kissed all the time. I usually prefer small little girl type tits on my women. Some people would accuse me of having a pedophilia complex for saying that. And if the truth were known, maybe they’re right, because I’ve always favored the young innocent little girl types. And except for the size of Karen’s tits, she fits the little girl type perfectly. From my position behind her in the doorway, I could see Karen’s perfectly shaped ass swishing back and forth under the little night-shirt she wore. I suspected that she didn’t have any panties on, because I couldn’t see any panty lines against the thin material. But it wasn’t until she bent over, to get some juice from the refrigerator, that my suspicion was confirmed. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and I got a good look at the twin cheeks of her ass, as well as a quick peek at the little bald beaver between her thighs. My dick started to tingling again in it‘s loose surroundings.

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  As she stood back up, she must have noticed me standing there, staring at her. She put the orange juice on the counter, and in one fluid motion, she turned around, reached her arms up around my neck, and pulled my face down to hers. Then she gave me a real nice good morning kiss. “Good morning,” she said, with a big smile on her face. “How long have you standing there?”“Not long,” I answered. “The smell of breakfast woke me up, but it’s that dynamite ass and legs of yours, that are keeping me glued to this spot now,” I added with a big grin on my face. She reached down, and gave my semi-erect cock a firm squeeze with her fingers, which caused it to stiffen even more. “Hmmm, I wish we had time to pick up where we left off last night,” she said. “Damn girl, does your motor always keep running?,” I asked in a jokingly. “Pretty much,” she replied. “Don’t forget, you got Mr. Willie’s problem taken care of last night, but I’m still horny,” she reminded me. I thought the name she called my dick; “Mr. Willie;” was kinda cute. But I knew she made a good point.

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   I had shot three loads of cum last night, and we haven’t even fucked yet. And even though she had had gone ahead and given me that fantastic blow job last night, I fell asleep before I had the chance to pay her back, by eating her pussy for her. “You’re right baby,” I said, as I helped her carry the plates and glasses to a small table in the living room. “I owe you big time for last night,” I continued. “We’ll have to get together again real soon, so I can even up the score, and take care of Miss Tulips for you. ” She laughed at the name I gave her pussy. From that moment on, Mr. Willie, and Miss Tulips would be the pet names for our sexual organs. “Ohhh, And what are you planning on doing to Miss Tulips when you see her again,” she asked smiling. “Well, I’ll probably take her out to dinner, and make her the main course,” I replied. I then started licking my lips and flicking my tongue in a suggestive manner. From our previous conversations, I already knew Karen liked having her pussy eaten. In fact, she liked that more than anything else. “Hmmm, is that a promise?” she asked. It wasn’t so much what she asked, but the way she asked it, that made me wonder what she had on her mind.

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  “I promise baby,” I said. “I really do owe you for last night. That was absolutely fantastic. And Mr. Willie thanks you also ,” I added jokingly, as if he was another person. “How about this afternoon?,” she asked seriously. This caught me by surprise. We had already discussed what we were both going to be doing today in the pub. On Saturday‘s, and I usually take my laundry to the Laundromat, and then goof around the rest of the day until evening, when I visit my favorites watering holes. . She told me that she had to work today, and she couldn’t get off until 8:00 P. M. “I thought you had to work today,” I said, as we both sat down to eat. I really did want to spend the day with her, but I thought that was out, because she had to work. I sat on one side of the table, and she sat on the opposite corner facing me.

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   She had her right leg curled up under her ass on the seat, and her left leg was raised up in the air, with her left foot on the corner of the seat. She had pulled her night-shirt up over her right knee which looked really sexy, because I could see straight up the night-shirt to her cute little tuff of pussy hair. Her right foot was wiggling up and down, while the heel was pressed against her cunny, hiding it from my eyes. I knew she was stimulating her pussy by doing this, which was a real turn on for me. She knew I was staring up her night-shirt, but she didn‘t make a single move to hide anything. I saw her smile, when she saw me reach down with my left hand, and straighten out my stiffened cock, too a more comfortable position. Her teasing was having the desired effect on me. “I do have to work,” she said, “but you could come to the Mall and visit me during lunch time, and we could have lunch together. ” “That sounds great,” I replied. “What’s a good time for you?,” I asked. I was eating with my right hand, but my left hand stayed under the table where I could continue to rub and squeeze my new hard-on, while I stared up her night-shirt. I’m sure she knew what I was doing, and I didn’t care anymore. This girl was teasing me every time she had a chance, and I needed to get some relief somehow. “How about 2:30?,” she asked. “Sounds good to me,” I replied.

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  We finished breakfast in a hurry, because she had to get to work soon. She was the manager, and she had to open-up the store in the mornings. She asked me earlier, if I would drive her back to her car, which we had left in the parking lot at the pub the night before. Although it was in the opposite direction of where I was heading, this would give us more time together, so of course I said, “Yes. ” Then, she surprised me again, by handing me a key to her apartment. Although I have a reputation as a honest person, we had only known each other for 18 hours or so. I’ve known some people years, and I still don’t trust them. She must have sensed my surprise, because she added that the reason she was giving me her key, was so that, I could come back and use her dryer, and pick up my underwear, if I needed them. “Besides,” she added, “I trust you. ”I knew this was a flimsy excuse, but I also knew that this action on her part meant more, than just picking up my underwear. It was her way of telling me she liked me a lot, and she wanted to continue seeing me. The feelings were definitely mutual. So even though I knew I wouldn’t be coming back to get my underwear, I went ahead and put her key on my key chain. Since I was already dressed, I just sat there and waited for her to get dressed. In stead of getting dressed in the bedroom, she brought her clothes out to the living room to get dressed.

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   This was fine by me. I watched her put on a pair of very lacy sheer panties. Next, she put a bra on, but it was one of those thin snug fitting, lacy types, that did nothing to hide her nipples. Over these, she put on a thin cotton print dress that buttoned down the front. She left the two top, and two bottom buttons undone. It surprised me little, that she didn’t bother with a slip, but lots of women don‘t wear slips anymore. The hem of her dress was several inches above her knees, and she completed her outfit with a pair of nice strapless low heeled shoes, without any stockings. I just sat there, taking all of this in, while I was still squeezing my semi-hard cock. There was no question about it; she looked fantastic. We left her apartment and walked out to my truck where we both saw the damage at the same time. Some ass-hole had smashed both of my headlights. I was parked on the street, in stead of the drive-way, and she could tell, that I was really pissed-off about this. I asked her if this kind of thing happened very often in this neighborhood, and she said, “No, hardly ever. ” It never dawned on me that this could have been caused by someone she knew. But as I was looking for a brush to clean up the mess, she said she suspected that she knew who had done this, and that she would find out for sure, this morning I told her to tell me who it was and I would take care of it but she obviously wanted to deal with this herself.

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   In a way, I think she was madder than I was. So I dropped the issue for the time being, but I did tell her that I wanted to know who it was, and that they were going to have to pay in full for the damages. She agreed, and nothing more was said about it, as we cleaned up the broken glass, and left. I was still pissed-off about the headlights, but I decided not to let it ruin the rest of our day. Besides, I had agreed to let her handle this issue, and it was now my turn to trust her. I also didn’t want to come across as one of those “I want to kick some bodies ass” type of guy either. I knew she was the kind of women who saw that kind of behavior as being very immature. The drive to her car was filled with general chit-chat, as she turned side-ways on the seat and faced me. When I looked over at her, I could see all the way up her skirt to her sheer panties. Her legs were only slightly spread, but I could see the cheeks of her ass, and a dark area just above the panty gusset, which I knew was her little mound of pussy hair. “Wow girl,” I said, “you’re going to have to be careful how you sit in that dress. ” “Why? Don’t you like the view?” she asked teasingly, as she spread her legs wide apart, showing me the entire crotch-band of her sheer panties. Her right hand reached down, and she rubbed her fingers up and down through between her pussy lips through the panties. I could see the moisture seeping thorough her panties and they became more and more sheer with each stroke. Boing!!! My dick immediately jumped to attention.

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   Damn, this girl is one hell of a fucking little cockteaser, I thought to myself. I had to rip my eyes away from her tease so I could look at where I was going. Suddenly, I panicked. In one motion, I quickly reached across and grabbed her, as I slammed on the brakes, to avoid hitting the car in front of us. Both of us suddenly realized, that we had come within inches, of slamming into the car in front of us. “Wow, that was a close call. ,” I said, as my heart was still pounding with an adrenaline rush. “I’m sorry about that. Are you okay?” I asked. I was able to keep her from being thrown forward, which gave her enough time to reach up and grab the dash. But she still could’ve hurt herself somewhere. “I’m fine,” she replied, as she straightened herself up. “I guess we’re both going to have to be more careful what we‘re doing,” she added with emphasis on the word careful. We both laughed at this little double play on the word, but she made a good point. I was going to have to pay more attention to the road, and less to her flashing, before a we get killed.


  We got to her car without anymore incidents, and I went around to her side and opened the door for her. I guess I‘m from the old school, and to this day, I still believe a man should open the door for a lady. When she got out, she reached up and put her arms around me, and she said, “Don’t worry, I’m very careful about when, where, and to who, I do my flashing routine. ” She then pulled my face down to hers, and gave me another one of those long hot tongue kisses. When she finally let go, she hurried over to her car, while she was waving good-bye. I just stood there and watched her as she unlocked the door and got in. She started the car, rolled down the window and yelled, “Thanks for everything, I’ll see you this afternoon. And don‘t forget your promise to me. ” And then she drove away. She never even gave me time to tell her, that it was me, who should be thanking her. I just stood there in a daze; my mind about three steps behind hers. I was still trying to figure out what she meant by, “her flashing routine. ” And what was that stuff about a promise? What promise was she talking about? Did I made a promise to her? Was I supposed to do something this morning, and I already forgot what it was? I started thinking about everything that had happened in the last 18 hours. We’d only been together for that long, and already, I felt like I’ve known Karen for years. This was a sure sign, that I was falling for this girl, and that made me feel very uneasy for some reason.

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   It wasn’t because we had only known each other for 18 hours. The uneasy feeling I was having, had something to do with the way she seemed to be able to handle me so easily. I drove back to the row-house where I live in NE DC. I picked up my laundry, checked my messages, and took a hot shower. By 12:00 p. m. , I had already dropped off my laundry, which gave me enough time to go to a service station, and have them put two new headlights on my truck, so I could use it that evening. I got to Karen’s store about 18 minutes early, so I decided to let her know I was there. When I walked in, there was an attractive young girl ringing up a sale for a customer on the register. She looked at me, smiled, and went about her business. I didn’t see anyone else, but I heard voices in the back of the store, so I headed down an aisle towards the voices, to see if I could find her. When I got to the end of the aisle, I turned the corner, and there she was, putting some small boxes up on an overhead shelf. She was standing on a step ladder, with a small audience of men around her. It was obvious as hell, that they were ogling her legs, and three of them were trying to look up her skirt. A pang of jealousy washed over me, as I wondered if she knew what they were doing.

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   I stepped back a few paces behind some boxes, where nobody could see me. From my position, I had a good view between some merchandise, that was stacked on the shelf in front of me. I felt a bit sheepish spying on her, but I wanted to watch for a few minutes, and see what was going on. There was a black guy squatting down on the floor right below Karen, removing the small boxes from a larger carton, and handing them to a young white guy who was pricing them, and handing them to Karen. Off to the side and behind Karen, was two old guys standing there talking to each other, and I figured they must be customers. The black guy looked to be in his late twenties, or early thirties, and the white guy was just a kid, maybe 19 or 20 years old. The two old guys were well into their 60’s. Irregardless of their ages; one thing was for sure; all of them were watching every move Karen made. Each time Karen leaned over to take some boxes, from the young kid, the unbuttoned top of her dress would gape open, giving him a great view of her breasts. She didn’t seem to notice him looking at her tits, and if she did, she wasn’t doing anything to hide the view. But what really shocked me was what the other guys were doing. The black guy was right below her, and each time she leaned forward, he would twist his head so he could look right up her dress. Even though her legs were together, I knew he was able to see the front and rear of her panties. And I’m sure her ass crack showed right through the sheer material of her panties. I couldn’t blame him for looking.

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   Hell, if I was in his position, I would have doing the same thing. She was high enough, that each time she leaned over, the two old guys behind her, would bend down so they could look up her dress also. While their view wasn’t as good as the black guys, I’m sure they saw enough to make their day. When she stood back up, and reached up to put the boxes on the shelf, her dress would ride up several inches, and her titties would push out against the front of her dress. My first instinct was to rush forward, and chastise these men for their improper behavior. But something held me back, so I stayed put, and continued to watch what was going on. Certainly a woman as old as Karen must know that this is what men do when they get the chance, I thought. She was either letting these guys look up her dress, or she was incredibly naive about men. And I already knew her well enough to know, that that wasn’t the case. It was obvious to me now, that her display was not accidental. She was deliberately letting these guys look up her dress. But why would she let a bunch of guys look up her dress, I wondered to myself? Just then, it dawned on me, that she was doing this for the thrill. She must be an exhibitionist, and she gets her kicks, by flashing and teasing the hell out of men. After all I surmised, she had done a great job of teasing me. My own ego had fooled me into thinking that her teasing me, was because she liked me.

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   My ego was suddenly deflated, and the truth hid me hard. There wasn’t anything special about me to her at all. All kinds of emotions were running through me at that point. Rage, hate, jealousy, stupidity, all of them were twisting my guts. Here I was, falling in love with the perfect women, and here she was, teasing the hell out of other men, the same way she had been teasing me. As I continued watching these guys look up her dress, with her obvious approval, my next instinct, was to leave the store, and forget about Karen. For a brief moment, that’s exactly what I decided to do; until I suddenly realized that here I was, watching all of this going on, while my hand was moving back and forth, rubbing my rock hard cock through my pants. I looked down, and sure enough, I had a raging hard-on. What in the hell is wrong with me? How could I be getting a hard-on watching the woman I cared about, display herself to a bunch of strangers? I didn’t have time now, to think about these questions as I looked around, to make sure I hadn‘t been caught wanking my meat. The coast looked clear, so I turned my attention back to the scene before me. And my hand moved back to my cock. The shelf Karen was loading was now full, and she couldn’t quite reach the top shelf. So she stepped up one more rung on the step ladder with her left leg, and she stretched her right leg over to the shelving to give her additional support. so she could reach higher. She had to spread her legs about 25 or 30 inches apart in order to do this.

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   The unbuttoned hem her dress fell open on both sides of her right leg, showing lots of thigh. None of this action went unnoticed by the guys. All of them were speechless and staring at the view she was giving them. The two old guys moved a step closer, so they could get a better look up Karen’s dress. The black guy was getting a birds eye view of the crotch of her sheer panties, and this bothered me a lot. I knew he could probably see her whole pussy mound. And if her panties were still damp, like they had been earlier, then I was sure he could even see her pussy. But I wasn’t in a position to say anything. Karen wasn’t my property. She didn’t belong to me. And if she gets her kicks by flashing guys, then who am I to tell her she can‘t do it. Besides, here I was, thumping my own cock, while watching her flash these guys. The only thing that still bothered me, was the fact that they had a better view, than I did. Looking back, maybe that’s what upset me the most, all along. After she put the last box in it’s place, she pulled her right leg back, and started backing down the ladder.

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   The black guy had to get up, and move out of her way. When he stood up, nobody could help but notice, the huge erection tenting outward in his pants. The kid started laughing, and said, “What have you been doing down there Todd, playing pocket pool while you’re supposed to be working?”The two old guys started laughing also, and then one of them added, “I thought you used a wood iron in golf, not pool. ” This brought on more laughter. Todd became thoroughly embarrassed, but there was no way he could hide the huge lump in the front of his pants. He quickly excused himself, and rushed off to the back room. Before he was out of sight, the other old guy yelled to him, “More than four strokes, and you won’t get a par. ” The laughter erupted again, as they smiled at each other with their heads shaking back and forth, thinking about everything that had just happened. The old guys finally turned around, and walked away. None of this went unnoticed by Karen. I saw her looking down when the Black guy stood up, and I’m sure I saw her grinning from ear to ear when she saw his huge erection. She must have been real pleased with herself, knowing she caused it. That’s what cock-teasers do. They tease the hell out of a guy, and then they walk away. When she stepped off the bottom rung of the ladder, the young kid folded it up, and carried it off to the back room.

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  Karen brushed herself off, making sure her dress wasn‘t wrinkled or bunched up anywhere. I quickly pushed my stiff cock down one pant leg, and tried to hide it as best as I could. Then I stepped out from my hiding place, and walked up to her. “Hi baby, are you ready for lunch?” I asked, as I tried to act as though I had just gotten there, and hadn’t seen a thing. She looked up with a smile on her face, and as I leaned down, she threw her arms around my neck, and gave me big kiss. She was looking me right in the eyes, with a smile on her face. It was the kind of smile a person gets after they’ve just had a satisfying orgasm. In a low voice, she then asked me, “How did you like the show I put on for the guys?” Wasn’t it exciting? I was stunned. Shocked is more like it. How did she know I had been watching her flashing those guys? She caught me off-guard, and I didn’t know what to say, or how to answer her. Not only had she flashed other men while she knew I was watching, but she also wanted to know if I enjoyed it. Just then, she reached down, and gave my still stiff cock a squeeze through my trousers. “Oh my,” she said, “Something tells me you enjoyed it a lot. ” She didn’t need an answer from me, Mr. Willie answered the question for me.

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   “Come on,” she said, as she put her arm around me, and guided me to the front of the store. “I want to introduce you to everybody. ”When we reached the front of the store, The young salesgirl was waiting on a customer. While we waited for her to complete the sales transaction, the two old guys, who had watched Karen’s display, came up front with their own purchases. Both of them winked at Karen, and complimented her on her dress. She gave them each a hug, and introduced them to me as her best customers. “She says that about all of her customers,” one of them added. She just giggled, and gave him another hug. Then she introduced me to them, as “Her man,” which made me feel a lot better. “Ahhh, so you must be Darrell,” the salesgirl added, as she took the old guys purchases and began ringing them up. I couldn’t help but notice the big smile on her face. Apparently, Karen had told her something about me. She was definitely cute, with long blonde hair, and a pair of small firm titties pushing out against a little cut-off tee-shirt. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, because her stiff nipples were clearly defined against the cotton material of her brief tee. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see below her bare midriff, because she was behind the counter.

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  One of the old guys then said he sure liked the outfits the girls were wearing. The other added, that they were almost as good as the little school girl outfits the girls wore last week. This sure got my attention fast. Were Karen and the salesgirl both cock-teasers? And what was this stuff about little school girl outfits? My mind started running rampant with images of these two girls in little school girl outfits. Mr. Willie was also reacting as he began to push out against the front of my pants. Karen turned towards the old guys and said, “Julie and I are playing tennis on Tuesday and we were thinking about wearing our tennis outfits to work. Why don’t you guys stop by and see how we look. ” I remembered Karen telling me something about the store only being opened half a day on Tuesdays, although I couldn’t remember why. I was probably to engrossed with peeking up her skirt at the time. “Sounds great,” they both replied, as one of them paid for their purchases. “We’ll see you gals next Tuesday then,” the other added, as he handed Karen a small envelope. She handed the envelope to Julie, who put it under the counter, and both girls waved good-bye as the old guys left the store. I had no idea what was going on. Just then, Karen‘s two co-workers came up front from the backroom.

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   There was only the four of us standing there now, and no customers. Karen introduced the salesgirl as Julie, which I had already figured out. Julie stepped out from behind the counter and gave me a brief hug as a warm welcome. “Wow,” was all I could say. She had a real short denim skirt on, which couldn’t have been more than 11or12 inches long. It barely covered her nicely shaped bubble butt. Although she was a little on the thin side for my tastes, she had nice legs, and she was one hell of a hot looking chick. “Okay, okay. Put your tongue back in mouth, and meet the guys,” she said. For a brief moment, I thought I detected a note of jealousy in her voice. She put her arm around me and introduced them as Todd and Eric. Todd was the black guy, and Eric was the white guy. She said both of them were hired as part-time stock boys, but Todd knew how to run a register, which was a big help to her. I briefly shook hands with both of them, as she introduced me to them as Darrell. As soon as she said my name, Eric seemed to get nervous, and Todd started snickering at this.


   I was confused about what was going on, until Karen said, “Eric has something to tell you. ” He reached into his rear pocket and pulled out his wallet. He then handed me $20. He said this was for the two headlights he had busted on my truck last night. It was obvious as hell that he was embarrassed to admit what he had done. It didn’t help matters, that Todd was laughing his ass off, at his friends embarrassment. I guess it’s true what they say; what comes around, goes around. Before I had a chance to ask him why he did such a stupid thing, Karen told Todd to work the register, while Julie ran down and got us a pizza from the Pizza Hut in the Mall. Eric asked if he could go now and she said yes, but to make sure his time card was filled out first. He said he already did that and left. She grabbed my arm, and said she would explain everything later on, as she pulled me behind her towards the back of the store. When we got half way down the aisle, she tuned around and told Todd he could have a two slices of pizza and to tell Julie to bring the rest to the office. She then said she didn’t want to be disturbed while we were having lunch. Todd just smiled and said, “Yes Ma’am. ”As soon as went into the office, she kicked the door shut behind us, and reached up and pulled my face down to hers for another hot wet kiss.

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   It was obvious that she was horny as hell. “Oh god,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” she added, as her hand reached down and squeezed my semi-erect cock again. She pushed me backwards towards one of those roll-a-round chairs, which was behind a large desk. Just as the back of my knees hit the seat cushion, she dropped down on her knees, and started undoing my zipper. She pulled my pants off my legs, as she rubbed her face against the bulge in my underwear. I had put on a fresh pair of underwear after my shower, and she pulled those down also. As she was removed my underwear, she opened her mouth, and lightly nibbled my cock with her teeth. The sensation was incredible, and after she brought me to a full erection, she stood back up, and reached under her dress to pull her own wet panties off. She rubbed the wet crotch-band against my lips and under my nose and the intoxicating scent was driving me crazy. Just a few minutes earlier, I had a million and one questions to ask her. And now, I couldn’t remember a single one of them. I took her panties from her, and continued sniffing them, as she pushed me backwards onto the chair. She told me to slide forward a little bit, and spread my legs, as she got back down between my legs. Most of my ass was off the seat and I closed my eyes, as I leaned back as far as I could go.

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