Jenny’s Journey Home


Jenny’s Journey Home
A Cock teasers daydreams turns into a nightmareSummary – young woman leads a double life, outwardly she appears to be a shy and demur young lady, who dresses in smart but sensible clothes, and sensible shoes. Considered by some of the “lads” in the office where she works to be a lesbian or frigid. However under the sensible clothes lies a highly sensual and erotic woman, with secret fetishes and hidden alternative life. However one day her fetishes lead her into uncharted territory and dangerous It had been a long and frustrating day for Jenny, and she sighed with relief as her tired body sank into the seat of the nearly empty train carriage. It was quite late; the rush-hour crush was over hours ago and it was very unusual for her to be travelling home so late in evening. The day had gone bad very soon after her arrival at work when the auditors had made a surprise visit on the department, and then it had progressively deteriorated as the day went on. It wasn’t enough that records where a mess, she thought, but many of her so called colleagues, less than competent at the best of times, had been fiddling on their accounts. However, the auditors were already aware of this, and were there looking for the evidence of how deep the rot went before doing a hatchet job on the department. And evidence there was, as the day progressed, it was clear that the rot extended from the department head, down through the section chiefs, and to most of the senior lunch time it became clear to what extent that, what was now being described as fraud, and not small fry fiddling, went. It was no longer just talk of disciplinary proceedings, but of police interviews (they arrived just after two), criminal prosecutions, sentences and the potential prison terms. And so it went on into the afternoon and through to early evening. When she and most of the middle and junior staff where allowed to go, they were still interviewing and trawling through the files and computers. The only positive thing about the whole day was that, not only was she squeaky clean with regards to her honesty and working practices, but that it was clearly obvious to the auditors that this was the case. The only matter that was left for her to decide was to what extent she would cooperate with the investigation against the others. She thought about all the jibs and snide comments she had endured, both against her dedication, honesty and diligence, and the lack of response to the suggestive comments and moves made against her. Then there were the nasty, bitter remarks, you know the sort, about sexuality and being frigid.

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   You know the ones that men make when they feel rejected and inadequate. In truth she doubted very much that any of them would have come close to satisfying her needs, and it often made her laugh inwardly at just how far off their comments and opinions of her were. But then she kept her work and playtime quite separate, and what’s more she was extremely choosey about her lovers.
The sudden motion of the train, as it pulled away from the station bought her out of her musings on the day’s events and she looked out of the window. The sun was almost gone, with just the tops of the higher buildings catching the last of the golden rays. It had been a beautiful day, and she had missed her lunchtime in the park, she always used the flexitime scheme to allow herself a long lunch time in the summer, because this presented opportunities for her to pursue her particular fetishes. She also liked to be in the office early, so that she often had it to herself, which enable to get so much more done. She settled into her seat as the train rocked its way along the tracks and allowed her mind to wander again, this time, away from the stress and irritations of the day’s events.
Hmmm, she thought, I’m looking forward to that bath, hot and soothing. She considered which bath salts and foams she should try tonight, and moved on to afterwards, she needed to relieve some stress and unwind and the bath wouldn’t be enough. That meant playing; it was just question of what she would use, and whether she could be bothered to perform on webcam. She liked the added frill of being watched by strangers, although the constant barrage of chat requests from desperate lonely (and sad) men tended to spoil the effect. And of course, there was always the money, money that men and often women paid to view her little shows. Perhaps not tonight, she decided. She would go in late tomorrow, there seemed little point in an early start, assuming that there was even any work to do or a department left to work in.

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   Well she’d worry about that when she arrived in the morning.
She stretched her legs out and tried to relax herself. Her thoughts wondered back to this morning, hmmmm yes that was fun Jenny thought. On the way into work this morning, although the train was not packed to capacity, it was still fairly full; she had had an opportunity for some naughty fun. Two of the three seats opposite where vacant, until a tall, very well built black male sat down in one. Pretending to read her book, she covertly glanced over the top of her spectacles and inspected him. Hmmmm yummy, she thought to herself, nice, handsome in a rough and rugged way, almost aggressive looking, perhaps in his mid twenties. She also noticed that he was examining her in a very open and frank manner; only he hadn’t notice her own more covert examination, because his gaze was on her black stocking clad legs and short skirt. A tingle began, starting from the pit of her belly, and spreading, turning into a warm glow, her breathing grew deeper. She began to shift her position, as if she was finding it difficult to get comfortable. One of the reasons she liked to wear this skirt, which came to mid way down her thighs when standing, was the way in which the hem worked its way up her thighs, when she wiggled in a sitting position. Yes, she thought, I’ve got his full attention. The warmth and tingling grew in intensity, the anticipation of his reaction exciting her. It was always the same, she looked so innocent and prim, so much like a librarian.  Knowing this was how people assumed her to be made it all the more exiting, knowing that what she was doing and thinking was conflicting with that image in others minds, which her outward appearance presented.

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   The cold hard looks of disgust that she levelled at the voyeurs hid the raging fires of lust and desire inside of her. Dressing like a prim and proper librarian type, yet at the same time looking very sexy. At the same time letting them see up her skirt, or opening her jacket, revealing the gossamer thin blouse, hinting at her braless breast, barely concealed by the thin white gossamer material conflicted with that “librarian” look. While small, her breast were very pert and firm, and all too often her nipples were extremely hard and very, very erect to the point of being painful. Anyway she continued to fidget, allowing the hem of her skirt to slide up her thighs, making rapid covert glances over her glasses, looking for the moment.  Yes…there it was, he thought, he’s realised that I am not wearing anything under my skirt. It was hard for her to control herself as the burst of excited pleasure erupted from between her thighs, she could feel the flush spreading up her body, her neck turning red before spreading to her face. Hmmm let him look for a few seconds longer, then give him a really disgusted look and shift my position. Yes, the look of surprise and confusion…but hmmm a smile too, had he seen through her? She glanced at her watch, another 20 minutes before the train arrived at Charing Cross. As the train gently rocked its way along the tracks, she allowed her position to shift back, her knees to move apart again, rocking with the motion of the train. In her mind she imagined the man getting his cock out and wanking it, making long strokes up down his shaft, while she spread her thighs open wide for him, with the other passengers watching them. She imagined him wanking his cock and cuming all over her. train began to slow down as it pulled into Waterloo East, and she straightened up. She glanced at her voyeur, and was disappointed to see him get up and move up the carriage to the exit, but as he did so, he glanced back and smiled at her. Although part of her was disappointed, there was also relief, more than once she had been followed and gotten herself into dangerous situations, which while exciting when a fantasy in the comfort of her own bed, were not quite so when it was real with a complete stranger, who were never attractive, they never were she sighed.

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The memory of this morning’s little game was getting her very hot and wet, she glanced around the carriage. There were only three or four people, and they were all quite some way from her. She could risk having a play, she thought and settled back into seat. She imagined the man was there, and started opening her knees; while her hands ran down to her thighs, and gripping the hem of her skirt, began pulling it up as her knees moved further apart. Once her thighs were spread she ran her hands back along the top of legs feeling her sheer stockings and the brought them back, running them inside her thighs. She rested them just short of her wet and swollen pussy, enjoying the coolness the air on her exposed wet cunt. She loved the frill of public exposure, the risk of being caught or seen, although in reality she never let it go that far. Of course at home, on a webcam, that was different, not to mention very lucrative, in fact she earned more dressing up and undressing and playing on cam than she did in her day job. With that thought she allowed her right hand to gently brush lightly over her pussy. This sent a shudder through her body…hmmm she was very horny, it wouldn’t take her long to cum, perhaps she should wait, but the 1 ½ hours to home seemed like an eternity.
The train slowing down as it approached another station brought her back to the present, and she closed her thighs and stood momentary to push her skirt down and then composed herself. As the train drew to a stop she picked up her book and started to make herself look as if she was totally engrossed in it. She heard the doors slide open and several people getting off, followed people getting on, men by the sound of the laddish banter being exchanged between them. This stopped suddenly and was followed by a hush quite, then whispered low conversation and exclamations. Jenny couldn’t hold her curiosity back any longer and she glanced up and then back to the book, and then back up in shock and surprise.

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Oh my, it’s the man from this morning, with a couple of guys with him. He was smiling and nudging one of them, nodding towards her.
“That’s her” she heard him say “the dirty tart from this morning. ”
“You’re kidding” she heard one of his companions reply.
“Come on” she heard him reply.
With mounting horror, she watched them, through the reflection in carriage window, move down the aisle towards her. She was too shocked to try and get up and make her escape, and the train was already out of the station. She made herself look down at her book and tried desperately not to let her eyes glance at them. She sensed that they were now standing there, a few feet away, looking down upon her, the fear she was feeling now was like nothing she had ever felt before, and her stomach was so tense she felt like she was going to vomit.  
Oh Christ, she thought, what am I going to do? And yet, through her fear, there was a tingle of excitement, barely noticeable through the fear, but never the less, the spark was there. She closed her eyes as she sensed them move into her seating bay, which consisted of six seats, three each side facing each other. She always chose these seats because it had allowed her to be naughty. Well boy was she kicking herself now. Perhaps there really was a God and he was a man, and this was how he was going to punish for all those men she had cock teased and taunted with her body. She felt them sitting down, one besides her, and the other two opposite her.

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   She tried to squeeze herself further into the corner of her seat. “Hey bade, remember me from this morning?”
She kept her eyes firmly closed and her knees held tightly together.
“Hey, wot’s up, not turning shy on me are you babe, you weren’t shy this morning when you where flashing that hot pussy; man, I woz so hard it woz hurting. ”
 Still she kept her eyes closed, she was trying to will herself further into the seat, and she could feel the blood draining from her face. Oh Christ she thought, I’m going to be rapped, oh fuck, what I am going to do.
 “Wot’s up, cat got your tongue? You weren’t so shy when you were teasing my old man this morning, I tell you girl, when you gave that dirty look, I almost came in my boxers, and in fact it’s getting me hard now just thinking about it. ”
There was the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down, and sniggers from his companions.
She opened her eyes, she could not stop herself, straight at the man, who was sitting there, almost opposite her, his knees apart, and yes, there it was, his cock, in his hand. She could not take her gaze off it, it was big, and as he ran his hand up and down the long black shaft, it grew even bigger.
She looked up into his face, still handsome, but distorted with lust and desire. She could not say a word, and she heard voice next to her say.
“Hey man, you sure about this, fuck this is rape, she don’t look the sort to be flashing her cunt. ”  “I’m telling you man, she ain’t wearing a thing under that skirt, except her skin, are you doll, why don’t you show the lads what you showed me this morning, slut?”
 There was a hint of menace in his voice now, yet, while it was a shock to be called slut, it was exciting too.
 Jenny continued to remain silent, looking away from him. She felt him move and could not stop herself from glancing back towards him again.

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   He was now on his knees in front of her.
 “What’s wrong baby girl, don’t be shy, I just wanna show my hommes what you were showing this morning. ” He placed his hands on her knees, she squeezed them more tightly together, but she felt his grip grew tighter, then slowly, but firmly; he began to push them apart. She tried to pull at his arms, and struggle, but his companions quickly took hold of her arms.
 “Please, don’t please” she pleaded as the four of them struggled together. She could not resist their combined strength, and although she continued her struggle, he was forcing her knees apart, and her skirt rode up her thighs exposing her hidden secrets to her shame.
“Fuck!! He’s right, the dirty bitch isn’t wearing any knickers…fuck man” exclaimed one of his mates.
“Sweet ain’t it” he replied “grab her legs, spread them wide” he commanded. This prompted Jenny to make a supreme final effort. She started to make a real and frantic effort to escape, but the first man was too quick. As Jenny stood, the man rose with her and wrapped his arms around her waist, twisting her and using his greater weight, he pulled Jenny back down onto his lap. Meanwhile, as she collapsed on his lap, his two companions had made a grab for her legs, and despite trying with all her strength, she could not prevent them from forcing her knees up and back. During her struggle, the buttons on her jacket had snapped off and her jacket fell open. Now her thighs were wide open, her skirt forced up around her hips, her smoothly shaven pussy was fully exposed. Her assailants where not being violent but there hands were firm and very strong, and her struggles had no effect other than to wear her out, after a few more minutes she finally stopped.

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   “That’s it baby, just relax, we’re not gonna hurt yer, we just wanna have a closer look at this sweet pussy. ” Jenny closed her eyes, she knew that there was nothing she could do, struggling would only make it worse and they might turn more aggressive. The irony of the situation was that she had fantasized about this situation so many times, yet the present reality was a stark contrast to the comfort and safety of her bedroom in front of a webcam. The fear she felt was almost overwhelming, she fought to control her panic, her breast, small but very pert and firm, were rising in rapid motions. She could feel the man’s erect and very hard cock pressed against her naked arse cheeks.
“Look at her tits man, she ain’t wearing a bra either, fuck man, look at them nipples. ”
She felt a hand gripping her left breast firmly, and fingers began to stroke her nipple through the extremely thin silk of her blouse.
“Man, she is so hot…look at that cunt, so sweet. ”
 “Didn’t I tell yea, man, hey, shift around here and hold her for me. ” They exchanged positions taking care not to release her.  
 “Give us your phone, I wanna take some pictures. ”
This made Jenny react and her eyes snapped open, “no please, please don’t take pictures of me” she pleaded.
“What’s wrong baby doll, not still shy, but hey, this is what happens when you play naughty, so you just lie back and relax. ”
He held the phone, and as he began to take pictures with it, she closed her eyes and turned her head away.
“Hey, open them eyes bitch! Look at the camera like you looked at me this morning.

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  ” He followed the command up with a slap on her thigh, just hard enough to emphasize the command.  
 She opened her eyes and forced herself to glare at the camera phone as the man took pictures, holding the camera with one hand, with the other was occupied with caressing and stroking his long black cock.
“Spread then lips, let’s see her cunt open up” he commanded.
She felt hands moving down between her spread thighs and spreading her lips apart.
“Hmmm yea sweet, god she is hot, look at that sweet pussy, how tight is she?”
With that she felt a finger began to push into her pussy.
She felt the thick finger sliding into her wet pussy, knowing that her body had betrayed her, that not only was she becoming aroused, she could smell her own excitement, her shame heightened with the knowledge that she had bought this on herself.
  “Fuck, she’s as tight as a mouse’s arsehole. ”“As tight as you when it comes to buying your round you mean” added his companion. “Mind, she’s getting juicy too, I think the sluts getting into this. ”“Loosen her up, let’s get her wet, rub her clit” commanded the man taking the pictures of her.
The hands that had been violating her pussy, now moved up and the fingers began to rub the area of her pussy where her clit was located, and almost immediately her lower body began to betray her, she gritted her teeth and tried to fight it, but the touch was a electric shock, the tingling and a warm sensation spread from between her legs and she knew that her clit would be visible, swollen and red.
  “Man look at that will yea, look at that cherry, so sweet, so tasty. ”With that one of the men shifted and she watched as he got down on his knees, his companions giving him encouragement. “Yea lick that bitch, eat her cherry. ”
For a second he paused and made eye contact with her, and holding it, he lowered his lips down onto her cunt and planted a kiss on her clit.

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   It sent an electric shock of pleasure and sensation and she threw her head back and gasped. The man between her legs then began to lick, first just one long slow lick, starting from the base of her cunt and then running up between her lips and then up over her clit. He used the tip of his tongue to tease and play with her swallow clitoris. By now Jenny no longer cared about the shame, she was lost in a world where it had combined with the pleasure and frill of what was happing, no bed-time fantasy could have produced these feelings. Her legs spread wide, with a stranger eating her cunt, while another stranger played with her nipples, and all three were being photographed.
Again she felt fingers being pushed into her pussy while the clit licking continued, then she felt her clit being sucked into his mouth, his teeth gently nibbling on her rose bud. This was enough to push her to the edge, and with a load cry she exploded into an orgasm, wave upon wave of pleasure hit her, until she lost consciences of her surroundings.
A few minutes must have elapsed and a gentle shacking brought back to her sense.
“Hey babe, wake up, we’re not done yet bitch” she opened her eyes, she was still sitting, thighs spread, one leg draped over one mans lap. The other man was now sitting next to her on the other side, and main man still holding the phone.
   “We’re gonna play some more, hey dude you take the camera. ”The man, who had eaten her, stood and took the camera phone and shifted position. Thenthe main man, stood in front of, his hand gripping his massive black cock, wanking slowly. Jenny didn’t need to be told what he wanted, his stance said it all. He moved forward, thrusting his black cock forward, Jenny twisted her head.


  “Ohhh now bitch, you can have it two ways, nice and easy, or the hard way, either way you gonna suck it bitch. ” He reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, and twisted it, causing Jenny to cry out. It also forced her to turn her mouth back toward the cock, which was now pressed against her lips.
“Open bitch!”  Jenny kept her mouth shut, but he twisted her hair again, and she could not stop her mouth opening to let out the cry. As soon as her mouth parted, she felt the cock being forced between her lips, and over her tongue.
  She heard him say to the other man with the phone, “Are you getting this?”“You bet I am, this is fucking hot, fuck the bitches face!”“Now girl, you know you’re gonna have to suck it, so lets not fuck about, and I won’t have to hurt you. ”
She felt him shifting his position, his cock in her mouth forcing her head around, and then his hands moving to the side of her head. Then gently, he began to pump his cock back and forth, each thrust sliding over her tongue. At the same time she felt fingers returning to probe her pussy and clit.
 “Hmmm, that’s it doll, now start sucking…. hmmmm, yea bade that feels good…”Jenny started sucking as he pulled and pushing her tongue against his cock head as the cock pushed its way into her mouth. She let herself go, allowed the sensation raising up from between her thighs take over, it felt like there was at least two fingers inside her and that he thumb was fingering her clit, she couldn’t control herself, it felt too good.
The cock thrusts were growing faster and harder, sometimes going so deep she thought she was going to gage on it, but clearly her assailant knew his business and pulled back quickly.
 Suddenly he said “get ready to take a picture of this man. ”
 He pulled out of her mouth and began to wank hard and fast, within seconds a great spurt of spunk hit her hard in the face, hot and stinging, then another, followed by another, each accompanied by a loud groan and calls of encouragement from the other men.

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The finger fucking grew harder and faster, pushing deeper inside her, twisting and turning, she began to shake, as she lost herself in another hard orgasm.
When she came to her senses, she was alone, she hadn’t even been aware of the train pulling into the station or the men getting off. She looked around her, and found the carriage empty, outside it was dark. For a moment she began to panic, had she missed her stop? The train began to slow, and with relief she began to recognise the landmarks on the approach to her station. As the train pulled to halt, she quickly stood up, her legs feeling weak and shaky, she pushed her skirt down, and quickly buttoned her jacket, not bothering to button her blouse. She jumped from the train just has the door begun to close, and nearly fell, but managed to stay on her feet. She paused for a few seconds, just to get herself together, and then began walk towards the exit. As she passed the station staff, she felt that they knew what had just happened; she could feel herself blushing. She was sure they were smirking at her, in mind she heard them thinking “Slut. ” 
It was only as left the station and saw her reflection in a window that realised what she looked like, and that she was still splattered with spunk. Part of her was ashamed and revolted buy what had happened, yet, her dark side reminded had she not fantasised about just this sort of thing. What could she do anyway, report it, yea, that would be great, standing court and admitting that she got off flashing her cunt on trains…
Later at home she fucked herself over and over again with her vibrator, and again in the morning, before setting off for work. At work, her phone blipped, and when she checked to see who the message was from she didn’t recognise the name or number, so she opened the message to see what it was. She froze; it contained pictures, pictures of her, and the men. Straight away her pussy began to moisten.

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   The guy taking her pictures must have looked in her bad and taken her card. The message with picture said “Hey baby doll, let us know if you wanna play again…. ”



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