Cherry Popped


I was 18 and a half when I lost my flower (if you will). My best friend Carla was having a sleep over at her house and invited me and two of are other good friends. It was a normal girls night, we talked about hot guys, make-up, teachers that we hated. When we took a dip in Carla's pool, I noticed Carla's older brother, Jose, peeping at us from the kitchen. When he saw me looking at him he left. I had the biggest crush on him when i first met Carla in
the seventg grade but he never noticed me.

Later that night we all fell a sleep watching a movie (Tommy Boy). I woke up around 1am. I went to get a glass of water and on my way back Jose was coming out of the bathroom. He was 18 at the time and was about six foot. He wasn't wearing a shirt, so I saw his dark brown abs and he had on a pair of old Simpsons pajama shorts on. I stood there about 5' 4" and had on a black tank top that showed off the top of my tiny breast and my favorite pink pajama pants. All i could think of was how hot he looked and how horrible my bed hair was. He started to talk to me and before I knew it, I was in his bedroom, sitting with him on the floor and he was teaching me how to play some shooting video game. Of course I hated the game but I liked how he would hold my hands on the right buttons. After a hour or so he leaned in and kissed me, so we made out and then he started to fell me up.

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I had done some things with other boys so this wasn't new to me. When started to dry hump me that was new. He had my tank top off and was my squeezing my tits over my push up bra, then he laid me down and got between my legs. He started to hump me and I could feel his hard dick through our pajamas. It felt so great that I was getting wet, I remember thinking that It usually took a lot longer when I masturbated. Then out of nowhere he stops and gets up. He walks over to his dresser and pulls out a condom. I told him it was my first time. He assured me that everybody is nervous their first time but he'd go very easy. I stood up, took my pajama pants off and got into the bed. he told me that i should get back in the floor because the bed would make to much noise.

He then laid a few blankets on the floor to make it softer. I laid down in my bra and panties. He stripped and sat down on the bed. He ripped open the condom and tried to put it on but he wasn't hard enough.

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   He asked for some help so I sat up and started jerking him off (also my first hand job). He grew bigger than I thought he would in my hand.
    Finally he put the thin clear condom over his cock. I laid back down as he slipped my panties off. My pussy was pretty much bare except for a few little brown hairs (i keep it clean shaven now). He ran his hand over my pussy lips and then licked the juices from his fingers before he put the head there. He slowly pushed the head in. It didn't hurt until he popped my cherry. I almost woke up the whole house but he quickly put his hand over my mouth. After i calmed down I grabbed a pillow to muffle my moans of pain and pleasure, and then he countiued.

    I grind my teeth as he picked up speed. He pushed my bra up and started licking and sucking my erected nipples. I laid there with the pillow over my head for what seemed like forever before he speed up, arched his back and came. He slowed down and his balls stopped smacking against my ass. He pulled his dick out and it flopped against my thigh as he fell down beside me.

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       He then leaned over, stuck his tongue down my throat and told me that I'd enjoy it better the next time (a week later I did enjoy it a lot more, I even came). .



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