Candace Part 1


I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and an upset stomach. I hoped I wasn’t coming down with a bug.
My car was in the shop so I was carpooling with the wife. She had come out of the bathroom wringing wet from the shower and had a towel wrapped around her waist.
Admiring her still gorgeous body I couldn’t help but to stare as she dropped the towel to begin dressing. Her ample bosom was still high on her chest with only a slight sag. She was only able to bore one child, a daughter that was now a senior in high school. The problems she had at birth caused a complete hysterectomy.
My head still pounding I closed my eyes and whispered, “Honey, I’ve got a terrible migraine. Would you call me in, please. ”
Owning my own computer networking business I knew my able staff could handle me being gone. I started the business 19 years ago just before my wife, Carol and I were married. She worked diligently throughout my early tribulations and trials to keep the bills paid and food on the table. Now she didn’t have to work but chose to keep active and not grow stir crazy after raising our daughter Candace.
“Are you alright, Babe,” concern in her voice.
“Yeah, it's just this damn headache.

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She wrapped the towel around herself and made her way downstairs. I could barely make out her explaining to Sharon, my personal assistant that I would not be in. With that she was back upstairs.
“Looks like your daughter just left for school. I figured her to be gone, there’s a mess left on the kitchen table”.
I smirked to myself knowing that irked Carol to no end. Her liking was that everything to be neat, tidy, and organized.
“Get dressed and I’ll clean up the mess after I get rid of my headache. ”
I threw my legs off the side of the bed and sat up. God, my head throbbed and as I stood I felt a little shaky, but I made my way into the bathroom for some aspirin. Taking two and a glass of water back into the bedroom I paused at the doorway. Carol had just bent over to put on her panties and I caught a brief glimpse of her pussy and ass before she stood up.
I felt a twinge of excitement at her unintentional display and thought if my head was not hurting I would jump on that. Instead I took the aspirin and crawled back in bed.
Carol finished dressing in a smart business suit ready to go sell more mansions.

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   She was the top seller for Lang Realty and was now in a position where all she sold were million dollar plus estates. Most of her clients being well to do socialites that needed another vacationing spot. I never figured why she was so good at what she did but her commission checks were outrageous and I personally thought her only goal was to see how many zeroes she could see on one check.
Hell, who was I kidding, the money was good and with my thriving business we hadn’t done without in quite some time. Candace was a direct recipient to our good fortune as she always wore designer clothes and Carol even bought her a Mustang 5. 0 for her sixteenth birthday. Spoiled yes, but she never flaunted to her friends or snubbed others that were less fortunate.
Fully dressed Carol again made her way downstairs and was back in a few minutes with a cup of coffee and the morning paper.
She leaned down kissed me and said, “I’m off Babe, I’ve got an eight o clock appointment with a Mr. Sanders. He’s looking at a house in the foothills. 5500 square feet and two stories, the owners are asking for 4. 5 million and I’m gonna hustle my buns for that one. ”
“Good luck, Honey I’m confident you’ll close. Who could resist a babe like you anyway?”
“Thanks, Sweets I love you!”
She was down the stairs before I could reply and I heard the door slam.

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I lay there for a few minutes and realizing that I had to pee I dragged myself up and made my way back into the bathroom. Standing there I thought, I wish I felt better I could sprawl on the bed and have a good yank. But instead I flushed the toilet washed my hands and made my way back to bed.
I dozed off and was dreaming about some young nubile thing stripping for me when I awoke to the flitter and giggles of teenagers. I looked at the clock and noticed it was only ten AM. There was some banging around in the kitchen, the refrigerator door being open and closed and giggles.
I recognized Candace’s voice but was unable discern the other. My first thought was that Candace was skipping school, but naively I considered that maybe she has a short day. My second thought was she was unaware that I was home as she had left before I was even awake. I decided confrontation was not what I desired so I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.
A few minutes later I heard them come up the stairs and head for Candace’s bedroom. Their voices not having to be muted were loud enough that I could hear most of what they were saying. She obviously did not close her door.
The voice not my daughter’s spoke, “Brad took me to his Uncle’s house and we made out. He stuck his tongue half way down my mouth.

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   After the first kiss he asked my to suck his tongue in my mouth and I did!”
A few gasps and Candace replied, “Wasn’t that gross?”
I was shocked and relived that Candace has little to no experience in kissing. I thought all high schoolers were kissing fiends. Just go to the mall and watch. It seems that is what they are made for.
A reply from the unknown voice was even more shocking. “No, Can it was so good. Like I got all wet down there. Here let me show you. ”
Ok now I perked up. Candace kissing another girl! No, no way. Yet it got awful silent and a few seconds later.
“Well, what do you think?”
Candace spoke softly, “Ok, I kind of liked it. But your tongue felt kind of funny. ”
I sat up in bed my interest now piqued. Were my daughter and her friend just kissing? Was this going to lead to other things? More questions than answers ran through mind and all I knew is I had to find out what this was leading up to.

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I silently crawled out of bed and peeked my head out the door. The coast was clear so I stepped into the hallway. I froze as an audible gasp came from the partially closed door to Candace’s bedroom.
“Karen, what are you doing?” I heard Candace say.
“You didn’t like that? I didn’t feel good when I touched your boob?”
This came from Karen and I crept closer to her door. I tried to be as quiet as I could. I didn’t want to get caught spying on the two teens but just the thought of my daughter getting felt up was mind boggling and I crept closer.
“I didn’t say that it didn’t feel good,” Candace whispered. “It’s just weird you being a girl like me. I’ve never let any of my dates touch me. ”
Aw my daughter was a virgin and I was somewhat relieved yet I yearned to see her being loved and I didn’t care if it was male or female.
Candace is short, 5’4” about 105 soaking wet and blonde. No the stereotypical blonde, no she was smart got good grades in school; but she didn’t date much. Her excuse was the guys in her high school were immature hormone overloaded jerks that she had no time for. Yet when she did date she was always on time, never missed a curfew and I never needed to flip the light switch when her date walked her to the door.

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With her good looks and killer body I figured the boys would come sniffing around but I guess she made it clear that her home was off limits. Occasionally a boy would call and she would take the call in her room and spend some time talking but that never lead to anywhere because her weekend evenings were generally spent home or over a friends.
I had made to the door and peered between the crack in the door and the door jamb and was a little disappointed because both girls were sitting on the bed a little separated and not saying anything.
I was about to walk away when Karen spoke. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would feel like to be kissed and felt up by somebody else? Don’t you ever think of letting a boy stick his thing in you?”
I held my breath waiting for Candace to answer.
“Well, yeah, sure but those guys at school are jerks and they would blab all over the school. ”
“I’m not necessarily talking just a boy. Have you ever thought of letting a girl touch you, Can?”
Candace voice broke when she replied, “No, that’s perverted. ”
“No it isn’t. Molly and I kissed and did other stuff last weekend when I was over her house and it felt good. ”
“What other stuff?” Candace was just barely aware her voice was low and hoarse.
“Well, we kissed with our mouths opened and she grabbed at my boobs and I let her. She asked if she could take off my tank top and I did it for her, she reached around and undid my bra and I took it off completely. She then felt my naked tits for awhile and I about came when she bent down and took my nipple in her mouth and started sucking. My pussy got real wet and I was so excited I decided that what ever she wanted to do was OK with me.

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   Can, it felt so good. ”
I looked over towards my daughter and noticed her little pencil eraser nipples were hard and were easily noticeable through the top she was wearing. Karen noticed too because I saw her staring at them.
She licked her lips and whispered to Candace, “I’m wet now just talking about it. ”
Karen leaned forward and touched her lips softly to Candace’s and said, “Let me show you how good it feels to be loved. ”
With that she reached behind my daughters head and brought it in to meet her lips and they again kissed. This time it was with abandoned passion, their mouths opened and I could see Karen sucking Candace’s tongue in her mouth and they both moaned. Candace breath was almost taken away when Karen laid her hand on her breast and began caressing the mound and the tweaked her nipple.
They both came up for air and breathlessly Karen spoke, “You are so hot, Can. ”
Karen reached down and pulled Candace’s top off and flung it across the room. I ogled my daughter’s breasts encased in a silky beige bra almost the color of her skin. Her nipples were prominent and looked as if they ached to be released. Her body trembled, but I could not tell if it was from excitement or nervousness. Karen released the clasp on the front of Candace’s bra and pushed the cups back. Her breasts being revealed I could see Candace blush and she tried to conceal her nakedness with her hands.

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Karen grabbed her wrists and said, “Your boobs are so cool…Don’t cover them, I want to see them. ”
Candace dropped her hands in her lap. Karen reached out and covered both breasts and squeezed lightly. This elicited a moan form Candace. Karen spread her fingers and captured the nipples between her fingers and rolled the points back and forth. She then leaned into Candace and lightly bit her lower lip. Her tongue barely touched my daughter’s upper lip when Candace opened her mouth and Karen stuck her tongue in. I could see that Candace was sucking Karen’s tongue and at that moment I noticed my cock getting hard. My sucking in great loads of air and my lips were dry.
As their kissing was getting more and more passionate Karen dropped her hand in Candace’s lap. She was lightly running her hands on Candace’s thigh inching ever so closer to my daughter’s pussy. A moan came from deep within Candace and I knew the sound. My daughter was turned on! I’ve heard that moan several times before from some of the women I has had sex with and if Candace was moaning like that I could almost bet her mons were soaked and she would probably let Karen free roam with her body.
Of course this is what I hoped for. I could not tear my eyes off the scene that was so closely displayed in front of me.

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   My cock was now raging and I reached down to adjust to a more comfortable position. When I grasped the shaft to move it, I felt a jolt of electricity shoot up to the head and I knew that I was now not going to just adjust.
    I brought out of the fly in my pajamas and stroked lightly.
    Peering back in to the room I noticed that Karen had managed to cup the mound of Candace’s sex. She was not moving her hand but seemed to be waiting for Candace to adjust to the idea that someone other than herself was touching her in a place that had been off limits to any one else. Even the boys she had dated never got any farther than caressing her young breasts through the clothes. She had admitted it to me one night after a date she had and her blouse was unusually wrinkled.
    Karen released the lip lock she had on Candace and immediately wrapped her lips around the nipple on Candace’s left tit. The sudden sharp intake of air made me realize that she was not expecting this new onslaught but the breath was shortly followed by a sigh. A movement of hand caused me to gaze between my daughter’s legs and it was obvious that Karen was now massaging Candace’s pussy aggressively. Candace’s hips were undulating and she looked as if she was trying to maneuver Karen’s fingers to her clit.
    “Lay back, Can; I want to take your shorts off. ”
    Candace hesitated and said sheepishly, “I don’t know Karen, this is so wrong. Girls shouldn’t do these things to each other. ”
    Karen replied, “Oh Can you know it feels good, your pussy is soaked.

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       I could feel it through all your clothes. I am so wet and you are so exciting I want to make you feel good. No one will know. I’ll never tell anyone. Please?”
    I never heard a woman beg for sex but her words spurred my excitement on and I felt a drop of pre-cum drip from the end of my penis. Another formed right away and I slid my thumb up and spread it all over the head and shivered from the sensation.
    Candace made up her mind and hesitantly lay back her legs while not completely closed it was evident that Karen had not removed her hand. She bent down and suckled Candace’s breast again but she removed her hand from between my daughter’s legs and starting stroking her stomach just above the pant line. Her hand proceeded under the waistband and ran a finger over Candace’s crack.
    Candace moaned and slightly spread her legs giving Karen ample room to delve deeper into my daughter’s pussy. I could see the bulge of her hand as she was massaging deeper and deeper into the soaked crack.
    Karen quickly removed her hand and grasped Candace’s waistband and whispered, “Lift up Can, so I can remove these. ”
    Candace lifted her hips and Karen pulled her shorts and panties off. I did not have a clear view of my daughter’s lower body as Karen was between me and her. I could see that Candace had her eyes closed and she was trembling.


    Karen moved her body around until she was kneeling between Candace’s legs and I almost lost all the air in my lungs as I got my first look at her pussy. I gasped almost too loud and immediately stepped back in case I was heard. I realized that I was safe as I heard Karen.
    “You like that Can, you are dripping. ”
    There was no response from Candace and I took the chance to peer back around the door. I almost lost it as the site that was presented to me. Karen was sprawled on her stomach with her head buried in Candace’s box. I could hear the slurping and sucking that Karen was making as she sucked lovingly.
    Candace’s hips were bucking up and writhing as she fucked the tongue that was deeply embedded in her. Her groans and squeaks were intensifying as she raced to an orgasm. She reached down and caressed Karen’s head as if she was her long lost lover and wrapped her right leg around Karen’s shoulder and with that I was lost with mixed emotions. The way Karen was acting was as if she was falling in love. The last thing I wanted was Karen to become total gay, but as my emotions were in turmoil I could not take my eyes away from the erotic scene before me.
    I noticed I was now stroking my cock more aggressively and was rapidly approaching my own orgasm as Karen reached up and tweaked Candace’s nipples. Her left hand was blocked from my view but the movement made it obvious that she was finger fucking Candace.

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    For the first time since Karen started sucking her pussy I heard Candace say, “Ooo…that feels so good. I never knew it was his good. Please don’t stop Karen. ” 
    Karen had no intention of stopping and I was shocked as Candace reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart so Karen could suck at her clit. And suck she did. I could hear hear the slurping clearly!
    “Oh, God Karen you’re gonna make me cum. ”
    I was already close enough that I could have ejaculated then and there but I decided to slow down and wait for Candace so we could cum together.
    Karen’s finger was fucking in and out of Candace much faster now and licking and sucking her pussy harder, her goal was to make Candace cum and she concerted her efforts to that as Candace moaned louder.
    “I’m there, I’m cumming!” Candace was gasping for air as she reached her peak.
    I pumped my shaft as I too reached my peak and I rapidly pulled off my PJ shirt so I could catch the sperm that was quickly racing up to blow out of the little hole. The first shot missed and landed on the door but I was lucky and caught the rest.
    I took one last look in on the girls and Karen was just rising up from between Candace’s legs and I had an unobstructed view of her gaping pussy that glistened with her juices and Karen’s saliva. I looked longingly for another minute and turned back to go to my room
    I sat on the edge of the bed and contemplated what I had just witnessed. I had just lain back on the bed when I heard as surprised gasp, “Oh God, Daddy I didn’t know you were.