Asian College Apartment


My story begins in my girlfriend's apartment near NYU in NY. She is a hot asian college student with whom I am very lucky to be. When I'm not boning her(or at least jerkin' off to photo's/videos I've secretly captured of her), I try to squeeze in some fun watching her two attractive asian roommates and checking out their underwear. While they were both away on winter break last year, I found myself alone in the apartment after my gf decided to take off early for school. I love my gf very much and tried to resist the temptation to sneak into their rooms to thumb through their panties, but the temptation was too great.  I wandered first into the room of the less attractive of the two girls - we'll call her T. I proceeded to her chest of drawers and slowly pulled open the top drawer. To my surprise, I found not a sea of panties, but a small collection of sweaters instead. I advanced downward and opened the second drawer; again, no panties. This was the case for four or five drawers.  I began thinking that perhaps she didn't wear underwear! The bottom drawer proved my theory wrong. This girl had an exquisite collection of bras and panties - plenty of variety: satin, cotton, thongs, briefs, bikinis - the whole deal.  Ever since high school, I had dreamnt of rummaging through a girl's panty drawer, but had never had the opportunity to do so(aside from my two girlfriends'). I first pulled out a satin pair and unfolded them in front of my face. I lowered them and took a quick peek inside at the crotch. The cotton panel was lightly splattered with T's pussy stains.

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   I whipped back a couple whiffs and enjoyed the fragerance of her detergent. I repeated this episode a doezen or so times - taking the opportunity to explore every style of panty she had.  Growing tired of inspecting clean panties, I quickly searched around her room for a laundry basket. In the corner, on the floor next to her closet, sat her laundry basket, piled high with miscellaneous articles of soiled clothing. It didn't take long for me to pick out several pairs of panties. They had just the right amount of staining: you could tell they were worn, but not abused. They smelled great. It was such a turn on to imagine that just days - perhaps even hours - earlier, they had nestled her tight asian pussy. I considered lapping at them a few times with my tongue, but concluded that I had to go to class.  I hastily returned all of T's panties to the basket, and rushed out the door - skipping out on checking the other roommate's panty colleciton. Needless to say, I regretted having not been able to explore the underwear holdings of the second, more attractive roommate, that day. However, I had another chance later that winter. Everyone had left for class and I was again all alone. I carefully walked through the living room to make certain that no one was still home and slowly swang the girl's bedroom door open. We'll call her M.

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   I took a quick inspection of her room, looking for the laundry basket on the way to her drawers. Didn't see anything. I pulled open the top drawer and was greeted by the imaginary smiling faces of dozens of panties. While M's panties weren't quite as exotic or varied as T's, they were still a sight to behold. Her collection consisted primarily of cotton bikinis. The staining was a bit heavy, but tolerable. I held a couple of pairs up in front of my face, trying to imagine her moist pussy inside.  Boring of her clean panties surprisingly early, I decided to turn my attention to her dirty underwear. Oddly enough, though, she didn't seem to have a laundry basket. I searched literally high and low, turning up nothing. A supreme disappointment. I must have spent nearly 18 mins. searching her room for a sign of dirty laundry. Realizing how late it had become, I decided to resume my search later.  The next week found me in the same postion: in search of a non-existent laundry basket.

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   M must have dirty underwear! Where could it be. I resigned to try yet again later.  Three weeks later, still expecting to not find a laundry basket, I again carefully navigated through the living room to M's bedroom. There in the back corner was a nearly empty basket. I realized then that she must have taken her basket with her when she went home the past couple of weeks. While the basket was largely empty, I still spotted three pairs of M's dirty panties. I picked up the first pair - a cotton bikini, of course - and excitedly inspected the cotton panel. I was immediately taken aback by the extent of staining - nearly the entire crotch was either light brown or yellow. This was a little heavy for my tastes, but still took in a deep whiff as I had been waiting for this moment for weeks now. Definitely a bit heavy. I dropped the panties back in the basket and proceeded to inspect the other two. The last pair had relatively light stains and smelled the best. Plenty of good white residue which I've come to prefer as it carries an almost sweet scent. They smelled pretty good. Not as pleasant as my gf's panties, but not bad considering the terrible shape they were in.

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    Having finally had a successful encounter with M's soiled underwear, I took two more opportunities to rummage through her panty collection. Her bras were pretty nice as well; very full cupped. I hadn't noticed that her tits were all that big, but her bras certainly seemed to imply that she was well endowed. She was certainly hot, though.  Still, her panties were pretty heavily soiled - far too much for my tastes. Comparing her staining to that of my gf lead me to wonder why she was so "dirty. " In any event, I still enjoyed thumbing through her underwear.  Weeks went by and my curiosity in M and T's underwear had finally waned to the point where I no longer had enough interest to poke my head in to see their latest work. However, my desire to see M naked was growing. She is a moderately short Japanese girl with a perky chest and full ass.  My gf's room and her's were separated by a glass-paned door with two curtains draped on M's side of the door. The inner curtain was heavy and dark while the outer curtain was light and very porous. This latter one behaved very similarly to a scrim in theater: transparent when backlit but opaque when front lit. Without even trying one morning, I noticed a small gap in overlap between the two curtains. I thought, "why not?" and stuck my face up against the window.

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    M had the light on so the curtain was translucent, allowing me to see into her room but her not being able to see into my gf's. The gap was situated in a perfect location - almost completely out of sight from M's perspective, yet offered a decent view into her room. I doubted that I would see much, if anything that morning, but was very quickly proven wrong when her naked ass swept in front of me! So here I was, staring down M's bare ass directly in front of my face on the other side of the door. "Wow, nice ass," I thought. This was great; quite possibly every guy's all-time fantasy. With my eyes peeled, I continued watching M through the gap. She had thrown down a pair of panties onto the bed and bent over to retrieve them. I could distinctly make out a huge tuft of pubic hair between her legs as she bent over. I got an even better look at her crotch when she spread her legs slightly to pull on her panties. M had a huge bush! I had seen scores of photos in which Japanese girls often sported unabating bushes, but was still amused as both of my gf's pussies had been trimmed(yay for me!).  Although the lighting quality wasn't especially good, I could even make out M's pussy lips. She paused with her legs spread and her panties suspended in the air around her knees while she applied a panty liner. Even though this took only mere seconds, it was time well spent as I gazed up at her hairy twat. Having adhered the liner in her panties, she jerked up her panties, creating a nice display of panty butt. Wow.

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   I couldn't believe I had witnessed all that - right in front of my face. Furthermore, I couldn't believe that I had missed out on all of this during the past three years that my gf had shared the apartment with them. What a shame. . . .  While I was ecstatic at having witnessed M's dressing ritual, I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't caught a glimpse of her tits or the front of her bush. Later that week, I was having dinner with a friend and the subject of M had come up. He had asked if I'd ever seen M walking around in a towel or otherwise scantily dressed. I hesitated, but concluded that I could trust him with my secret. I explained that I felt somewhat badly about what I had done - that it was, in some way, a form of cheating on my gf. We discussed it and concluded that I did what ANY guy would have done in my position. It wasn't about any particular person; rather, it was about an unmitigate opportunity to see an attractive girl naked! He strongly encouraged me to try again to see if I could catch sight of her tits. I abliged. Having briefly tasted the fruits of every guy's dream, I tried unsuccessfully to replicate the incident in hopes of seeing more of M naked.

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   I spent many restless nights in this pursuit - either disappointed that I hadn't been able to spot M undressing or excited at the prospect of observing her getting dressed in the morning. It seemed that every time I tried, there was either a timing conflict or some visual obstruction in the way. I was becoming discouraged and considered giving up.  My hope was sparked one morning recently when I caught her pulling down her pajama bottoms to reveal a black pair of cotton bikini briefs - I recognized them from when I had fondled them before. There was a brief moment when I thought I would finally be able to catch a glimpse of her tits, but she walked over to her bed and out of sight to peel off her shirt. "Not bad," I thought. Not quite the treasure I had enjoyed previously, but it was at least something.  I began thinking that if there had been a similar gap on the other side of the door, that I might have a better chance. I even conceived a plan by which I would create such a gap from the other side of the door. With little hope of seeing more than a fleeting moment of exposed panties, I resolved to keep trying, at least for a little while more.  Then it happened,. . . ! I was sleeping over and was waiting while my gf was asleep for M to get up. My gf got up first and quietly slipped out for breakfast.

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   "This is my chance," I thought, eagerly watching and listening for signs that M was about to wake up. Nothing. My gf later returned to get dressed and shortly thereafter decided to take off without me. M's alarm had chimed five times, each one reciving a hasty dismissal as she repeatedly struck the snooze button. It was getting late and I had a midterm in my first class of the day. I decided that I was going to hit the head, come back, wait five more minutes, and then take off.  I returned from the can, pressed my face up against the window and noticed that M's space heater had been turned on and noticed in the corner of my eye that M was already milling about the room. I watched as she got her affairs in order and slipped out to the bathroom to take a shower. During this time, I anxiously conceived a way of blocking out the invading sun that was seepeing through the curtained window by wrapping my head in blankets and pressing up against the door - effectively rendering the outer curtain nearly transparent from my perspective. Then, the moment had arrived.  I heard M unlock the bathroom door and walk across the carpeted hallway back to her bedroom. Although her bedroom door was out of my line of sight, I could hear her close and lock it behind her as she entered the room. I then saw her sweep through the center of her room in her knee-length bath robe. She walked over to her drawers and bent over to retrieve something from one of the lower drawers. I could just about see all the way up to her ass.

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   I was getting excited.  Then she walked back out of sight and reimurged without her robe. She had her back to me for a moment, displaying her nice bare ass. And just above, were her perky tits ever so slightly hanging down from her chest, almost suspended in mid-air. She grabbed a pair of panties and turned so that her side was to me. I caught a fantastic view of her tits in profile as she bent over to slip into her underwear. I didn't know what to look at first - her tits, ass, or try to spot at her hairy bush. I took it all in. I thought I would be able to catch a glimpse of her bush considering how prolific it seemed earlier, but figured that her boyfriend must have finally convinced her to trim it.  She slowly pulled her panties up to her waist and adjusted the fit in the back like every girl does to avoid wedgies. With her tits still seemingly suspended in the air, she walked toward me, showing off the snug fit of her pink cotton bikinis. Her pussy was now no further than three feet in front of my bulging eyes. She turned and proceeded to apply lotion to her legs. With every pass, she bent over, dangling her perky tits in perfect view - right at eye level. I tend to prefer a girl with well defined nipples and was slightly disappointed that her nipples didn't stick out at all.


   Oh well, I still enjoyed watching them hang in front of my face. I couldn't believe that she couldn't see me! Her head was in direct line with mine, with the only thing preventing her from discovering my prying eyes being the thin, translucent curtain.  After applying coat after coat of lotion, she turned around and presented her tight ass to me. Standing square to me, I could make out a nice gap between her legs and inagined her hairy snatch confined in the narrow strip of cotton uppn which I had my eyes fixed. Her panties clung tight to her ass, retreating ever so slightly into her crack. She grabbed a sweater and shook it out, standing right in front of me with her form-fitting briefs. She then grabbed a bra and strapped it on. Admiring her sweater in front of the mirror, I had a perfect view of her panty butt and made the most of the opportunity before she squeezed her butt into a pair of tight pants. So long for now panties. "What an experience," I thought. This completely exceeded my expectations; I was hoping at most to see her whish across the room topless and perhaps catch her panty butt for a second before slipping into pants. Instead, I got a full 18-minute private show.  The only thing I didn't get a chance to see was her fuzzy Japanese bush. . .


  perhaps that will be my goal for next time. .