Your Release


It's been too long since I've last seen you. I miss the rush of your skin against mine. It's time to reward your patience; my naughty boy.

I push you down onto the couch, we're the only ones in my lonely house. My shorts slide down as my thong slips around my firm thighs. As I walk towards you, you see my nipples hardening underneath my tight cotton shirt. I lean towards your crotch while lifting my shirt above my head; my soft breasts bouncing freely. I tug at my tits longingly, as I begin to unzip your jeans with my tongue. I pull at your boxers eagerly, your hard cock accidentally slapping me in the face.

I take your cock in my hand, rubbing it against my lips like lipstick and slapping it against my tongue. **MM Baby You Taste So Good** I moan. I slide your cock between my luscious lips, before pulling it back out with a *pop* of my mouth. I kiss around your shaft passionately, letting my tongue explore every curve. I look up, into your eyes before slurping your cock back into my eager mouth. I begin to bob my head up and down your length, letting my tongue run along, savoring every inch of your meat. My saliva mixing with my dancing tongue as your cock plunges in and my mouth.

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   I pull your dick out a little so I can focus on your head, at first flicking it slowly. As i begin to pick up speed i roll my tongue against your sensitive head as if pronouncing a Spanish "R". While sucking on your head I stroke your cock in a pumping motion, enwrapping it within my delicate hands.

Removing my hand from your shaft, I teasingly lick the underside of your shaft, making my way to your balls. **They look heavenly baby** I say as I begin to wrap my tongue around them. I lick them as if they were a juicy Popsicle loving each salty drop. I slide both balls into my mouth, slurping them and praising them with my skillful mouth. My lips purse to gently massage each one.

As I make my way back up to your head I leave a trail of saliva, glistening in the light. I moan as your cock begins filling my mouth, so warm and moist. This time however, I suck at your cock with more hunger and pent up arousal. Our moans and the slurping sounds my mouth makes fill the room. I begin to slowly take your cock further down my tight throat, gagging at the pressure against my uvula. You feel the soft throat tissue around your cock tighten as i manage to swallow my way down, my lips hitting the base of your dick. With one hand I toy with a breast as I continue to plunge your cock down my tight eager throat.

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   As I continue deep throating you I hum loudly, sending vibrations along your cock.

**Wanna try something baby?** I ask seductively. In a state of pure bliss you can barely reply more than a nod of your head. I get up and retrieve a box of mints, popping one into my mouth before slurping your cock back in.
    The icy chill of the mint sends tingling sensations up and down your spine. You can barely control your self as your feel the cool mint mix with the warmth of my tight mouth. Your hips begin to buckle. Seeing your mounting orgasm I start sucking at your cock harder, bobbing my head up and down the length faster than before. Tugging at your balls with my free hand I can feel your cock stiffening within my mouth. I rapidly hit your cock against the back of my throat, sending you over the edge in a powerful orgasmic experience.

    Spurt after spurt of your hot cum shoots down my throat. I milk at your cock trying to suck out each last drop. Cum dribbles down my chin, trickling onto my tits. With a finger I seductively suck it of before returning to your head to lick of the last bit from your tip. I lick my lips, savoring your salty cum, **Thanks Baby For The Fun**.

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    The End! (Part Two "Cumming" Soon!).



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