Workmates did it at last


"Hi Dean, its Brenda. I've buggered Damon's computer again. I don't suppose you can help?", said the voice on the end of the phone.
Dean sighed and thought about it for a second.
"Sure" he said, figuring he'd drop in and sort it out and still be home in time to finish the cupboard he was building.

Dean was the owner of the computer company Brenda worked for, and had once before helped out when they'd had a computer issue. Brenda and Dean had worked together for over 18 years and got along well, and there was always a flirty, teasing sexual tension between them. Dean had even once suggested that they fuck, but Brenda had a rule about no sex at the office, despite sharing an open relationship with her husband.

Brenda was just over 45 and still had the body of a much younger woman. Her long blonde hair framed a cute face, and her shortish, petite frame sported one of the best arses you'd ever see, often poured into tight jeans on dress-down days. Brenda knew she had an affect on Dean, and loved to tease him. She didn't go for suits, generally, and sometimes pictured him during his weekend renovations (a common topic of conversation at work) dressed in workman's pants and a toolbelt. Once or twice she'd even fantasised about him fucking her while she masturbated, but she knew it would be a dangerous road to tread.

About 18 minutes later Dean pulled into the carpark at Brenda's townhouse and headed to the door. He'd not gotten changed and was wearing a pair of work shorts and a torn and paint spattered shirt. He caught a glimpse of himself in the car window and shrugged.

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   He hated being under-dressed but figured this was just a quick trip to help out a friend.

Brenda opened the door and smiled when she saw Dean. Just the sight of him in the work clothes stirred an evil thought in the back of her mind.
"G'day Bren", Dean chirped, and, hoping she didn't notice, looked appreciatively at the light grey track pants Brenda was wearing perfectly moulding to shape of her mound, and the short, tight T-shirt that left an inch of belly flexing erotically at him.
Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, he followed Brenda inside, and managed to get up the stairs without tripping as he watched her arse swaying hypnotically on the stairs.
Brenda glanced back at him once and the scruffy look, combined with clothes that made him look like a bricklayer once again ignited her mind and caused a brief tingling in her crotch.

She got him settled then offered him a drink.
Knowing her preferences after years of working together Dean said "I suppose opening a bottle of wine is out of the question?"
He got to work while Yolanda went downstairs to fetch glasses and a bottle she'd started on the night before.
"Hope its ok" she said as she poured two generous glasses and sat beside him on the desk.

After fifteen minutes of gentle chat while he went through a series of checks, Dean realised that they had been leaning against one another gently, his arm against her thigh, for some time. Felt good, too, and it made his loins tingle as he realised how good she felt against him.

Dean rebooted the machine and noticed a noise. "Sounds like the fan" he said, "Do you have a screwdriver handy?"

Brenda said, "I think so, up on this shelf" and turned around to reach up, her arse nearly in Dean's face.
"Nice" he said, cheekily.

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   Suffer, baby!" retorted Brenda, but just then lost her balance on the desk and tumbled back into his arms.
Dean revelled in the feeling of Brenda's body in his arms and lingered just a fraction of a second too long moving his hands off her arse and waist.
"Don't worry, I've got my tool belt in the car - I'll go grab it" he said quickly to break the tension and give himself an excuse to get out of the room. His penis had begun to move slightly and he was sure his face was going red. Shit, she was a horny looking (and feeling) woman.
He raced to the car, got out his tool belt and carried it upstairs.

"Well, you should complete the look, at least, and put it on," said Brenda.
"If that's what turns you on!" said Dean, before he realised what was coming out of his mouth.
"It might", said Brenda in a slightly quieter voice, looking at Dean with a mixture of expectation, desire and fear.
Committed now, Dean slung the belt around his waist and clipped it closed, leaning over the computer to get to the screws at the back.
"Nice", said Brenda, mocking him only a little, and playfully slapped him lightly on the left butt cheek.
"Careful, or I'll return the favour" said Dean with a laugh, really enjoying the tension. He still didn't seriously think anything would happen, but it didn't stop his dick starting to rise in his pants.
"Oh, yes please" said Brenda, with the wine making her a little bold.
"How about another glass of wine, while I finish screwing this", asked Dean
Brenda poured again and now, once again emboldened, brushed closely past Dean to place his glass next to him.

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   Her right nipple grazed his left arm, and she let out a small gasp as it instantly sprang to attention and sent a spike of electric lust straight to her groin.
She gulped a big mouthful of wine and settled back into the chair behind Dean and watched his arse while he worked. Her mind wandered as she demolished the glass of red, and she started wondering what Dean's thoughts were doing, and more importantly, what his cock was doing. She wanted, right then, and right that minute, to see it, touch it, taste it and feel it.
"Oh God," she thought, "That's the wine talking. I'd better slow down". But it was too late, as she realised her pussy was already wet, and she felt sure she was slowly starting to drench her ultra-mini g-string. Fuck! She thought, I'll be soaking through my track pants in a second, and shifted in her seat.

Dean finally finished and proudly displayed the now working computer.

Brenda, impressed, stood up and gave Dean a peck on the cheek as a thankyou. Her hand, reaching for the edge of the desk brushed past him again and she was sure there was something firm there as her hand slid past his waist.
She bent forward to log on and check it out. "Thanks, Dean! You're the best!" she said.
Well, I did say I'd help out, but I did also say I'd return the favour", said Dean, and with that grabbed two large handfuls of Brenda's butt cheeks, asking "Still saying yes please?"
Brenda hesitated, afraid to cross the Rubicon, but as Dean pushed a little forward and she felt his thighs against hers, all resistance melted.
She turned in front of him, and reaching up to put her arms around his neck, brought her lips close to his and whispered "Yes, please".

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They kissed then. Long, lingering, wet kisses of passion and years of pent up energy.
His hands roamed her body and Brenda held Dean close and he reached behind her, one hand on the small of her back and the other squeezing one of her butt cheeks. As she was pulled close, Brenda felt the growing bulge in Dean's pants and pushed even harder against him, forcing her pubic mound against his thigh.

Brenda and Dean performed an awkward dance as they tried to peel each other's clothes off without terminating their embrace. Hearts racing, they locked lips and slowed the tempo enough for some order to creep back in as they struggled to rid themselves of the pointless burden of clothing.

Shoes and socks were gone in what seemed like an instant, and they stood kissing for some minutes, hands still exploring, caressing and arousing each other. Enough! Brenda rapidly started work on the buttons that kept her from feeling his chest against her. As they gave up their hold one by one, her breath quickened and her tongue found its way between her teeth to lightly tickle his chest while her hands dropped lower. Shirt open, Dean lifted it from his waistband and it soon dropped to the floor. Brenda lifted her T-shirt over her head, wriggled her way from her track pants, and soon was before Dean resplendent in black bra and micro-G-string panties, now completely soaked with her pussy juices, watching him lustfully ogle her seductive body. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her bra, and she knew Dean was aroused too, judging by the bulge in his pants, which, she instantly decided, had to come off. Attacking his belt and wrenching it open, Brenda grasped trousers and underwear, dropping it to the floor. Dean's cock stood out proudly to attention, laughably jutting out from under his still attached tool belt, and Brenda smiled appreciatively as she reached towards it. She switched tack and deftly released the tool belt clip to leave nothing interrupting her view of his cock.

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   Dean, stepping from his trousers now stood naked in front of Brenda, the unspoken question of what would happen next being answered as she leant closer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  . . . . . . . . .

Brenda's hot breath hit his penis first, as she bent to take it in her mouth. Firstly kissing it gently, then beginning by taking long luxurious licks up the shaft, Brenda worked over Dean's dick like nothing he'd ever experienced before. Her tongue alternated between providing a warm wet bed to support the head in her mouth, to swirling around the head and flicking into the pre-cum leaking hole at its tip.

Brenda savoured the salty/sweet taste and bobbed her head to try to get the entire shaft into her mouth.

Dean groaned and looked down at Brenda as she knelt in front of him. Looking up at him, her eyes told him she was enjoying this as much as him, and she gripped his shaft with one hand and sucked hard on his head.

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This wasn't going to last long, as Dean stared over Brenda's head down to her perfectly formed butt cheeks framed by the G-string.

What seemed like seconds, but was probably a couple of minutes later, he gasped "Oh God, baby, I'm going to cum!"

Brenda gripped Dean's butt cheeks and sank her mouth once more over his cock. She withdrew as he groaned and rested the tip on her tongue as Dean's balls constricted and he shot jets of hot sticky cum into and round her mouth.

"Oh Fuck!" exclaimed Dean as he watched Brenda gulp down his cum, and nearly passed out from pleasure as she dipped his cock into her mouth to clean him up a little.

Dean wasted no time, as he wanted desperately to taste Brenda, and picked her up and planted her on the chair.
After kissing from her stomach down to the thin, minute piece of fabric covering her pussy, Dean drew his hands up Brenda's legs, feeling the soft skin he always imagined to be there. Dean's tongue pushed against the fabric of her underwear, and he could smell the musky aroma of her soaking, lustful snatch.

    His hands reached for the waistband of her G-string and began to slide them over her cheeks and down her thighs. Once clear Dean wasted no time in lifting Brenda's legs and started a wicked trail of kisses and licks from her knees up her thighs, finally arriving in front of her wet and inviting muff. He spread her glistening labia gently and used his entire tongue to lick in one stroke from her perineum up to her clit, whereupon Brenda shuddered, gasping "Oh God, yes, lick me. Make me cum".

    Brenda arched her back, reaching behind her as she did, and deftly removed her bra, exposing a glorious pair of breasts just begging to be fondled, and Dean's hands made a bee-line for her nipples. He tweaked and rubbed them, and, teasing Brenda even more, lifted his head up form her pussy and began sensuously tonguing and nibbling her sensitive nipples. Brenda grabbed his head with her hands and dragged him closer to her. The still-firm B-cup breasts we just the right shape and size for serious hand and mouth action and Dean felt his own cock twitch as he took in Brenda's delights.

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    Finally Brenda put pressure on Dean's head, forcing him lower, and his tongue once again traced down her belly to her now drenched cunt, which seemed to be begging to be licked. Not wanting to be too gentle, he pointed his tongue and firmly pushed his face into her snatch, his tongue plunging directly into her hole. Surprised by how much delicious juice he found there, Dean explored Brenda's velvet muff with his tongue, while his hands reached around and squeezed those neglected butt cheeks.

    Inhaling the heady aroma of ready-to-be-fucked cunt, Dean lowered his mouth and began rubbing his tongue over Brenda's sensitive clit. She bucked back against him as he swirled the nub of pleasure with the tip of his tongue, spreading the moisture from her pussy and yet still managing to drink as much of it as he could. Deanonce again delved into her depths with his face, then back to her clit once more, this time using first one, then two fingers, to stroke the inner walls of her vagina as he coaxed her clit into submission. She grabbed his head in her hands and began pulling his face harder against her. "Oh fuck yes" she managed to get out as Dean's very active tongue again assaulted her love button. His fingers were spreading her pussy juices all over her crotch.

    Brenda's back arched even more and she began to gasp again.
    "Fuck yes, don't stop. Oh yes, that's it, lick my clit. Mmmmmm, Oh God Dean that's good. "
    More bucking followed as Dean gradually quickened his tempo and began fucking her with his fingers. Brenda responded by meeting his thrusts with her hips, and he felt her pussy muscles squeezing his fingers.

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       He grinned inwardly, looking forward to feeling them do that to his cock.
    After what seemed like only minutes, Brenda gave a final thrust and began orgasming, shaking uncontrollably as waves of pleasure overcame her. Dean instinctively knew to stop licking and merely pressed his tongue against her clit, feeling her entire pussy pulse.
    Brenda had released his head and was squeezing her luscious boobs together, rubbing the nipples through her fingers as her climax subsided. She looked up, and her look didn't suggest she was finished with him just yet.

    Rising from the chair, she pushed Dean backwards on to the floor and in one fluid motion was astride him, her pussy pushing his penis against his stomach. Rising up slightly, her hand reached between her legs, grabbed his shaft and guided it easily into her ready hole. Both lovers gasped again as that first sublime penetration took place, and Dean felt her pussy walls almost melt against his cock. It felt like the two were hand in glove, a very hot, wet glove. Brenda arched her back and slid up again, until only Dean's head remained inside her, then she dropped rapidly, wanting to feel the entire length drive into her from below. She was well and truly impaled, and Dean's hands alternately fondled and played with her tits and nipples, then reached down to take great handfuls of bottom to push her down even more onto his pole. Brenda began sliding back and forth, her clit pushing into Dean's pubic bone, and Dean squeezed her arse even harder, amazed at her incredibly tight, hot pussy. Brenda put her hands on his chest and closed her eyes as she felt another orgasm begin to creep up on her.
    "That's it Bren, fuck me. Work that clit and cum for me", Dean said between moans.

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       His cock was buried to the hilt in Brenda's sopping wet muff, and he revelled in the feeling of warm pleasure she was giving him.

    Brenda felt like she would explode and with each thrust she wondered how much more she could get inside her without hurting them both. She slid back and forth, wanting him so badly, and experiencing every ridge of his cock as it slid in and out of her. As she slid forward she felt the head almost pop out, then as she rode back, she felt her pussy lips flip over the flange around his head, then form a slippery seal over the shaft as she travelled down towards his balls.
    Dean tried to meet Brenda's movements, and was nearing his own orgasm when Brenda once again began to lose control. As his cock began growing even bigger inside her, he felt Brenda's cunt tighten around his prick and begin almost milking him. Brenda rocked back and forth moaning and shrieking as she came again, and this was too much for Dean. His balls tightened, his hands gripped Brenda's arse and he rammed his cock as far into her as he could, unleashing what felt like gallons of cum deep into her. Brenda drew breath and looked down on Dean as their orgasms began to slow, "Mmmmm", was all she could muster.
    "Mmmmm" he replied in kind, and they both relaxed into satisfied grins, knowing the entire evening was still ahead of them.

    Both knew that the teasing at the office would only be more intense from now on. .


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