Wolf Nights- Game on ( part 1 )


We enter the shared dorm room of Maxwell Spade a gray and white young freshman wolf and Kurt Warner a green and yellow sophomore wolf. It's 18 pm and the two wolves are engaged in extreme combat, video game combat. Sitting on opposite sides of the room in their beds wearing nothing but their underwear, the two boys go head to head. Starring intensely at the flat screen on the wall in front of them in the middle of their room the boys steadily get louder with each passing match adding more fire to tournament.

Max- you can't get a fucking x-ray move that fast, how the hell is that fair
Kurt- hey bro if the game let's it happen it fair
Max- ok it's ok because I still win , I got combos like a dollar menu over here
Kurt- that's a lot of talk for someone who lost the last 2 rounds
Max- I won the 4 before those

The boys are now at the peak of their combat skills. Just as the final blow to final match is thrown the most unexpected event occurred. The lights go out in the room , but not just the that room , the entire dorm hall has its power shut off.

Max- No. . No. . NOOOOOOOO
Kurt - why are you yelling , I was about to win
Max- you know I was about to use my
Kurt - use your what , I had already thrown the fire ball
Max- whatever , this is the third time the power's gone out this week
Kurt - yea it's starting to get annoying, last time it happened I was in the shower
Max- what did you drop the . .
Kurt -don't say it
Max - because you know you did
Kurt - I think I have a flashlight on the fridge let me get it so we can see ,
Max - I'll get it I wanted a drink anyway

The boys stumble around the dark room trying to find their way to the mini fridge that sits directly under the TV. Kurt finds his way first , he begins going through the objects on top of the mini fridge trying to find the light. Max finds his way shortly after and he looks for the light as well.

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Kurt- bro I said I was gonna get it
Max - yea but I was already up , besides I think I got it . . . . wait no its just the remote to the TV
Kurt- I got it . . . . . no its my PSP
Max+Kurt- ok now I have it

The lights in the room as well as the power in the dorm hall returns. In that moment the two boys realize they are both holding the flash light as they stand near completely naked in front of one another. They both quickly drop the flashlight.

Kurt-ummm well I guess we don't need that anymore
Max - yea, I um. . .

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  . I guess not

They stand awkwardly looking each other up and down noticing one another's bulges coming from one another's manhood.

Max- ok if you won't say it I will, I think it's a little weird that we've been up all night playing Playstation in our underwear
Kurt - yea maybe a little , but we sleep in the same room so
Max- yea your right , and we're both guys
Kurt -and neither of us is gay or anything like that right

There is an awkward pause and the two wolves go from looking away from each other to direct eye contact.

Max- right, yea, neither of us is gay so it's not a big deal

Max reaches for the door to the fridge. Without paying attention to the position of the door handle due to his locked glance into Kurt's eyes he grabs Kurt's crotch instead . Kurt freezes as Max's hand grips his soft furry sheath through his boxers.

Kurt - bro
Max- umm
Kurt- bro
Max- I was reaching for the fridge
Kurt - why
Max- I was getting my drink
Kurt-but why haven't you let go
Max - I don't know
Kurt- then let go

They don't move , Max's hand remains on Kurt's crotch.

Max- are you . . . . um are you . . . .

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   are you getting hard
Kurt - no of course not
Max- bro I can feel your cock coming out of your sheath

They say nothing. In an instant Kurt grips Max's crotch.

Max- so this is happening
Kurt- I guess so

They stand still as they both slowly begin to get hard through their boxers.

Kurt - ok what if we just let go now
Max- yea , neither of us is gay so none of this will mean anything

Their cocks continue to grow until they now are tenting their boxers.

Kurt - ok on three we let go and act like this didn't just happen
Max - yea ok
Kurt- one
Max- two
Kurt- three

They both let go of each other's now hard cocks. Max's 7 inch cock and Kurt's 9 inch are in plain view even with their boxers still on. The boys go back to their beds and pick back up the controllers to the game. They both try to act as if nothing has just taken place, but they can't over look the fact that even though they are back on opposite sides of the room they are still completely hard.
They play their game but they're focus is on their shared arousal. Where there was once trash talk is now only stark silence and faintsounds of two young wolves trying to adjust themselves so one another do not see the hard as stone cocks that are now in the room.

Max- hey Kurt
Kurt - yea bro
Max- I'm still . . . . well you know
Kurt - yea .

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  . . . so am I

Kurt pauses the game and looks over at Max.

Max - you know we could jack off
Kurt - jack each other off
Max - No I meant stay on our own beds and do ourselves . . . . but if you wanted to
Kurt - if you wanted to
Max- so you do
Kurt - bro I don't know, I guess so

Kurt gets up and walks to Max's side of the room where he sits on the edge of the bed beside Max.

Max - how do we start
Kurt -I guess we take our clothes off
Max -that should be easy since we only have on our boxers

Kurt slips off his boxers and Max does the same. Kurt looks down at Max's cock as it stands firmly straight up leaking a bit of precum. Max eyes down Kurt's cock taking note of how much bigger he is in size and how much bigger his knot is as well as the size of his big balls. Kurt reaches down and grips Max's cock gently and Max mirrors Kurt's motions as he now grips his cock.

Kurt - am I doing this right
Max- yea it f-feels great
Kurt -good
Max- I never noticed how big your cock was
Kurt -I didn't realize you paid attention to my cock before now
Max - well we share the same room so I see you naked from time to time
Kurt - oh really

Kurt begins to leak from his cock more and more getting turned on by Max's voice and soft paws .

Max- your balls are pretty big two
Kurt- thanks .

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  . . . I think
Max- and I bet your knot is enough to make anyone cum alone
Kurt-you sound like you wanna try it

Max releases Kurt's cock and Iresponse Kurt releases Max's cock as well.

Max- are you serious
Kurt- I guess so, I mean we're already jacking off together so why not
Max- ok
Kurt -oh . . . ok

Kurt lays back in the bed as he blushes a little from eager surprise of Max's wanting to try his cock. Max crawls on top of Kurt and lays on his belly to where Kurt's cock is just at his tail hole. Kurt grips his cock and grips Max's tail gently. Kurt begins to slide the tip of his cock in as he holds Max's tail up.

Max - oh fuck
Kurt - what , does it hurt
Max - yea it hurts, your to big
Kurt -maybe we just need something to lube up with
Max- like what
Kurt - you could suck my cock a little bit, you know get it nice and wet
Max- I guess

Max gets up and gets on his knees in bed in front of Kurt's cock.

Kurt - look just take your time bro don't hurt yourself
Max - ok

Max grips the cock below the knot and holds it pointing up as he slowly lowers his mouth down onto it. His head now on the tip of the cock Max tastes the precum running like river. He grins slightly enjoying the taste more than he expected so he takes more of the wolf cock down almost slurping at the pre trying not to waist any.

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Kurt - fuck bro , your really good at this , like really good

Max opens one eye and looks up at Kurt gripping the bed sheets and crinkling his toes in pleasure. He closes his eyes once more before he begins to slide up and down Kurt's shaft. Kurt moans out slightly as Max gives him the best head he has had ever.

Kurt - why haven't we done this sooner

Max begins to deep throat as Kurt's moans grow louder and more wild. Kurt grips Max's head with one hand and makes him slide up and down faster holding his head at the bottom longer than at the top.

Kurt -just like that , yea keep going

Kurt makes Max deep throat down to his knot. Max chokes and gags , saliva and precum spews out the side of his mouth.

Kurt -oh fuck , I think I might

Kurt slams Max's head down to his knot harder and harder.

Kurt- bro I'm gonna

Max opens his eyes and begins to try to get up

Kurt -oh fuck

Kurt slams Max's head down one last time and spurts out thick long strands of cum into his throat and mouth. Max chokes and gasps for breath as Kurt releases his head and falls back in the bed.

Kurt - fuck bro , that was awesome
Max- cough. . . cough yea next time if you know your gonna cum let me up first
Kurt - why would I do that , you love it
Max- No I don't

Max licks the cum off his face as he blushes.

Kurt -well for someone who doesn't like cum you sure just ate a mouth full of it.

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Max- well now your cock is lubed

Kurt sits up.

Kurt - oh you still want me to fuck you
Max - well yea , we can't stop at round one