With my ex collegue


Chhaya had married a senior of mine and that's how I first really got to know her when my buddy boss" introduced Chhaya to me while I joined with him at my new office.
I had known about Chhaya from high school and college, as I was paying her to type my college research papers as she needed the extra cash at the time.
This true story happened just sometime back. One night I stopped by her house to pick up a paper her hubby had left for me to be picked up from his house. Her husband (my buddy) was out of town for a fortnight now and she was obviously lonely and seemed horny for some cock when I arrived. One cud describe her as endowed with very sharp features, very fair, big eyes roughly 5'10", 36 years of age, nice pair of full breast and a firm thighs and very beautiful legs.
Chhaya and I began talking and flirting around until she decided that she wanted to go change into something a little more comfortable. I was sitting at her dining room table waiting for her , A little later, she came out wearing a nice knee length skirt with a cream color tight T ' C shirt.
I was clearly able to see the bra lining of nice oozing and inviting boobs and very amazing long legs. First thought that came to my mind was just press her boobs hard and run my palm over her beautiful legs, then whatever may happen will be seen afterwards but destiny had something else in store for me.
There she stood perched high upon a pair of four inch high fuck me pumps with her hand outstretched as she wanted me to arise from the chair in which I sat.
My cock began to swell instantly. I stood up. I grabbed her hand and I went to her. I embraced her grabbing and squeezing her amazingly sun tanned bubble butt buns within each of my hands. We passionately kissed one another.

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  . . her mouth was warm and wet with her hot oil like saliva and her long tongue (that can easily tie a cherry stem into a knot) she explored my tongue and mouth like only a cock hungry whore could.
As we kissed she reached down and began rubbing my now fully hard cock through my jeans and then she stopped and grabbed my hand and she said. . . "Come on, come with me" and she grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway and into her bedroom.
I was nervous as she was married to my buddy and I had never messed around with a married woman before.
Upon arriving into her bedroom we stood facing each other at the edge of her and her husband's bed. . . she began to kiss me again and she continued to rub on my hard cock through my pants.
Then she stopped kissing me. She then turned around and faced the bed. .

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  . she crawled up onto the edge of the bed on all fours. . . there I stood beside her bed with her bubble butt ass sticking out near the edge of the bed with her ass stuck up high in the air.
She turned and looked back at me and asked. . . "Do you like my ass?".
She must have known she had an amazing ass, because she did and she still does to this very day.
I replied "yes" to her question, my voice quivering with nervous excitement with my reply.
As she sat there on the bed perched up on all fours looking back at me, she said. . . "You can touch it if you want to".

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   And I wanted to.

So I reached out and I began squeezing and rubbing on her ass. I rubbed all over it and as I did I began to rub her wet pussy thru her lingerie until her pussy juices began to soak the crotch of her lingerie. . . I unsnapped the two small snaps that were now wet and sinking tightly into her wet slit. . . her pussy was beautiful and glistening with her juices. . .
I continued to rub her ass and pussy all the while thinking how incredibly lucky her husband (my buddy) was to have such a gorgeous wife with a perfect ass and pretty pussy. . . I couldn't believe how lucky I was to even touch and rub his wife's ass!
Then she told me to grab the bottle of baby oil out of the night stand drawer (next to the oil in the drawer was a big 18 inch dildo, she must love big cock I thought to myself).

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  . . and I immediately grabbed the baby oil from the drawer. . . she said to me "squirt some oil all over my ass". . .
I began to let drops of baby oil slowly drip from the bottle and as the drops of oil splashed onto her sun tanned ass I began to rub the oil in with my other hand. . . as I was coating her perfectly round ass with slippery baby oil, I could feel a drop of pre-cum leak out of my rock hard 18-inch cock into my underwear. . .
I began to squirt the baby oil all over her ass and it began to run down over her tiny tight little asshole and down onto her pussy until it finally began to run down her legs like hot cum.

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She moaned loudly as I continued to rub the oil all over her. . . she began gyrating and grinding her hips and pussy as if she was begging to have her hot box filled with hard cock!
She looked back at me and said. . . "Take that big cock out and fuck me with it, fuck me, fuck me right now, I'm so fucking horny I want some cock in me now!"
As I was rubbing her clit from behind I said to her "Chhaya I wanna fuck you so damn bad, but I can't you're married to my buddy and I just can't do it".
She replied gyrating her hips even faster. . . "I don't give a fuck about my husband, he won't know, come on fuck me, I'm so fucking horny right now, I want your fucking cock in me right now, come on, please fuck me, please, he'll never find out, please fuck me!".
I didn't know what to do, I couldn't fuck my friend's wife but I wanted to so bad. . . quickly I reached for and grabbed the big dildo from the nightstand drawer and I stuck the tip of the dildo slightly inside the sticky wet folds of her glistening pussy lips.

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  . . I began to gently push it inside of her, it was such a big dildo and her pussy was so small and tight like that of a young girl, I didn't want to hurt her with it.
I shouldn't of worried about hurting her, because all of a sudden she pushed her hips and ass towards me hard that the entire dildo disappeared deep into her tight pussy. . . her pussy was spread wide as if it would tear her, her pussy lips stretched so fucking thin and wrapped tightly around the dildo that I leaked more pre-cum in my pants at the sight of her pussy!
She kept pushing back and forth wildly fucking the dildo as if it were my cock she was fucking! She screamed out. . . "Oh yeah, fuck me, yes, yes, oh fuck that feels so fucking good, yeah fuck me, ya keep fucking me, oh my god that feels so fucking good, FUCK! FUCK Meeee! Oh god FUCK MEEEE!".
The toes on her feet curled up tightly and she exploded with a huge orgasm, her hips, her ass and her legs quivered and shuttered and as she fell down to the bed flat on her stomach, she left me standing there with a huge wet glistening dildo in my hand that had just been buried deep inside of her pussy that surely reached up into her tummy.
I wanted to crawl up on her ass and fuck her so bad. . . but I just couldn't fuck my buddy's hot whore for a wife as much as she begged for it and as much as I wanted to fuck her.

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    I told her she was fucking amazing, fucking amazing. . . I asked if I could use her bathroom. She said yes, and got up from the bed and walked me over to the bathroom and turned on the light for me.
    I walked into the bathroom and she followed closely behind and she instructed me to sit down upon the closed lid of the toilet seat.
    As she forced me to sit down she dropped to her knees right in front of me and began to unbutton my pants. . . as she was unbuttoning my pants she said I want suck that big cock of yours. . . and as she pulled my cock out from my underwear revealing my 8-inch cut hard cock she smiled in surprise like a child opening the perfect present. . .

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      and she said. . . "Oh my god, your cock is huge". And with that she began to lick the sticky pre-cum with the tip of her long tongue as she starred up at me with her innocent big brown doe like eyes. . . . "Yummy" she purred as she licked up all the stickiness that had leaked out from the tip of my cock.
    She began to suck it slowly at first, never taking her eyes away from eyes, she began to suck it a little faster, then she pulled my cock from out of her warm wet mouth and began jerking the top of my cock as she said to me. . . "I want your cum! I want to taste your fucking cum! I want you to give me your cum! I want you to come in my mouth!"
    And as quickly as she said that, she shoved my big cock back into her mouth and began sucking it wildly, I felt my cum begin to leak into her mouth with each one of her wildly rhythmic cock sucking strokes of her mouth. . .

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      and as I was leaking cum in her mouth she would muffle out loud to me. . . "Uh huh, uh huh" and each time she muffled to me "Uh huh, uh huh" I gave her some more cum and then she started sucking my cock so fast and furious like no other cock sucking slut has ever done. . . she was so determined to drain me of all of my cum, that I fucking exploded several big loads into her mouth. . . she swallowed the first two loads and on the third, she opened her mouth, stuck out her long tongue and jacked the cum all over her tongue, face, lips and chin while saying. . . "Yeah, fuck yeah!" She put my cock back in her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum I had within me. . .

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      and when she was done eating the last drops of cum from my cock, she looked up at me with her beautiful white smile and licked her lips and wiped the cum from her chin and from the corner of her lips and licked the cum from her fingers and said to me. . . "Fuck you taste good!'
    I left my buddy's house that night with the typed research paper after having received the best cum eating blow job of my life! And when I got home she called me to check on me. . . she told me that I had made her so fucking horny for cock, and because I didn't fuck her, she just called another one of her husband's friend over to her house to fuck her!
    She said that if I changed my mind later on that night and want to come back over and fuck her to get seconds after the guy leaves; she would love to fuck me next!
    I told her she was a bad girl. . . and I asked her if her hubby knew how much of a cock whore she was. . . she just laughed and said. . .


      "Call me. . . "
    It wouldn't be the last time I would be with her, I thought. I was on a mission to soon make this babe mine forever. . . . I was on a mission to soon make this babe mine forever. . . . I was on a mission to soon make this babe mine forever. . .

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