Winterthorne - Chapter Two - Orientations


It was late afternoon by the time Eden's flight had touched down. The alarm had sounded entirely too early for her, even with it set to go off at the last possible moment. She had rushed around, gathering her things and shoving them back into her bag after a very quick shower. It had been planned that Autumn would meet her at the air port, but thanks to the delay she would be on her own. Fear had crept into Eden as she left the plane and headed into the crowded terminal. She had no idea what to expect when she arrived. There, just past the crush of passengers being greeted by friends and family, stood a very well groomed blonde woman in a chauffeur uniform, holding up a sign with her name on it. She was quickly ushered to the car and her bags loaded in the trunk.

As Eden climbed in to the back seat, she was quite startled to see an unfamiliar, stern looking man sitting there. She felt his eyes moving unapologetically over her body as she settled shyly into the seat. Her hands immediately moved to smooth down the hem of her white cap sleeved cotton dress which had ridden up her thigh slightly. She suddenly felt very self conscious.

“Hello Eden” He said coldly.

She smiled nervously. “Hello Sir. ”

“I assume you have all of your paperwork in order.

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“Yes Sir. ” She replied, immediately reaching into her large black purse and pulling the folder out. She handed it gently over to him.

The two sat in silence as the scenery rolled quickly past the window. The city skylines soon morphed into a more peaceful country setting as they lurched on. The man thumbed through the pages, making small approving sounds as he read them each. His presence simply made Eden more uneasy. She had wished he would have said something, anything to ease the palpable tension in the car. Even the simplest of introductions would have made her feel slightly better, but he made no further effort to even acknowledge her.

The car turned off of the twisting, empty road onto a clearly private lane. The car stopped momentarily so that the driver could slip an identification card into the slot and punch a number quickly into the keypad. A very large iron gate swung open to allow them to enter the grounds. The driver took the card and slowly eased the car in. The road was lined with incredibly beautiful Japanese weeping cherry trees. For a moment, her mind drifted to a scene in a movie that she so dearly loved.

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   It was just as quickly forgotten as the large clustered stone buildings came into view. There was such a balanced beauty between the natural and man-made landscape. Eden was breathless. The car rolled to a stop in front of the largest of the buildings. The man looked up to see where they were.

“That is the dormitory. Mikel will show you around. ” He said, quickly shutting the folder and thrusting it in front of Eden. “Carin will bring the bags in. ”

Eden simply nodded as she timidly took the folder back and clutched it tightly. She grabbed her purse and got out of the car, glad to be away from the man. Something about him gave her a bad feeling. She walked up the stone steps and gently wrapped her fingers around the massive wooden door's handle. When she pulled it open, she was quite in awe of the interior. From the gleaming hardwood floors, sporadically adorned with thick ornately decorated rugs to the simple yet elegant bits of furniture, it was amazing.

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   Coming down the large central staircase, she saw a man approaching. He could not have been more than 20 years old and quite friendly looking. He walked toward her, flashing a genuine smile.

“Greetings. You must be Eden. ” He said.

Eden looked quite confused as to how he would know who she was, but assumed that he had been informed of her arrival by staff. “Hello. ”

“Autumn was quite upset that she could not be here to show you around. She should be back from the hospital soon though. Nika was so insistent that she go with her that Autumn gave in. ” He explained. “The poor girl had taken quite a tumble and was terrified to go to the hospital. ”

“That is terrible. I do hope she is alright.

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  ” Eden said softly.

“Yes, mostly just bumps and bruises, but they are waiting for the x-ray to see if her arm is fractured or broken. Anyway,” He smiled again. “Let me show you around. ”

Eden eagerly followed him through the many halls as he pointed out the various areas. What seemed to surprise her most was that despite the place looking like something out of a high budget movie, the people seemed very ordinary. The last stop was at her room. Her bags were neatly placed in the corner, waiting to be unpacked when she arrived. Mikel offered to turn her folder over to Taryn, the Mistress in charge of admission, since he was on his way there. She agreed, wanting to get started unpacking. He returned shortly after leaving, bringing her another folder. This one contained a different type of questionnaire, about activities, whether she had experienced them or not and her interest in them.

By the time she had finished putting things away and began to fill out the papers, there was another knock at her door. It was Autumn. The two women giggled like school girls as they hugged, both excited to see the other.

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   Eden had nearly finished answering the simple questions and was about to move on to the harder parts, when Autumn told her it was time for them to go down to dinner. The two girls headed down to the dining hall. She had pretty much expected it to be like a glorified school cafeteria. Instead it was more like a rather elegant buffet. Several men and women stood behind long stations with a selection of different proteins and sides.

As the two joined the growing line, Eden noticed in the corner of the room there were several small place mats lying on the floor. Two silver dishes rested on each, one that appeared to be filled with water, while the other remained empty. There was a small table close by the otherwise curiously empty corner. They continued through the line, got their meal and found a table away from most of the others so they could talk privately. Autumn noticed that Eden kept looking over at the corner and quickly explained that some of the submissives were into puppy training and that is where they had dinner.

There was still so many things Eden did not understand. Everything was all too new to her. Autumn seemed to think the naivety was cute and charming. Eden, on the other hand, felt embarrassed and inadequate. She was sure that all of the others who were new to the Academy knew so much more about the lifestyle than she did.



Suddenly, the sad look vanished from Eden's face. She perked up the moment she saw Elliot walk in. It was plain to see that there were many other submissives, even a couple of the males, that were quite interested in him. He seemed to be either completely oblivious to it, or unaware of his popularity. As he passed, he looked over in Autumn and Eden's direction. She froze instantly as his eyes momentarily locked on her. She could feel the heat rising in her face as she began to blush. The faintest hint of a smile formed on his lips before he turned his attentions elsewhere. Autumn noticed, smiling to herself when she realized just what was happening. Eden watched him walk over to one of the women at another table. She was a very beautiful creature, with long red hair and fair skin. She smiled graciously as he spoke to her. Eden's heart instantly sunk.

“He does this daily. He asks her to have Carin bring his dinner to his workshop.

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   He is one of the few Master's who stays here. ” Autumn reassured. “He builds a lot of the equipment used here, as well as the majority of the cases and collars for the ceremony. ”

Eden looked much more at ease. She finished barely even half of her dinner. Her nerves had not settled much since her arrival. It was then she saw the man from the car enter. Several girls looked quite frightened by his presence.

“Who is that?” Eden whispered.

“That is Marcus Baumgarden. He is visiting the school. He tends to arrive any time there is a large number of new arrivals. There have been several subbies that he has collared that have been forcibly removed from his care. ” Autumn said in a hushed tone. “Practically everyone who has met him cannot stand to be near him.

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   He donates large sums to the Academy so they tolerate him. ”

“He was the one who met me at the airport. ” A hint of fear flashed in Autumn's eyes as she heard the news. She quickly tried to disguise it but Eden noticed it. “What? Does that mean something?”

“I have seen what he puts girls through. I just hope he hasn't set his sights on you. ”

The whole thing left Eden worried. The two soon left the cafeteria and headed back to her room. There was a small light blue envelope on her bed when she arrived, addressed to her. She curiously studied it before opening it. Autumn was too busy looking at the questionnaire to notice. Eden read the enclosed note.


I hope you are making yourself at home in your room. I would like to meet with you tonight before 7pm. I look forward to seeing you.

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Autumn volunteered to show her to where Taryn's office was. When they got there, she had not returned yet, so they waited. She saw the woman from earlier, realizing it was Mistress Taryn. Nervously, she bit her lower lip as the woman eyed her up, smiling warmly the entire time.

“Good Evening Autumn. ” She nodded.

“Good evening Mistress. ” Autumn softly replied.

“And this must be Eden. I am Mistress Taryn. ”

“Hello Ma'am. ” Eden managed to squeak out. She realized at that moment Autumn had knelt beside her before greeting the Mistress. Eden was quite embarrassed. Before she could even attempt to kneel Taryn spoke again.

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“Please come in. ” She opened the office door, leading her in. “You are welcome to stay Autumn. I know she is your dear friend. ”

“Thank you for the offer Mistress, but I must prepare for my nightly chores. ” she said respectfully.

“Then you should get to them. ” Taryn smiled.

Eden looked around the office. It was the warmest and inviting one she had ever seen.

“Please sit. ” Taryn said as she shut the door behind them. “I do hope you are settling in well. ” She sat down in the chair across from the one Eden had chose. Eden nodded slightly.


   “I know that many of our new arrivals have a hard time adjusting for the first couple of weeks, especially those with little or no experience in the lifestyle.

Here at Winterthorne we try to make the transition as gentle as possible for everyone. Over the next couple days you will meet with various Masters and Mistresses as well as meet the other submissives that reside her. As you may already know, some of our submissives are asked to stay on here if they show certain proficiencies. We can get back to that later.

As you may have noticed, your room, as well as the others has no locks. We do have a surveillance system that the security staff uses to keep an eye on things. While you will have a certain level of privacy, this is used to keep order. We have certain rules that from time to time certain submissives choose to try to break. We do not allow general fraternization with other submissives nor do we allow masturbation unless it is assigned. ” She noticed the curious look on Eden's face. “We feel that if a subbie is free to do what they wish, that they never fully adjust to the rules that are set for them, whether it be by their Master or Mistress, or any authority figure. Now this rule does not go into effect until the training actually begins, which is usually one week after arrival. ” Taryn smiled. “Climax is one of the best stress relievers there is and everyone seems a bit more relaxed going into training.

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She stood up and walked over to the large wooden file cabinet behind Eden and pulled out a small leather bound book. She handed it to Eden.

“This is the handbook. This will tell you all of the rules we have here as well as a list of general punishments for breaking the rules. You will want to learn all of them because ignorance of the rule is no excuse and the punishments are harsher for those who claim to not know. You will also find a couple of maps that show the layout of the school. This will also show the off limits areas.

Tomorrow morning there is a meeting for all new arrivals at the submissive's lounge. You will find it on the map. Be sure to be there on time. We keep track of tardiness as well. Now, you can head back to your room and finish your questionnaire, unpack or whatever else it is you need to do. Do not forget to acquaint yourself with the handbook. ”

Eden whispered “Yes Ma’Am. ” as she stood up and started toward the door.

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She could not believe how much like a regular school it actually felt. She thought back to her experimental days at college. She could not help but chuckle to herself as she began to think about the few memorable nights she and Autumn had shared. The thought brought her to the sudden, horrible realization that her affinity for same sex experiences may cause something she felt would tear her apart. She knew deep down that she could never be part of a polyamorous situation, and the thought of sharing a Master she could deeply love tied a knot in her stomach that nearly doubled her over. She knew if anyone could assuage the fear it would be Autumn, and immediately set off to find her. She had opened the handbook, flipping through the pages in search of a map. The thoughts that clouded her mind proved to be more than enough distraction. As she was walking down the long hallway that lead past her room, she was abruptly stopped as she collided with another person.

Eden fell backward to the ground, letting out a startled squeak. Her eyes widened as she looked up and saw Elliot standing there.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry Sir. I didn't mean to. .

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  . ” She stared at the floor as she climbed to her feet.

He could tell she was quite embarrassed. “It may be a good idea to wait until you are back in your room to begin studying that book. Otherwise you may end up hurting someone. ” His voice had a chill to it.

Eden nodded apologetically and whispered. “Yes Sir. ”She quickly scampered off toward her room.

He shook his head, forcing himself not to watch her leave. If only she knew the thoughts that lurked inside him, she would not have fled so quickly.

Once she made it to her room, she quickly closed the door. She flung herself on the bed, letting the book clatter to the floor as she sobbed into her pillow. The fear mingled now with the old self doubts that had crept back in since her clumsy little moment with him. She could only imagine how he must have thought of her as she made a fool of herself.

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   She began to wonder if she had made a huge mistake by coming to Winterthorne.

The thoughts had weighed heavily on her. After a while she managed to stop crying and try to read a bit. Eden had only completed a few pages when her head began to hurt. Knowing that trying to read more would only make things much worse, she decided to take a quick shower and go to bed. The humiliating moment that echoed in her mind had robbed her of her desire to relieve her tensions that night. Sleep, however, would only prove to exacerbated things. Dreams soon began to take over her mind.

The room was relatively dark, and somewhat unfamiliar. The soft flicker of candle light filtered through the room, bathing it in a warm glow. Her wrists were bound with silken rope, her arms pulled up above her head. Her ankles were similarly bound, her legs stretched apart widely. She felt so exposed yet at ease. Warm flesh glided over her skin, causing her to tense.

“Comfortable?” Elliot asked as his fingertips circled over her stomach.

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“Yes Sir” She purred.

He continued to gently run his fingers over her stomach, making languid circles and watching her reactions. He smiled as her body tried to arch, pursuing his touch. The pattern changed, trailing down over her hip to her upper thigh before heading back. She gasped softly. He loved how responsive she was to his touch. Eden wanted to beg him to give her more, but she fought the urge as best she could.

This time his fingers traveled to her chest. His fingertips quickly found the rosy pink center of her right breast. He gave it a quick tug. She gave a soft cry as he pinched it lightly. The sound of her voice made his smile broaden. He twisted it, watching her tense. He released the erect little nub, turning his attention to the other. Once they were both quite hard, he reached for the adjustable rubber tipped alligator clamps, attached by a length of thin silvery chain.


   Her voice raised again as a sharp burst of pain seized her, when he applied the clamp. She let out another yelp when the second was applied.

He gave the chain a gentle tug, watching her inhale sharply. The clips bit softly into her tender flesh. He released the chain, letting it fall against her skin. His touch became lighter as he stroked her flesh. He knew it would trickle. Just as he expected, she began to wiggle. The wiggling made her breasts bounce, causing the clamps to move. Each jostle refreshed her pain. The sweet mingling of pleasure and pain was driving her wild. It was easy to see just by looking into her deep brown eyes.

His fingers moved down over her hip, slowly sliding over her thigh. She gasped as they moved dangerously close to her soft pink flesh. She squirmed, whimpering softly.

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  The tip of his finger ran along her inner thigh before withdrawing his touch. He watched her face change, disappointed by the move. Without warning, he plunged two fingers between her thick pink pussy lips. The air caught in her throat as she lay there, shocked. He worked them in and out of her wetness, making her moan loudly.

His fingers twisted inside her, gathering as much of her juices as he could on them before withdrawing them. The devilish smile he displayed gave her little forewarning of what he was about to do. The wetness first reached her nipples, making them ache as he spread some over each. The rest was smeared across her lips. His fingers pushed into her mouth as she began to suck them clean. Her tongue fluttered over them as she licked away all traces of her sex on them. He lazily drew them from her mouth.

“You are quite wet my pet. Tell me what it is you desire. ” He said, his hand moving over her flesh again.

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As the words started to form, he lowered his head to her breast. His breath was warm on her skin. His lips encircled her nipple as his tongue flicked it. Each little movement renewed the ache. First the left then the right, halting her words effectively until he had finished.

“Anything. . . anything that pleases you Sir. ” She mewled.

Her reaction to his words surprised her. She could not believe how incredibly turned on she was by it all. It frightened and titillated her. He stroked her inner thigh, looking down at her dripping wet pussy. The soft pink flesh glistened with her wetness that had seeped out.

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   His fingers moved toward it. She gasped, the moment his fingers grazed her clit, on the way to her pussy lips. A single finger traced up and down her wet little slit. Her chest rose and fell quickly. She stared up at him longingly. He drew back his hand and slapped her pussy sharply. The shot of pain startled her. He could see in her eyes, however, that she wanted more.

Several more blows landed against there. He could feel her getting wetter each time his hand struck her. She moaned loudly, wanting so badly to cum for him. Again and again he slapped her pussy, making her squirm and squeal. Her silent pleading gaze drove him to continue. He could see she was fighting with all of her might but none of that would matter. She would not cum unless it was allowed.

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   He knew it. She knew it. In a sense she felt everyone knew it. His hand flattened as it hit once again.
His fingers seized her clit, rolling it between his fingers as he watched her. She bit down on her lower lip, trying not to beg him for what she truly needed, what she craved. Tugging and stroking her clit, he watched her writhe against the leather clad table. It was such sweet agony, seeing her so close to the verge of extreme pleasure that it would almost cause pain.

“Tell me what you want pet. ” He commanded.

She swallowed hard, choking back a very loud moan. “I want to cum. . . I want to cum for you Master.



Just as the words left her lips everything faded away. The loud intrusive buzz of the alarm clock ripped her from his grasp. She jolted upright, incredibly disappointed that it was all only a dream. She didn't know how she would make it through the orientation with those thoughts still clouding her head, but with only an hour to get ready and get to the submissive's lounge, she knew she had no chance to take care of it. She would have to go through the day without relief.