Winter Night (First Story ever)


[09:43:33 PM] Judy: Hey Hottie
[09:44:03 PM] Jake: hey baby
[09:44:03 PM] Jake: sup
[09:44:23 PM] Judy: Nothin much *Kisses you*
[09:44:48 PM] Jake: *smiles and licks your neck*
[09:45:10 PM] Judy: Hmm
[09:45:56 PM] Judy: *Starts to make out with you*
[09:46:36 PM] Jake: *sits down on the couch with u as i kiss u
[09:47:13 PM] Judy: *starts to play with you slowly*
[09:47:56 PM] Jake: *smiles against your lips as i run a hand down
your side*
[09:48:54 PM] Judy: *Enjoys and wants more*
[09:49:51 PM] Jake: *runs his hand over ur breast, cupping it
lightly against ur chest*
[09:51:32 PM] Judy: *Kisses you, while undoin your pants... as
a beg for more*
[09:57:37 PM] Judy: *starts to suck you off*
[09:58:41 PM] Jake: *pushes ur head right down on me*
[09:59:52 PM] Judy?: *Keeps sucking till your ready to blow*
[10:00:28 PM] Jake: mmm suck it all down baby
[10:01:05 PM] Judy: *wants you to fuck me*
[10:01:34 PM] Jake: *bends you over on your hands and knees and
shoves my cock up your pussy fromn behind*
[10:02:43 PM] Judy: *Moans*
[10:03:27 PM] Jake: *grabs your hair, pulling it as i thrust
[10:03:57 PM] Judy: *Moans louder.. Begging for more*
[10:04:45 PM] Jake: *slaps your ass hard as i drive it home making
you scream*
[10:08:08 PM] Judy: *starts to move away and sucks your dick
again till you cum*
[10:08:31 PM] Jake: mmm *blows into your mouth*
[10:09:09 PM] Judy: *Kisses you and leaves with a smile hoping
to do it again some time*
[10:09:29 PM] Jake: lol ;) anytime



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