Willing Husband


Willing Husband
Mrs Allen considered herself very lucky in that she had what she called 'a pussy boy'for a husband. There was no doubt in her mind that Jimmy was a rare find. He would spend hours between her legs worshiping her fanny and he loved nothing better than the sensation of her cumming in his mouth. Sometimes she would wake up to find him under the bed clothes licking away and he would often lick her while she watched TV. He just never tired of the taste of her cunt. He even made what he called a licking stool so he could gaze up at her cunt as she sat on it, and with a cushion under his head he could lick her from below. This versatile stool would often be used on the settee so she could lay back relaxing as he lay under her bottom. Not only did Jimmy attend to her vagina kissing and licking every part but he also rimmed her anus and she could often hear him saying,"what a wonderful puckered anus you have darling. "
Now Mrs Allen never spoke about 'her Jimmy' except to her mother who thought all this was greatly exaggerated,and often thought her daughter was fantasizing.
However at the age of sixty her mother was widowed and was just recovering now aged sixty two. Mrs Allen was glad to see mother now had a boyfriend, yet she still seemed restless and unable to settle.

"Hows things with Simon mother its so nice for you to have company.


"So so my dear but he is a bit demanding you know. "

Doreen Allen smiled,"not like my Jimmy then he is just wonderful. "

"I was thinking mother I'm sure Jimmy would not mind giving you some gentle service if you wanted it, you might really enjoy his attention you know. "

"Doreen I'm surprised at you for suggesting such a thing after all he is your husband.

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"Yes but mother he is so discreet and I'm sure he would love to be of service there's no need to be embarrassed. "

Doreen persuaded mother to let Jimmy get under her skirt
and the old lady agreed provided Doreen was present on the first occasion.

"Jimmy stop licking I want to talk to you seriously about mother. "

Jimmy surfaced licking his lips,"Ok darling what is it I hope she's ok is she?"

"Yes but that boyfriend Simon is not a pussy boy like you my sweet so I've told mother you will service her pussy for her. "

"Oh yes my love I'd be delighted to lick mother at anytime. "

At that moment the doorbell rang.

"Ah that will be mother now she wants me to be around the first time. "

Jimmy dashed to the door, "why mother how lovely to see you do come in and sit down is there anything I can get you? would you like a drink perhaps?

The old lady flushed slightly but smiled at Jimmy looking over her glasses,she then sat down her long dress covering her knees.

"Doreen has talked to me about things,"said Jimmy and kneeling down infront of his mother-in-law he smiled sweetly and asked:"May be permitted to see your pussy please mother?"

She flushed deeply but lifted her skirt not looking at Jimmy and opened her plump stockinged legs.

"Oh mother that's beautiful,"he was in raptures as he saw her grey-haired pussy with its puffy lips and pink labia.
"Oh mother please my I kiss those beautiful lips your pussy is adorable you must let me use my tongue on it Oh mother its a wonderful sight. "

At that moment Doreen entered with a tray of cakes and tea she was not surprised to see Jimmy at work under her mothers skirt and the old lady seemed to be enjoying his attention.
"Drink your tea mother didn't I tell you what a wonderful pussy boy Jimmy is I bet that feels good he can stay under there for hours. "

As his wife and her mother enjoyed tea Jimmy was busy attending to his mother-in-laws fanny. The two ladies chatted away and only his legs could be seen kneeling and his head moving under her long skirt.

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Mothers fanny was quite tight and slowly with nose and lips Jimmy began to loosen her up and get her juices to flow, the old lady was beginning to get nicely aroused.

"Oh Doreen its lovely he is beginning to sex me up my it feels so good. "

"Just relax mother he will bring you off I will leave you to enjoy it just let yourself cum in Jimmys mouth he loves the taste. "



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