Wife's fears of my new personal trainer come true PART 2


My wife looked amazing, the staple black dress that pretty much everyone in the room had on.   All the females looked amazing, it was a room full of personal trainers after all.   We grabbed our first coctails and said hi to as many as we could recognize in plain clothes.   I knew she'd be there, it was just a matter of time.   After a few more minutes, towards the end of our first drink, there they were:  Renee and her steroid-head boyfriend.   Who cares what he was wearing, she was in the most amazing dress, kind of a short loose skirt, skin tight top that bragged about how amazing her body was.   Her sexy toned legs didn't need any covering, they were perfect.   She smiled at as both and gave us a generic greeting.   I wondered what she was thinking, but my question was answered as they walked away and she briefly squeezed my hand.   I knew it was on!  I encouraged my wife to drink as much as she wanted to, and she really did.   I also convinved her friends to steal her away to the dance floor to encourage her to let loose.   I watched from afar, smiling as she pretended not to be married for a brief moment, dancing and laughing like when she was in college.   I noticed a few guys dancing around her but it didn't worry me, I knew she'd be faithful.   I on the other hand wasn't to be trusted. . .

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I felt the hand on my hip, small but firm, I knew who it was.   Just as I turned to see her I noticed the steroid king on the floor and I knew Renee had the same plan as I did.   I smiled, she took my hand and we looked around as we snuck upstairs I was sure that the security guy at the stairs knew what we were up to.   We held hands and scurried past a few strangers, determined to make this work.   One last check over the railing to make sure our significant others were occupied, they were.   We hurried down a long hall, pushing on doors till one opened.   Some sort of utility closet, not much light but enough to make things happen.   No words, she just grabbed me and shoved her warm tongue halfway down my throat.   She was already moaning as my hands pulled her firm ass into me.   She pulled away, "we don't have much time," she said with a smile on her face as she fumbled at my belt.   Her small cold hand went down the front of my pants and wrapped around my cock as her other finished my button and zipper off.   Out it came, wet, hard, and ready to be in her tight little hole.   I lifted her skirt up over her hips and grasped her perfect ass cheeks.   Just the thought of that tight thong I could feel made me want to rip her in half.   She kissed me one more time, stroked my length a few times to prime it, then she spun around and bent over this small table.

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    She pulled her hair over one shoulder so she could look back at me.   I guided my wet monster to her, she pulled her thong to the side, and I entered her.   She was absolutely drenched.   She groaned out then slowly began fucking me.   As I stood there she gyrated her small hips in a circle, it was driving me nuts.   I just held on for the ride.   The music was loud, but not loud enough to cover her moans.   She was going nuts, fucking me to the beat of the music.   It was so wrong but felt so right, this girl was so amazing and for some reason she liked fucking me.   I knew that even though this was only our second rendevous, we'd have many more.   After a few minutes her circular motions turned to forwards and backwards motions, now just plain fucking.   She was slamming back into me and I took the hint. I grabbed her thong in both hands and pulled it tight as I began slamming her from behind so hard.   It got her so hot, she squeeled for me to go faster, harder, more, I knew she wanted to cum.   I accidently pulled to hard and ripped her thong.

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    She didn't seem to care, and it helped my cause.   I tossed her ripped panties to the side and reached one hand under her, touching her clit and she went nuts.   She reached under and pressed my hand harder on her clit and let out a few more screams before she slammed me hard and came all over my cock.   The sound of her sweet voice moaning as she came was enough for me to do my business.   I pumped a few more times, warned her that I was about to cum to give her the chance to tell me to pull out but she pushed back on me and I knew she wanted it.   I let her have it, pressisg deep in her tight cunt and unloading a massive amount of cum inside of her wet snatch.   It felt so amazing cumming inside her and I let out a few more drops before pulling out.   Like a good girl she turned around and bent down, licking the remaing cum from me, sucking a little to clean me up then looking up at me with a smile.   We found a roll of paper towells on the wall to clean her up with.   She laughed at the torn panties and was unsure about how to explain it to her man if he noticed.   She stuffed them in my pocket and told me to keep them as my ticket to fuck her again.   I explained that if my wife found out I'd be in trouble, she smiled and said, "then she'd better not see them huh. "  With that she kissed me and we snuck back out of the room.   The rest of the night was great, I got shitfaced drunk with my wife and we had amazing sex that night.   She gave me head on the way home and actually joked at how good my cock tasted.

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    I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was another womans cum that she was tasting.  
The torn panties are hidden in my work bench, and I look forward to redeeming them soon.