Wife Wants To Pay For Poker Losses


We were laying in bed one Saturday morning after making love and just kissing and sucking each other and our favorite places and Sherri looked at me, "You haven't played poker with friends in a long time, don't you still like o play?" she said. "Well, yeh, just been busy I guess. " I told her. "Well, whatfor you. " she said and I knew how she wanted to pay for them. "So you wanna pay for my bad poker playing by having sex with the winners. " I said. "You don't play poker bad. " she said, "But you could Friday night couldn't you?" "Yeah, I suppose I could. " I told her. She rolled on top of me and began massagging my cock to life and sat on it and made sure I enjoyed the sex she was giving. "Okay, next Friday" I said.

We got up and the week was fairly normal. I had some friends from work that had liked coming over to play poker and so just set up the time for 8 and told them to be there. Well, about 7:30 Jacob got there and he came in. Sheri had a sheer bikini that fit her 38DD tits and frame very well and it was so thin that I asked why she bothered with it.

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   She always said, "It is still something that has to come off and it makes men horney. " I agreed with her. "Besides, I like the way they drool ever since you showed me how good I look to other men. she said. Ben got there a litle later and Henry after that. Sherri was in the bedroom room waiting til everyone was there to come out and serve drinks and snacks. Well, I got everyone sitting down at the table and Sherri said from the bedroom, "Be out to get the snacks in a sec guys. " and they all smiled. "Man, didn't say the wife was here, I could have brought mine to keep her company. " Jacob said. "That is okay guys, she wanted to serve snacks and stuff tonight so I was not going to argue with her. " I said and they agreed. They had all seen Sherri when she would pick me up from work sometimes and so knew what she looked like. Natural blonde, 5'8" 38DD 30 waist and 38 hips. Very pleasingly plump and at this time of or marriage she was still 18 I had been 21 and she was 18 and during the first year I was helping her to come out of her insecurity shell.

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   I was working very very well.

Well, we were sitting there and my back was to the bedroom door and I wanted to see everyones eyes when Sherri came in. She came in and came over to me kissing my neck and then, "so guys, what will it be?" and they all looked at her with open mouths. They did not know what to say until she said, "Well, if no one speaks up then you won't get anything. " and finally Henry, "beer for me" but he was staring at Sherri. Jacob said same here and Ben, me too please. " Sherri went to the kitchen to get the beers and they all looked at me, "Wow, she is hotter than I thought," Ben said. The other two agreed. "Man, you letting her dress like that, she hardly has anything on at all. My wife would shit. " Jacob said. "Good you did not bring her then. " I said and again thy agreed. "By the way," I said, "It was her idea to have you guys over and her idea to dress the way she is. " I said and they all just looked at me.

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   "Okay, here are the beers. " Sherri said as she brought them in, she had held them against her tits and the cold had her nipples hard as rocks and visible. She served them leaning over each guy and smiling as she did and seeing the attention she looked at them all, "Like my outfit?" she said turning around. "Hell yes," was the general comment. The back was now like a thong between her cheeks and so the front was almost between her pussy lips but not yet. I will be over here if you guys need anything else. " she said accenting the "anything" by saying "Anything at all. " and we began playing cards. It was hard for me to not win with them looking at her but I managed to fold on enough hands that I was in the hole to everyone. We played with chips and so, no one knew the plan Sherri had to offer her services to pay for he loses. She kept serving beer and chips and her bikini bottom was now slipping between her swolen pussy lips that she did not try to hide. Her nipples atyed hard and the bikini top was not holding her in at all. I looked at her and smiled and she winked back. I gave the sign that I was now in the hold by a hundred dollars to each of the guys and Sherri said, "So how bad are you losing Hun. " as she bent over letting her nipples fall out yet again.

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   "Oh, he is down about a hundred to all of us" Henry said. She put on a surprised look, "How are you gonna pay that, you know we don't have it. " she said "Oh, we will think of something. " I said and they all looked at me, "Can't pay it? Why did you keep playing and usually you beat all of us. " Sherri looked at them and smiled, "How about we pay you in trade?" and they all leaned back and finaly Ben said, "What kind of trade?" Sherri reached behind her back and her top fell off showing her tits now and her nipples as hard as rocks and as big as my thumb. "will this do?" she said. "what, just showing your tits?" Henry said. "They are great but now a hundred bucks worth. " Sherri took off the bottom, "Hun, I did not mean just a show, I meant that I will work off the money anyway you want to do it, my body is yours until you figure it has given a hundred dollars worth. "

Now they all sat there looking at each other and me, "She serious?" they asked. "Very much so guys. " "I will tell you wha," Sherri said, "I will give you a sample and see if you think it would be worth it and then you all decide. " she said and as she massagged her tits she sucked on the nipples and they all looked at me. "Sounds great Henry said and he said, "Here or in the bedroom. " and Sherri said, "How about here, I wanna show all of you how good I am.

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  " and so Henry had stood up and she took his hand and led him to he midle of the living room. She took his hands and put them on her tits, "You can start now Henry, just do what you want to do Hun. " and he pulled her nipples and she moaned, "Oh yeah, I like that. " and she was standng there with her arms around his neck then kissed him. His belt came lose and she was on her knees and undid his pants and boxers. His hard cock stood up and she began rubbing it and then she took it into her muth and took his 8 inches all the way in. He was moaning and she was enjoying suckinbg him. His shirt was off and she laid him on the rug and kept sucking him deep. His hands had her head and he was moving it slowly and she was enjoying it all. She looked at him, "Tell me when you are ready to cum Henry. " she said and took it back in. "Why, you gonna pull it out?" he said. "No, I wanna be ready to swallow all your cum. " she said and the guys looked at me, "No wonder you like staying home. " Jacob said.

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   Henry was moving his hips against her face and said, "Now, I am ready now. " and Sherri took it deep and began swallowing his load.
    She loved it and had an orgasm that wet the rug under her.

    She laid on him, "Do you wana fuck me now too?" she said and he said not now, He wanted to watch her do someone else. He got up and Sherri held her hand out to Ben and he got up and she undressed him too. Ben was bigger than me and Jacob and Sherri took extra care to make shure she examined al of his monstourous 18 inch cock and his balls hung low. "Oh, this one has to go in pussy, is that okay Hun?" Sheri said. "Fuck yeah. " he said and Sherri laid on her back her legs spread. "Okay baby, pretend you are drilling for oil. " Sherri said slapping her pussy. Ben was on his knees and guided his cock into her pussy and she said, "Okay, now, I like it hard and deep, so fuck me like crazy baby. " and he began driving into her deep and hard. "Oh yeah, fuck that pussy baby, comee on, do it hard. .

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      . " Sherri was moaning and almost yelling. He fucked her for over a half hour and then filled her pussy. Her orgasms were one after another as she pumped her. His load was done but he was still hard, "Come on, fuck me again baby. " and she did. Another half hu0r or so and his cum was filling her again. He got up, "Damn Steve, we are even man. " and sat down.

    She looked at Jacob who had a god sized cock and was naked already and Sherri, " I bet you want a hole that has not been fucked. " and she was on her knees. He got behind her and slipped his cock into her as and she howled. "Oh yeh, fuck my ass, oh yeah. " she began saying over and over. He was ramming her hard and she pushed against his cock to get it as deep as she could.

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       After another half hour or so he filled her ass with a load of cum. He got up and she grabbed him and began sucking him. "Come on guys, I see hard cocks, put them in me. " Sherri said and so her ass and pussy were filled and her throat filled. All three of them were fucking her or they were being fucked by her. It was hard to say.

    THey all laid around and I fucked her in my turn last, she was reall good and sloppy but grabbed my cock with her pussy like it was virgin. After that Sherri said, "Okay, I know Ben said that we are even, how about yu guys, do I still owe another session?" she asked and I smiled. Henry and Jacob both said, "I think one more visit will take care of it. " and she went to the calendar and wrote their names, "Thursday okay?" she said for Henry and he knoded and "Tuesday good for you?" and Jacob knoded. too. "Okay, does anyone besides Steve still have a hard cock for me tonight?" and Jacob said he did. She went to him and sat on his lap with her tits in his face, "Suck these for me baby and I will drain the rest out of you. " He grabbed her tits and began sucking her nipples. Sherri rode his cock like crazy and soon he filled her again.


       "Well guys, thatks for taking payment for the loses. " I sad and Sherri stood next to me as we held the door open for hem to leave. Sherri whispered to me and I said okay" and she called out, "Oh hey guys, if you have any friends to bring when you come see me, bring them too. " and they all waved and said they would. The next week Sherri got fucked by over 20 guys from the base. She was sore but happy to have them all in her especially three and four at a time.
    More later. .