Wife takes a walk on the Wild side part 3


      Burt climbed in, and he stopped, and took in the view.

     "Amazing, just incredible. "

     Kathi grinned, and said, "If you think the view is incredible, just wait until you feel my horny cunt milking your cock for every drop!" 

     She quickly stripped him down, and gave a gasp of wonderment.

     In a husky whisper she said, "How big is it?"

     His voice was proud as he said, "Ten and a half inches, all for you baby!"

     She told him to lie down on the bed, and I could see that big fucker sticking up, my god, it was huge. Kathi unhooked her bra, letting her melons swing free, she tossed it away. Wiggling her hips, she shimmied out of her panties and tossed them away too. Kathi's really gonna get filled up, I thought, as I watched her swing into position, straddling him, ready to take on that massive fuck pole.

     Kathi growled "I'm gonna ride your cock cowgirl style, you can be the horny stallion that fills me up!"

     "Saddle up baby, and let's ride!" Burt replied.

     I watched, my cock throbbing back up to life, as Kathi nudged herself against him. I was watching from behind, and I could see her pink lips pressed against his cock. She pushed back, and slowly, slowly sank down his cock, letting out squeals and cries of pleasure, slowly, slowly, until she pushed down hard, and let out a shriek of pleasure as she took in the last 2 inches. She held herself in position.

     "Oh my god, you have a huge cock, I've never been so stuffed! Give me a minute or two to adjust baby" Kathi growled.

     "No problem baby, take your time, I want you to get the best ride of your life!" Burt said.

     A couple of minutes later, she lifted up, then pushed down again, letting out a moan of pleasure.

     "Ummm, that's starting to feel better," she sighed.

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     She started to slowly ride his cock, lifting up a few inches, then sinking back down. As her inner walls got adjusted, she started to ride faster, lifting up further, then sliding back down. Their mixed grunts and growls of pleasure filled the van, and soon she was rising up until just the head was in, then sliding down the full length.

     Kathi cooed, "Oh yeah, I love it, big cocks to fuck me, ummmm, making me feel like a nasty, perverted slut! And that's what I am, a horny slut who needs her fill of big cocks, and that's what I'm been getting tonight! Give it to me Burt, let my horny fuck-hole milk out every drop!"

     My cock was again rock hard, watching Kathi pumping her hips up and down, that huge curving cock stretching and splitting open the walls of Kathi's horny cunt as she rammed herself down, balls deep.

She was bouncing up and down the full length, and I could see her body start to shake, I knew what was coming.

     Kathi let out a scream, just as Burt growled, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!"

     Kathi was in the midst of a mind twisting orgasm, her throaty cries of pleasure filling the van, as Burt grabbed her hips and pulled her down tight against him, eager to feel her tight, spasming pussy milk his full length. He gave short jabs as his cock erupted, and Kathi reached down, cupped his balls and started to gently squeeze his balls.

     "Yes, oh fuck, empty your balls, fill up my horny burning cunt, blow everything into me, I'm a horny slut that needs every drop, fuck, oh my god, I'm cumming again, fuck, fuck YEEESSSS!"

     Kathi's voice rose up to another wail of pleasure as her tightness convulsed again, I could imagine the hot pink walls clamping down on Burt's prick again, milking wildly, sucking out every drop he could pump into her. Burt bucked up to her one last time, than dropped back to the mattress, as Kathi, gasping, stretched out on top of him. They lay together for a few minutes, his cum began draining from her pussy and onto his big balls.

     Kathi raised herself up and climbed off his cock. She picked up a nearby towel and slid it between her legs, holding it there.

     "You fired so much cum into me, I don't want to be dripping all over the van" she giggled, "Now, I wonder how much there is left in there, for me to suck out with my hot mouth?"

     He stood up, and said, "Let's find out baby!"

     She sat on the bed, and smiled as he stood in front of her, she started to lick at his balls, licking up his load that had drained from her. His cock was quickly rising back up.

     "Mmmm, tastes good.

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   Now I want it directly from the tap!" she cooed.

     Her tongue snaked out, and slid over the head of his cock, licking rapidly at the underside where the foreskin joined the shaft. Kathi had learned from licking at my uncircumzied cock, that area was extremely responsive to stimulation, and it had the same effect on Burt, he growled with pleasure. Parting her lips, Kathi slid her mouth down, eager to suck in as much as she could, Burt started to stroke her hair as her head started to bob back and forth.   Five inches, then six, then seven, then eight. I could see his thick curving shaft appear than disappear into the warm, wet cavern of Kathi's eager mouth. She was giving him her "Milkmaid" special, I could see her getting ready to try and swallow more, but before she could, Burt reached his peak.

     "Fuck, yeah, fuck, cumming, baby, gonna fill your mouth, oh yeah FUCK!"

     Kathi pulled her head back up to halfway, she was eager to taste it, not have it fired straight down her throat, and let him spew into her mouth, I hoped a thick juicy volley was coating her tongue. She kept him in, then slid down to nine inches, clamped her lips tightly around his shaft, and slowly slid back up, getting every drop.

     Burt exclaimed, "Damn, that was the best, the very best! Come on back into the club for a couple of minutes, we want to ask you something. "

     Burt wanted to escort her back into the club, since it was late at night, and the area was not the safest. I was left in the closet, with a stoneware cock, so I pulled up my pants, stuffed my cock in, and went back inside the club.

I saw Kathi talking to them, then they all stood up, giving her a kiss, looked like she was saying goodbye, and she was coming towards me, eyes bright, and as she passed, I was behind her 5 seconds later, we jumped into the van.

     "Take me home, take me home baby, and fuck my ass off, my god, I'm so fucking horny I can't see straight!" Kathi growled.

     In the garage, Kathi practically sprinted up the stairs, her clothes flying off as she raced for the bedroom.

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   In the room, she turned to face me, her naked body trembling with desire, she virtually ripped off my clothes, grabbed me and mashed our lips together. She grabbed my hand, pulled it to her pussy, and told me to feel. I could feel the slickness of her well fucked pussy, she was dripping with juices, and she growled as I slid two fingers inside her. She grabbed me and pulled me down to the bed on top of her. I fell into the V of her legs, she grabbed my cock, positioning it, and pulled on my ass, to get me going.

     "Fuck me, fuck oh my fucking god, FUCK ME!" Kathi howled.

     I drove it in, sinking my 7 inches in in one thrust. The mixed juices surrounded my cock as I slid into her like a hot knife through butter, Kathi growled with pleasure as I went into the balls.

     She grunted "Did you like seeing your wife fucking other men?"

     At my eager nod, she went on, "It turned me into a raging slut, the knowledge that not only was I fucking other guys, my husband was watching as his wifey became  a horny, out of control cum dump fuck toy for big cocks drove me crazy. Fuck me baby, fuck me like the horny slut I am!"

     I was happy to do so, ramming into her over and over, the tight, squelchy burning heat surrounding me. Kathi's cries, growls, and grunts of pleasure were filling the bedroom, as I pounded into her, over and over. My cock had been drained by Kathi's sexy mouth twice, and her eager pussy once, so I was still working up a load as Kathi hit that crest.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming yes, yes, YESSSSS!"

     Kathi's wail of pleasure filled the room as her pussy grabbed at me cock, squeezing at me, spasms milking eagerly at me. I was still working up a load, and Kathi let out a shriek as she was hit by a second, then a third, and she was on a multi-orgasm spiral, her inner warm wet muscles clamping at me over, and over, and I finally felt the surge, and my cock blew off, depositing another load in her well fucked pussy.

     We both collapsed, Kathi had been cumming like crazy, and my cock was feeling kinda sore, never had it so many times in just a few hours.

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     After a few minutes getting our breath back, Kathi said, "When I went back into the club, Roger gave me his number, and said if I wanted another go round with them, how would I feel about a 3 cock gang bang? I asked if my husband could watch, and if he wanted join in, and they were all very agreeable to that idea. So what do you think honey, would you like to get up close to watch, and maybe join in?"

     I was smiling as I said I thought that could be arranged.




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