wife Swapping Fun Gone Awry part 2


Mark stood up and approached me, a quick, determined pace. I didn't know what he was doing, but all of a sudden he raised a fist and punched me in the jaw. I flew back in my chair, stunned and aching, and to my greater surprise, Jenny grabbed my hands and handcuffed them behind the chair. "Stop, what are you doing?" screamed Michelle. Jenny appeared from behind me, dressed in a dominatrix outfit, short, leather skirt, leather bra and thigh high boots. She kicked my legs apart and knelt between them. For sure, I thought I was getting some head of my own, so I was particularly pissed when she cuffed my ankles to the legs of the chair. She smacked me across my face, then turned to Michelle.

"Arrange her for me," she said to Mark. Mark walked over to Michelle, who was now cowering on the couch. He grabbed her hair and lifted her so that she was standing on the floor, and then continued to pull her hair until she was balancing on her toes, grabbing at his hand with both of hers. "Mark, this is too rough," she cried. "Shut up, bitch. "He again balled his hand into a fist, and punched her right in the stomach. My wife convulsed, her knees rising up to her chest and she collapsed onto the floor, short of breath.

Jenny snickered as Mark picked her off the ground and bent her over the poker table.

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  His dick nestled against her ass and pussy as he laid her flat and kicked her legs apart. Jenny fastened them to the table with rope as Mark pulled her hands behind her back and held them there. Jenny took a hold of Michelle's hands and handcuffed them together. Josh stepped back, and pulled up a chair next to me. "Get ready for a show," he said.

Jenny walked behind me for a second, and then emerged with a riding crop. She gently stroked it down my wife's side until it reached her thighs. She pulled her arm back with about half her strength and brought the crop downon Michelle's ass. "OW!"Michelle yelled. Jenny struck again, hitting her other cheek. "Stop, please!" begged Michelle. "Jeez, girl, you got no tolerance. This is only half strength. "She hit a little harder, focusing her attention on Michelle's left cheek, the one more visible to me. Michelle wept as her ass reddened.

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"Get ready for your first accessory," said Jenny. Michelle turned her head to see what she was doing, and watched in horror as Jenny pulled a dildo with a tail on it out of her bag of tricks. Jenny jumped up on the table and straddled the small of Michelle's back, facing her ass. She took the dildo to her exposed anus, still slightly gaping from Mark's cock. She pushed it in past the head, but struggled to go further as Michelle tensed up. "Relax, bitch. "Michelle could not. "Bitch, its going in one way or the other, so you might as well make it easy for yourself. "

Michelle focused on easing her muscles, but still screamed loudly as Jenny made progress. The dick was about as big as Mark's, but hurt more because it was so hard. Jenny jumped off her back and faced Michelle's ass head on. She put her palm on the base of the dildo and pushed. Ignoring Michelle's cries of protest, she got it in up to the hilt, so that all was visible was the base and the long tail down to Michelle's knees. "There you go, isn't that pretty. Now shake your ass, bitch!"Michelle wiggled her ass side to side as tears streamed down her face.

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  "Faster, cunt," screamed Jenny. She brought the riding crop against my wife's ass faster than before, making her squirm and shaking her ass.

Jenny stopped the assault on Michelle's ass and walked around towards the front of the table. She climbed up it and sat in front of Michelle's face. She pulled her up by the hair and spat in her face. Michelle clenched her eyes shut. Then Jenny whispered into her ear, "You fucked my man, not I am going to fuck you. "She laid back and spread her legs wide, extending her toes until her legs were a straight line, and commanded, "Eat my fucking pussy, bitch. "

Michelle opened her eyes and looked right into what is every man's delight, but desperately wanted to avoid it. Jenny waved the crop above her. "Do you need more motivation?" she asked. Weighing her options, Michelle lowered her head until Jenny's aroma entered her nose, extended her tongue and leaned down until it made contact with Jenny's pink flesh. It was pathetic. She took tiny laps at it, trying hard not to get too much of her tongue wet with Jenny's juices. But Jenny would not let that stand.

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"Longer and faster, bitch," ordered Jenny. She grabbed Michelle's ears and told her to stick her tongue out as far as it would go. Michelle gave it a half-hearted attempt, barely extending past the lips. In anger, Jenny dropped her head, picked up the riding crop, leaned forward and brought it down hard on the small of Michelle's back. Michelle screamed in shock and pain, her head dropping between Jenny's legs. Jenny grabbed her ears again and commanded, "As far as it will go!"

Again sobbing, Michelle extended her tongue and pulled back her lips. "Good girl," said Jenny. She held Michelle's head in place and guided her pussy to the extended and waiting tongue. She brought my wife's tongue right into her hole and held it there for a moment. She slowly gyrated her hips, trying to get warm and wet. She slid her pussy down so the tongue rose up to her clit, and she shook it there for a moment. Then she started rocking up and down a little faster, smearing cunt juice on my wife's nose and lips.

Then Jenny stopped, let go of Michelle's ears, and said, "That is what I want. Now go!"Michelle obediently started lapping with greater vigor. It was hard to tell whether or not she was getting into it, but she was at least giving it an honest go.

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  Jenny smiled as her slave learned a new trick. Michelle trailed her tongue up and down as she was commanded. It definitely got Jenny going. Her breaths got shorter, her hips pulsed. She was approaching orgasm.

Jenny laid flat on her back and raised her hips higher. She curled her hips back towards her head a little, exposing her anus to Michelle. "Go ahead, bitch. You ate my husbands, now eat mine. "But Michelle had to be trained all over again. She startedwith short laps, frustrating Jenny. "Honey, could you help our little slave out, please?" she asked Mark. Mark obliged. He approached the table and stood on the opposite side of it, I guess so I could see what he was about to do. He grabbed Michelle's hair and forced her deeper up Jenny's ass.

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  Jenny spread her cheeks wide so Michelle could get as far as possible.

As Jenny shook her ass, Mark used his free left hand to slap my wife's ass. He brought his hand down hard, fingers spread wide and making contact With all of them and the palm at the same time. It made a loud sound. After each slap, he would clench his finger tips, grabbing a big handful of the cheek and shaking it around. Michelle was struggling for air inside Jenny's butt hole, so Mark pulled her hair until she could breathe, and then shoved her right back in. Michelle's entire body was shaking, in part from the spanking and in part because of the lack of oxygen. Jenny let her off the hook,

"Keep that tongue out, whore," she demanded. Michelle extended her tongue into Jenny's asshole again, and Jenny slowly lowered her hips, dragging the tongue over her taint, into her pussy hole and all the way up to the clit. "Now lick, quickly!"Mark held her head in place as Michelle started to aggressively lick the clit. Mark continued the spank and squeeze routine, distracting Michelle. He handed her hair to Jenny so she could control her, and Mark moved towards Michelle's ass. He continued assaulting her with spanks on the right cheek, but his right hand reached beneath the tail and started stroking her pussy.

Michelle tried her best to move in a way that would accommodate his hand, but she had limited range of motion. Mark spat into his hand and wiped in on her pussy, trying hard to get her to enjoy this, for my humiliation, probably.

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  As he felt her get wet, he spat on her right ass cheek and slapped it harder. Michelle was groaning in pain and pleasure as she licked away at Jenny's cunt. Jenny, meanwhile, was rocking her hips up and down, violently making contact with Michelle's face, approaching orgasm.

Mark shoved two fingers up my wife's pussy, and she bucked her hips in response. He could feel her getting excited, so he slowed his pace. She could not come before Jenny. Jenny started screaming in high, short screeches, and everyone knew what was coming. She held Michelle against her clit, jutted her ass 6 inches off the table and orgasmed. I was half expecting her to squirt, but she didn't. Mark pulled out and walked back over to me. He shoved his right hand under my nose so I could smell my wife's pussy. "How could she even get excited over that?" he said. "What a whore. "

Jenny released Michelle's head, climbed off the table and walked behind her. She untied her legs and pulled her off the table down to the floor, onto her knees.

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  "Stay on your knees, hooker," she said. She bent her over until her face hit the ground, and uncuffed her hands. Her arms were dead, and they collapsed to the floor by her side. Jenny pulled her up by the hair and told her to get on all fours. Michelle obeyed, but when Jenny straddled her, Michelle tried to squirm out from beneath her.

Jenny clenched her thighs tight, wrapping her legs around Michelle's waist. She leaned over so they both collapsed on their sides, and she grabbed my wife's hair with one had and her left nipple between two fingers of the other. She bit my wife's earlobe and sneered, "Do as I say, or you will regret it. "Michelle nodded her head, and Jenny released the grip. But again, Michelle tried to get to her feet and run. She actually did make it to her feet, but after she got two paces away, Jenny grabbed her tail. The initial motion caused the dildo to come half way out her ass, but that was enough to halt Michelle in her tracks. Jenny held onto the tail, grabbed Michelle around the waist and shoved it back in, Michelle's red faced and crying.

"Back on the floor!"Michelle got back down on her hands and knees, and this time allowed Jenny to straddle her. "Giddy up!" Jenny shouted.

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  She led Michelle around the basement, smacking her ass as she moved. Jenny's toes tapped the ground with each of Michelle's strides, easing the strain on her back. Jenny grabbed Michelle's hair and pulled it sharply backwards. "Keep moving, bitch!" she yelled. Michelle struggled, and muttered protests of discomfort as she tried to move her arms and legs despite her face looking up towards the ceiling.

Jenny lifted her legs off the ground and kicked Michelle in the thighs, mimicking spurs. "Shut up, bitch. Crawl to Mark right now!"Michelle slowly made her way across the room, Jenny holding her hair so that she could aim Michelle the direction she wanted. Michelle crawled over to where Mark and I were, and Jenny dismounted her after she pulled up between Mark's legs. Michelle waited on her hands and knees for instruction. Jenny knelt next to her and grabbed her tail in one hand and her hair with the other. She pulled them taught towards eachother, again straining Michelle's neck and wedging the dildo a bit further up her ass. Mischievously, Jenny tied the two ends of hair together, locking Michelle in a position where if she tilted her head forward, she would pull the dildo up her ass.

Michelle did her best to keep still, not wanting to do herself any damage. Mark leaned forward in his chair so that his balls were hanging off the seat.


  "Suck his balls, now!" Jenny ordered. Michelle scooted forward carefully and opened her mouth. Jenny cradled Mark's testicles in her left hand and spoon fed them into Michelle's waiting mouth. Michelle closed her mouth and suckled his balls, moving her mouth gingerly because her head was tied back. Jenny began stroking Mark's shaft to get it hard. It did not take much time.

Jenny left Mark's cock to rest against Michelle's left cheek and eye. She grabbed Michelle's head and pulled her back, off of the balls, and then down onto the shaft. Mark grabbed her ears and forced her down his cock until he could feel it wedge in her throat. Michelle choked on it and put her hand on his knee to try to get him to ease off. Jenny reached underneath her and pinched the bottom of her left tit. "Mmmmmmph!" Michelle mustered as her eyes went wide. The motion jerked her body enough to wedge the dildo up her ass.

Mark pulled out of her mouth with a pop, and she took in a huge gulp of air. Jenny took Michelle's hair again and led her to the center of the room.


  She pushed her down flat on her stomach and put one of her heels on the small of her back. She asked Mark to bring her a pair of scissors, which he did. Michelle quivered beneath Jenny's heel, not knowing what was coming. Jenny grabbed the knot on the side of Michelle's hair and cut right through it. Michelle's face fell flat to the floor, relieved that the strain on her neck was loosened.

Jenny held onto the hair and pulled, bringing the dildo all the way out. She then straddled Michelle again, this time facing her ass. She peeled her cheeks apart as far as she could stretch them, gaping her asshole. She spit into it, just as Mark had earlier in the evening.
    Mark took his cue and lowered himself so that his cock was at my wife's anus. Jenny guided his dick into my wife's waiting, gaping shitter and then pulled her cheeks apart again. Mark pushed in and bottomed out. He then laid flat on my wife's back, pinning her to the floor, and put his legs between hers. He ordered her to spread her legs, which Michelle successfully did with some struggling. Mark then spread his so that his feet were pushing against the insides of her ankles, and very athletically began doing some kind of push-up motion, in and out of my wife's ass.

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    Michelle obviously preferred this to what was happening before. His dick was not as hard or as big as the plastic dildo that was being shoved up her ass, and his smooth motion was more pleasing than painful. Jenny reached between Michelle's legs and started rubbing her pussy. Michelle seemed to respond well to it, despite all the humiliation Jenny had caused her. Michelle smiled and wiggled a little between thrusts from Mark. "Oooh, she is still getting wet from all this!What a whore!" said Jenny.

    Mark bottomed out in my wife's ass and held it there. He brought his knees up so that they were on either side of her thighs and laid his chest flat against her back. He began pumping in shorter but faster movements in and out of her butt as Jenny continued to stroke her pussy. Michelle could barely move, but I could hear her breaths grow shorter and louder, and occasional yelp coming from deep within her. I could not believe it, but my wife was enjoying this again!

    Mark pumped as fast as he could and Jenny massaged her clit as fast as possible. Michelle's ass bounced up in the air, impaled on Mark's thick dick. Mark bottomed out, forcing Michelle into the ground. Michelle's arms reached forward for something to grab, but found nothing. Her eyes clenched shut and screamed as she she came all over Jenny's hand.

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    Mark pulled out and stood up. He had come about an hour ago, and it would be hard to get him off again. He pulled Michelle up by her hair and bent her over by the waist. Still holding her hair, he entered her ass again. He pulled her back so she was standing straight up, her back against his chest. He wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground. "Raise your knees!" he commanded. My wife raised her knees to her chest. Mark grabbed the left one and then the right one and held them tight to her chest.

    He shifted her up his chest a little so he could start pumping her ass again. He spread her legs wide as Jenny approached them, stroking her strap-on as she did. Michelle spread her pussy for her as Jenny put this tip of her cock at her hole. She pushed in to the hilt and held the position for a second. Once she and Mark were both the same distance inside my wife, they began to piston in and out at the same speed.

    Jenny grabbed my wife's breasts and squeezed them.

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      She reached towards my wife's mouth with her own, and when Michelle went to kiss her, Jenny clamped down on her lower lip with her teeth. At the same time, Mark started biting the nape of her neck, giving her a hickie. Michelle wrapped her arms around Jenny's back and pulled her closer so their breasts touched. Her legs wrapped around Jenny's waist, which helped her bounce up and down on the cocks inside her.

    Michelle had never been this filled in her life. Two ten-inch dicks double penetrated her, and she encouraged it, french kissing Jenny and holding her close. Wrapping her legs around Jenny enabled Mark to grab her ass and lift her from there. He spread them as best he could, and pulled her up the length of his cock, leaving just the head inside her ass, and then lowered her back down to the base. Michelle appeared to be on the verge of cumming. . . again.

    Mark lifted her high and off his cock before any of them came. He told Jenny to take off her strap-on off, which she did. He then lifted her up and lowered her onto his dick.

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      She wrapped her legs around his thighs for support and started sliding up and down. "Michelle," Mark barked, "kneel down and fuck my wife's ass with your tongue. "Michelle huffed but obeyed. She was still technically paying off her gambling loss.

    She spread Jenny's ass cheeks and inserted her tongue. This drove Jenny wild. She reached behind her back, grabbed the back of Michelle's head and held her tight against her ass. As she moved up and down Mark's dick, she brought Michelle with her, making Michelle adjust with her knees at all times. "Now, rub your clit with one hand and make yourself cum," commanded Mark.

    Michelle kept her right hand on Jenny's ass to help spread it and moved her left hand to her clit. The way she was bouncing on her knees simulated riding a cock, and that is what she imagined as she fingered herself. Jenny bounced faster and faster, and Mark brought her to orgasm. She clenched her legs tight and pulled Michelle hard up her ass.

    Jenny unhooked her legs and stood on the ground. She moved behind Michelle and leaned over.

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      With her right hand, she pulled Michelle's hair back. With her left she reached around her, just under her tits, and lifted them both up towards Mark. "Keep masturbating, whore," she said. Michelle did as she was told, rubbing her clit hard and fast.

    Mark approached her and stood above his head, jerking his cock. "Come on, baby," said Jenny. "Cover this pretty face with your sticky cum. "Mark did not need to be told twice, but he waited until he cold hear Michelle start to cum. It did not take long. In less than a minute, Michelle was bringing herself to orgasm, screaming like a slut as Jenny held her in place. "Now open your mouth," said Jenny.

    As Michelle complied, Mark laced his cum all over her face. Both cheeks, her hair, inside her mouth, and some on her tits. . .

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      Mark did not miss a spot. He stepped back and Jenny pushed Michelle forward. She collapsed on the floor, exhausted from her fourth climax of the night.

    Jenny and Mark got dressed and walked up stairs. After they got to the top, one of them threw the key to my cuffs down the steps, leaving me to wait for my wife to snap out of her daze and let me loose. Who knew how long that would be. .