Wife Swapping Fun Gone Awry part 1


My wife and I had been married for seven years, and lets just say things had gotten a little stale in the bedroom. It wasn't either of our faults, I guess it was just natural. We discussed several options to try to spice things up, but she was always wanting to bring a third person into the sex, and I did not want to go that far.

Ultimately, we agreed on the decision to go to a club and find some people who might want to come back to our home and play strip poker. From there, we would see how things went. Even in my college days I was not one for clubbing, so my wife agreed to go to the club and bring back some people to play with. She even suggested I wait upstairs while she got everything ready.

On the agreed night, I sat upstairs in our bedroom while she went out to find some swingers. I tried relaxing by watching some sitcoms, but could not sit still. I was worried: worried for my wife, out by herself, for our marriage. . . I did not know what that night would bring.

About three hours later I heard the car pull up, and I watched from our window as my wife and two figures stepped out of the car and came into the house. My wife was wearing a mini skirt, tank top and heels. She still looked stunning.

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The threesome entered the house and went down into the basement, and then my wife called up to me, "Honey!We're ready!"I chose a tee shirt, boxers, sandals and silk robe, and went down into the basement. I was shocked at who was with my wife. "Guess what, honey?Mark and Jenny were at the club, and thought our idea sounded like a lot of fun. I thought it would be weird if there was a third couple we didn't know, so I thought we should just play with them for now. "

Mark and Jenny were an unmarried couple, friends of ours for the last three years. I had always thought Michelle had had a thing for Mark, but never thought she would do anything about it. He as muscular and tattooed, and usually wore wife-beaters to emphasize his arms. Jenny was quaint and shy, couldn't weigh more than 80 pounds and only five feet tall. They did not seem like the quintessential couple, but appeared to prove opposites attract.

Anyway, for fear of being a stick in the mud, I sat down at the empty chair and said "Shuffle up and deal!"Michelle dealt the cards around and started betting by putting one of her heels in the pot. I had nothing, so folded. Mark had no trouble whipping off his wife beater and throwing it in. Jenny folded, and Michelle said "I raise. ""You can't raise unless he raises you, honey," I said. "I don't mind.

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  . . we're all friends here," said Mark. Michelle smiled and propped up her shoulders, throwing in another heel.

Mark took off both of his shoes and put them in the pot. "I raise," he said. Michelle, foolishly, I thought, did not have much on to begin with. Not wanting to take her top off yet, she stood up, hiked up her skirt, and pulled down her thong. She threw it in the pot. "I call. "I got red in the face, and looked at Mark, who was trying to catch a view of Michelle's pussy as she slid down the thong.

Mark laid down his hand, "Three Tens," he said. "Damn!Two Aces," said Michelle. "You bet your thong on a pair of aces!" I shouted. "Oh, don't be such a poopy pants.

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  "She said. I blushed harder, this time in anger as Michelle belittled me and Mark laughed. I looked at Jenny, who was sitting there quietly. Mark picked Michelle's heels and thong off the table top and put them on the floor next to him.

I picked up the deck and shuffled. I dealt the cards again and looked at my hand. Three Queens. I took off my robe and put it in the pot. Mark followed by putting his shoes back in, raising me. Jenny, who seemed uninterested, folded again, and the hand went to Michelle. She bit her fingernail pensively, and then shrugged, grabbed the bottom of her tank top, and pulled it over her head. "I call," she said, as her 34 Cs breathed the fresh air and announced themselves to the room. "Technically, its two articles of clothing to call," said Mark. I stared at him bitterly, but he was staring and drooling over Michelle's tits.

"Come on," I said.

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  "She took off her top, you just took off your shoes. ""What is right is right," said Michelle. "I don't want to welch on our bet. "She removed her skirt and threw it in the pot. Just to confirm, I peeked under the table and saw that she was now completely nude. I caught Mark checking it out, too, but could hardly blame him. I laid down my hand after putting in my sandals, and announced the queens.

Mark smirked as he laid down his hand. . . a flush. "Damn again!"Yelled Michelle. She laid down a straight. Mark took her top and her skirt and laid it in the pile next to him, along with my robe and sandals. He dealt again, and again I folded.

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  Mark took off his remaining clothes, along with the pile he had collected, and put it in the pot. "I'm all in," he said. "Well what does that mean," I said. "She can't take off anything else. What do you get if you win?"He shrugged and looked at Michelle's big tits. "He can fuck me!" exclaimed Michelle, a bit too excitedly for my comfort.

I opened my mouth to protest, but realized that this was her plan all along. I was angry, but figured we had come this far, might as well let it go on. Mark had Ace high, and, not surprisingly, Michelle had Jack high.

"All right!" shouted Mark. He stood up, his dick already erect, and walked around the table, past me, to Michelle. "Lets go, baby, you don't want to welch on our bet, do you?"Michelle looked at me and our eyes met. I stood up in anger, my chair went flying out from behind me. I walked over to the corner of the room, thinking it over. But before I replied, I heard "Oh yeah!"

I turned to see Michelle wrapping her lips around Mark's cock.

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  He was holding her hair and guiding her up and down. I could tell that Mark was not only more physically fit, but bigger and wider than me where it counted. Michelle opened her mouth wide, extended her tongue and slid her mouth up and down his enormous shaft.

He pulled out and pulled sharply on her hair, wrenching her neck back. She kept her mouth open, and he slid his dick over top of the opening, making her look up to him as he thrust above her face. She moaned like a whore, and Jenny and I watched in astonishment as she spread her legs and stuck a finger up her pussy. Jenny got up and ran upstairs. Mark did not care.

Michelle stood and led Mark to the couch on the other side of the room. She told him to sit, which he did. She knelt in front of him and took his cock back in her mouth. He started stroking his cock, and told her to suck his balls. "Hey, come on, man," I yelled. "Fuck you, cuckold. .

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  . watch me as I own your wife. "I did not respond, because it was clear that Michelle was into it.

Michelle lifted his legs and spread them, forcing him to slide forward on the couch. She licked his balls, getting them nice and wet before trying to stuff them all inside her gaping mouth. Mark continued to stroke his cock with one hand while he grabbed the back of her head with the other and forced her onto his balls. I heard her struggling, but instead of protesting any more, decided to let her suffer.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her off with a pop. She gasped for breath, her ass, stomach and tits pulsating as she did so. She grabbed his cock, lowered her head further, and stuck her tongue in his ass. She had not once done that to me, and he didn't even ask her to do it. She extended her tongue up his butt, and then slid it over his taint and up to his balls. His balls landed on either side of her nose as she slid up, but she went on, unperturbed.

She moved back down to his anus and repeated the motion. He held her head there, dampening his asshole for a few seconds, then he pulled her up.

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  He told herto bend over the arm of the couch and spread her cheeks. She practically ran to do so. He knelt behind her and stuck two fingers right up her cooch. "Damn, Michelle, you are sopping wet down here. ""I know," she said. "Its been a long time. "

Mark continued to finger fuck her, slowly increasing his speed until the pounding was audible on my side of the room. He leaned his head towards her exposed anus, made possible by her hands spreading her ass apart for him. He licked around the rim for awhile, and then stuck his tongue straight up her asshole.

Michelle released her cheeks and braced her hands on the couch in front of her. She was nearing orgasm already, and Mark left his tongue inside her, wiggling it around. He put a third finger alongside the two in her vagina and shoved in. Michelle rocked up onto her toes, making Mark pull his tongue out of her ass.

He stood up and turned around so that he could check out her ass from above. He continued the finger fucking, only now he moved his left hand towards her anus and extended his middle finger.

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  It slid right into her anus, up to his knuckle. Michelle tensed up, but more from pleasure than from pain. Her feet came off the floor, and her knees rocked into the side of the couch. With a loud scream, she came and collapsed on the seat of the couch.

I hoped that his might be it, but realized that Mark had not come yet. He turned her on her back and ordered her to open her mouth. Michelle grabbed his cock and opened her mouth, expecting him to shove his dick in. But instead, he shoved the three fingers that were in her pussy in her mouth and onto her tongue. He then shoved the finger that was in her ass in her mouth right next to the others. Michelle grabbed his wrists as he choked her, and arched her back to make herself more comfortable.

Mark pulled his hands out of her mouth and grabbed her tits. "Nice tits, Michelle. ""Thank you," she said, "I haven't been told that in a while. "She extended her neck to kiss the bottom of his dick as a thank you. That really got him going.

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He spun her around and forced her legs apart. He leaned towards her already wet and gaping pussy and spit right into it. Michelle gasped at how dirty he was. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and pushed in. There was no resistance, she was so wet. He easily pushed three quarters of his ten inch dick inside her, and she moaned in agreement.

I watched as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him further into her cunt. She put her hands on either side of his head and pulled him down to kiss her flush on the lips. I watched as she extended her tongue, and he his, to meet before their lips did. I was disgusted. He had eaten her ass, and she had eaten his, licked his balls and sucked his dick, and here they were, swapping spit.

Michelle put her hand on the small of his back and pulled him down. He bottomed out, collapsing on top of her, loving the feeling of her pussy walls clasping against his cock. Michelle encouraged him to keep fucking her. He pulled partially out and pushed back in several times, but could not establish the rhythm he wanted in this position.



He lifted her off the couch, still impaled on his dick, and laid her on the arm of the couch. She spread her legs wide, and he grabbed her tits and started rocking in and out faster and faster. Michelle grabbed his broad shoulders to keep from tipping off the couch, and he held her steady as he mangled her breasts.

I could hear the smacking of his balls against her ass, and shut my eyes as I could not watch. I heard her moaning, screaming, encouraging him to go faster. Soon, the smacking got more rapid and Michelle's screams got louder. Then I heard, "No, don't pull out!"I looked up as Mark pulled out of my wife and sat on the couch. "Get on my dick and ride it. "

Michelle was still spread eagle and gasping on the arm of the couch. She was pinching her nipple, a technique she would use when she wanted to delay an orgasm. She rolled over next to Mark, grabbed his erection and held it straight up. She straddled his dick, guided it to her pussy and sat down on it.

She immediately started bouncing rapidly. She put her hands in her hair and arched her back, thrusting her tits right in Mark's face. He sat forward on the couch and continued to tilt her backwards until she was hanging upside down, staring straight at me.

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  He looked at me too, laughing. Then, without taking his eyes off me, he spit on his hand and slapped my wife's tit. "Oh yeah, treat me like the whore I am!" she said. He grabbed the tit hard and pulled her back up to him.

She bounced on him faster and faster without the assistance of her hands, still holding her hair up to expose herself completely to him. Mark pulled on her tits until her lips met his and they kissed again. He pushed her back again, giving him space to stick two fingers on his dick. He slid them up my wife's pussy alongside his cock, temporarily slowing Michelle's movement. She eased back down his cock and fingers, trying to fit all. But clearly, he did not intend to keep them there.

After he got some of her pussy juices on it, he stuck his fingers in her mouth and told her to get them wet.
    She grabbed his hand and licked his fingers all the way around. "Spit on them," he said. She spit on his palm, and then licked the spit up to his finger tips. "Now spread your ass," he ordered.

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    Now, I have never fucked my wife in the ass. Even when we were young and experimenting, she did not allow me to even try it. So you can imagine how angry I was when she spread her ass, knowing that Mark was going to shove two fingers up it. Because he had one finger up there earlier, it was not so hard for him to get two inside her.

    He used his fore- and pinky finger to spread her ass, and his middle and ring finger he shoved through her sphincter. She gasped, but did not slow her bouncing. He was clearly trying very hard not to come, but Michelle thrashed about unconcerned. He shoved his fingers up to the second joint just as Michelle was slamming down on his cock. She bottomed out with a loud roar, coming again as she collapsed against him.

    He continued fucking her ass with his fingers for a few moments, and then told her to stand up. She was almost too weary to do it, but she climbed off him, a string of her cum hanging from her hole to the tip of his dick. He put his hands on her shoulders to suggest she kneel, and she did, willingly, as she was nearly too tired to stand. He shoved his dick in her mouth, grabbing her hair and her chin, guiding her back and forth until she maintained full awareness.

    He pushed his dick back against her throat, making her gag. Just when it seemed like she might go limp, he pulled out.

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      She gasped aloud, but before she could regain her composure, he pushed her head to the ground and mounted her from behind. Straddling her ass and holding her head flush against the floor, Mark aimed his dick at her open asshole and pushed down. Staying on the soles of his feet, he pumped harder downward, bringing yelps of both pleasure and protest from Michelle.

    "Uh, uh, no, yes," she spat. It was clear that with each thrust she experienced both pleasure and pain, and did not really want it to stop. Mark could tell, so he realigned his cock and shoved as hard as he could. Michelle's eyes went wide as her ass was stretched to new limits. "Spread your ass, bitch!" yelled Mark. Michelle complied, leaving her neck wrenched and tits and face smashed on the floor to reach her arms back and spread her cheeks as far as possible.

    Mark wiggled around as he thrust downward until his balls were resting against her taint. My wife let out pouts and moans similar to a dog whining for its owner. Demonstrating great balance, Mark pulled Michelle by her hair so that her chest was at a 45 degree angle with the floor. He arched her neck towards him and kissed her flush on the mouth.

    Again, with exaggerated movements they tongued eachother's tongues, wetting the areas surrounding each of their mouths. Mark grabbed one of her giant tits with his right hand and squeezed it harshly.

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      Michelle grimaced through her teeth but kept quiet. Mark slapped her face and threw her back to the ground. If it were yesterday, and I had seen anyone hit my wife, I would have gone ape shit. As it were, I decided to let Michelle to get what was coming to her. She got herself in this mess.

    Much to my frustration, however, I then heard Michelle say, "Yeah, baby, treat me like the whore I am!"Mark smacked her ass hard and repeatedly, reddening it quickly and leaving his hand print on it. He pulled out again and pulled her up to the couch. He laid her on her back with her legs hanging off the front. He pushed knees up to her ears and told her to stay in that position. Michelle held her legs by her head, but was still able to put a hand down her cunt and finger her asshole.

    I watched in disgust as her middle and ring finger, with the ring I gave her still on it, forced its way into her asshole, making sure it stayed loose for Mark. He smiled down at her wickedly, knowing that she could never be satisfied with me again. He lowered himself and again entered her asshole. Michelle moved her two fingers to her cunt, stimulating it in time with Mark's hard shaft. Mark put his thumb on her clit and rubbed it vigorously.

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      With his right hand, he attacked her tits, alternating between harsh squeezes and quick slaps.

    Michelle sucked the fingers on her free hand as she gazed up into his eyes. Before we were married, she used to give me that look all the time. It had been a long time since I had seen it, and here she was, giving it to Mark. Mark put both of his hands on the back of her legs, pushing them towards her chest, and got his balance. He then started rocketing in and out of my wife's ass with aplomb.

    Michelle was shoved further and further against the back of the couch until her neck and head were perpendicular to her body. She stared down at Mark's cock plowing into her ass and fingered her clit vigorously. Mark bottomed out, tossing his head in the air and sticking out his chest as he came. Michelle timed her orgasm perfectly and came with him.

    They stayed in this position for a few seconds until Mark's dick became flaccid. He pulled out, and stood up. He held his dick out in front of him, and without having to be told, Michelle sat up on the couch and cleaned his dick off with her tongue. Mark stared at me as she did it. He lifted her head off his cock by thehair and tossed her against the side of the couch.

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      Michelle smiled wickedly as she manhandled him.

    to be continued. . . .