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My wife and I lived a 45 minute drive from the City and her work in a small town in the hills . A young guy who we are friends with lost his license. Their parents asked if my wife would be kind enough to drop him at the train station on the way to work.
No we are both in our early 40's. My wife Tammy is in pretty good shape for her age size 18 short blonde hair.
Our friends son Tom was 18 and an apprentice sparky who is a bit of a lad but a likeable young guy.
I didn't think much of Tammy driving Tom to the train station. They had been doing it for a bout a month when Tammy started driving Tom all the way to work instead of dropping him at the station. This only took her about 18 minutes out of her way but it made me think she had started to enjoy his company.
I started to watch them interact and I could see on w/ends Tammy seemed to be always outside and Tom would suddenly appear and they would be chatting.
Tammy and I were very close andt had been together for 18 years with no affairs or other people involved with us sexually although during bed talk we had discussed fantasies and Tammy told me she did like the thought of taking other guys but only in fantasy.
That Sunday after they were at the fence talking when Tammy came inside I grabbed her and made a sexual advance and Tammy was so hot and ready and we shagged in the lounge.

It was during this i asked her if Tom had turned her on. She admitted she liked him.
We discussed this quite a bit over the next few weeks and I told Tammy I was turned on by the thought of him having sex with her. We kept discussing it and whenever it came up my wife got so horny.

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Tammy would come home from dropping him off and drag me to bed straight away. She admitted they had started to discuss sex and he had admitted he had sex only once with a girl from school and he was hoping to find a girlfriend.
We finally decided to act on this (after lots of discussion) and we worked out a plan. As I wanted to watch we decided that there was a old area off the road that was cleared and well hidden.
Tom was about to get his licence back so we put our plan into action and Tammy suggested they grab some takeaway drinks for the drive home. Tammy told Tom she was enjoying his company and how about they stop somewhere and enjoy a drink and conversation. Tom instantly agreed.
I was already at the planed site and as expected no one was around. Tammy and Tom sat in the car drinking and then Tammy moved outside and leaned on the bonnet.
    Tom moved next to her and before long i was watching them kiss. Tammy had a sexy short dress on and before long i could see Toms hands lifting up her dress. He appeared to have no interest in Tammy's breasts. He bebt down and removed Tammy's panties. I was a bit surprised how quick he moved. He then slide his fingers into Tammy.

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       I heard Tammy tell him to slow down. She then turned him around he leant him against the bonnet and removed his pants. An impressive looking cock was standing to attention in front of my wife who then took it in her mouth. In no time I heard Tom moaning to stop or he'd cum.
    Tammy then came up and turned around and bent over the bonnet. Tom moived behind her and started to enter Tammies pussy. He appeared to just get his cock inside Tammy and he moaned. I heard him saying sorry. My wife smiled at him. She said where was the warning. Tom looked embarressed.
    Tammy then suggested they have another drink as they stood there with Tom naked from the waist down. Tammy started to suck his cock again and before long he had another raging hard on. Tammy suggested he put it back inside her.
    I was hoping to see my sexy wife cop more of a pounding this time.

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    Tom drove his cock into Tammy from behind again and this time lasted about a minute and he announced he was going to cum. Tammy quickly spun around and took him in her mouth. She loves swallowing but i was surprised she swalled him so quickly.
    They then finished their drinks and Tammy dropped Tom off. we met at home and as tammy walked in the door I carried her to the bed room layed her down and started eatingher salty pussy. I was so horny i entered her and didn't last much longer than Tom.
    We let Tom come over on w/ends and do Tammy and he has no idea I am in the house and I now get off on taking his seconds. .