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Hi, My name is Shyam married my wife name is reshika . I asked her several times but she is not told anything ,because of my office heavy work I am also not able to satisfy her whenever she allowed me to fuck her,that too also I can fuck her maximum ten strokes ,after sex she wont talk to me ,I thought t may be my early ejaculation only she is doing like that ,but I cant able to fuck her longer time.

We got boring I asked her for movie she accepted and dressed ,I was surprised she wear Gagra and sleeveless Top we went by Bike ,But tickets are not available near my house theater ,we went to City out skirts a Hindi movie is running ,there is no rush and some low class people are there near the gate I dropped her near gate and parked my bike and coming back to her she was not comfortable I asked her what happened ,she didn’t give reply but I heard some one is talking with his friends see how that bitch having fat buttocks and heavy mangoes . how much its worth ,they are thinking I brought her like prostitute.

Immediately we purchased tickets and went to theater, lights were switched off and movie started after five minutes I slowly kept my hand in her blouse she was not wear bra and panty, and caressed her big boobs with my left hand and slowly raised her gagra and rubbing her smooth thighs and cupped her fat pussy which was clean shaved yesterday night only, I asked her lift her legs and spread them .

She did it I slowly put my finger in her pussy. she moaned I closed her mouth and increasing my speed and inserted another finger. suddenly a light was focused on us we shocked to see who commented in gate those people are there and they are searching seats . due to my fate we focused with my wife completely widened her legs and two fingers in her pussy. they commented see the bitch is in heat she required good fuck,after seen them my wife pushed my hand and adjusted her dress and sat properly. but they seen her fat pussy .

They sat behind of my seats . we kept calm and watching movie ,I got a call from my MD due to film sound I informed my wife I will attend phone call in out side of theater and went out.

My phone conversation was took time nearly half an hour and I went inside theater and I was shocked to see my wife was fucking by two guys at a time in her pussy and mouth at a time ,they made her bending in front seat and her gagra was through the floor one is fucking her pussy from backside another one is fucking her mouth another fellow sucking her great melons.

her jacket was torn ,she was completely nude and fucking by them . i shouted what’s happening ,listening my words my wife tried to move but backside fucking man slapped on her bums and caught her hair tightly and warned her not to move.

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I told them she is my wife leave her and went near them and trying to pull her from them, one of them slapped on my face ,he was well built and shouted idiot why you are telling lies we know she is bitch ,bitches only wear like this dress. if u talk anything we kill u and shown knife . i was terrified with fear and they commanded me sit calm ,I obeyed with fear. while this argument is going on they are fucking her her. to my surprise she spreading her legs more for more access to accommodate his cock in her fat pussy. Front fucking man released his load in her mouth in hard push .

She swallowed entire his load now backside man caught her two boobs and roughly pressing them and pushing his big cock in pussy ,with a hard push he also released his load in her vagina ,it was heavy load ,his white fluids are flowing between her legs and falling her thighs she collapsed in front seat with loud moan ,immediately another man occupied her pussy and ramming his cock in her pussy.

And after fifteen minutes he released his load ,now who fucked her mouth that man came backside her and he rubbed her ass cheeks and applied the oozing juice which was released by her and them and slowly put his cock in between her ass cheeks,she tried to move but his slap she was calm. with a single and hard push he entered his cock in her virgin ass. till to day she never allowed me to fuck her ass. I was jealousy for loosing that opportunity . now instead of angry my cock was raised then earlier of my sex life .

After released the load of third man the took their cloths and took some notes from their pocket and kept in her pussy and left from theater. I slowly went near her and took the notes from her pussy that was Rs. 300/- only I kept that drenched notes in my pocket and I removed my pant and pushed my erected cock in her ass and fucked nearly 20 minutes and released e load .

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  immediately she kissed me and hugged me tightly in completely nude with leaking juices of the dirty mans, and she asked me to suck her I said how she sat on floor and offered me to suck her pussy i kept my toungh in her pussy while spreading her pussy lips. and sucked entire juices left by the dirty mans and mine,it tastes different . she asked to suck cleanly her pussy and ass .

I did it then the cinema bell was ringing . we immediately hidden behind the chairs till people left from theater,we searched her cloths we got only gagra her blouse was completely torn only hands there for wearing she wear that only her boobs are visible to everybody. I gave my napkin she tied it with piece of blouse and we came out from theater, she stood near the gate when I went to took my bike gate man is smiling bitch to day u have good fuck in Your all holes .

She smiled he came near and lifted her gagra and put his finger in her ass and pussy she screaming . with sound of my bike he released her we went to home and took good bath and applied dettol in her vagina and ass for safe. i asked her what happened in theater she said after I left from theater after some time one of them came and sat beside her she thought that is mine. Then he slowly put his hands in her blouse and pressing her boobs and lifted her gagra and inserted fingers in her fat pussy she is enjoying .

After some time he removed his cock and took her hand and kept on his cock ,at that time she got dout mine is not much bigger but with heat she can’t recognize after some time he pushed her head to his cock to suck him . she opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth . whenever cock entered the mouth she found that that is not mine cock,because mine cock is like open nib it was uncut cock she tried to move from his cock she got a slap on her face and tried to remove her blouse when this going on another one is sat other side of her and torn her blouse with a knife and told her if u shout I will kill u if u cooperate with us we will give good fuck and money ,while saying this he pressing her boobs and sucked them and bite nipples .

With fear she did not spoke anything ,after that they removed her gagra and one of them parted her legs and folded them and put his tongue in her pussy and sucking fastly. she never sucked by anyone before,now she lost her control and cooperate with them after good suck they made her bend on front seat now her boobs are hanging on front chair one of them sucking that milky boobs and another one accommodating his big tool in her pussy from rear and pushed in her pussy one of them put his cock in her mouth.

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  that is happened she told I asked her how is it she said it’s marvellous and she needed again. .