Widow Standford


Widow Stanford

Widow Standford had huge breasts; it was really her one redeeming feature. They hung large and ponderous with prominent nipples and needed a forty four triple D bra to support their weight. The widow had a wealth of bras with strong retaining straps and full well made cups to contain her expansive frontage. Although she was the wrong side of fifty, certain men still stared lustfully at her, and she had to conceal her enormous assets to avoid excessive sexual harassment. The widow did not like the pushy self-confident males who wanted to man-handle her, she had had enough of those types and she could spot them easily. She loved the helpful gentle kindly types who took shy glimpses at her top and knew how to treat respectfully an older lady.

One such gentleman was little Tony, who lived with his wife and young son in the flat opposite; with him the widow had built up a very special relationship. Tony popped in to see the widow when ever he could and he was always extremely helpful. She knew it was him when she heard three short rings--it was their signal-- and a thrill ran through her when he called.

"How lovely to see you Tony my boy do come in for a cup of tea and a chat. "

The widow then gave him a big cuddle clasping his slim wireybody to her ample bulk and Tony was quite smothered by her buxom chest.

" It lovely to see you mother ( that was his term of endearment ) is everything ok can I do any little jobs for you?"

"Oh no I'm just fine come and sit down with me my boy," and she sat very close to him on the settee.

Indoors she wore a thin roll neck white top which contoured her enormous bust and her large nipples were clearly visable.

"You do look well mother," said Tony almost drooling at the sight of such an expansive bosom.

"You naughty boy,"she smiled "I can see that twinkle in your eye do you want to feel mummy?"and she leaned towards Tony pushing out her chest.

"Oh mother they are just wonderful,"he said running his hands over her bust, " so soft and lovely I should like to kiss them.

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The widow lifted off her white top and sat before him in her massive cotton bra which seemed over full of those ripe breasts.

"Mother your beautiful, absolutely ravishing can I please touch that marvelous bra oh those breasts send shivers down my spine. "

The widow laughed at this and turned around saying, "unhook me you naughty boy. "

Tony's hands were shaking as he released those mammoth globes and she swung to face him smiling at his shock. Her huge tits unsupported hung well down on her belly the firm nipples pointing downward with saucer-like darker aureoles smooth and brown.

Tony bent his head down and began to lick the right nipple and she stroked his hair, " I know what mummies boy likes when he is being very naughty. Tony's fingers caressed her left nipple and he could feel the nipples beginning to swell while his cock was hard as a rock against his jeans.

Widow standford lay back and relaxed she just loved having her breasts manipulated and young Tony sometimes spent an hour sucking, massaging and fondling her mammories. He adored her chest and licked every inch of her big tits gently squeezing and rubbing her nipples which were fully aroused and about an inch long. Tony would take each nipple in turn between his lips and tickle the soft end with his darting tongue. Sometimes he seemed buried between her breasts licking and lapping the soft surface moaning gently as she lay with her eyes shut.

"You naughty boy mummies getting very wet down below with all this teasing.

    "Can I travel down please Mummie your so lovely every bit of you please," Tony looked pleadingly up from between those monsters.

    "Well you know that's a very naughty place only bad boys go there. "

    "Oh please I promise I won't stay long and it will be our secret please.

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    Still massaging her nipples Tony moved his face down over her stomach and under her wide skirt until his nose was touching the wet crotch of her panties.

    "Ohh Mother you smell wonderful,"he said taking a deep breath. Tony began to lick the crotch of the widows panties as she opened her legs to give him access he could see the thick grey hairs on each side of the broad re-enforced cotton crotch which was stretched tightly over her vagina.
    Her gusset was very moist and heran his tongue up and down the taut cotton stopping to suck her juices through the tough cotton. While he did this he held her big nipples one in each hand gently kneading and squeezing them. Tony knew that with prolonged foreplay he could climax the widow and he always aimed to bring her to completion when he visited the old lady.

    "Take them off now dearboy" she said with a throaty voice.

    Her large flaps were now covered in slimy juice and her wonderful cunt was wide open as Tony pushed his face inside that hot pink cave. The widow rocked her massive thighs and began to moan and grunt, she pulledhis head up until his mouth was locked over her swollen clitoris, his nose and face buried in her pubic hair. Then she came; her genitals squirting out excessive fluid covering Tony in hairs and slime as he struggled to swallow all her delicious excrement.




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