Who seduced whom. 1


Where I am and how it started!

Sat opposite my son,looking at his lap,in which not only stood his hard sixteen year old penis
but I'm watching enthrolled as wrestling in his open fly. He now cups his balls in his palm as he pulls them into full view.

This can't be happening - can it? - I'm about to commit incest and that throbbing hardon with
its pulsing blood engorged bell end is going to be the second sixteen year old penis to enter
my pussy in less than an hour. . .

Let me rewind a couple of days; Melvin, - my sixteen year old son - has a couple of mates,
Sidney and Jacob - Moments before,I'd placed some soiled dishes in the warm soapy water
I'd drawn off into the kitchen basin. Now with my marigolds on my hands I had just took hold of the first plate when Jake appeared thro' my back door.

"High Mrs Smart, matey about?" - "You've just missed them, - must be less than ten minutes
ago, Sidney called and they went off, I think round to your place" - Oh! Well, Oh Okay, I'll hang on here, they'll head back when my mum tells them I'm here!" - I thought, That makes sense and carried on with what I was doing.

Imagine my shock as at that instant, I felt what could only be Jake's hand grip and squeeze
my bum cheek. In shock, I let the plate crash back into the water and pressed my hands flat
on the basin's bottom. Mesmerized at feeling his hand smoothing my bum, I tried to
concentrate on the warm water now trickling over the back edge of my Marigolds and on to
my hands inside.

"J-A-K-E, - N-O! Don't be silly!" I now gripped at the taps shanks and watched as the water
drained back out of my Marigolds. "J--A--K--E, -N--O--oo! - Now with heart pounding I could feel my knickers being pulled down off my hips at the back. - Oh! Oh! What shall I do? - Frozen to the spot, I in fact done nothing.

My mind was consumed as I knew he must have been looking and devouring my body as my ass cheeks came into view.

I felt the stretch of my knickers restraining any more movement at my back.

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   I felt the front of my knicker's still captured by my middle aged plumpness of my belly stopping them slipping down at the front. Inadvertantly feeling my knees trembling now, I knew my dress was up my body and I trembled even more as Jake's hand slid around my hip bone tracing its path with the thumb expertly snaring the elastic and easing it off my hips until I felt again now, the front of my pants relent and pop down off of my belly.

J-A-K--E -- Please N-O-o! - As though deaf to my pleading - His right hand fully went into my pants and gripped at my mound as I wanted to freak at the sensation on my rear. . . I knew exactly what sensation I was feeling. It was Jake's penis against my ass groove,what's more I could feel his left hand was helping it to find my pussy's slit and very successfully as well.

My pussy slit just slid open as the head of this young cock entered into me. - Now gripping the taps with white knuckles, all my mind could think of was what he was thinking and seeing from behind me. - His young cock starting to fuck his own mates chubby old mother's pussy!

Now the left hand slid round my hip and joined the other gripping tightly into my groins. . . well into my quims now wet slit. OMG. He's feeling me on my clitoris! - His grip just pulled me on to his penis and in seconds he was humping me stupid until with sounds only made by a man about to cum off, he held and penetrated my vagina until I felt the first spurt of his young sperm gush up into my vagina.

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With little short jerks now,other shots of cum shot into me. - Then I did freak,realizing in the excitement I was still of 'child bearing age and never having took the pill' - "You stupid little beggar! What if you've impregnated me, Fuck Jake, you've cum up there and I don't use anything" - I'm sure this excited him even further as he upped his efforts and gripping me as only a dog can. He pumped at me and as he took me into an orgasm so powerful I let go of the taps and all that kept me from falling was Jake gripping the edge of the sink himself.

A second burst of sperm shot up me as my own orgasm mingled my own juices with Jake's. Gasping and cumming my thoughts were lost in the moment, - 'fuck what a fucking!' and so unexpected. - Suddenly panic. We heard my son and the other mate coming round the house - good job they were jabbering to each other or we'd have got caught at it! - Jake went into panic mode as did I - He caught then hid his cock back in his trouser's and as I dragged my knicker's back up my legs,dropping my dress back down. I fingered a slime of sperm off the front of Jake's fly.

With hand sunk back in the basin, - "Jake,see! There you are, - I've gone and splashed your front now, - here they are" - Son and his mate entered as I smeared my wet glove over the sperm mark on Jake's trousers. - "You two, - take your pest away, I'll drown him in a minute" - Lost on them - "Hey Jake there you are,we've just been round your place when all the time,you're round here leching on my mum - Hey mum, you'll need to watch Jake mind,he's got the hots for older women like you!" - "Shut your gob Mel' - I just like your mum, I don't lech' her, I observe her working" - a flitting glance said it all,[I read this as] - 'Please Mrs Smart. Don't tell them I've just fucked you' - Get on with you you cheeky perisher, I know all about Jake, he's a real nice boy,aren't you Jake?" - I knew Jake just wanted out of here. - "Off you go you lot,leave me to do what I do!"

They were gone and I knew exactly what I wanted to do - Look at how much cum I had in my vagina and try to get as much of it as possible out of my cunt!
But this was the first seduction. . . More was to follow before I found myself sat opposite my son's hard cock!

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