While the Boys are Away, the Girls Will Play: REALLY HOT!


I heard the jingle of a key in the lock from my spot on the couch.
“It’s open!” I yelled, and turned back to the TV.
Ashley sighed from outside the door to our apartment. I heard some bags shift and finally she opened the door. She looked exhausted, probably from lugging five shopping bags up three floors to our place.
The elevator was broken, and had been for months. No one evens bothers the general manager about it anymore.
“Hey Ash, how was class today?” I asked, turning the TV down.
She dropped her bags and fluffed her hair in the mirror in the hallway before answering me.
“Long, to be honest, and boring. Especially since Sam is gone on that stupid hunting trip. Nothing’s very fun when you’re boyfriends away. ”
I grimaced. “Tell me about it,” I said, thinking about Brice, my boyfriend. He wasn’t going to the college that Ashley, Brice and I were at. He was instead apprenticing in his dad’s carpentry business, five hundred miles away from me.

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   I hadn’t seen him in two and a half months.
Ashley sighed once more, kicking her shopping bags malevolently. She headed into the kitchen, which I could still see from the couch, and started rummaging around in the fridge. I watched her long legs and tight ass as she bent over, still looking. I hadn’t told anyone, but I though Ashley was smoking hot, and we’d even kissed once at a party, when we were both really smashed.
She was just so hot, with a tiny waist, big 34C tits and a tight, smooth ass. Today she was wearing tiny denim shorts and a long tank top, sort of like I was. I knew for a fact that she was a total slut, because we tell each other everything. We’d been best friends since we first lived together on campus in first-year. What she didn’t know is that I’m really into the kinky stuff, and that I’d love to fuck her.
She soon stood up straight though, flicking her long blonde hair out of her eyes. “Sarah, we’ve got a ton of beer left over from the party last night. You want some?”
I’d already had two that day, but I yelled back that I’d love one.
She came into the living room with four, setting them on the coffee table in front of me. I looked at her and she smiled.

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“I figured we could use some booze tonight, with no plans and no boyfriends. ”
“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, popping a beer open and clinking it against hers. “What do you want to watch?”
“Whatever, I don’t care, as long as it’s not football. Sam always makes me watch it with him and I hate it. ”
I laughed as we both settled close to each on the couch. We’d always been like that, touching and being close. Some people even thought we were together, and we would just laugh and go along with it.
We turned on the news and just kept knocking back beers. Eventually we’d gone through the four and were on our third each, almost trashed.
Ashley’s head was on my lap and I was really enjoying it, but I needed to pee. So I shoved her off, giggling as she grumbled.
I got to the bathroom down the hall and looked at myself in the mirror. I was looking pretty hot myself, for someone’s who just come home from a long day’s work.
I had long, wavy brown hair, 34D tits, and an ass to die for, as Brice tells me.   I loved that my waist was so tiny, because it made my tits look even bigger.

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Anyway, after peeing, I went back to the living room. I found Ashley with a bottle of vodka on the table, pouring out shots for the two of us.
She looked up and smiled. “Let’s get totally smashed Sarah, I mean it. Just the two of us. ”
I laughed again and took my shot, knocking it back like a pro.
So we continued drinking for a while after that, until we were so drunk that we were dancing around the room together, like total idiots, on a Wednesday night.
I was dancing crazy until I felt Ashley put her arms around me from behind, really tight, grinding against my ass. It felt sooo good, and I started grinding on her too, partly from how turned on I was, and from all the booze.
I heard her groan, and I took this as a good sign, so I turned around and started grinding on her from the front. I stuck one leg between hers, so we were basically just rubbing our pussies together. I was totally surprised, because we’d never done anything like this before, apart from that one kiss.
The song ended, and another began, but we just kept at it, for more than an hour. Finally, the CD ended, and we pulled apart, looking at each other. I wanted to keep rubbing against her, because by this point I was horny enough to hump anything.

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Ashley flopped down on the couch, sweating, and I dropped down next to her. We were both breathing heavily. There was a comfortable silence for awhile, until Ashley cleared her throat. I looked at her expectantly.
“Sarah, did you like it that time that we made out at that party months ago?”
I was shocked, and stared at her. She looked oddly excited. I decided to be truthful.
“Yeah Ash, I loved it. I thought it was really hot. ”
She grinned. “Good,” she said, just before leaning in to make out with me. It was a hot kiss, with tongues right away, and we were both moaning within minutes.
I pulled away. “Ash, are you sure you want to do this?” We had both sobered up a bit, and I wasn’t sure she wanted to continue.
In response, she just dived at me, knocking me back with her lips pressed to mine.

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   I moaned as I felt her hand slip inside my shirt, massaging my tit through my bra. I wasn’t having of that though, I was always the one in control.
I spanked her and pulled away from her hungry lips. “Get your ass into my room right now slut, and you’d better be naked by the time I get there. ”
She looked a little shocked, but complied eagerly. I grinned, and made my way to my room. I had been waiting a long time for this.
She was lying naked on my bed, her hands massaging her tits and plucking at her nipples. God, she was fast. Her eyes were closed, so I snuck up on her, diving my fingers into her soaking wet pussy.
She gasped, her eyes flying open, then groaned loudly. I kept plunging my fingers into her tight wet pussy, like the pro I was, and she started cumming within minutes.
She looked at me. “Now it’s your turn, Sarah. ” She said, grinning madly.

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I held up a hand. “Oh no, I’m not done with you yet. Close your eyes you whore. ” She did so immediately.
I went to my closet and rummaged around for a minute, finally finding what I was looking for. A giant purple strap-on, that I’d bought just for this. I stood next to where Ashley’s head was on the bed. I stuck the huge cock in her face and told her to open her eyes.
She did, gasping once more. “Suck it, you cock slut. ” And she did, totally going to town on my makeshift cock, like it was water and she was parched.
“Yeah, you like that, you whore? I know how much you love cock Ashley, and you’re going to get a lot of it tonight. ”
She just moaned, loving my cock so much.
Finally I figured that she’d had enough, so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off my cock.
“On your hands and knees, bitch!” I ordered.

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   She did, and I got up behind her on the bed.
Quickly, so she wouldn’t expect it, I drove my huge cock into her tight wet pussy, hitting bottom on the first stroke. She shrieked a little, and started pulling on her nipples and moaning.
I pushed her hands away and grabbed onto her huge tits for leverage, letting them fill my hands as I squeezed, hard.
“How’s that, slut? How do you like my cock in your pussy?”
She almost couldn’t speak. “I love it, I love your huge cock Sarah, I want you inside me forever. ”
“How come your pussy is so tight on my cock, whore? I know how many guys you fucked, because you’re such a cock slut. ”
“Your cock is just so much bigger than what I’m used to. Sam’s cock is tiny. ”
“So you’ve fucked him, huh? Who’s better?”
“You are Sarah, you’re the best cock I’ve ever had. I want you to fuck me forever. I want you to fuck my pussy long and hard. ”
“You know who I’m going to fuck after you Ashley, you know who?”
“N—no, I don’t. ” Her huge tits started to swing into her face.
“I’m going to fuck your sister, Tanya, and you’re going to watch.

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“I’ve always wanted to fuck Tanya, she is such a slut fifteen-year-old.   She needs to be taught a lesson. ”
“Well Ashley, you and I will fuck her hard and fast together. How will you like that, slut? Fucking your sister? Making her scream?”
Ashley moaned, her hand coming to rub her pussy.
“You’ll love it, won’t you, because you’ll get it wherever you can. You’re a dirty slut, and you need to be
taught a lesson just like your sister. ”
I started spanking her ass, harder and harder, with each thrust of my hips, till her ass started getting bright red.
With each slap she cried out, while rubbing her tits hard.
I started moving faster and faster.
She came with a scream, collapsing on my bed.
I pulled out, and grabbed her by the hair to turn her around on the bed. I slapped her in the face with my cock, hard. “That’s for calling me a bitch you cock slut. ”
She just smiled, loving the euphoria of the cum.

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She closed her eyes, but I slapped her across the face again.
“Don’t go to sleep yet bitch! I haven’t cum yet!”
She opened her eyes, staring at my pussy. I’d taken the strap-on off.
Her hand reached up to squeeze my huge tits.
We fucked three more times that night, and still do every night that our boyfriends are away.
We even fucked the night before Ashley got married to Sam, and she could barely walk down the aisle.
And Tanya, well that’s just an entirely different story.
The End



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