When i helped my pregnant sister


This Happened to me a couple of weeks ago and things have felt strange ever since.

My sister Kate is 28 and I am 27. Growing up so close in age made us pretty close as brother and sister. Nothing incestuous but we never argued and we always helped each other out. We looked after each other. She's just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. But this happened a few days before she had him.

I was visiting one weekend a couple of days before her due date. Her husband Neil was telling me how worried he was getting because he worked a hours drive away from where they live. He wanted to be there for Kate at a moment's notice but he couldnt get any time off. I offered to help because as luck would have it, I had 2 week holidays left to take. Plus it would give me some quality time with my sister, we used to spend loads of time together but once you grow up, it all disappears. Kate was just as happy to have me there as I was too. A couple of days later I turned up at my sisters with Chocolate and DVDs and some babythings ready for the new born. We sat on the sofa and drank tea and chatted and watched movies all morning. Perfect way to spend a morning if your pregnant I presume.

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   The conversation turned towards kids and how her life will change once the baby arrives. I asked her if she wants more than just one child. She said "I would love a couple of kids but I don't think Neil will ever come near me again, my body already turns him off and I haven't even popped the baby out yet!" I laughed but told her not to worry "He's a man and we all have needs, he won't be able to keep away from you for to long" I said. "well he hasn't come near me for about 4 months, ever since the baby bump appeared" she said "and to make matters worse, these hormones have me up the wall, I'm constantly horny. It's costing me a fortune in batteries!" I burst out laughing and nearly spilled my cup of tea. She laughed too but I could tell she was serious. She said he won't have sex because he's scared he will hurt the baby but she knows it's because he finds her ugly now. I told her not to worry because once the baby is here they will both be to tierd to have sex anyway. She didn't find that funny at all.

We chilled for a little while. Dunking biscuits in our tea and watching Tele. She said "what would you do if my waters broke now!?" I said "it would be fine. I would run you to the hospital and give Neil a ring and get him to meet us there. Theres nothing to worry about". She said "yeah but what if we didn't have time and you had to deliver the baby yourself!" I said "Well then I would be honoured that I get to deliver my little niece or nephew into our world.

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   It would be fine"
"Yeah but wouldn't it bother you seeing all my rude bits, I'm your sister, and all the blood?" "Nah it's only a vagina, nothing I haven't seen before, and I'm not squeamish, I could do it, you know I would look after you" I said. "Really?" she said with a smile on her face. " You really are a good brother, I can imagine Neil having to do it, he would be in the corner passed out at the sight of it" she laughed. "Well I'm always here for you arnt I sis, I wouldn't just leave you, I would look after you"

She sat quietly for about 18 minutes. I asked her what was wrong, she said "no no nothing, I'm just thinking that's all" "Well what are you thinking about? I said trying to figure out what was on her mind.
"You would think I'm a proper weirdo if I told you" she said and looked away from me. My sister knows me well enough and she's never been scared to tell me things before but I could tell she was nervous. I prompted her to just tell me and that I didnt care what it is, she knows she can trust me. I wasn't expecting her reply though.

"It's just, I'm paranoid what the midwife will think about my 'Bits' when I go into Labour. I haven't been able to do any grooming down there for the past few weeks thanks to my huge belly. I have no idea how wild things have grown. I wouldn't dare ask Neil, I don't want to put him off me even more, and I would be to embarrassed to ask anyone else, and now your Sat there, being all blase about being face to face with my vagina! And it got me thinking that's all" Here cheeks were red. I didn't know what to say but I didn't want to embarrass her further, I just said she shouldn't worry about what the midwife will think, she will have seen it all, and worse. She said "I no.

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   I'm just being silly, it's the hormones. It's just I already feel fat and ugly, and now I feel all hairy down there and I can't even bloody reach to shave it!"
I laughed but I could see how Fed up she was. Pregnancy is a long process and she was almost at the end, she was beginning to struggle abit. I don't often compliment my sisters looks, it's not something a brother tends to do, but she needed it, so I said "your not fat and ugly, your pregnant, and if I'm honest it makes you even prettier than ever" It worked because she had a beaming smile on her face and she said "when did my little bro become such a charmer" I just smiled and blushed a little myself. "I no it's a proper weird thing to ask you to do and I don't mind if it's to much to ask but it won't take long, it will make me feel a million times better and I promise nobody will ever find out" she said looking at me with hope in her eyes. I've never been able to say no to my sister but the truth is I was excited to do it. I could feel my balls twitching with anticipation. I agreed to do it and asked her to tell me how because I've never done it before. She went into the kitchen and came back carrying a bowl of warm water. She told me to lock the front door and follow her upstairs. I did as I was told and made my way into her room. I felt awkward stood in there not knowing what to do as she made her bed and propped up some pillows. She handed me a razor and a tin of shaving gel and told me to be gentle. She struggled pulling down her comfortable tracksuit bottoms because of the baby bump but once she did she lay back on the bed. She had a vest top on and light blue knickers.

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   I sat on the end of the bed and she put her legs either side of me and opened them slightly. I realized that she didn't have on knickers, they were bikini bottoms. She explained that she might have her baby in the birthing pool at the hospital so she was being prepared. They had ties on either side which she asked me to undo. Once they was loose I pulled the front of her bikini down giving me the 1st veiw of my sister's pussy. She lifted her bum up and pulled the bikini bottoms away and spread her legs further. I couldn't take my eyes off it. She had brown curly hair in a V shape above a tight pink line, her lips were slightly darker and it all looked puffy. Perfect in my eyes. She was silent. I made a comment on how she had nothing to worry about and that there wasn't much hair anyway. I could feel myself getting aroused. I kept my cool though and got on with my task. I squirted the gel in my hands and rubbed them together to create foam. I applied the foam over her pubic hair and rubbed it in.

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   I slowly started to shave away the hairs. She moved her legs further apart so I could get inside her legs and I was very careful shaving the bits closest to her pussy lips. I made extra care not to touch her clit. I didn't want her to think I was touching her up. It took me about 18 minutes to shave away all the hair and I cleaned off the extra foam with a towel. Her pussy looked stunning. My sisters pussy! I told her I had finished and I stood up. She leaned over to the bedside table and picked up a small mirror. She handed it to me and asked if she could see. I tried to angle the mirror so she could have a look but she was having problems seeing over her belly. I pulled my phone from out my back pocket and took a picture for her. So looked at it and smiled "Very good! That's so Much better" I smiled too. "Your welcome, err. . any time?" She handed me the phone back and joked about we having a wank over the picture later.

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   I Laughed but in my mind I was thinking definitely! I dropped the razor into the bowl and put it on the table. I was abit gutted it was all over. I didn't want to stop looking at my sister's pussy. But there was nothing I could do, I had finished what she wanted me to do. I guessed we would just go back downstairs and never speak of it again. She must have read my mind though because she said " One last thing then I promise were done, there's some cream on the table, can u rub some on otherwise I will get a rash off the razor, I have sensitive skin". I got to work again, happy to still be hands on with her perfect pussy. I rubbed the cream in my hands 1st and then gently rubbed it over her pubic mound that was now smooth and soft. Again I was careful not to touch any of her sensitive bits, I kept to the top above her clit. She spread her legs again so I could do her inner thighs and bikini line. I looked up and she had her eyes closed. I got abit close and I accidentally brushed over her clit making her jump a little and she took a quick sharp breath. "sorry" I muttered. "It's ok I don't mind, just carry on, don't worry where you touch" she said. I added more cream and carried on rubbing all around her pussy without touching any of the good bits.

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   After a few minutes I decided to go for it. I ran my hand over the middle of her pussy, almost pushing my fingers in, I kept my 2 fingers in a V and trapped her clit in between them. I rubbed my palm over the top before sliding it back down to the bottom. All the way along her slit, slightly parting her lips. She gasped and let out a moan "Ohh that's it, please" I carried on touching her pussy all over, I pushed my 2 fingers inside. She was very tight. I remember thinking how the hell is a baby supposed to come out of that went I can feel the pressure on my fingers. I slid them in and out. Her hips moved with me and I built up a little speed. She had her hands on her tits squeezing them, eyes still closed. Less than 2 minutes went by and she said "Oh Fuck yeah, your going to make me cum already" I had never heard my sister swer before, it was like she was a different person. Her legs became stiff and she tensed up, her pussy walls clamping my 2 fingers. Her orgasm lasted ages. Just as I thought she was finished she would say "Oh My word keep going, keep going, fuck. .

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  . . " I couldn't believe it. I no I went round to help Kate out but I didn't think I would be fingering her to orgasm. She eventually let out a long sigh of pleasure and flopped back on the bed. She rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands and pushed her sweaty hair out of her face, she was still out of breath but there was a smile on her face. I pulled my fingers out of her, they was slick with cum. I stood up and wiped them on the towel. She looked over at me and started laughing. I didn't no why at 1st but she had noticed the tent my hard cock was making in my trousers. "I am so glad you have a hard on" she said "I didn't want to be the only twisted one who finds this a huge turn on". She was right. I was massively turned on. My cock was bursting to get out. She lay on her side on the bed, and asked me to lay down next to her.

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   "Thank you for doing that, I feel terrible now, you must think I'm disgusting for asking you to do that for me. I'm so sorry"
"Dont be silly, I'm glad you asked me, I loved it, and if you're disgusting well then that makes 2 of us because judging by my hard dick, I enjoyed it almost as much as you did, we can be disgusting together" I reassured her. She fumbled around with the top of my trousers so she could get her hand down and feel my cock. I have a decent size cock, its 7 and a quarter inches. I have just measured it now for the purpose of writing this! I've never had any complaints over it anyway. It's pretty thick too. I can send you a picture of it helps! Anyway, she was struggling to get her hand down the front, so I jumped up and had everything off in 2 seconds, and got back on the bed. She reached down and wrapped her hands around my cock and gave it a squeeze. She leaned over and started to kiss me. Of everything we had done that day, the kiss was the most odd. Shaving her pubes and fingering fucking my sister to orgasm didn't feel as odd as kissing her. I kind of disassociated her when I was dealing with her pussy, she wasn't my sister, she was a hot pregnant lady I was having fun with. But this made things a lot more intimate. I always loved my sister the way a brother does but this felt like a different kind of love, she is such a good kisser. I had to stop though because she was doing things with her hand that was pushing me to close to the edge and I didn't want to peak to soon.

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   I reached under her vest and round the back, I found the ties of her bikini top and gave them a pull, loosening it up. She done that amazing thing woman do were they wiggle the shoulders a little and hey presto a bra appears from under there armpit! I pulled her vest over her head revealing her tits. Wow, they was huge. She's always been busty but the pregnancy had made them massive. Easily the biggest pair I had the pleasure of touching. And her nipples too, they was big and dark, and as hard as my cock. I took them in my mouth and she breathed a sigh of lust. I moved my hand back down to her smooth mound and she opened her legs so I could rub her pussy again. After a few minutes she asked me to stop, she said she couldn't wait any longer, she needed my fat dick inside her. I stood up and asked her what was the best way. I had never had sex with a heavily pregnant woman before. She said Doggy style would work best, she shuffled over and got on her hands and knees at the end of the bed. I walked around and stood at the end of the bed. Perfect hight to enter her and fill up her waiting hole. But 1st I did what I always do in that situation, I kneeled down so I was face to face with her pussy (that doesn't make sense but you know what I mean!) I took a long lick from the bottom to the top, right along her slit, up to her ass.


   She mumbled something but her face was buried in the pillow so I didn't catch what she said. I licked her up and down for a few more minutes, getting my tongue as deep in her as I could. After a while she said she couldn't take it anymore, she needs to feel me go in. I stood up and took hold of my dick an guided it to her pussy. I pushed my way in forcing her lips aside and feeling the warm wetness envelope my hard cock. It slid in with ease, she was soaking wet at this point and I had no trouble filling her inside with my full length. I had to pull out straight away though because it was to intense. I thought I was going to blow. I squeezed my dickhard with my hand to stop myself. It took me a second but I composed myself and pushed it back in. She let out a long deep moan. Through the muffled sounds in the pillow I could make out things like, "Oh shit, Fucking Hell that's amazing" and "Thats it, Thats it don't stop" I was just trying to hold on and keep my rhythm going without cumming. She started to push her ass towards me and told me to go harder. I tried my best, all's I could hear was her loud breathing and my balls slapping her pussy hard. "Oh fuck, I'm there, that's it, keep going keep going, keep going" I carried on thrusting as best as I could and pushing her forward every time she pushed back.

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   Her body went rigid and her legs began to shake. She came so hard on my dick. I felt her walls swell inside and it almost pushed me over. She let out a long ohhhhh sound and fell forward on the bed and rolled onto her side. I stood there with my raging hard cock at the point of explosion stuck out infont of me. She looked over still out of breath. "Holy shit that was amazing, I came so hard, I had no idea brothers and sisters could do that!" she noticed my still swollen cock wet with her cum. She said "Ok it's your turn now" and with abit of effort she sat up on the edge of the bed in front of me. She inspected my dick lifting it up and down and looking at it all over. "I've never really thought about what your penis would look like, why would I? Your my brother, it's ment to be disgusting, but its not, I love it" she said. She licked the head a little and then put it in her mouth. I won't lie, I couldn't hold out for much longer, after about 30 seconds I said "I can't take it Kate, its to good" she sucked with more vigour, I just about managed to squeek out I was coming, she took me out of her mouth but kept her tongue on the head and jerked my cock. I exploded over her lips and chin and it dribbled down onto her breasts. She squeezed out every last drop and rubbed it across her cheeks. She looked down at the mess I had made.

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   I had never felt so satisfied. She lay back on the bed and I collapsed next to her. We both lay in silence for a while. Breathing deep. I eventually asked her how she felt and if she regretted it already. She said no not at all it was amazing. She kissed me again. I asked her if it was a one time only thing because she's horny because she's pregnant. She said she hopes not because she really wants to do it again. I agreed with her. We got cleaned up and went back downstairs. It was like a click of a switch and we was back to being no more than brother and sister again. Neil came home from work and found us sat watching Tele and talking rubbish like usual. I went home in a happy daze. I dreamed of all the things we could do together without people knowing.

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I went round the next morning after Neil had left for work. I was excited about what we could get up to. When Kate answerd the door she looked exhausted. She said she was up all night because the baby was kicking and moving. I made her lie down on the sofa and have a nap. I done some washing up and cleaned her house a little bit. When she woke up she seemed more herself. She had a smile on her face again, but she was complaining about stomach pains. It was the very early stages of Labour starting. I stayed with her until Neil came home. 32 hours later she gave birth to her little Boy. That was a few weeks ago now, I've been to see them and there all very happy. Nothing has been spoke about with what happened with us, she's in her baby bubble with her husband and everything is perfect. I don't know if it was one of them moments not to be repeated or if eventually she will speak to me about it. I hope so because it was amazing.

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   I won't push it though, she's happy at the minute. Who knows what the future will hold for us.

Thank you for reading all that. I have never wrote about things in my life before. I've never kept a diary or done any form of writing really. I just wanted to get actually what happened down in writing so I never forget the details. To all the grammar and spelling geeks, I'm sorry if my lack of writing skill offends you. I did my best! Hope you like it, feel free to tell me how u feel or ask any questions. Thank you all. Xx.