What She Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Her


Topic: Page 1Michael woke up. He had just had an amazing night with his girlfriend Camilla. There was a note on her side of the bed.
“Michael-I’ve gone to work, won’t be back for a bit got meeting at 4. Love, C”
He got up and went downstairs. On his way down the corridor, he noticed an open bedroom door. A redhead, who couldn’t have been more than 19 years old, was asleep on the bed. He went in the room and recognized the girl as Kellie, Camilla’s cousin.
She stirred in her sleep and a leg came out from under the covers. Is she naked? Michael was thinking. He lifted the cover and gasped. Greeting him was some 32C tits and a pink pussy with some faint hair. Michael longed to touch her and explore her body, like his dick wanted him to.
He thought of Camilla. She would be heartbroken if she knew he had cheated on her with Kellie. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her he thought before giving his dick a rub.

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   As he rubbed, he thought of Kellie moaning and groaning for him: “Michael, give me more!”
He moved onto her pussy, which was soft to touch. He gave it a lick before pushing his tongue in further. Kellie’s 19 year old pussy was much sweeter than Camilla’s 25 year old pussy. He stopped for a moment to find her ass and put his finger in. It was tight, tighter than the prostitute he had had sex with when he was 18.
His dick was gleaning with pre-cum. He stopped fingering and licking her and shoved is dick in. He couldn’t help it, he let out a groan. Kellie woke up.
“Michael? What the he-”
He stopped her by fucking her harder and harder. The curses eventually turned to moans of delight and pleasure mixing with his. He pulled out as she pouted.
“Michael! Why did you stop?”
He gave her his answer as he came all over her body. She started licking it up off her tits and arms. Michael grabbed her once most of the cum was gone and started fucking her ass.

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“Ohhhhhh yeahhh Michael yessssss I want mooooreeeee!” she was screaming.
He came again, this time in her ass, after which she was tired out. She leant over and kissed him.
“Thank you. That was the best sex ever. ”
As he was about to say “You’re Welcome”  he noticed the camera on her dresser and thought of Camilla rubbing her pussy at work.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. ”



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