What is impossible? Part 1


"Raju, Vidhya tai is planning to come over. Today. " I was busy reading an incest story on my phone on a Sunday morning when my mom said this. I wondered how she looked. It had been over 20 years that I had seen her.
I am Rajiv. My age is 34. I live in rural village of thane district near Mumbai. Vidhya tai was my distant cousin. She used to take care of me as a child and had gotten married when I must be 18-18 years old. I've never seen her or never even remembered her till then. But I was reading an incest story about mother and son and staring lustily at my moms back side, so as soon as I heard Vidhya tai's name. I wondered what windows of opportunities may open. My wife is an extremely god loving woman and at the age of 30 she has already lost interest in sex and devoted herself to prayers after my son was born. So my sex life was pretty much ZERO. She had gone to attend a cousins wedding for a week.

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   I was supposed to join her on the last day.

Me: okay.

Mom: you will have to pick her up from the station.

Me: okay.

I went to my room and got dressed to go to the station. When I came out,

Mom: how will you recognise her? Do you even remember how she looks?

Me: tell her I'll be waiting at theATM near the banyan tree. White pathani suit.

And I left for the station. I reached the ATM and waited. This station that I'm talking about, is not a crowded and busy one as u find in cities. This is a pretty relaxed place with 4-5 hawkers and few shops. Train comes every 30-45 mins. Train came in after 18 mins. I was looking at ladies who climbed down the railway bridge. Trying to connect to the face that I had a vague memory of.

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   Just then, I realised there was a lady standing next to me. I looked at their more carefully. She was wearing a maroon colored saree. Big binding on her forehead. Hair, tightly tied in a neat bun. Big beautiful eyes. Vidhya tai!!

Me: Vidhya tai??

Vidhya: Raja!!!

She hugged me tight. And held my face in her hand.

Vidhya: you have become a big man.

I smiled and took her bag and walked towards the car. She followed.

Vidhya: I thought I recognised you at first, but I wasn't sure. U were a baby when I had last seen you. Remember,you used to sleep with me and I used to bathe you every morning?

I wasn't sure what to say. I smiled and kept driving.

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   She looked attractive. She was tall 5"6' perhaps.
Her arms looked firm. She must be working at her fields. That's all I could make out right now. We reached home. She hugged my mom. They were both very emotional as they were meeting after very long. They sat on the sofa and kept talking. I left her luggage in the guest room and came back. I did not involve myself in their conversation, just sat in the hall and looked into the newspaper. I just wanted to be present around and check her out more. I could she her more clearly and comfortably now. Vidhya tai wasn't fat at all. I'm not sure if we could say thin.

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   I'd give you actress Radhika apte from the movie parched for closest body resemblance. Vidhya tai was a perfect desi beauty. I was stealing glances at my mom and Vidhya tai. After a while we had our lunch. Mom has an unavoidable habit of taking afternoon nap. She soon retired to her bedroom. I went to the terrace and lit up a joint. Vidhya tai was watching TV when I came up. Just as I canned my joint I saw Vidhya tai climbing up. I was buzzing because of the joint. Vidhya tai came and sat on a half wall in front of me. She enquired about general stuff.

Vidhya: say. what's new?

Me: (shared my professional overview)

Vidhya: my son will finish his graduation this year. Please help him with his career.

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Me: okay.

Vidhya: why are your eyes so red?

Me: happens sometimes. Do you drink? I mean, will you have a beer later in the evening?

Vidhya: haaw! You drink???

Me: no no. I quit. But I don't mind giving u a treat :-)

Vidhya: what if aunty (my mom) comes to know?

Me: she generally doesn't come up. I'll ask some one to slip a few beers on terrace by 7.

Vidhya: I'll have one glass only.

I laughed at her and after some general conversation I said.

Me: I was expecting you to look older. I was kinda stunned when I saw you.

Vidhya: I know you were stunned. I noticed how you were looking at me earlier.

I was embarrassed.

Me: I was just looking.

Vidhya: when is your wife coming back?

Me: A week from now.


   Why do u ask?

Vidhya: just like that. Come on, show me your room.

We walked down to my room. She got comfortable on the bed. I was sitting on the chair.

Vidhya: do u want to take a nap?

I thought she would leave if I said yes. I just switched on my computer.

Me: I've got some mails to finish.

She: I'll take a nap here. This bed is very comfortable.

I cursed in my mind "bhenchod, Accha chance gaya. "She would have probably let me lie down next to her.
soon she fell asleep. I opened a mom and son story from incest category. As I continued with the story, my dick got erected and I was rubbing it from over my track pant.

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   I looked at vidhya tai and thought I should seriously try to do something.
After a while, mom came to my room and vidhya tai woke up. I too got freshened up and went to the terrace of my bungalow for another joint. Now my home isn't secluded or in the farthest corners like in most stories. Its right in the centre of the civilisation. I called out to a boy from neighbourhood. I asked him to get a beer at 7 in evening.
I went down and sat in the kitchen where mom was preparing dinner and Vidhya tai was sitting on a chair at dining table. I took the seat next to Vidhya tai and joined their conversation. I could see Vidhya tai's flat stomach and back from the side. I kept looking at her so much that she probably must have noticed.
Exactly at 7 pm the boy came back with a backpack and called "Raj Dada". I signalled him to go to terrace. He went up, came back and left. Then I signalled vidhya tai about the beer.

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   She was hesitant but probably wanted to chill out too so I didn't have to convince her too much. She came up behind me with a plate of fried chicken. I opened the bottle.

Vidhya: I'll have one glass only.

Me: drink from the bottle as much as you want and leave the rest. We don't have glasses on top.

Vidhya: I may not be able to manage myself. I've drank only once before.

I didn't know what to say.

Vidhya: can we drink after dinner? I mean when mom is asleep.

Me: okay.

She caught me staring at her.

    Vidhya: what is it?

    Me: huh!

    Vidhya: you are staring. Since I came in, you've been staring.

    Me: you look nice.

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       Can't help.

    Vidhya: I'm liking the attention I'm getting but, don't let any naughty thoughts come to your mind.

    She blushed. I blushed. I stared at her stomach area then at her lips and I licked my lips.

    Me: of course! No naughty thoughts. .

    I was getting excited like I already had an intuition. I was gonna get lucky tonight. Vidhya tai was being pretty casual about it too. That probably encouraged me more.

    Vidhya: stop staring!!!

    Me: I can't, let's go down if you are not comfortable.

    I had to get confirm signals or I'd be in a terrible mess.

    Vidhya: its okay. We will wait for some time.

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       Just don't stare like this.

    I looked away for some time and looked back at her. Couldn't keep my eyes off her at all. I thought I'd get to the point as soon as I get next chance. Vidhya tai was saying something what I was not even listening to. She looked at me and shrieked.

    Vidhya: DONT STARE!!

    Me: I can't help. You look too beautiful. I'm sorry.

    I wanted to say sexy but I didn't.
    She and I were standing near the half-wall. She kept the plate on the wall and came near me and stood in front.

    Vidhya: you are mad.

    She smiled and I smiled back

    Me: you are astoundingly beautiful.

    She almost laughed and gave me a hug.


       I hugged her back. This time more confidently and my hands wrapped exactly around the exposed area between her saree and her blouse. I held her tighter and pulled her close to me. I pressed her body against mine. She laughed hard and wriggled in my arms.

    Vidhya: chi chi. . Pervert. . Leave me. .

    She was laughing which means she was not angry. I thought, this is the chance to seduce her (if she is not already seduced) and make my intentions clear to her. I pressed my groin against her and hugged her thighter.

    Me: this feels nice.

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       Please let this be for a while.

    She moaned.

    Vidhya: Oh. . .

    She pulled me into her. I was like 'yesss!! Now I'm sure I'll have her' and in that excitement I chewed on the side of her neck and started humping her. She laughed loudly and pushed me away.

    Vidhya: Mad you are!!!

    She started to leave.

    Vidhya: let's go down.

    I walked a few steps then some thing came over me. I hugged her again from back.

    Me: Oh vidhya tai!!! This feels really super nice. Wait For 5 mins please.

    Vidhya tai almost shivered.

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       She wasn't expecting this one probably.

    Vidhya: Rajaaaa! No. . Don't do this.

    My one and just below her boobs and other hand on her stomach. I was pressing hard against her. My semi erect penis gyrating slowly against her broad and fleshy bums over her saree. She held both my forearms with her hands and tried to open my hug by pushing my hands away. I did not let go. I whispered in her ear from back.

    Me: vidhya tai, 30 seconds. . . Please. .

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    She must have felt my penis. I wasn't wearing any underwear.
    She let her self loose and then squeezed and hugged my arms in front of her.

    To be continued. .
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