What I want...


What I want. . . I want him to slap me in the face and grab my hair, dragging me down to force his cock deep inside my throat. I want him to torture my nipples 'till tears start to form in my eyes and run down my cheeks. I want him to spray his cum all over my face and chest. I want him to make me scream while his thrusts drive his cock deeper inside of me than I thought was possible. I want him to scold me for liking it. I want him to punish me for being such a slut. I want the marks of his punishment all over my body. I want to see them and still feel sore the next morning, making me think of him all day long.

I want him to drag me to the floor and make me crawl for him. I want him to yell at me,I want to be humiliated, spanked and used. I want to obey him in every way possible and give him ultimate pleasure. I want to be his sex slave. .

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