We need eachother...


     "Uuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnn!" She moaned as I slowly slid the tip into her. I kept going, slowly, with her moaned getting louder and longer as I filled her up.  
     At only six inches, it is pretty average size, but it's girth is just under seven and this is key.
     I could feel a shudder run through her as my shaft almost fully filled her, and her moaning grew even louder. She was tight, and it felt good. Then I was all the way in, and I just stopped.  
     "wha. . . what are you doing? Come on!" I just stayed there, my full girth filling her as she lay out on the bed.  She started moving, slowly at first with a soft acceleration but then getting up and going at it full force.
     I couldn't take it anymore, I spread out her legs and lifted her to the right angle. . . And the most powerful orgasm I ever felt came over her.
     She was practically unconscious, I slowed down very slowly and began kissing her, which she liked a lot.

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   By this time she was pretty exhausted, but I kept it up knowing it would be rewarding.  
     I could feel myself bulging, getting closer to my own climax with every gliding penetration. I knew I was hitting her spot, and she loved it, with her moaning steadily growing in volume once again.
     I quickened my pace, but kept my strokes smooth and gentle.  We orgasmed together, powerfully, and I sat back exhausted. I leaned up next to her, admiring her wonderful body that I was lucky to get with her beautiful personality.  
     We had been married just under a year, and our connection went far beyond physical. Yet everytime we went to bed, the experience got better.    
     She was shorter, with a body that fit her height perfectly. Her curves were defined, but not too voluptuous. She was more than I could ask for or deserve.  
     We sat there a while, enjoying eachother's silent company before she started stroking me again. I got hard pretty quick, and she stratled me on the bed. Then, slowly, she lowered herself down over my erect cock, all the way in. Then, just as slow, lifted up over it.

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   She increased her pace steadily, until we were rocking together in a unmatched link of love and passion.  
     As her first orgasm came, I took over until she could recover, then she continued when she could. She had been moaning the whole time, and going on about my size and how perfect I felt in her.
      She came again, and I decided it was time to give her front a break.
    She was on her hands and knees, with her legs spread. I spread her juices around her ass, and lowered my tip between her legs, running it from the bottom of her vagina to her back hole.
          Gingerly, I forced just the tip into her soft ass, and man was that tight! I felt her squirm a little, but then she slowly began to move back and forth, taking more of me with every thrust.  
         "ohh, why haven't yoUUUH HHHNnnnnnn. . . Uhhhhooo. done this. . . oh, mmmmm.

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      . . before?"
         I couldnt say why not, but I certainly knew it wouldn't be dificult to do it again.  
         Suprisingly, she orgasmed again, not quite as strongly but good for an ass ride. I lost it then, and let it go right where I was filling her deep and full.  
         After taking a little time to recover, I turned on the shower  and we went in together.  
         We loved each other not due to our bodies, but sex is one of those wonderful ways to express love to a spouse. We really took advantage of that.