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My wife Ashley and I had been married for almost 3 years when this happend. She is a cute girl with big brown eyes and blonde hair. She is 4' 11" and maybe 87 lbs, so she is tiny with smooth slightly tan skin and a perfect ass. She has little boobs, not even an A cup with puffy inverted nipples like she stoped developing when she was 12 even though she is 26. Every one loves how tiny and cute she is. All of my guy friends make comments when we are drunk about how fun it must be to have sex with her. I just kinda joke along and go with the fun. I figure whats the harm in the drunken guy talk.
One night we went out to the bar. Ashley wore a jean mini skirt that really accented her perfect round ass, and a tube top that you could just slide right off of her tiny tits. It was driving me crazy that you could make out the outline of her puffy nipples. I was turned on by it, but I felt she was a little exposed. She told me it was a cute outfit and she wasnt going to change. She's always been a stuborn little thing.
When we got to the bar, my friends Mike, and Josh were there. Josh is a tall muscular black guy with a shaved head.

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   He stands about 6'5". Mike is not as tall, about 6'1" white with light brown hair. They both work out a lot, so they are in very good shape. Both of them are 28 and I am 32, so they like to call me the old man when they tease.
We all met up at the bar and Ashley took a seat on the stool as us guys remained standing. The conversation was on what we were going to drink and the football game from last week.
Throughout us chatting about nothing, I noticed Josh was looking at her smooth legs crossed as she sat facing the bar. I then noticed her smile like she knew he was looking and she loved the attention. As i stood on the left of her, she turned in the chair away from me toward Josh and leaned in to say something in his ear. He bent down to listen closer, and as he did I saw his eyes look down to her legs. I then glanced over a little to see that her legs were no longer crossed. Josh was still looking down at her slowly parting legs and his eyes lit up when she was wispering to him. I got a sick feeling in my stomach since i didnt know what she was saying, and they both had big smiles. A few minutes later a song came on that she wanted to dance to. I didnt feel like dancing yet, so Mike led her out to the dance floor.

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   I asked Josh what she was wispering about. He kinda just mumbled something that it was no big deal and started to order another drink.
I looked over at the dance floor, and there was my wife dancing with my friend Mike. At first it was nothing, then she turned away from him and started grinding her ass against his crotch. bending over with her legs still strait, all seductive. then leaned back against his chest as she put her arms way back behind his head. He then ran his hands down her arms, down her sides and i swear her top almost just slid down as he brought his fingertips over her puffy nipples that you could almost see through the top. I was getting a little mad that she was acting this way. She wasnt even that drunk yet. Josh looked over at me and said something about dancing with Ashley. I thought he was saying something about me dancing with her. I couldn't really hear him, so i answerd with saying "ya". I guess he was saying something about him dancing with her cuz he walked right over to her and Mike and started dancing facing them. Both of my friends had my wife sandwiched between thier bug muscular bodies. she looked so tiny and helpless, but she had a big smile on her face and was grinding them and dancing really sexy.

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   She had her hands all over both of thier bodies, and all i could see of her was her head and legs. The rest of her body was coverd in my friends big hands and arms.
After the dancing, the rest of the night at the bar went good. Drinking and joking was all we were concerned with. Ashley got the idea at last call to have all of us go back to our house and continue drinking. We had a pool table at our house, so drinking there only made sence. We got back to our house and went strait to the kitchen and poured drink after drink. I was doing shots i had never done, and had just about passed out. Josh helped me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed face down and shut the door when he walked out. I laid there for about ten minutes listening to them talking and laughing in the kitchen. I then got off my bed and on my hands and knees went to the door and cracked it open a bit so i could hear them better. I could only see Ashley from her chest up as the kitchen counter was blocking the rest of her. The guys i could see from about thier waist up. As they were talking Mike made a comment about doing another shot. Josh said "no way, unless we take body shots off of Ashley" Mike kinda chuckled like he was kidding.

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   My wife then sat up on the counter and laid herself back. Josh then took his big black hand and laid it on her little chest. His thumb was on one side of her body as his pinky was on the other side. Completely covering her entire chest with one hand. He then slowly slid his hand down her chest to her stomach draging her tiny top with it. My wifes little tits were right there fully exposed to both of my friends. Josh then took the bottle and poured the alcohal right on her tits, spilling over both of her puffy nipples. He leaned in and licked all over her chest, to her nipples, sucking them in his mouth. Then licking all the way to her neck as she tilted her head back and let out a little moan. Mike then said "my turn" He didnt even pour anything on her, he just started licking her flat stomach and sucked on her little tits. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. I had no idea what to do. I just laid there on the floor of our bedroom watching through a cracked door at my wife getting her tits sucked on by both of my friends. Ashley then sat up and hoped off the counter. Ithought it was all over for a second, then she tells Josh "remember i told you at the bar i wasnt wearing any panties for you" as she slides her mini skirt up over her ass.

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   Josh then unziped his pants and pulled out his huge black cock. My wife fell to her knees and grabbed it with both hands and did her best to try and fit the head of his massive cock in her mouth. She ended up licking his cock all over and stroking it making it wet and hard. She then looks up at him and said "my little pussy is dripping wet for your cock". She then stood up, and Josh pressed his cock against her chest like he was gonna titty fuck her little tits. She was so small standing infront of his big black body. His muscles showing as he pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants to the floor. Josh just grabed my wifes perfect ass with one hand and lifted her in the air. As she wrapped her little legs around him, he slowly lowerd her tiny body onto his huge cock. She moaned load as she sank down onto him, then hi lifted her back up a little. I could see his cock wet from my wifes pussy juice. I could see her tiny pussy streatched out as he just pumped his huge black cock deep in my wifes tiny white body. I found myself sick, but turned on at the same time. She was loving it. Just getting her pussy fucked hard and fast as he stood right in my living room fucking my wife like a doll.

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   He then started to moan. I could tell he was pumping his cum deep in my wifes pussy. She was screaming when he shot his cum deep inside her tiny body, her legs wereshaking from her orgasm. He then lowered her back to the ground, and as she climbed down from his massive black body. She looked up at him and said "i'm your little slut. you can fuck me like you own me any time". Josh put his clothes back on as him and Mike looked at eachother with a smirk. Josh said to him "told you the little thing wants my big cock. Now she's my little slut, maybe next time i'll let her suck your dick". My wife looked at Josh and replied "anything you want baby" as she kissed him passionately. Josh and Mike walked out the door and left. I got off the floor and laid back on the bed like i didnt see anything. Ashley came in the room and cuddled up next to me like a loving wife taking care of her drunk passed out husband. The next day I didnt say a word. I still havn't.

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   I love that my wife is getting fucked on a regular bases by my friends huge cock. I love fucking her even right after he gets done fucking her. There is nothing like the feeling of her freshly fucked wet pussy, dripping with the cum of another guy. .



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