Watching 2 Men Rape My Wife


It was late Saturday night. The last of my wife's friends headed out the door. Only a handful of people remained at the party. All of us had been drinking heavily all day. I took a walk through the house to see who was still here. The majority of our remaining guests were either passed out on a piece of furniture or curled up on the living room floor. After making my rounds my wife still seemed to be missing. I pulled out my phone and sent her a text message, before heading out to the deck for some fresh air.

Shortly after walking out on to the deck I heard my wife's phone ringing from my message. I looked around for a second before realizing the noise was coming from the second floor bedroom window. I turned to go back inside when I heard voices coming from the bedroom window. I paused for a second to see who was up there and what they were up to. I heard the mattress creek, but their voices were too low to make out.

I headed back inside to grab a beer. As I came out of the kitchen past the stairs I heard voices echoing from upstairs. Still wondering what my wife was up to I climbed the stairs to see who was up there.

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   I snuck quietly down the hallway, peaking in each room, before reaching the spare bedroom. I stood outside the door listening to what was going on inside.

"She is stone drunk, there is no way she's going to wake up, dude. " I was able to make out John's voice.
"Ok, I'll tie her hands to the bed just in case. " I heard Karl reply. I could hear the bed squeak for a few moments before falling silent again.

I wondered who John and Karl had in the room with them, and what they were planning on doing with her.
"Damn this girl's got a nice ass. " John commented before I heard him smack her across the ass.
"Haha, this bitch is really passed out drunk. " Karl laughed.

"How do you want to do this?" John asked, plotting their assault on their passed out soon to be fuck doll.
"You go ahead and do your thing; I'll sit and watch from the chair. " Karl offered.

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The sound of John slowly undressing the unconscious girl in my spare bedroom was trilling. I heard his pants unzip and hit the floor as he climbed onto the bed. My imagination ran wild as I pictured what he was doing to her. I carefully turned the knob and cracked the door open. My dick jumped in my pants as I saw a woman laying face down across the bed with her legs spread open and her ass propped up in the air. The bed ran across the wall opposite from the door giving me a full view of her fabulous body.

A pair of black thigh high lace stockings clung to her thick curvy legs; her skirt was unzipped and pulled half way down her ass exposing her black lace panties. John was stripped down to his boxers lying in bed next to her. I watched as his hands slid up and down her luscious things and over her plumb ass. Her shirt was nowhere to be seen and her bra was already unhooked. Her bare body looked so sexy in the faint moonlight. Her long blond hair ran down her back and covered the side of her face.

John stood up and grabbed her skirt tugging it the rest of the way down her thick thighs before tossing it on the floor. His boxers dropped to the floor as he climbed onto the bed between her spread legs. He knelt between her knees and groped her ass while stroking his hard dick in the other hand.

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My cock grew harder as I watched him stroking his huge dick just inches from her exposed pussy. John inched further between her legs until the tip of his cock rested between her upper thighs. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her ass off the bed puling her toward him as the head of his cock pressed into her pussy. I looked on in amazement as inch after inch of his massive dick disappeared between her legs as he worked deeper into her pussy. John continued to pump his cock deeper and deeper into this woman as she slept, picking up speed with every stroke. The bed rocked back and forth as he fucked her from behind. Her body slid further down the bed burying her face in a pillow as he pounded against her supple round ass.

Karl sat quietly masturbating as he watched John bury his dick in the faceless drunk. John let go of her waist and slid on top of her body keeping his cock buried deep inside her. He wrapped his arms around her torso as he rocked back and forth on top of her. Their bodies moved in sync as he pumped his dick deeper into her pussy.
"Ohhh yea baby. " She began to moan while John's thick cock filled her pussy. His strokes grew longer and deeper. I watched as all 8 inches slid in and out with every stroke as I rubbed my cock through my pants.

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"Yes fuck me baby. " I heard her muffled moan as he rammed her face into the pillow. There was something familiar about her voice that turned me on. I pulled out my dick and began to stroke it while I watched them fuck. John was just as turned on by her moaning fucking her faster and faster. His hips spazumed thrusting harder and harder, burying his dick as deep in her pussy as he reached his peak. John grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and grunted loudly as he exploded deep in

her pussy. His body clenched as his dick filled her pussy with his cum as he pulled her hair from her face.
"Give me that dick baby. " She sighed as I caught a glimpse of her face. I froze with my cock in my hand as I realized it was my wife who was passed out drunk on the bed. I gawked as John pushed himself up. My eyes fixated on his dick as it slowly slid from her pussy leaving a trail of cum across her thigh. My dick throbbed with excitement seeing his cum trickle from her soaking wet snatch.

I stood there breathless as I realized I just watched a friend of mine fuck my passed out wife.

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   Alternating feelings of rage and arousal coursed through my body as I watched Karl get up and walk toward the bed. He grabbed her legs and rolled her over onto her back. My cock throbbed as I saw my wife's huge tits bounce around on her chest with her legs spread wide open. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking harder than ever as Karl climbed onto the bed and between her legs. He took his time slowly licking from her stomach up around her massive tits before moving up her neck. Her legs lifted in the air as Karl began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. I jerked my dick in anger as Karl pounded his dick into my wife's pussy.

"Oh yes fuck my pussy!" she cried as Karl pumped his dick deeper and deeper into her sloppy wet hole. Her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer as he rocked on top of her. Listening to Karl making my wife moan while he fucked her pussy drove me mad. Watching her enjoy herself with another man's dick inside her made me want to explode.

"Yes fuck me harder!" she moaned fading in and out of consciousness while Karl drove his dick deeper into her pussy. He ran his tongue up the side of her neck while he worked his dick in and out of her pussy.
"Oh my god baby! Fuck my pussy harder!" she screamed becoming more and more lucid with every stroke.
"Please baby fuck my pussy!" she cried wrapping her legs tighter around his waist.

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"Your pussy feels so good!' Karl moaned into her ear. Up until now I was convinced she was passed out or at least too drunk to know she was being used like a fuck toy. She must have recognized his voiceas she came back to her senses realizing her arms were tied down. She began to struggle to get loose even though Karl continued to rock back and forth on top of her.

"Oh my god! Where am I?" She gasped looking up at him while his hard throbbing shaft stuffed her pussy. Karl looked over at John flashing a look of panic. John gathered his clothes and slid into the bathroom. Karl sped up his pace and began fucking her faster and deeper, determined to finish what he started.
"Why are you doing this to me?" My wife whimpered as Karl pumped his dick deeper and deeper into her pussy.
"Please stop, Oh fuck!" She gasped out, her cry for help quickly turning to a cry of pleasure. Hearing my wife's cry for help turn to moan of pleasure turned me on more than ever. She continued to moan unable to hold back her own pleasure as Karl fucked her into orgasm.

"Fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!" She screamed as he pounded her as hard as he could.
"Oh my god I'm cuming!" she moaned louder and louder while his cock throbbed inside her. Karl wrapped his arms around her as he pushed his throbbing hard dick deeper in her pussy.

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  As her orgasm faded she realized Karl was moments away from cuming.

"Please don't cum inside me. " She whispered into Karl's ear as he slid his dick in and out of her cum filled pussy. Karl continued to fuck her pussy unfazed by her request.
"Fuck you're so fucking wet!" he moaned pumping faster and deeper.
"Please, I'm begging you!" she cried as she felt his cock throbbing deep inside her. Tears streamed down her face as he continued to fuck her harder and deeper.

"Please don't cum in my pussy!" she begged again.
"Shhh I'm going to cum so hard" He whispered into her ear before covering her mouth with his hand. My wife squirmed wildly beneath him as he pumped out his last strokes. The sound of her muffled screaming while he pounded her senseless turned me on even more.

"please don't cum inside me. " She sobbed as Karl buried his dick as deep in her pussy as he could. His body twitched as his dick exploded inside my wife's pussy. His throbbing dick shot load after load of hot creamy cum deep inside my wife.

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"I'm cuming inside your pussy!" he moaned into her ear as she fought back another moan.
"Oh fuck yes!" she moaned as Karl's throbbing dick brought her to orgasm as he filled her with his cum. As he pulled out of her, his cock pulsed spraying cum across her stomach and landing across her tits. The rest of his cum ran down the inside of her thighs. He got dressed in a flash and darted for the door. He pulled the open before I could stop him leaving me in plain view of my freshly raped wife. Her face filled with outrage when she discovered I had been watching as she was raped.
"What the fuck!" she screamed. "You were watching the whole time?"she questioned me. I tried to explain that I didn't know it was her.

"Why are you hard? Did you jerk off watching your friends rape me!?!" she screamed in anger. Her naked body flopped around on the bed as she tried to get loose. Karl's cum glistened as it ran down her tits and down her stomach. My dick was incredibly hard as I continued to stroke myself in front of her.
"I can't fucking believe you let them do that!" she yelled thrashing around on the bed.

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   I couldn't help myself. I jumped on the bed and crawled between her legs.

"Get the fuck off of me!" she screamed and squirmed. I pushed her legs apart and forced my way into her cum filled pussy. She continued to protest as I rammed my dick deep into her soaking wet slit. I wrapped my arms around her and pumped my dick into her pussy as hard as I could.
"How does it feel to slide your dick into my pussy after another man already filled it with cum?" She said hoping to discourage me from finishing, but hearing her be so filthy was a turn on.

"You're so fucking wet. " I moaned as my cock slid in and out of her pussy.
"That's right. Every inch of your cock is soaking in another man's cum. " She teased while I continued to push deeper into her hot slimy pussy.
"You might as well cum inside me too!" she said sarcastically. My dick throbbed deep inside her pussy so close to cuming.

"Go ahead, cum in my pussy.

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   It's already full. " She taunted pushing me over the edge. I pulled out of her pussy and shot a huge string of cum up across her stomach and between her tits. Three more blasts of sticky white cum sprayed all over her tits before I finished.

"I hope that was worth it!" She said giving me the most evil look. I looked at her smiling, reached down and began to smear my load across her stomach and all over her breasts until every inch of her skin was glistening in cum.