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She wakes, blinking as she looks at the clock. 8:33. Man Thursdays are nice. . . able to sleep in, work doesn't start till 11:00. Her thoughts, as they often do in the morning, drift to Him. Hes working today, probably already been gone for hours. She glances at her cell and her laptop, positioned next to her bed. A "Good Morning", but not much more, yep, hes at work. They talk often. . . but their situation is a strange one. She reflects on it a bit, how frustrating it is that distance and family keep them apart. Well, not that her family knows shes interested in him, though she suspects her little brother has suspicions, hes caught them flirting a bit sometimes.



The problem, well, the main one, is that he was her uncle. They were close in age, being just a few years apart, so they always referred to each other as "cousin", but she had still always looked up to him a bit. He was nice to her, and had always protected her. They didn't get to meet often, he lived a long ways from her side of the family, but as they had gotten older they had started talking on the internet. They had become close. . . and she had discovered she was attracted to him. Not just a little, but actually cared deeply for him, and wanted him.

As she got up she stripped off her tshirt, that he had given her, and pulled on a different one, one more suitable for walking around the house. Everyone else should be gone by now, but she wanted to check. She slid into some tight jeans, loving the way they hugged her body. Socks, not matching of course, and then its time to prowl around the house, make sure its empty. Her dog, a black lab, looks at her when she walks through the kitchen, and she of course gives him a few minutes of attention. No one seems home.

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  . . good. She heads back downstairs, thinking "I may as well see if I can do this. . . ". She gathers her two cameras, one her older but more powerful digital SLR, the othera small but well reviewed pocket sized camera. Both took videos. . . she would need that.

She had found out a while back that he was also not averse to "keeping it in the family". . .

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   she had discovered from things he had said, probably without meaning to, that he was curious about his little sister, that he had been attracted to her. She was jealous, but it also turned her on, and reassured her that maybe he would be willing tocome to her, if she were to invite him, if she let him know she was interested. He had always told her she was beautiful, and she had caught him very carefully "Not Looking" at her a few times. She loved to watch his lips move and his breath catch as she would casually slide her hand across her throat. Even her own brothers had told her she had a wonderful neck, she had always been proud of it.

One night when He and She had been talking on-line, video chatting, she got bold. She started teasing him as they talked, playing with her neck, toying with the bottom of her shirt. She watched him, so careful, so respectful, and it just made her want him more. She bit her lip, and brought her shirt up a little higher, exposing her belly button and the piercing within. Her mom had had a fit about it, but it was all worth it when she saw his eyes fixed on her hand, as she slowly started running her finger along the barbell, twirling the ball at the end, teasing him, wondering if he was imagining her fingers on other parts of her, or on him. Either way would work. . . now it was time. She tease at her shirt and asked if he wanted her to take it off.

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He was so shy! It was cute really, to watch him try to decide how he should answer, torn between his desires and his fear that he shouldn't want her. She made the decision for him, slowly taking off her shirt, exposing the black bra underneath. It was the first time she had crossed that line, but she was determined that it would never be the last. She wanted him, needed him, craved to have every part of him, no matter how wrong her family might find it. And she knew he wanted her, cared about her, and respected her. He was all she could ever ask for in a guy, if only her family could see that!

Snapping her thoughts back to the moment, she walked to her bathroom and set the cameras on the counter. Gaging the room a bit, she decided to place one on the counter, stacked on a few books from her room to bring it up a bit, and the other angled from the back of the toilet. This would give her several different views, and hopefully it would turn out well. She was nervous, this was a huge leap for her, something she had never done before. She had not told him her plans, she didn't want to scare him away or get his hopes up. She knew he had interests beyond what most people would find "normal", but she adored him and loved that he wanted her. She was willing to try and entice him, to be what he desired, even if he couldn't ask it of her. He was so polite and good to her, she just wanted to give him a gift, even if he hated gifts.

She took a deep breath, and turned the cameras on, checking to make sure the views would be good. She turned on all the lights in the bathroom, hoping it would be enough.

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   She wasn't sure she would have the courage to go through with this, but she really did want to make him happy. She hit record on both cameras, and stepped to the best spot for them to both get a good view of her.

She had caught him once, when he had been showing her something with a screen share over the internet, looking at a picture of a girl peeing her pants. He had switched windows wrong, and the picture had flashed on her screen for several seconds before he got it closed. He was embarrassed, she could tell, shy about it. It intrigued her, she didn't know why it turned him on, obviously it did why else would he be looking at it, but she was very curious. He seemed reluctant to talk about it, so she did not push much, figuring he would come to her about it if he wanted. But she didn't forget.

She had prepared last night, drinking several bottles of water before bed. The pressure was strong, her bladder ached for release. She was scared a bit, worried how he would receive these videos, whether she was doing something he would appreciate, or if he would just be embarrassed and want nothing to do with her. But her instinct was that by accepting him, accepting this part of him, she would bring him closer to her. And she loved turning him on as well, and even if he was embarrassed, she knew it would get him hard.

She closed her eyes, the cameras running, and slid her hands along her sides, sliding up and down from her breasts to her hips. She took in another deep breath, and tried to relax, tried to let go.

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   Wouldn't happen. Grr. Ok, Calm. Patience, Lets try again. This time she grabbed her breasts as she took the breath, and the sensitivity of her nipples shocked her enough that she relaxed her muscles.

She moaned deeply as the stream of piss flowed from her body, the relief of release overtaking her. It felt so good to let go, to relax. Her panties, a pair of tight little bikini cut, baby blue, quickly became soaked. She felt the waterfall of hot pee run down her legs, her tight jeans sticking to her. She opened her eyes and looked down, past
her hands which were still squeezing her breasts, down to her socks. She watched them darken as she felt the liquid soak them, and a puddle beginning to form on the floor. Still it flowed from her body, her moan of relief extended as she threw her head back and relished the wonderful feeling. It wasn't the piss soaking her clothes and her body that felt so good to her, though she suspected, almost knew, that it would turn him on. It was the feelings in her body, as that much pressure was released, as she no longer had to hold it in. It was a feeling like no other, and felt so damned nice to let go.

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It flowed for some time, she lost track really as the moment stretched on, she was sure it wouldn't be that long when he watched the video, but it felt like an eternity to her as the urine kept flowing forth from her body, the puddle on the floor growing. Finally it stopped, and she shuddered a bit as the last bits came out of her, those last few spurts making their way to join the rest. She stood there, not believing quite how it had felt and what she had just done, starting to again slowly run her hands along her sides.

After a few moments of that, loving the sensation as always, she brought her hands together in front of her, at the button of her jeans. She leaned over, so her ass pointed to one of the cameras even closer, and started to slowly undo her pants. The other camera should be catching the view down her shirt and her hands working at her pants. After they were unzipped, she slowly slid them off. She had to stop the panties from sticking the the jeans, between how tight her clothes were and the piss soaking them together they just wanted to peel off. But this should be done slow, teasing. She slid her jeans down and off her body, bringing her hands back up along her legs, feeling how wet they were. She brought one hand up along the front of her panties, cupping her pussy slightly as her hands went to the waist of the bikinis. She tugged them off her, exposing herself to the camera fully. she let them fall the last way down to her ankles, and stepped out of them.

Still bent over, she brought her hand back up and caressed herself, loving the way her hand felt, pressing against her, her finger poised at her entrance. She hesitated there, just twirling her finger slightly and teasing her wet pussy, teasing herself by not going inside.

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   When she finally did slip into herself, it was just the barest tip, to the first joint on her finger, again twirling it around just inside her. It was one of her favorite feelings, just that little bit, how her body and mind craved more inside her. She finally gave in, and slid a finger completely inside her, as deep as she could go. She started moving her hips, thrusting in time with her finger, starting slowly and fucking herself, gently at first, but with building urgency.

After a bit one finger was not enough, and she slipped a second inside as well. As they reached the bottom of her depth she would spread them slightly, pressing against her walls and she pulled them back out. Then she would close them together again and thrust deeply, repeating this pattern as she felt her body start to build the possibility of release of another kind. Her muscles twitched and she let out a shuddering moan as climax overtook her, Her fingers found their way deep inside her once more, holding there, filling her as best they could as her body grasped at them. Her leg was twitching she realized a moment later, and she stood upright, still not taking her fingers out of herself. Stable once more, she just stood there a moment and enjoyed the afterglow. After a bit she slowly slid the fingers out and brought them to her face, sniffing curiously. She had always kind of liked the scent of herself when aroused, but she was curious what the pee would do to change it. It was different, but not automatically bad either. Strange to be sure. She shook her head a bit, conscious that she still needed to clean up and go to work on time.

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She reached over and made sure the cameras were still on, but moved them where they would be safe from the shower, which she promptly turned on so it could warm. While she waited for it to be tolerable she used her toes to strip the socks off, and pulled the shirt over her head. Having worn no bra she now stood naked. She glanced in the mirror, noticing every flaw she hated, but overall admitted she was not unattractive. She just knew where all the "problems" were. She checked the water, and stepped in. Still playing up a bit for the camera she started to bathe, letting the scalding hot water wash over her naked body. It felt good, and she started to lather herself up, teasing both herself and the camera. She decided that this time she would let the earlier show speak for itself, and though she may have spent a little extra time cleaning her breasts and pussy, she refrained from actually going ahead and playing. No time, and might not let the earlier bits shine through. Can always take another shower tonight. . .

After she finished, she toweled off, careful not to step on the wet clothes or the puddle on the floor. She blew a kiss to each camera, and turned them off.

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   She got dressed for the day, and carefully cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, mopping the floor quickly and putting the clothes in the washer, along with a few others. She was running a bit later than she had planned now, so she quickly transferred the files to her computer, and started them uploading so he would get them when he got home from work. She wiped the cameras memory, wrote him a quick message to let him know to enjoy the files and that she missed him, and headed to work.



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