Visiting Some of Califoria'a Most Private Places


Not long ago my wife and I flew to California on vacation.   While there we stayed a couple days at Rachel and Herman’s house, although Herm was unfortunately traveling for his company.   We’d been close friends for many years before they took a job transfer to California.   When I say close friends, I mean that not only were we friends but we’d been about as intimate as you can be without sleeping together.   We’d gone skinny dipping together, had made love to our partners with nothing but an open doorway between us - close enough to hear each other’s lovemaking, but somehow this had never translated into sharing sexually together, at least beyond knowing what Rachel sounded like when she climaxed.   I was a little sad about that.   Not only was Rachel a knockout in looks, but she was also the only woman my wife, who had never been with a woman sexually, openly fantasized about.   But we’d had so many opportunities to become sexual and nothing had happened when we were young couples in our twenties, then thirties, and there was no reason to expect things to change in our 40’s.
We arrived at their house on a Friday afternoon.   Rachel had left us a key, had food in the refrigerator for us, and a note, saying she would be home about 6pm.   She actually drug in obviously tired at 7.   She flopped in the couch.   Laying back she visited with us for a couple hours, just relaxing.   My wife Jenny moved over and sat at her feet, eventually pulling off her shoes and taking them in her lap.   Rachel moaned in pleasure when Jenny began massaging her foot commenting that her Herm didn’t ever rub her feet.
“Well just relax and enjoy,” Jenny assured her as we continued to visit, but Rachel’s words were now mixed into a nearly constant stream of moans and soft sighs of pleasure and conversation trailed off as Jenny moved her hands up onto Rachel’s calves, gently kneading, working up toward her knee.

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    Rachel flopped her other leg onto the floor and using it for leverage repositioned herself lower on the couch allowing Jenny, if she wished, better access to her upper leg.   I sat watching from 3 feet away, just the other sofa, my breathing quickening, my cock stirring with the possibilities.   At last, as I watched my wife begin running her fingers along Rachel’s inner thigh, I could leave things alone no longer and sitting on the floor I took her other leg in my hands and began working to catch up with Jenny, who smiled at me and slowed her pace until I had done the foot and calf, then joined her on the inner thigh.   By this time, Rachel’s short skirt had ridden up, so right at my eye level was the lovely sight of her sex, encased in a lacey thong.
Rachel was making distinctly sexual sounds now her eyes shut as my wife’s and my hands rubbed her inner thighs, only a few short inches shy of her womanhood.   Her nipples were clearly erect and pressed against the thin fabric of her blouse demanding their own share of attention, but they would have to wait a little longer.   Instead both Jenny and I ran our fingers eagerly over the skin at the edge of her thong, the crouch of which was now visibly soaked with Rachel’s arousal.
The moment of truth was fast approaching and I knew we were crossing over to a new level of friendship as I watch my wife running her fingers lightly over cleft of Rachel’s sex, now clearly outlined under the wet crouch of her thong.   I moved up toward Rachel’s face and kissed her hungrily, her mouth opening and her own tongue darting forth to play with mine.   I felt her lift her hips and glancing down I saw Jenny pulled the thong off showing us both our friend’s completely shaved vulva and light pink labia glistening with female juices.   I was frantically pulling Rachel’s shirt open as Jenny bent her head to pleasure her friend and in so doing would taste the very first female essence she’d ever had aside from her own.
Rachel gasped and cried out in delight as Jenny made contact with her sex just as I gained access to her bra clad D+ cup breasts.
      I pulled the cups down revealing her white orbs  topped with stiff pink nipples which I quickly began teasing with my tongue before sucking them firmly feeling her arch upward encouraging me to provide even more pleasure for her nipples.   So I reached over and began tugging and twisting gently on the other nipple while playfully biting the starkly stiff nipple in between my lips her hands pressing my head harder to her breasts as she suddenly cried out her orgasm ripping through her body like an express train, her whole being convulsing as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her being.
    When she came down to each once more she smiled at us both.

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        “I wanted to do this with you for twenty years!”  Then she stretched her back like a cat and purred.   Let go to bed.   I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to work tomorrow after fucking all night…then eying my cock making a huge bulge in my pants, she said, “I don’t think I’ll care either!”
    And with that we all headed toward her bed, but that is a story for another time.
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