Virginia, episode 16


I had been with a few other women before I met Virginia and I had always been curious about her
At a time when my friend Virginia and I were both on the outs with our husbands, we decided to take a weekend off and drive over the hill from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe for a little diversion.

Our plan was to get some sun, lay by the pool, gamble and pamper ourselves. The drive up the mountainous Highway 50 was uneventful. The topic of conversation was mostly what miserable bastards our men were. We had made a great choice in our getaway, especially without the men. We could both feel the tension lifting as we saw the late evening casino lights as we made our way downhill from the summit.

There was some sort of convention in town and Tahoe was in full swing. We checked into our room at Harvey's and thought nothing of taking the only available single bed accommodation available. I knew that spending the weekend with Virginia would be fun, but the thought of sleeping in the same bed with her was giving me all sorts of horny ideas. However, we decided not to spend much time time in the room, so we quickly made our way downstairs again to one of the popular casino clubs for a couple of drinks to loosen up and play the machines at the bar.

I had always thought Virginia was hot. I had been with a few other women before I met Virginia and I had always been curious about her, but until now, I never seriously thought about hitting on her because she seemed very straight. But we had a lot of fun together, and also we were co-workers. What she didn't know at the time was that I had fucked her husband before she met him. It was just coincidence that my husband, Ted, and I met Hank at a swingers party and went home with him and his girlfriend, Lois, at the time and had a good time with them. Several years later Virginia introduced us to Hank, the new man in her life.

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   We kept that information from her hoping that sooner or later we could swing openly with them. I wanted to eat her cunt. I imagined her full, and voluptuous curves beside me in bed that night and felt a torrid rush of excitement about the upcoming evening.

That night, we danced to the beat in the lounge, mostly together. . . drank, gambled, and generally had a blast. We forgot all about our men at home, and finally went back up to the room a little drunk and exhausted. We held onto each other as we went into the elevator. Virginia was on the verge of passing out on me.

"Lean on me, babe. " I put my right arm around her waist and she draped her left arm around my neck. I pulled her close and felt her hip rub against my pubic bone. The elevator lurched to a halt when we reached our floor and her knees buckled. To keep from falling she turned facing me and her right arm also went around my neck as she tried to stay on her feet.

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   With both my arms around her waist I pulled her tightly to me and felt her pelvis against mine. She was too drunk to think much of it at all but I thoroughly enjoyed holding her buttocks with my hands momentarily. We made it to the room, but Virginia was barely able to walk without my help. I was all to happy to help with my arm around her waist, sometimes brushing her breasts. Be she hardly noticed. I walked her to the bed and she collapsed, fully clothed.

"Virginia!" I tried to wake her. Virginia, get undressed. Get in bed, babe. " I went into the bathroom to undress and pee. When I came out she was on her feet, leaning against the courtesy bar holding a miniature bottle of gin to her mouth.

She turned to look at me, "I was thirsty. "

"I don't think you needed that, Virginia. You're drunk enough already!" It was too late. She drank the last of the gin and started to undress.

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   She didn't get very far. She sat on the edge of the bed and fell back unconscious. I realized that I had to undress her before putting her under the blankets. I held her arms and standing in front of her I pulled her into an upright sitting position. She wrapped her arms around my waist and leaned her head heavily against my stomach. I managed to pull her blouse off. In doing so a breast popped out of her bra. By now I was horny as hell and I wanted to suck on her nipple. Her hands slid down to my ass and unconsciously she hugged my buttocks tightly. She pressed her cheek to my belly like a pillow and moaned softly. Laying flat on her back it was easy to pull her skirt down her legs. She was an inviting scene with her breasts exposed, bra hanging loosely, her panty wedged up between her legs. I could see her labia plainly exposed. I stood next to the bed and looked at her.

"Virginia! Virginia, get under the blankets.

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  " I did not expect much of a response. I just wanted to see if she was awake at all. She wasn't. I sat next to her and unable to resist I put my hand on her belly just above her panty and stroked lightly. No response at all. . . even when I reached for her breast and cupped it gently. I undressed and after turning the room lights off climbed in next to her and covered us with the blanket. I needed to touch myself. I wanted to touch her while I was fingering myself. Snuggling close to her I turned on my left side and placed my right hand on her right leg just above her knee. I rubbed her inner thigh reaching ever higher till my fingers brushed her pussy. She didn't feel a thing so with thumb and forefinger I gently pinched her clit between her pussy lips. I really wanted to get my mouth on her.

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   I slid down so I could take a nipple in my mouth as I continued to finger her cunt. i rested my cheek against her right breast and flicked my tongue over it till I sucked it to my hungry tongue. She moaned softly again and twisting slightly, she squeezed her thighs together. I let go of her nipple and pulled my fingers away fearful that she would wake.

I whispered to her, "Virginia, honey. Virginia?" She was still asleep, but she turned on her right side facing me and to my surprise she lifted her left leg and draped it over my right hip. I stretched my left arm under her head and she rested there. My right hand was free to explore Virginia. I knew that our friendship would be over if she woke up and rejected my attention. My need to touch her and my overwhelming lust overcame any fear of the consequences and I threw all caution to the wind. At first I rubbed her hip, buttocks and down the back of her leg. I did this for a few minutes before my fingers ventured down the crack of her ass. She sifted again and her leg seemed to hug me closer to her. My cunt was throbbing with want of attention. I couldn't reach it with my left arm trapped under her cheek and her left leg wrapped over my hips.

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   My fingers slipped past her pucker ring down to her pussy from behind. As gently as my lust allowed, I again felt her labia between my fingers. With my forefinger I found her slit damp and without difficulty inserted it into her up to the first knuckle. My finger tip was warm and wet inside her and I felt her arch her back, her leg pulling me closer to her. She moaned again and her cheek on my arm turned and her mouth opened on the crook of my elbow and like she was kissing someone on the lips.

I heard her mumble, "Mmmmm, Hank. " i stopped momentarily. She began to suck on my arm, then softly, "Fuck me, honey. " She didn't know where she was or who she was with. I pushed my finger deeper into her and explored her warm hole. She continued to moan softly as she sucked on the inside of my arm. Her left arm wrapped itself around my neck. I knew she was dreaming she was home in bed with Hank, her husband. i fingered her till I felt her juices flowing then I added another finger and slowly churned her dripping cunt. She hugged me tightly and her mouth found my neck where she continued to suck.

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   She humped her mound into my hip. I had two fingers in her with my thumb teasing her nether hole. I pushed my fingers in to the second knuckle and slowly twisted them inside her. My fingers were soaked with her juices so I started thrusting a little faster really enjoying the sensation of fucking her with my hand. My pussy throbbed and I thought of all the things I wanted to do to her.

She started to make breathy sounds, and as she came in a long series of contractions around my fingers. She made a series of suppressed grunts of pleasure, which gradually became sighs as her orgasm faded away. As she came her legs twisted and jumped and her belly muscles contacted, jerking her hips upward. I knew she was awake as she climbed on top of me. Our legs scissored as she mashed her cunt against mine. I orgasmed immediately and pulled her ass to me as she ground herself into me. Her mouth found my aching breast and she sucked my hard nipples.

"Ohhhhh, Dot!" Yeah, she was awake now. "Dot, honey, don't stop. Please, don't stop!" The blankets were pushed far down at the foot of the bed.

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   She found my open mouth and our tongues wrestled hotly.

"Are you Okay," I asked.

"More than Okay, babe. You don't know how long I've wanted this. And, to wake up with you like this is heaven. Did you lick my pussy while I was out? Did I miss that?"

"No, baby. I was going to get to that.

"Let's do that, Dot. I want to do that. " Quickly she lifted herself up and turned around into a sixty-nine. Her mouth closed over my cunt entirely and I wondered if she had ever done this before. With her knees on either side of my head I held her ass-cheeks and pulled her cunt down to my face. i felt her tongue hot and lapping on my labia. i had another orgasm within seconds and I felt her cunt pulsate around my nose as i sucked on her clit.

Her lips moved on my pussy, "Dot, baby.

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   Put your fingers in my again. I would love getting fucked while you eat me. "

I asked her, "Do you miss his cock, sweetheart. Are you thinking about Hank's cock, honey?"

"Actually, babe, I was thinking about Ted's cock. "

"Really? Would you like to have Ted's cock to play with while I eat you?"

"Oh yeah! i know you two swing and I've always wondered how it would be in a threesome with you. "

"Well! I think my husband would be more than happy to oblige. I know he thinks you're hot. i've seen you dance with him. You get real cozy with him, don't you?"

"Yes, I love to make him hard. I've felt it rubbing on me a couple of times. i guess now's a good a time to tell you that I know you fucked Hank when he was swinging with Lois. That's how i got hot thinking about swinging with you and Ted. He confessed to me the night of our wedding reception. He knew we were good friends and he said he would rather I hear it from him. "

"I guess you're not angry with me?"

"Oh, no.

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   It's Okay really," she answered. She caressed my breasts and suckled a nipple and said, "That was before I met him and I know you didn't want to hurt me. Besides," she said, "He wants to swing again. I told him I didn't want to do that. "

"And now you want to?" I had to find out where conversation this was going, but it was sounding better and better and was rubbing her pussy palm down as she spoke.

"Of course! Now I want to. I thought about it a lot but I could never do that with anyone else but you and Ted. " We talked ourselves into another round of orgasms and eventually fell asleep, arms and legs wrapped around each other.

As the sun crept through the curtains the next morning, we still horny as hell. We were both feeling a little self-conscious about being naked in front of each other in the light of day, but as we came together under the water, I saw her beautiful tits and I couldn't keep my hands and mouth off off them. I always thought big nipples were sexy, and she had huge, brown nipples that I found so appealing I wanted to touch them.

"Virginia, but your breasts are gorgeous!"

She didn’t seem to give it a thought, and said, "Yours are not so bad either" I saw her eyes look me up and down, stopping for what seemed like a long time at my pussy.

"I've never seen you naked before, Dot. I mean, last night I felt you all over," and she palmed my pussy slipping a single finger between my labia.

She asked how long I have been shaving, and I said, "Never, the hair down there is too sparse and blond to see.


  " She said she had always wanted to shave, but was afraid to cut herself. The thought of shaving her bush turned me on a little, so I suggested that she try it, and to my surprise, she asked me to help.

I didn't need to wonder if she could possibly be as turned on as I was.

She slipped out of the shower to find a hotel razor. She sat on the tub rim and spread her legs, "Lets do it!" I stared at her pussy so long she said, "Dot. Are you going to stare at it all day or are you going to shave me?"

It was not hairy at all, just a small patch of hair, and it was light in color. I felt my nipples harden and my pussy getting wet. Standing in front of her naked felt good. I wanted her to make her cum again like I did last night.

She asked if I had ever been with many other women. I said, "Yes, many times. " There was a long moment of silence as we both looked at each other's naked bodies.

I told her that I started liking girls since I was a teenager, but that I also liked men. "Ted knows about it and we've been swinging ever since we got married. Our first threesome was with our maid-of-honor.

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   Have you ever done it. "

She replied, "Yeah, a couple of times. I never would have started anything, but Sue wanted to, I gave in to her and she did me good. We did it a few times after that when we were drunk. You remember Sue?"

I picked up the razor and neared her beautiful pussy. "Yes, isn't she renting your old apartment?"

I got some shaving cream and handed it to her, and she said, "Yes she's my renter. Do it, Dot. " I didn't
hesitate for a second. I put some of the cream in my hand and started to apply it on her pussy. I massage it, onto her clit. I slid my finger inside her and sucked on those big, brown nipples. "Oh baby, that's feels so good!"

Before I could pick up the razor, she took some of the shaving cream and reached out and put some on my breast. I was ready to come. . .

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  just the brush of her hand on my tit sent shivers down my spine. I was ready to go for it. . . there was no turning back now. I continued to rub the creme on her pussy, massaging sensually, feeling her clit, and exploring her lips. She began touching my tits, and my nipples got hard. As I rubbed, she bent down and started to suck on my tit. I was ready to taste her pussy now. I smeared the creme off with a towel and got on my knees and spread her pussy lips apart, and started sucking. I stuck my tongue way up inside her and sucked at her juices. She moaned for me. I was enjoying it so much, I almost came myself. I sucked her clit, and flicked it with my tongue. She started to talk dirty and that really turned me on.

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She was saying, "Eat my pussy, Dot. " I fucked her with my finger while I sucked her clit. She pinched her nipples and arched backwards against the tile wall. I didn’t want her to come. . . I wanted to eat her pussy forever. She told me what she wanted and I obeyed each direction.

"Suck it hard," and I did. . . . "Lick my clit," and I did, "Put your fingers in my pussy, Dot. " I fingered her while sucking her wet pussy until she came.

She lay still against the wall for a minute, and told me, "You have given me some of the best orgasms I've had in a long time, Dot.

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   Better than my husband has ever given me. "

After a few minutes, I started to think that she might not reciprocate since it was her first time. I was so horny, I started to play with myself, standing there in front of her, rubbing my clit, pinching my nipples, finger-fucking myself. Then she got up and said, "Let's get on the bed".

I went to the bed and sat down on the edge. She knelt on the carpet and spread my legs, my pussy throbbing and soaking wet. She lifted my ass, and put a pillow under me. She started to tease me with
her fingers, but I was so horny, I just came out and said, "Please eat me Ginny!" She told me I had to beg, which I did. "Please! Please eat my pussy!"

She replied, "My, what a juicy cunt you have" and began to devour me. She sucked and licked, and drove me crazy for what seemed like a long time. I came twice, and she still wanted to suck my pussy.
She lifted my legs up, then mounted me and rubbed her wet pussy all over mine, leaving her juice all over my crotch. She straddled my head and told me to suck her again. We moved around to a 69 position and licked each other's pussies until we were fully satisfied.

We kissed and played for hours.

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   That night, when we went out again, neither of us wore panties, and every time we had a chance, we played with each other's pussy. I never did get to shave her, but I like it that way anyway. We ate each other out in the ladies room of the club that night after I told her how a girlfriend and I used to do it in a stall all the time. I still get wet when I think about it, or when I walk up behind her chair grab a quick feel of her lovely breasts in our cubicle at work.

It didn't take long to get together with our husbands for a foursome.

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