Dais Blacking [10:44 PM]:  *Carries you to my coffin. * Come let me make you immortal so you won't feel pain.   *Opens my coffin and you see it's not a normal size coffin but more like a canopy bed made into a coffin.  Licks your neck softly and lovingly and then bite you and starts to suck your blood. *  MMMMMMMM your blood is so sweet. It's like a fine wine and should be savored. *Opens and removes my shirt. * XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]:  * My body pushes up against you as you bite into my soft flesh and taste my crimson blood. I lay there with mesmerized eyes that scan the upper part of your body as you remove your shirt. I sit up and place  kisses across your collar bone* Dais Blacking [10:51 PM]:  Oh, you like that don't you?*Strokes your hair softly. * XSeductiveVampyr [10:52 PM]:  * i look up into your eyes with a smirk* of course Dais Blacking [10:53 PM]:  Now let see what you have under that blood red dress of your. *Slowly and carefully removes your dress and see matching blood red strapless bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. * My you must have been looking for someone like me tonight? XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  perhaps Dais Blacking [10:55 PM]:  You should always be careful of what you look for, you may just find it. *Lays you down and licks your body. * mmmmm  *Slides my right hand over and into your panties. *  My your very wet.

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   XSeductiveVampyr [10:58 PM]:  * a shuddered gasp is drawn in by my partially opened lips as you tongue touches the surface of my skin, your hands sending a nervous shiver throughout my spine* Dais Blacking [10:59 PM]:  It's OK my darling. Your so beautiful and fragile I'll not hurt you. *Slowly and lovingly fingers your cunt. * *My left hand moves to your back and softly rubs it all over. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:03 PM]:  * my back arches up slightly allowing you to freely move your hands about my back, as you finger my lovely cunt, i make small moaning whimpers* Dais Blackwing [11:04 PM]:  You like this don't you? Dais Blacking [11:05 PM]:  *Rubs your g-spot and with my thumb rubs your clit. * Dais Blacking [11:07 PM]:  *moans and get very hard. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:09 PM]:  * as you reach my g i begin to moan eyes glazing with lust and want, i force myself up and kiss your lips hungrily pushing you down upon the bed. * Dais Blacking [11:09 PM]:  Oh, your a feisty one I like that. Dais Blacking [11:10 PM]:  *Kisses you back with a burning lust filled passion you've never seen before. * *Slides off my pants and my cock springs to life. Standing straight up in the air. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:13 PM]:  * i smile as I eye your hard erect cock and begin to kiss low along your neck, nipping at the skin. Before you know it, a slick pink tongue runs its tip straight down your shaft. My hot breath running against it, my lips barely touching the surface* Dais Blacking [11:15 PM]:  Oh your so naughty. *see your panties and slides them down your legs and places your dripping cunt in front of my face and slowly licks your pussy before I insert my tongue into your hot wet hungry cunt.

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  * Dais Blackwing [11:16 PM]:  Mmmmmmmmm *I moan as I eat your cunt out. * Dais Blacking [11:17 PM]:  You taste so sweet. Dais Blacking [11:20 PM]:  *Rubs your clit softly with the ring finger of my left hand. * Dais Blacking [11:21 PM]:  *Slowly rubs your back with my right hand. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:22 PM]:  * my heart races, my breathing quickens as i moan louder and louder. Your mouth against me making me more excited with every single action you make upon my frail body* Dais Blacking [11:24 PM]:  You look like you need me to make love to you. The likes of which you've never had before. *Lays you down and slowly unhooks your bra with my left hand, then slowly slides it off your body. * Dais Blacking [11:26 PM]:  My darling you look so sexy like this. *Leans in and slowly licks and suck on your breasts and suck on your nipples like an infant to it's mother. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:28 PM]:  * i watch you suckle upon the tips of my breasts, my hands running through your hair in amorous strokes* mmmmmmm * moans continue to escape my pressing lips as i rub the insides of my thighs against your sides* Dais Blacking [11:30 PM]:  *I slowly move and my cock starts to rub against your pussy very slowly and teasingly. All the while I'm moaning as I suck on your nipples* XSeductiveVampyr [11:32 PM]:  must you tease me? * i say sweetly*  Dais Blacking [11:32 PM]:  I love how you look. Dais Blacking [11:32 PM]:  *Slowly inserts my hard cock deep into your cunt. * Dais Blacking [11:33 PM]:  Is that better now? XSeductiveVampyr [11:34 PM]:  * i bite my lower lip as you insert yourself deep into me. * very much so * i lean in and kiss you more longingly, my tongue sliding across your lips, nipping at them* Dais Blacking [11:35 PM]:  Oh, your so wet and hot on the inside and your so hot and playful on the outside.

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   *Starts to slowly fuck your cunt at a slowly steady pace. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:38 PM]:  * our hips meet and separate at a constant rhythm, my skin gradually becoming flustered every time you enter yourself into me. My hip suddenly bulk against you slightly wanting you to pick up the pace a bit, but not too much. Still gentle yet still hungry* Dais Blacking [11:41 PM]:  *Moves my hips a little faster and I slowly rotate them has well. Kisses your lips sweetly. * I never known anyone in my 6,000 years of walking this world such has you. Your so sweet and warm and so eager to learn all of my sweet delights on your body. I love it. Dais Blacking [11:42 PM]:  *rubs your back with my hands almost massaging your back lovingly. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:44 PM]:  * my chocolate brown eyes look deep into yours as you continue to make love to me, my nails slowly digging into your back, as the expressions change with content pleasure* Dais Blacking [11:46 PM]:  My your a hot one for just being a newborn vampire. I think I'm going to have to go a little faster yet with my love making and my hip rotation. *Goes a little faster but not to fast that you get hurt. * Dais Blacking [11:48 PM]:  *Looks into your eyes with my pale blueish-green eyes. and then softly nibbles on your neck and collar bone working on one side then the other. * XSeductiveVampyr [11:49 PM]:  * * i pull myself closer to your body as i turn my head to the side slightly giving you better access* Dais Blacking [11:50 PM]:  MMMMMMMMM Dais Blacking [11:51 PM]:  *My hand move slowly towards your cute ass and cup them which in turns sends my cock a little deeper into your cunt.

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  * XSeductiveVampyr [11:55 PM]:  * i scream in pleasure, my hair becomes loose from their ties creating a whirl of brown waves in halo. Nails dig deeper into your flesh barely drawing blood to the surface, forcing a kiss hard upon your lips before throwing my head back in pleasing cries* Dais Blacking [11:57 PM]:  There we go, Now I think your ready for more. *Makes love to you faster and bites down on your neck leaving my neck open to your bite. * Dais Blacking [11:58 PM]:  *Drinks a little more of your sweet blood. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:02 AM]:  * i bring my head forward with a hungry seductive look after pulling away from your sucking upon my neck before biting hard upon the flesh of your skin as one hand rests behind your head forcing your neck  against my mouth* Dais Blacking [12:03 AM]:  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dais Blacking [12:03 AM]:  *Fucks your pussy faster and harder then before. * Dais Blacking [12:06 AM]:  *Licks my bite marks close. * Dais Blacking [12:07 AM]:  Your such a wonderful lover. Dais Blacking [12:08 AM]:  *Lightly strokes your hair as you drink my blood. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:09 AM]:  *breaking the skin the warmth of  your blood seeping into  my mouth and down my throat fills me with such pleasure yet i soften my bite and drink like a new born child and its mother, its creater* Dais Blacking:  There's a good girl drink up. You need your strength. *moans with pleasure. * My stars you do now how to make someone very happy don't you? Dais Blacking [12:13 AM]:  *Feels my cum building up deep inside me but holds it back so i can savior the feeling of my darling new friend's warmth. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:14 AM]:  * i pull away from your neck, the tip of my tongue running up the small split droplets before kissing you with my blood tainted lips, pushing myself more on you* Dais Blacking [12:15 AM]:  *Kisses you back sweetly yet lovingly. * Do you want me to fill you up with my hot wet gooey cum? XSeductiveVampyr [12:17 AM]:  "yes. .

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  . . . i want to feel your white essence deep within my new born body, i want to feel all of you" * i whisper into your ears sucking and nibbling upon it after every which word * Dais Blacking [12:19 AM]:  Oh your such a dirty vampire aren't you? *Keeps fucking you hard and fast all the while holding back till I can't hold it any more. * Here it cums. *I whisper softly in your ear while licking it. * Dais Blacking [12:20 AM]:  *Fills your count up with a huge load of my cum that it leaks out on the soft cushions of the bed like coffin. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:21 AM]:  * i scream in climax along side yours as you fill me* Dais Blacking [12:21 AM]:  OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Darling I'm cumin. Take it all your hot sexy creature of the night. Dais Blacking [12:22 AM]:  *Wraps you in my arms and holds you close to my body as we come down from our sexual highs. * Dais Blacking [12:22 AM]:  *Rubs your back slowly, softly and most of all lovingly. * Dais Blacking [12:23 AM]:  *Kisses your lips softly. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:24 AM]:  * i return the kiss with sweet caress resting my body atop yours, my head resting against the tops of your chest* Dais Blacking [12:25 AM]:  *Strokes your hair. * Dais Blacking [12:25 AM]:  How do you feel now? I hope it's better then before. Dais Blacking [12:28 AM]:  *Holds you tightly to me.

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  * It's just that people can be so cruel at times and we have to find others like us to be with. Dais Blacking [12:29 AM]:  *Slides a silk sheet over your body and then pulls up a velvet down comforter. * Dais Blacking [12:29 AM]:  It's OK. XSeductiveVampyr [12:29 AM]:  *sighs into your chest* Dais Blacking [12:30 AM]:  *kisses you lovingly. * Dais Blacking [12:33 AM]:  *Holds you tightly and lovingly. * Dais Blacking [12:33 AM]:  That's good. Dais Blacking [12:33 AM]:  *Rubs your back and kisses your lips and neck softly. * Dais Blacking [12:35 AM]:  Welcome to the world of the undead my dear. XSeductiveVampyr [12:36 AM]:  and i share it with you Dais Blacking [12:36 AM]:  That's right. Dais Blacking [12:37 AM]:  *Close the lid to our coffin. * Dais Blacking [12:37 AM]:  It's almost first light. Dais Blacking [12:39 AM]:  Would my darling like to sleep or have another round of love making? XSeductiveVampyr [12:39 AM]:  But if its almost light. . . .

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  . . would there be time? Dais Blacking [12:39 AM]:  Yes, there is with the lid closed. Dais Blacking [12:40 AM]:  Sunlight kills not the hour. XSeductiveVampyr [12:41 AM]:  then let time pass us by and our hearts combine Dais Blacking [12:41 AM]:  Oh yes. *looks lovingly and lustfully into your eyes and lays you back. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:43 AM]:  * i guide you on top of me with a loving and tender kiss* Dais Blacking [12:44 AM]:  mmm Dais Blacking [12:44 AM]:  How do you want it this time? XSeductiveVampyr [12:46 AM]:  amorous, soft and sweet Dais Blacking [12:47 AM]:  *Softly and sweetly makes love to you. * Just like this? Dais Blacking [12:49 AM]:  *Soflt licks and kisses your breasts. * Dais Blacking [12:49 AM]:  mmmmmmmmm XSeductiveVampyr [12:50 AM]:  * i watch you with soft eyes, the tips of my fingers skimming the skin of your back in small circles* Dais Blacking [12:51 AM]:  *Moans softly at your touch. * XSeductiveVampyr [12:53 AM]:  * i bring a finger up and under your chin, leading you back to my lips as my legs softly wrap around you, taking your hands in mine, leading your fingers to cross paths with my soft curves* Dais Blacking [12:54 AM]:  *kisses your lips and rubs your skin lovingly. * Dais Blacking [12:56 AM]:  *softly tickles you. * Dais Blacking [12:58 AM]:  mmmmm Dais Blacking [12:58 AM]:  Your beautiful. XSeductiveVampyr [12:59 AM]:  * giggles, a bit before switching our weight so that i am on top once more, slowly kissing up along the nape of your neck* Dais Blacking [1:00 AM]:  oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, so forceful and yet so loving and eager. XSeductiveVampyr [1:02 AM]:  lets just say you chose well for your make. * kisses your lips passionately, nipping at your bottom lip as i pull away, my hands rubbing up from your sides towards your chest and down again* Dais Blacking [1:03 AM]:  *Gets very hard.

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      * What can I say you looked like you were looking for me. Dais Blacking [1:05 AM]:  *Softly and lovingly rubs your shoulders. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:06 AM]:  * i nip at your own shoulders leaving small tiny droplets arrive to the surface* Dais Blacking [1:06 AM]:  *moans happily. * Dais Blacking [1:08 AM]:  *Fingers your cunt slowly and lovingly. *. * Dais Blacking [1:10 AM]:  mmmmmmmmm Dais Blacking [1:10 AM]:  Your so wet. XSeductiveVampyr [1:11 AM]:  *my hips slightly move along the slow rhythm of your fingers * am i really? mmmmm all for you then my sweet Dais Blacking [1:12 AM]:  Yes, you are my sweet darling. *Lovingly rubs your g-spot with two fingers. * Dais Blacking [1:15 AM]:  Do you like this? XSeductiveVampyr [1:15 AM]:  * i moan with pressing lips* very much so * i flip us over again making you on top of me this time* Dais Blacking [1:16 AM]:  I think you need a cock in that hot hungry cunt of yours. XSeductiveVampyr [1:17 AM]:  i think so too * i say innocently* Dais Blacking [1:17 AM]:  *Slowly and carefully feeds your cunt my cock. * Dais Blacking [1:19 AM]:  Does that fill you up good? XSeductiveVampyr [1:22 AM]:  mmmm very Dais Blacking [1:22 AM]:  *Slowly fucks you silly. * Dais Blacking [1:23 AM]:  That's good. XSeductiveVampyr [1:25 AM]:  *holds you close* Dais Blacking [1:25 AM]:  There's a good girl. Dais Blacking [1:28 AM]:  *keeps up my pace just the way I'm going. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:29 AM]:  i like it when you say that * i say with a shaky breathy voice* i feel so protected and safe Dais Blacking [1:29 AM]:  Your such a hot good girl.

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       Dais Blacking [1:30 AM]:  *Looks at your pussy and sees your clit looking very discontent. * Dais Blacking [1:30 AM]:  It looks like you need to cum really badly. XSeductiveVampyr [1:31 AM]:  then make it happen Dais Blacking [1:32 AM]:  *Slowly pulls out and sucks on your clit lovingly and licks it in counter clockwise circles. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:33 AM]:  * i moan loudly as i push myself more against your licks* Dais Blacking [1:33 AM]:  *Fingers your cunt and rubs your g-spot. * Dais Blacking [1:34 AM]:  Does my good girl still need more? XSeductiveVampyr [1:35 AM]:  *my back arches high as my hands turn into tight fists* a tiny bit more* i struggle to say* Dais Blacking [1:35 AM]:  *My pinky softly rubs your ass hole. * Dais Blacking [1:37 AM]:  *Sucks on your left breast and rubs your right breast with my right hand. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:37 AM]:  ** i scream again in pleasure but softer then before as  i reach my peek of climax* Dais Blacking [1:37 AM]:  Your such a hot horny girl. I love it. Dais Blacking [1:38 AM]:  *Softly, lovingly and hotly kisses your lips. * Dais Blacking [1:39 AM]:  But your such a good girl. XSeductiveVampyr [1:39 AM]:  *kisses your lips softly* Dais Blacking [1:41 AM]:  Now I bet you need my cock to fill you with cum and give you an orgasm that will leave you glowing hotly. Dais Blacking [1:42 AM]:  *Feeds you my cock and makes hot loving love to you. * Dais Blackwing [1:44 AM]:  *Sucks softly and warmly at your breasts. * Dais Blackwing [1:44 AM]:  *Moans* OH your such a good girl. XSeductiveVampyr [1:45 AM]:  mmmmm yes i am mmmmmm  Dais Blacking [1:45 AM]:  I know you are.

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       Dais Blacking [1:45 AM]:  *kisses your lips passionately. * Dais Blacking [1:46 AM]:  Is my darling happy? XSeductiveVampyr [1:46 AM]:  very  Dais Blacking [1:46 AM]:  mmmm, I'm glad. Dais Blacking [1:47 AM]:  *Fucks you faster. * Dais Blacking [1:47 AM]:  Your such a good girl. Dais Blacking [1:47 AM]:  *fondles your breasts softly. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:48 AM]:  * moans louder* mmmmm ahhhhh  your perfect angel Dais Blacking [1:49 AM]:  Why thank you, but I'm more a demon then an angel. Dais Blacking [1:49 AM]:  *Fucks you a little faster. * Dais Blacking [1:50 AM]:  *Tickles your back. * XSeductiveVampyr [1:51 AM]:  * i laugh a laugh filled with lust and sexual play* Dais Blacking [1:52 AM]:  *kisses you softly and holds you close. * Dais Blacking [1:54 AM]:  *Pulls out and rolls you over and places two silk pillows under your hips and two to rest your head on. * Dais Blacking [1:55 AM]:  *Eases my cock into your cunt from behind and uses my cock to rub your g spot. * Dais Blacking [1:56 AM]:  Does this feel good? XSeductiveVampyr [1:56 AM]:  mmm it feels absolutely perfect Dais Blacking [1:57 AM]:  What a hot horn girl you are. Your so good. Dais Blacking [1:58 AM]:  *Slowly fucks you lovingly and fondles your breasts slowly. * XSeductiveVampyr [2:00 AM]:  mmm yes yes * you every action excites me more and more, i come in and bite your shoulder drawing enough blood to leave some trickle down the side of my lips and onto my breasts* Dais Blacking [2:00 AM]:  OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Such a good girl.


       Dais Blacking [2:01 AM]:  OH I'm going to cum deep inside of you. Dais Blacking [2:04 AM]:  *Fills your womb up with more of my cum but most of it squirts out on to the coffin's lining. * Dais Blacking [2:04 AM]:  *Rubs your breasts and lets you feed. * Your such a darling good girl. XSeductiveVampyr [2:04 AM]:  mmmmmm Dais Blacking [2:05 AM]:  *Wrap you in my arms and pulls the covers up. * Dais Blacking [2:06 AM]:  I think you needed this just as much as I did. XSeductiveVampyr [2:06 AM]:  i agree Dais Blacking [2:07 AM]:  *Softly and loving kisses your lips. * Dais Blacking [2:08 AM]:  Is my good girl feeling sleepy? XSeductiveVampyr [2:10 AM]:  actually i am * kisses your cheek* Dais Blacking [2:10 AM]:  *Kisses you good night. * Dais Blacking [2:10 AM]:  Sweet dreams and may they be naughty. Dais Blacking [2:12 AM]:  *Warps my arms around you and pulls you close to me. * Dais Blacking [2:12 AM]:  Is my good girl comfy? Dais Blacking [2:13 AM]:  *rubs your back softly. * XSeductiveVampyr [2:13 AM]:  mhm * rests my head upon your shoulder and begins to fall alseep* night * whisper softly as my eyes close*