Undercover Rock


Undercover Rock

by Chip King

The steamy water from the shower was really helping to wash away some of the tension of the last three months.   Jamey expected when she took this undercover assignment that it would be the most challenging she had ever attempted.   She also knew that it could be the piece that would jumpstart her career as a writer.   She dared to dream of more money, better assignments, maybe even a book deal.   Jamey wanted it all.   But right now all she wanted was to enjoy the massaging power of the shower jet on the back of her neck.


She had happened upon this seldom used shower almost by accident.   Jamey had been snooping around the catacombs under the old theater looking for a room, or a closet even, where she could hideout each day and just be herself.   She craved some personal time where she could have a few minutes when she didn’t have to pretend to be someone and something that she wasn’t.   When she discovered the shower facility she nearly cried.   It was perfect.   After several days of scouting out and cleaning the area, and taking precautions to ensure that she would not be disturbed, Jamey finally took her first tentative shower.  She had quickly washed off and dressed so as not to be discovered.   Now, after a couple of months of uninterrupted excursions, she felt that she could truly relax and “let her hair down” so to speak.


Of course, the hair was the first to go.   Her auburn, shoulder length hair had always been one of her best features.

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    It had hung naturally, framing her expressive green eyes and Mediterranean complexion.   Jamey allowed herself a moment of regret, missing the feel of her thick mane as she scrubbed shampoo into her now close cropped hair.   When parted on the side it looked boyish, as of course was the intention, and would probably have come off as a cute look on her if she hadn’t also had to flatten her chest to the point of pain and wear those form-disguising Wrangler jeans and loosing-fitting sweatshirts.   Jamey questioned the overall look at first, doubting that anyone would be fooled into believing that this twenty-two year old journalism graduate could possibly be a male college student, but the last three months were evidence that the disguise had worked.   She was living, as a guy, in a men’s dorm.   She was playing poker in the common room and ogling the cheerleaders at the basketball game, just like one of the boys.   And the insight she was gaining writing about a college guy’s life from a girl’s perspective was immeasurable.   Jamey’s editor had loved her preliminary observations and encouraged her to continue her undercover research.


With her time almost up, Jamey rinsed her body one last time.   She couldn’t help lingering a little as her hands brushed over her breasts.   No, not “breasts” she reminded herself.   That was her word; at least it used to be.   The guys at the gym usually said “tits” or “rack” or “insert stupid made-up name here” (guys had a thousand names for body parts and body functions and she had really enjoyed making a game out of trying to incorporate as many of them as she could into her thinking and speech).   Jamey’s hands cupped and gently squeezed her tits.   Her boobs had always been her most erogenous area and her stiff, thimble-sized nipples were so sensitive that she occasionally reached orgasm just by having them sucked on.

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Jamey’s nipples seemed twice as sensitive after being freed from the constant strap-down they were subjected to all day long.   She pinched each one gently and she knew that the lubricated feeling she was getting between her legs was much more than soap and water.   Absently, she slid one hand down her flat stomach, letting her fingers meet the carefully trimmed hairs below.   Although she hadn’t shaved under her arms or her legs for months, she paid thoughtful attention to her pussy. It was one of the few things that allowed her to still feel like a woman.

As a finger slipped easily into her slit, Jamey’s mind wondered to her roommate, Kip.   Kendrick Ian Pollard came from big money; old money.   Five generations of lawyers, investment bankers and CEOs had made Kip the beneficiary of a large trust fund and endless opportunities.   Expensive private schooling and extensive traveling had given him an unparalleled education.   Genetics and a disciplined workout routine had blessed him with his 6’ 3”, 200 pound sculptured athletic body.  

It would be easy for him to have grown up spoiled, conceited and pretentious.   For all he had though, Kip was amazingly down to earth.   His laid back nature belied his sharp wit.   Liked by everyone she knew, Kip seemed as at ease talking with a group of stoners at a keg party as he was with a group of professors at a banquet.   He had continued to surprise, and charm, her even though his mother and father were apparently displeased.

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    His parents wanted him to “follow in the footsteps” but Kip had other plans.   He was majoring in Art History, beautiful girls, and frat parties, not necessarily in that order.   He told Jamey that his family blames his Uncle Jake for giving him all of his rebel tendencies.

Jamey imagined Kip’s naked body as both her breathing and her finger quickened their pace.   She had to imagine Kip naked because even though they had shared a room for the past three months, she had yet to see him totally naked.   She had found this a little unexpected but, of course, Kip had never seen her naked either so maybe it was normal.   Jamey was left to let her imagination build upon her memories of living with this incredible guy for the last few months; his bare chest as he pealed off his sweaty t-shirt after basketball practice, his rock-hard abs and defined triceps as he did his nightly sit ups and push ups, the tan line just above his boxers when he reached for his deodorant from the top shelf, the more-than-evident bulge that even thick denim jeans could do little to conceal.   Yes, Kip was hot.   And Jamey was hot for him.   And in just a few seconds she was going to cum while imagining that the two fingers pumping in and out of her cunt were actually Kip’s obviously enormous cock.   She was only a stroke or two away when she heard a voice from the theater above.


In a panic, and thoroughly sexually frustrated, Jamey jumped dripping from the shower and quickly dried off.   She then reluctantly began the process of concealing her curves; tape quickly applied to hold down her protruding nipples, an ace wrap pulled tightly to squeeze her from a B-cup to an A-cup, and a tight-as-a-corset, sleeveless Under Armour tee -shirt she wiggled into to smooth out the womanly shape.   The result was a chest that was perhaps small for a college boy but gave her the appearance of having slightly developed pecs.   She finished dressing in a frenzy, swiftly stepping into the jock strap that held the rolled up sock and pulling her loose fitting jeans to her waist.

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    Within five minutes of hearing the noise from above, the sexy young woman was once again clad in the fashion statement she called “modern gym rat” and ready to resume her deception.


Jamey moved quietly through the abandoned halls, making her way up to the main theater floor.   Enrolling as a drama major had not only been an obvious choice for someone who spent their entire day pretending to be someone else, but it also provided a few perks.  

First, there was the access to the old theater.   Once a highlight of the campus, Chapman Hall had been replaced by a new, more modern facility; relegating the once proud old stage to the occasional community play or local high school performance.   It was not the cleanest of places in which to hang out but Jamey had found the infrequently used building a great place to escape, and the dressing area and showers beneath the stage, almost too good to be true.  

Second, and maybe most important in pulling off this masquerade, was that being a drama major gave Jamey a little more freedom to be feminine.   Many of the guys in her classes were openly gay, but even several of those who weren’t gay were certainly more dramatic in their actions.   Lots of them were interested in fashion, decorating and shopping.   There was a general interest in everything celebrity and the trashy tabloid headlines that lined supermarket checkouts.   Certainly Jamey’s effeminate looks and characteristics were not entirely out of place among this eclectic group of want-to-be actors.

It was dark along the back of the stage and Jamey’s eyes had not yet adjusted from the minimal lighting of the basement corridors.   Several heavy stage curtains hung from the rafters, overlapping to create a sort of maze.   As Jamey creped her way through the darkened mess, she caught her leg on one of the folds in the curtains and lost her balance, grabbing and pulling a red velour curtain down on top of her.   She silently cursed herself for making so much noise.

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    Maybe if she just remained there perfectly still whoever it was would go away.   Then from under the curtain she heard a voice.

“Jamey, is that you?”

Oh, shit!  It’s Kip.   Just be cool, just be cool.   Jamey adopted her slightly lower guy-voice.   “Ah, yeah, I’m here.   I’m sort of under this curtain. ”

After a little struggle, Jamey dug her way out of the tangled fabric.   What the hell was Kip doing here?  Did he know?  Had he been following her?  It was very dark here at the back of the stage and Jamey could sense that Kip was uneasy.   Was he nervous about confronting her?  A single streak of light was crossing his face and she could see that he was biting his lower lip like he always did when he was debating telling her something personal.   It was such a cute affectation and Jamey found herself staring as the tip of his tongue snaked out to wet his lips.   Damn he looked good.   She knew she should be scared of this conversation but all Jamey could think was that she was so horny she felt like she would explode.   She was fantasizing about other places for his lips and tongue when Kip interrupted her thoughts.

“What are you doing back here?  I thought your drama class met at The Convo.

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“Oh, it does,” Jamey said.   She had a prepared answer in case she was ever caught here.   “Professor Lipton divided us into small production teams and is giving us class projects.   I’ve been scouting this place out as a possible set for my team’s short film but it’s such a mess I can’t judge it.   So I’ve been spending some time tidying up. ”  Tidying!  Did she just say “tidying”?  Shit, no wonder he figured it out.   How could she think this would ever work?

“Why is your hair all wet?

Oh, shit.   “Sweat, I guess.   It gets hot back here. ”  She knew he wasn’t buying all this and she could sense that he was struggling to find the right way to tell her something. Of course, she was pretty sure she knew what it was.   Fuck, he knew!  Somehow he knew and he was going to expose her.  

They spent a few minutes talking about nothing as Jamey pretended to fold the fallen curtain.   She was about to ask what he was doing here when Kip finally got around to what was on his mind.

“Jamey, we need to talk.

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“Do you want to go back to the room?

“No, this is better.   It’s dark here.   I think I need the darkness right now. ”

Okay, this was it.   Jamey just hoped that Kip wouldn’t be too mad at her.   She had sometimes thought that maybe they could stay friends after this all came out; perhaps even more than friends.

“Alright, Kip.   Listen . . . ” she started to say.

“No, Jamey.   Let me talk. ”  Kip took a deep breath.   “You see, I’m not .

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   . . at least I’ve never been . . . I just didn’t think . . . Oh, fuck it, Jamey.   I’m not gay!”

“What?”  Jamey was truly confused as she tried to make some kind of sense out of what Kip has said.   She thought for sure this was about her being a her.   What the hell was he talking about?

“Just shut up and let me do this.   I’ve been building up the courage to say this for weeks and now that I’ve started, I’m damn sure going to finish. ”  After another deep breath Kip repeated, “I’m not gay.   I’ve never been with a guy, I swear.

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    I’ve never been even remotely attracted to a guy.   Shit, I’m not even all that comfortable around gay guys. ”

Jamey was starting to get where this was going.   Kip didn’t know she was a girl.   Kip thought she was a gay; a gay man.   He was uncomfortable rooming with a homosexual.   Of course, it was just random chance that Kip and Jamey had become roommates in the first place.  

Kip’s roommate of the past two years had graduated last semester.   Since it was the middle of the school year, everyone else already had a roommate.   Not really wanting to room alone, Kip had accepted a transfer student to finish out the year:  Jamey.  

Of course, it all made perfect sense.   What hadn’t she seen that before?  He always seemed to get nervous when they talked about personal stuff.   Jamey had seen him with lots of different girls since the start of the semester and he could be counted on to not return to their room about once every couple of weeks but Kip didn’t talk much about his sexual conquests.   And he rarely seemed interested in the past love life that she made up to fit her fabricated back-story.  Wow, what a relief it would be for him when she told him that his roommate was not gay after all.

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    Hell, no wonder he never felt comfortable being naked in front of her.  

“Kip, it’s okay.   I’m not . . . ”

“Damn it, Jamey!  Let me say this before I lose my mind. ”  He stopped and stared at her.   They were each only visible through shafts of light that hit randomly on the shadowed stage.   From the darkness Kip said, “Jamey, I’m really attracted to you. ”  Jamey’s heart stopped.   “Oh fuck, there I said it!”

Thank god for the dark.   Jamey was in shock.   But she was also excited and relieved and ecstatic and horny and head-over-heels attracted to him, too.   Then she caught a glimpse of the pained look on Kip’s face and she suddenly remembered that he was talking to Jamey the guy, not Jamey the girl.   Oh, poor Kip.



“Since the first time I saw you,” Kip continued.   “I kept writing it off and pushing it to the back of my mind.   I’ve never felt like this for a dude.   I play ball with a bunch of the guys that all the girls are hot for.   I shower with them.   Nothing.   I’m not gay!  If I was gay wouldn’t I be at least a little aroused by showering with a dozen naked men?  I don’t have any desire to be with any of them.

Oh, poor, poor Kip.

“But you!  I kept telling myself it was just because I could talk so easily to you.   We are so different but we think a lot alike.   We became friends so quickly.   I don’t share my feelings with guys casually but you make me feel so comfortable.   I can talk to you like a guy and then sometimes like a girlfriend, too. ”

Oh god, Kip, if you only knew.   You make me feel the same way.

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“But it’s more than just how we can talk.   It’s . . . fuck, it’s physical, too. ”

Jamey’s kept her growing excitement hidden in the shadows as Kip struggled though his confession.

“I look for opportunities to sneak a peak at you.   I watch where your neck disappears into your sweatshirt when you are studying.   I can’t take my eyes off your lips in the dining hall.   Right now I can feel your smile and I know that you’re thinking that I’m such a fucking loser but – fuck, let’s just throw it all out there - your smile makes me hard. ”  Kip shook his head, took a deep breath and continued.   “Last week I helped you hang that poster and my hand touched your ass.  I spent the next hour in a cold shower just so I could walk to my next class.   God, Jamey I’m losing my mind!  Oh fuck, I don’t know what to do. ”

Kip was rambling and in obvious pain.

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    Jamey couldn’t stand it any longer.   She liked Kip too much to see him suffer like this, especially when he didn’t have to.   She hooked her thumbs under the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her head.

“Oh fuck, Jamey!”  Kip was panicking.   “I know I said a lot of shit just now but I don’t know if I can . . . you know . . . I mean . . . do you know how many girls I’ve been with this month alone?”

Jamey was barely visible in the shadows of the stage as she peeled off the Under Armour and began to unravel the ace wrap.   When she had removed the tape that covered her nipples she spoke for the first time since Kip began his painful confession.

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    In her own voice she said, “Come here. ”

‘Jamey?” Kip said shakily, confused by the new tone coming from her.

“Just come here,” she repeated and held her hands out for him to find.   The stage was so poorly lit that Kip stumbled as he tentatively stepped closer.   When Jamey had his hands firmly in hers she lifted them to her breasts.  

“Holy fuck!” Kip yelled as he pulled his hands away.   And then Jamey told him everything.         



Jamey found an old, dusty radio in the backstage rubble and tuned it to a classic rock station they listened to in their room. An hour later, Kip was still sitting in the semi-darkness, listening as Kansas played “Carry on My Wayward Son”, and talking to her.   Jamey took that as a good sign.   Of course, he was shocked at first.   Then he was angry for a bit.   Mostly, however, Kip was relieved.   He wasn’t attracted to a guy after all.   “.

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   . . masquerading as a man with a reason; my charade is the event of the season; and if I claim to be a wise man, well; it surely means that I don't know”

The talk was obviously a huge relief for Jamey as well.   Not only was the secrete out, but this guy who had become part of her recent sexual fantasies, was attracted to her too.   Jamey was, however, as horny as she had ever been in her life.   She had started the afternoon by taking a hot shower while imagining fucking this incredible stud.   She had pinched her over-responsive nipples (never a good idea when there wasn’t time to finish the job).   She had fingered herself to the brink of orgasm.   And now she had spent the last hour sitting close to the aforementioned stud with her breasts/tits/boobs totally exposed, admittedly in the dimness of the shadowy stage.   If she was alone right now she would be fucking the handle of that broomstick in the corner.

“Let me see if I have this all straight,” Jamey said, trying to bring some closure to this conversation.   “You aren’t mad anymore about what I did. ”

“No, not anymore.   I was at first.   I mean, you lied to me and made me look pretty foolish.

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    And you put me through real hell.   I thought about dropping out of school!”  Kip was starting to get angry again and paused for a second.   “You know, I actually think it’s pretty cool that you pulled it off,” he admitted.   “I’m still amazed that I didn’t see it.   It seems so obvious now.   Of course, I can see the outline of your tits so it’s hard right now to see you as a guy. ”

“Good.   Next point; I like you and you like me. ”

“Yeah, I really do like you.   I mean, I don’t know you as a girl yet, but since the semester began, you have been about the closest friend I think I’ve ever had. ”

“Awesome.   Finally, we are very attracted to each other. ”

“Hell, yes.   I’ve spent months trying to fight off these urges.   They’re like five times stronger now that I know that’s not a dick under those .

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   . . oh, I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to talk like that. ”

“Okay, let me make something clear right now,” Jamey said.   “I don’t want you talking any differently to me just because you know I’m a girl.   I’ve been a girl this whole time and I like how you talk.   I like how we talk. ”  Kip laughed.   Jamey looked seriously at him and said, “I’m not kidding.   Later, back in our room, I want you to talk to me like I’m your best friend.   And right now, I want you to fuck me like I’m your girlfriend. ”

Steppenwolf filled the air.   A second passed.   Then two.

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    Before the third second ticked by, Kip was up and holding her in his arms.   The first kiss was a little frantic.

“. . . like a true nature’s child; we were born, born to be wild” 

Their teeth ground together as weeks of pent up passion rushed through their bodies.   They both felt urgency, like the world was about to end and all they had was this kiss.   Breathlessly, Jamey finally pulled Kip’s mouth away and looked up at his shadow-streaked face, catching a glimpse of his deep blue eyes as they caught stray slivers of light from the skylights above.   She could feel the heat from his body and she pressed her naked tits against his muscled chest.   The second kiss held all the passion, but some of the desperation faded as they realized that they had all the time in the world.

Jamey’s hands slid from his face and worked their way under his shirt.   Both of them gasped slightly as her fingers touched his ribbed stomach and traced their way up his firm chest.   Kip’s mouth slipped past her lips to an ear and then to her neck.   Jamey leaned back in his arms and allowed herself to thrill in the sensations of his tongue on her neck and his hands slipping under her jeans to squeeze her bare ass.

Kip brought one hand to a titty and massaged gently as his mouth moved down to meet it.

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    His tongue flicked out softly and teased her stone-hard nipple.   When he took the whole nipple into his mouth and sucked Jamey went totally out of her mind.   Her breathing quickened and she felt light-headed.   The Eagles were playing in the background and her quim was so wet that she felt liked she had peed herself.   Kip moved around behind her and while he ran his tongue from her earlobe to the nape of her neck he grabbed both of her hooters in his hands.   

“. . . how they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat; some dance to remember, some dance to forget. ”  

She could feel his rigid schlong poking her in the ass as he ground his hips hard into her.   Fire rushed to Jamey’s pussy when he rolled both of her nipples between his fingers and she could barely stand.  

“Oh, god!  Oh, fuck!”  Her orgasm hit so hard that she had to reach up behind her and grab hold of his neck to keep from falling.   Kip continued to pinch her nipples and suck on her ear as Jamey convulsed and squeezed her legs together.   Her pussy seized over and over. Her jeans felt flooded as it seemed she would never stop cumming.

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    Nearly a minute later, Jamey was still leaning on Kip, catching her breath and saying, “That was fucking incredib . . . ”

“Jamey.   Jamey, are you in here?”

Startled, Jamey and Kip quickly gathered their wits.   Amazingly, they were still mostly dressed.   Only Jamey’s shirt was missing and she quickly pulled one of the curtains to cover chest.   With just her head poking out, she watched as Annie Moore groped directly toward her in the darkness.

Annie was in Jamey’s American Lit class.   They had run into each other one night after class, both up late at the corner coffee shop studying.   They enjoyed the company and both were happy to find a study partner.   Jamey was enjoying experiencing a relationship with a beautiful coed from a guy’s perspective.

Of course, since Jamey was a guy, Annie flirted openly.   The boys in the dorm called her “Bunny” because of her reputation as a cock hound (and because she had a nice tail, they always added).   Annie confirmed that her reputation was earned during one of their weekly study/coffee sessions.

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    Annie Moore was a slut.   Those were actually Annie’s words in describing herself.   She complained about the double standard for boys and girls when it came to sex.   “A dude fucks seven different chicks in seven nights and he’s a fuckin’ stud.   He’s a player.   A chick does two dudes in a month and she’s a slut.   Well, I’m here to give “slut” a good name.   If a girl is a slut because she enjoys a stiffy every now and then, then by all means, call me SLUT. ” 

Eric Clapton was poignantly singing and Jamey was watching incredulously as the blonde knockout tiptoed in the darkness and called her name.

“. . . and then she asks me, do i look alright?  and i say yes, you look wonderful tonight”

“Jamey, I know you’re here.   Is that you there?”

With no other plan available, Jamey finally answered.   “Oh, hey Annie.


    I thought I heard someone. ”  Jamey had switched back to her guy-voice and she felt Kip tense slightly behind her as he heard it again.  

“Whatcha doin’?” Annie asked; a little mischief always present in her sexy voice.  

This was the second time tonight Jamey had had to field this question.   The first time had started out difficult and turned wonderful.   She couldn’t see how this time could possibly end well.

Jamey explained about the class project and the cleaning.   It sounded lame this time around, especially with Kip’s arms now wrapped around her from behind.   Annie had evidently seen Jamey’s bike outside the back door and invited herself in.  Jamey was pissed at herself for getting so careless.

“So why are you hiding behind that curtain?”

Ah, yes, why indeed.   Then an answer came to her.   “It’s a drama thing,” Jamey explained.    “I immerse myself in the curtains, only my face visible.   Without a body, I can become any character, play any part.

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  ”  Kip started to laugh in her ear and Jamey cleared her throat loudly to cover up whatever the music didn’t drown out.   “I am a priest.   I am a drunkard,” she announced.   “I am an athlete.   I am a wizard. ”  Jamey felt a little silly but she was actually warming up to this.

“So what were you when I came in?”

“I was a warrior,” Jamey said in her most commanding voice.

“Tell me about this warrior,” Annie said.  

Jamey continued to play the part, made slightly more difficult by Kip’s wondering hands on her ass.   She was afraid to let go of the curtain and, therefore, there was little she could do to stop him.   And if truth be told, little she wanted to do.

“I was victorious,” Jamey continued.   “The battle raged for many days and I conquered all.   When you walked in, I was returning to my village a hero. ”

“I can see you as the mighty warrior.

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    How do your people receive you?”

“A feast is thrown in my honor.

      Dancing and singing relive the battle for all to celebrate and worship me. ”  Jamey was really getting into this.   It didn’t hurt that Kip was fondling her boobs and grinding that huge pole on her butt.

    “And the women?  Do they give themselves freely to you?”  Annie was breathing heavier and Jamey thought she saw her hand slip up and rub over one of her large hooters.

    “The women are mine to use as I please.   They are sluts. ”  Annie moaned at the use of the word “slut”.   Kip reached around and started to unbutton her jeans.   Elton John was just cranking up “Rocket Man” on the scratchy radio and everything seemed a little surreal.  

    Jamey was still on fire from before.   Even though she had cum intensely, she still begged for someone to touch her pussy.   Jamey’s jeans fell to her ankles and Kip reached up to pull her soaking panties down, laughing and shaking his head as he discovered and removed the jockstrap and sock-penis.   Jamey said, “I am the conquering warrior.   My strength is great and my cock is hard.

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        My seed is gold.   Only the most fortunate whore wins my cock.   It is an honor for my cum to soil the lucky slut’s face and tits. ”  Could this script get any worse?  Jamey blamed it on Kip’s grinding and pawing and her intense horniness.

    In the darkness, Annie began crawling slowly toward Jamey and Kip.   Oh, fuck.   What did I do? thought Jamey.   “Stop!” she yelled.

    Annie stopped and looked wantonly up at Jamey.   “Please allow this slut the honor of your cum. ” 

    “. . . and i’m going to be high as a kite by then”

    Oh, for fuck’s sake this was getting ridiculous.   Jamey was standing, on orgasm-weary legs, behind a velour curtain in the dark.

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        Her tits were bare and her nipples were still tingling from Kip’s talented hands.   She had just stepped out of her cum-drenched panties and her pussy was swollen and ready and, incredibly, the guy of her fantasies was standing half-naked behind her rubbing her ass.   And oh yeah, the sex starved beauty who was only six feet away and closing wanted nothing more than to suck Jamey’s nonexistent warrior cock.   Could this get any weirder?  Jamey had to put a stop to this before Annie got close enough to stick a tongue in her snatch.   Wait.   That actually sounded heavenly.   If she could convince Annie that her clit was really just a very small penis then . . .

    “Tell her to approach slowly and give you her hands,” Kip whispered in Jamey’s ear.   Not really understanding where Kip was going with this, Jamey simply repeated what he told her.   “Now spread your legs,” he said quietly.

    “Now spread your legs,” repeated Jamey.   Annie began to spread her legs.

    “No, not her.

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        You!” Kip said, positioning himself behind her.   What the hell was he doing?  “Now take her hands and tell her that only her slut mouth can touch the mighty warrior. ”  Thank god the radio was on.   Kip’s whispers were shrouded in Phill Collins’ haunting ballad.   Jamey thought she understood what Kip had in mind.   From behind the curtain, he could stick his trouser snake out and take the blow job.   Jamey would hold Annie’s hands and talk dirty to her.   No relief in sight for her pleading pussy and Annie would get to suck on Kip’s wonder rod before her, but it was looking like Jamey just might escape this mess with her secrete fairly intact.

    “You will suck me, most fortunate slut. ”  Jamey commanded.   “But you are not worthy to touch my warrior cock with your whore hands. ”  God, Jamey felt like she was in the worst B-movie ever.  “You will worship my cock.   You will suck me until I cum and you will proudly take my semen on your face.   If you are unable bring me off with your mouth alone, miserable slut, then I will have your ass.

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        And I mean, HAVE YOUR ASS!” 

    Jamey started to move aside for Kip but he obviously had other plans.   She felt something poke the back of her thigh, then slide under her ass and through her legs.   Oh my God! Jamey thought.   He’s going to stick his dick out of the underside of my cunt!   

    “. . . i can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord”   

    Jamey instinctively looked down and made out the outline of about six inches of thick, hard cock emerging from between her legs.   Good god, he must be fucking gigantic! 

    “. . . i’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life, oh lord” 

    Kip’s cock rubbed up against Jamey’s soaking pussy.   Finally, thought Jamey, something rubbing my throbbing cunt!

    As Jamey’s/Kip’s cock protruded from the opening in the curtain, Annie crawled forward and stuck out her tongue.   She flicked it in the air and slowly moved forward until it reached the head of her/his penis.   Annie licked on the tip of their johnson as Jamey reached around behind Kip and squeezed his ass, pulling him closer to her, and through her.   Suddenly, Jamey realized that in grabbing Kip, she had released Annie’s hand.

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        Oh, fuck, what if she reached up to stroke her boner?  What if she tried to grab her balls?  But so far Annie had not reached out for Kip’s wang.   Hanging on to the curtain with one hand, Jamey hoped that Annie continued to take this warrior game seriously and use only her mouth.

    Jamey looked down in the dark and saw that Annie had wrapped her lips around her dick and was slowly working her mouth down the shaft.   Jamey felt so dominant.   Is this what it was like to have a cock?  All of the pretending she had done could not have prepared her for the feelings she was experiencing at this moment.  

    Jamey reached a hand down and moved Annie’s blonde hair away from her face.   Annie had used her free hand to unbutton her blouse and unclasp her bra.   Jamey watched in the shadows as Annie rubbed her own huge fun bags and Jamey ran her finger to trace Annie’s upper lip as her erection slid in and out of her mouth.   She let her finger linger there and feel her own cock being sucked.   Annie wrapped her tongue around Jamey’s finger and pulled it to her mouth.   She bobbed up and down on her finger until Jamey pulled it out and grabbed the back of Annie’s head, forcing her back down on her dick again.   Jamey brought her hand close to her neatly trimmed kitty and wrapped her fingers around the “base” of her thick phallus, holding it while Annie continued to blow her.   Meatloaf was singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” and Jamie was a fucking dude!

    It was an overwhelming feeling as her wiener slid through her pussy lips and caressed her clit.   Kip was thrusting his hips into her ass and feeling up her tits.   Annie’s mouth was taking her woody all the way to her mons.

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        When Jamey repositioned her legs she found heaven.

     “. . . and now our bodies are oh so close and tight; it never felt so good, it never felt so right”

     Her clit was now not only getting a rubbing from her throbbing shaft, but Annie’s lips were also pounding into it each time the sucked her knob deep down her throat.   It wouldn’t be long before Jamey had her second explosive orgasm.

    As if on cue Kip grunted in her ear, “Oh god, I’m going to cum,”

    “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” repeated Jamey.   And she meant it.

    Jamey looked down as her willy began to twitch.  

    “. . . and i gotta let you know, no you're never gonna regret it; so open up your eyes, i got a big surprise, it’ll feel all right, well i wanna make your motor run” 

    She felt the juice coursing through her dick as jets of cum sprayed Annie’s lips.   Anne closed her eyes and bathed in the shower as Jamey’s spunk filled her face.   Jamey pointed her cock down and shot a few loads on Annie’s colossal pillows.

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        Annie immediately grabbed her awesome boobs and rubbed in Jamey’s sperm as soon as it hit.   When Jamey lifted her dick up again she ground her cunt down into the shaft and her second orgasm of the day hit like a rocket.   The last few spurts from her tool landed on Annie’s chin as Jamey fought to control her convulsing body.   Kip continued to twist her nipples and Jamey pumped her clit back and forth over her cock.   She hung on to her prick and rode it through the most intense orgasm of her life.   When she could no longer stand, Jamey whipped the curtain closed and collapsed to her knees.

    Jamey wasn’t sure how much time had passed.   The radio was playing Kiss when she came back to her senses and she struggled to her feet. She looked back at Kip to see a shadowy figure sitting on the floor with his head down between his knees, obviously trying to recover.  
    “beth, i hear you callin';  but i can't come home right now; me and the boys are playin'; and we just can't find the sound”  

    Jamey gathered her strength and peeked through the curtain.

    “I know it wasn’t the deal we made but you can still have my ass if your want it,” Annie said.   She had removed her pants.   Her blouse and bra were still on but wide open.   One hand was lazily stroking her G-string clad crotch while the other held one of her formidable tits.  

    “Ah, just a second,” Jamey said, and closed the curtain again.

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        “What are we going to do?  Did you hear her?  Now Annie’s fucking horny as hell.  She’s out there on the floor friggin’ herself!  I can’t do anything!  You’ve got my dick!”

    Kip made it to his feet and calmly kissed her.   Then he said, “All she did was give us a blowjob.   You just need to return the favor. ”

    “Me!  What?  Oh, no!  No, no, no.   Why me?  Shit, I can’t eat her pussy!”

    “Well, it can’t be me.   She doesn’t even know I’m here.   It’s got to be your face between her legs. ”

    Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Jamey considered to options.   One, she could always just tell Annie the truth.   Two, she could go ahead and give the girl head.   Or, three, she could just run.

    Well, running away was out of the question.   Jamie never ran from a problem in her life.   And telling Annie the truth now seemed a shame.


        Kip had helped her out and participated in the deception (of course, he got a spectacular blow job for his trouble but that wasn’t really the point).   Telling Annie the truth now would be like throwing away the greatest performance ever.  

    She could just go down on her.   Jamey wasn’t gay; not exactly at least.   She had experimented a little with her roommate freshman year, just helping each other get off on a few lonely nights.   And there was that time she got drunk at spring break and found herself in a Jacuzzi taking shots and licking on a few girls.   Oh, what the fuck, she thought.   She had already gone this far.   She might as well just go balls out.

    Abandoning the tape, ace wrap and Under Armour, Jamey threw on her sweatshirt on and poked back through the curtain.   AC/DC was rocking and Annie was still lying in the shadows, leaning against the mound of curtain that had fallen earlier.   Her G-string was nowhere to be seen and she was cupping her impressive hooters with both hands.  

    "she was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean; she was the best damn woman i had ever seen”

    “Same rules?” Jamey asked.   “I have to get you off with just my mouth?”

    “. .

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       . she had the sightless eye, telling me no lies; knockin' me out with those american thighs”  

    “Oh, we’re still playing, huh?  Sure, I’m game.   But I hope I get to see more of that delicious cock later. ”  Annie leaned lazily back on her elbows and parted her knees.   “If you can’t make me cum do I get to ‘have your ass’?”  

    “. . . taking more than her share, had me fighting for air; she told me to come but i was already there. ”

    “Goddamn, you are a fucking slut,” Jamey said.   Annie gave her a smile so big that Jamey could see it even in the faint light of the stage.    Jamey crawled on her hands and knees to Annie’s waiting cunt.  
    “. . . ‘cause the walls start shaking, the earth was quaking; my mind was aching, and we were making it and you - shook me all night long”
    Jamey was careful to position the curtain just right and keep her lower body out of view.

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        Not only did she not have any clothes on down there, she also was absent one penis.

    Even though Jamey didn’t have much experience eating pussy, she was, after all, a girl.   She figured that just having a pussy of your own to learn and practice on put her light years ahead of most men from the start.   Most guys just had no clue how to give a girl head.   She reasoned that even her limited experience made her a virtual expert.

    Jamey gripped Annie’s thighs and spread them even more.   As she did that, Annie’s pussy lips parted, giving Jamey a close-up view of a very stunning cunt.   Jamey had forgotten about the slightly musty smell that came when you shoved your nose so close to a fully aroused poontang.   She breathed it in and found herself, amazingly, feeling her own cunt begin to moisten again.   Damn, she couldn’t be horny again so soon!  She usually came just once in a sexual session; occasionally twice during those infrequent marathon fucks that happened far too seldom.   But now she had just had two breathtaking, earth-shattering orgasms in the last forty minutes.   Aerosmith blared in her ears as she lowered her mouth toward Annie’s already sopping snatch.   God, Jamey was impossibly getting worked up again!

    ". . .

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       and i talked till my daddy say;, said, ya ain't seen nothin till your down on a muffin, and there’s sure to be a change in way”

    Jamey let her breath wash over the drenched slit and felt Annie’s hips grind slowly forward.   Sticking her tongue out, Jamey gently touched the tip to Annie’s outer lips and lightly licked along the edge of her opening.   There was no turning back now.   After the first lick you were officially eating pussy.   Stopping now wouldn’t change a thing.

    Of course, Jamey had no intention of stopping.   She had her tongue in this hot chick’s box and a candid view of those massive boobies from below.   That, teamed with Annie’s moans and gyrations, had Jamey getting hot all over again.   And that was before she felt Kip reach around from behind and tweak her supersensitive nipples.

    Annie seemed desperate to be satisfied but Jamey wasn’t about to rush through this.   Even though this was an incredible turn on, she really had no plans to start carpet munching on a regular basis.   Jamey figured that if she was already tongue-deep in a luscious twat, then she was going to get the most out of it; taking her time and doing it right.  

    After ten minutes she was still on her hands and knees, working delicate licks on Annie’s outer lips, planting wet kisses from her clit to her asshole.   The result was one half-crazed horny bitch that could barely keep her ass on the floor.   Actually, make that two half-crazed horny bitches.

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        Kip was still playing with her tits, only now he was squatting on her ass.   He didn’t put any of his weight on her, except for his heavy balls and enormous cock that stretched like a warm iron pipe to the middle of her back.   Every time Annie thrust her hips, Jamey rocked with her and Kip’s nuts quietly bumped her ass and his big bone rubbed up and down her bare back.

    The Stones were serenading the action when, finally, Jamey drove her tongue deep into Annie’s cunt.   A sigh of relief came from Annie that seemed to take the intensity up a notch for everyone.  

    “you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you just might find, you get what you need”&n.



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