Uncle Joe Chap. 07


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Kaley Cuoco, Michelle Trachtenberg or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Teen, F/f, Oral

Uncle Joe
Chapter Seven: Kaley Cuoco (Michelle Trachtenberg)
By Muhabba

Uncle Joe Smith sat on his couch in his small house staring off into space. “What am I doing?” he thought. “I have got to get control of myself. ”He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts and paced over to his liquor cabinet. Filling a class with a triple of his best whiskey he leaned against the wall, sighing deeply. “I’m gonna need to slow down or start traveling again. But dammit. I’ve got a really good thing going on here. ”

Joe had always been a traveling man, crossing back and forth across the country heading to whereever struck his fancy.

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  He’d also always been a promiscuous man, a ladies man. A real love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. He’d lost track of the number of females he’d fucked. Hundreds surely. And he wasn’t just attracted to a certain type either. “Hell. Or an age,” he thought as he smirked. If something in a woman, or a girl, struck his interest he had to have her any way he could.

“Nothin’ wrong with a love ‘em and leave ‘em type,” he kept telling himself. But lately he hadn’t been doing any of the “leave ‘em”. It had started with his niece, Jessica Alba and turned her into his own, personal, anal slut. “But what an ass,” Joe smiled to himself. Next had been a sweet, young student of his named Michelle Trachtenberg. He’d been training her to think of him as something of a father figure whose dick she had been sucking on more and more. “Such a sweet, little, cum slut.

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  ”Next had been another student who needed help to get her grades up named Jennifer Love Hewitt. He had helped her with whatever grade she needed and he used her body shamelessly. “Jesus. What tits. ”He licked his lips as he grinned. Then there was another niece of his, Brooke Hogan. He’d flat out drugged her and her brother while their father was out of town, introducing them to a whole new world. So what was keeping him here?He should have left ages ago.

“I’m gonna need a miracle,” Joe thought to himself as he gathered his keys and wallet. “Or a partner. ” And with that last thought he left his small house to pick up his new “daughter”.


“Oh my God, Daddy!It’s beautiful!” Michelle Trachtenberg squealed as she jumped up and down.

Since he was sticking around anyway, and with all the young girls he was still planning on having, Joe had decided he was going to need a bigger house. He beamed at his new “daughter”, “And that’s not all sweetie. ”

“It’s not, Daddy?” Michelle looked up at her new “daddy”, grinning ear to ear.

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“Nope. Check out the backyard. ”

Michelle ran through the large living room to the kitchen and the sliding glass door leading outside and peered through it. “Oh my God!You got a pool!”

Joe sided up to his new daughter and placed a hand on her lower back, just above her tight jeans. “Yep. And a hot tub. ”He began sliding his hand lower down Michelle’s back to her ass and cupped one of her plump ass-cheeks. As he imagined young, nubile girls prancing around his pool and hot tub he dipped his fingertips lower between her soft cleft.

Michelle purred as her new daddy stroked her tingling pussy and looked up at him, smiling seductively. “Mmmm. That has got to be the coolest back yard ever, Daddy. ”

“Well I think so. Plus it’s going to have a pool house by next week. ”Joe used his free hand to cup and gently squeeze Michelle’s small tits through her white T-shirt, his thumb sliding slowly over her hardening, ripe nipple.

“Oh, Daddy.

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  What are we going to use the pool house for?”

“Maybe a little of this,” Joe whispered before kissing his daughter deeply, his tongue slipping past her pink lips and into her warm mouth. He squeezed her plump tit and ass more firmly before sliding his hands sensuously over the rest of her young body. Breaking the kiss he winked at Michelle. “Let’s go upstairs. I’ve got a surprise I want to show you. ”

Michelle cupped her daddy’s hardening groin and giggled. “I don’t think it’s much of a surprise, Daddy. I’ve seen it before. ”

Joe pulled away and released Michelle’s slender body. “That’s not the surprise, sweetie. Upstairs and last room on the right. ”

Michelle gave her daddy a quizzical look before shrugging her slender shoulders and skipping off to the stairs. Joe grinned as he watched her tight ass swish back and forth up the stairs. She raced up ahead of him and began hurriedly taking off her shirt, thinking she already knew what the surprise would be.

Michelle ran topless into the room, her small tits jiggling and her nipples hard as little pebbles.


  Racing through the door way she suddenly stopped and shrieked, “Eeeeeee! OhmygodDaddy!”

Joe walked slowly up the hall and into the room, enjoying the sight of his daughter’s long, brown hair trailing down her nude back. His erection throbbed in his pants as she watched Michelle stare at her new bedroom in open-mouthed awe.

The room was in done in pinks and whites and rainbows. The walls were light pink with a slightly darker trim. The ceiling had fluffy pinkish clouds painted on it, dotted with light blue birds. The curtains were a white lace with pink blinds fluttering in the breeze of the open windows. In one corner of the room was a white vanity with dark pink stripes with a matching wardrobe in the opposite corner. Set off to the side of the room was a large, four posted bed covered in stuffed toys of all the characters that Joe knew Michelle liked. The last corner of the room was the pink doorway leading into a large walk-in closet.

Michelle clapped her hands in glee, grinning wildly and turning to face her daddy. “Oh, Daddy!I love it so much!”

Joe smiled down at his topless daughter and spread his arms. Michelle jumped forward giggling wildly and unconsciously rubbing her small tits and hard nipples across his shirt as she hugged him.

Michelle looked up at her daddy, a small look of concern crossing her angelic face. “Is it… is it all… for… for me?Cuz you’re not… I mean… we’re not…”

“Not officially Daddy and Daughter?”

Michelle buried her face into her unofficial father’s chest as she nodded her head yes and silently started to cry.

Joe wrapped his arms around the crying girl and ran his hands up and down the silky skin of her naked back.

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  “Don’t worry about it, sweet-heart. All this is really yours. ”

“But… but… we’re… you’re not… I’m not… I love you so much and you’re so much nicer than my real parents and you brought a new house so I could have a room and you bought me all this pretty stuff and I love you so much but… but… bu… bu…”Michelle sobbed in her unofficial daddy’s arms and her tender chest shuddered against his.

Joe squeezed Michelle tightly and patted her head. “I’m working on it, baby. ”

Michelle turned up her tear streaked face. “R… really?”

“Yes, Michelle. It won’t be long now and we’ll be a real family. ”

Michelle’s face lit up. “Really?!Yea, Daddy, yea!”Michelle hugged tighter to her soon-to-be Daddy, smashing her firm little tits against him while trying to jump up and down. “Yea, New Daddy!I love you soooooo much!”

Joe gently pushed Michelle a step away, running his hands down her chest to squeeze her delicate tits while circling her rosy nipples with his thumbs. A shudder ran through his daughter’s young body as he asked, “How much, sweetie?”

The topless young girl grinned as she dropped to her knees in front of her soon-to-be Daddy and began undoing his belt and pants. With practiced ease Michelle unbuckled and unfastened her daddy’s pants and belt and tugged them and his underwear down to the floor releasing his large, thick, hard cock. Since she had tasted the first drop of cum from him she had been hooked. She loved the taste of cum and would spend whole days just thinking about sucking cock and swallowing a thick, creamy load.

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  At her biological parents house she would spent hours laying in her bed with her fingers playing between her slender legs, dreaming about the next time she would get to suck her soon-to-be daddy’s dick. She wanted to swallow his cum. She hungered for it to spill into her mouth and fill her belly. She needed it.

Michelle used one of her delicate hands to hold and squeeze her daddy’s cum filled ball sack and her other hand to grip him firmly at the base of his cock. She giggled to herself as she tried to get her slender fingers around the thick base and failed. Next she kissed the velvety cock-head, tasting the salty precum and licking her pink lips. She loved being her daddy’s cum slut.

Michelle ran her wet tongue around her daddy’s soft, warm cock-head and enjoyed the sound of him moaning in pleasure. She placed small kisses from the head of his cock over the top and down to the base and then ran her tongue from the bottom of the big vein and back up to the tip. She covered her daddy’s cock with her tongue, not missing an inch (and there were a lot of inches) as she also began to slowly jerk him off. Taking a deep breath that pushed her chest and tits out she opened her mouth wide and pushed her his thick dick into her hungry mouth.

Joe ran his fingers through his soon-to-be-official new daughter’s silky hair as she began sucking his cock. He really did love the girl in his own way. “And she’s such an amazing cock sucker,”he thought to himself.

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  He grinned warmly as Michelle began bobbing her head back and forth slowly, taking his cock into her mouth. Every time his dick-head touched the back of his daughter’s throat he resisted the urge to just grip her head and thrust hard. “Don’t want to choke her. She’s still learning. ”He did begin slowly rocking his hips back and forth to encourage her to try and take more of his length into her warm, wet mouth and throat.

Michelle tried to run her tongue alone the underside of her daddy’s dick as she sucked it like a lollypop but it was so big. His cock filled her sucking mouth almost completely and left her no room to use her tongue but she loved the feel of it in her. And the taste…Oh how much did she love the taste of his cock as it stretched her lips and slid over her tongue. He was so hard and thick and wonderful and tasted better than ice cream. She love the taste of her daddy’s dick. She began squeezing and massaging his large, heavy, cum filled balls and firmly jacking the base of his cock harder and faster. She wanted him to cum. She thirsted to taste his cum. She normally loved a long, slow blow-job but today she wanted to fill her mouth and belly. It had been days and days since the last time he had cum in her and now she hungered for it.

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  She moaned in lust and bobbed her head faster and faster, cramming the hard pole into her mouth.

Joe stared down at his lust addled daughter. She wasn’t paying any attention to him, just his cock and even with a face filled with dick she looked so damn innocent. Maybe even cuter just because she had his dick in her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed out with every suck, her tongue twirled around his cock head as she pulled back and every time she pushed her head forward to swallow his meat again she moaned out in lust and it vibrated over his length. She moaned not just for the vibrations but because she was just so turned on to be sucking a dick. He loved her for her enthusiasm. “Oh God, baby. You are the best little cock sucker a father could hope for. ”

Michelle looked up at her daddy’s face and tried to smile around the giant cock in her mouth, her wide eyes filled with lust and affection. She tried to mumble “Thank you, Daddy" without taking the dick out of her mouth or stopping her head bobbing but is just came out as garbled gibberish.

“Heh,” Joe chuckled. “You’re so silly, baby," he beamed down at his daughter as she continued sucking him off.

“Murgh flurb agh rah miffholl…” Michelle gurgled around her face full of dick. “Arghur allssh wegulg…" she continued joking around with his dick in her mouth, her eyes filled with a childish mirth.

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  She didn’t even miss a stroke. “Gurgld blerah ablubm…" and suddenly the head of her daddy’s cock-head slid into her tight, clutching throat.

Joe gripped the back of Michelle’s head and pushed forward. “Oh Fuck, Michelle!Swallow. Swallow it. Fuck, Michelle, swallow your daddy’s dick. ”He didn’t mean to hurt his daughter but the feeling of his cock sliding past her lips, over her tongue and into her grasping throat was too much.

“Gggglee… gurg… ggglurg…” Michelle couldn’t even gasp, her air was cut off by the large dick sliding down her throat. Her reflexes took over and she kept trying to swallow the large tube of meat gagging her. She released her grip on her daddy’s balls and cock-shaft and used her hands to brace herself with his hips and kept trying to gulp down his dick.

“Fuck, Michelle!Fuck yes!” Joe yelled out as he came, his thick cum erupting out of his dick head and shooting straight down his young daughter’s slender throat. “Fuck, baby. Oh fuck you’re deep-throating me. Fuck, you feel so good!”Joe shuddered as he continued shooting load after load of hot cum into her clutching throat, draining his balls.

Realizing he was suffocating her Joe quickly pulled his softening dick out of Michelle’s mouth and bent down to her.


  Tears filled her wide eyes as she coughed and hacked. “Oh shit, baby. I am so sorry. Oh baby, are you ok?”

Michelle fell forward on her hands and coughed and hacked more, trying to fill her lungs with air. Her daddy bent over her and put his arm soothingly around her naked torso and used his free hand to lovingly pull her long hair away from her red face.

“Oh, sweetie. I’m so, so sorry, baby. When you swallowed my dick I lost control. I’m so sorry, baby. ”Joe was on the verge of tears. Normally he lost all interest in a girl immediately after shooting his load but now he was feeling an actual connection to the sweet, topless girl. “It’s ok, baby. Shhhh. It’ll be ok. ”

Michelle rubbed her sore throat and slowly sat up on her knees.

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  By now she was breathing deeply with only a occasional cough that caused a small ripple to course through her small tits. “It’s… (ack cough) it’s ok Dad… (cough) Daddy. I wasn’t paying attention. (ack)I’m ok now. (cough cough)"

“That’s ok, honey,” Joe said soothingly. “That’s no excuse for my losing control like that. ”

“No Daddy. It’s ok. ”Michelle turned her tear streaked face to her daddy, her tears causing her eyes to twinkle. “I’ve been wanting to learn to deep throat you. I really, really wanted to. I just wasn’t paying attention. ”

“Well, regardless. That’s no excuse for my behavior. But you did do really, really well.

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  ”Joe smiled as he patted his daughters naked back. “That felt amazing. ”

“Really?”Michelle’s eyes were wide as she smiled. “I did it right?”

“Well, yes. But still. I’d never want to hurt you like that. We could have practiced more before trying. ”Joe stroked Michelle’s back with one hand and her soft tummy with the other.

A mischievous light twinkled in Michelle’s eye. “So… I guess that means you have to make it up to me then. ”

“Anything, baby,” Joe said and was amazed that he actually meant it.

Michelle playfully slapped her slender thighs and sat straight up, a look of seriousness covering her face. “First…”

“First?”Joe cocked an eyebrow.

“Yep. First.

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  I think you owe me times two,” Michelle said sternly yet playfully, holding up two fingers.

The corners of Joe’s mouth twitched as he tried not to smile. “What makes you say I owe you for two?”

Michelle also tried to keep a straight face. “Well firstly for almost strangling me with your big ‘ol, giant dick. It’s a monster and I could have died. Killed by my own Daddy’s giant prick suffocating me to death. ‘Young girl killed by giant penis,’ the news would have said. It’d have been terrible. Just try and think about your eulogy to me. ‘Here lies my daughter Michelle. Dead because I have a giant anaconda penis. ’You would have sounded silly. ”

Joe nearly chocked himself trying not to laugh. “Hmmm. Yes, you’re right.

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  And then animal control would have had to get rid of my ‘anaconda penis’. ”

“Well of course. You’re obviously not a responsible anaconda owner. What with it strangling your daughter and all. ”Somehow Michelle kept her serious face firmly in place.

“Obviously. ”

“Probably have to put it in a zoo somewhere. Poor anaconda penis, stuck in a glass cage with rude children tapping on the glass and everything. ”Michelle lovingly patted her daddy’s soft, spit wet prick. “Poor, poor anaconda penis. ”

Uncle Joe reached up with one hand a stroked one of Michelle’s small, soft tits. “Poor anaconda penis. Ok, agreed. Thank you for surviving so nobody will have to put my anaconda penis in a zoo somewhere. ”

Michelle lightly gripped her daddy’s dick and softly stroked it.


  “No problem, Daddy. You’re welcome. ”

Joe’s serious face began to crack. “And the second?”

Michelle’s serious face broke completely as she grinned at her daddy and gripped his dick more firmly. “You came down my throat. I never got to taste your cum. ”

Joe grinned to himself as he used both hands to stroke Michelle’s young tits. “Heaven forbid. ”

“Yep. That’s two. ”Michelle flashed two fingers in front of her daddy’s face.

Joe bent forward and lapped at his daughter’s hard, little nipples. “And how shall I make these two things up to you?”

“Mmm… First, a puppy. ”Michelle continued to jack her father’s prick with one hand and used her free had to hold him to her chest.


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  After you move in. ”Joe began nipping at the tender, young flesh.

“Ooohhh… agreed,” Michelle purred.

“And the second?” Joe mumbled around a face full of teenage tit.

“Help me christen my bed. Fuck me, Daddy. ”

Joe sat up straighter, Michelle’s tender young chest covered in his saliva. “Anytime, baby. ”

Joe picked up his daughter and laid her on her teen-dream bed and removed her pants. Michelle used her burgeoning cock swallowing skills to get him hard again and then they spent the evening breaking in her new bed.


Kaley Cuoco approached the first house of her day. She took a moment to adjust her Girl Scout uniform: White sneakers with pink strings, frilly green socks to match her green button-up shirt one size to small just like the manual said, her large D-cup breasts stretching the shirt and creating little gaps between the buttons and showing off tantalizing glimpses of bare skin, her tan overalls with straps over each shoulder that came below and under her impressive chest that ended in a short skirt that barely covered her matching green thong, and her green beret over her golden hair that spilled free over her shoulders and framed her angelic face.

Kaley knocked on the door, her braless breasts jiggling in her shirt, and patiently waited with an innocent smile on her face. The young girl only had to wait a few moments before the door opened and she greeted her customer, “Hi, Mr. Nelson.

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  Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

The older gentleman looked down at the sweet, teenage girl. “Well, well, well. That time again is it?”

“Yep. Would you like some cookies?”

The local chapter of the Girl Scouts had a system worked out with the school cheerleaders. Each team sold their wares every 4 months throughout the year with 2 months between each event. If one team was selling in April than the other team went out in June while the first team waited until August to start again. The each had special sales they did all year long but these were each of their 2 biggest events. The Girl Scouts had cookie and food sales during the Spring and Summer months and house cleaning in the Fall and Winter. Meanwhile the cheerleaders had car washes during the Spring and Summer months and baby-sitting during the Fall and Winter. Everybody wins.

“Well well, little Miss. What are you selling this time?” the older man asked while patting his stomach with one hand and running his other hand through his salt and pepper hair.

Kaley beamed up at the much older Mr. Nelson. “This time I’m selling the Thin Mints with squad A.

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  ”She stood up quickly on her tip-toes and then back down on her heels causing her unencumbered tits to jiggle underneath her tight shirt.

“Hmmm…” Mr. Nelson pretended to wonder as he stroked his stubbly beard. “What if I want the coconut ones tho’?”

Kaley ran her hands over her lush body, pretending to straighten her uniform. “That’s squad C. I’ll have to go back and tell them to send another girl. ‘Course you’ll have to wait all the way ‘til tomorrow if you don’t want my cookies. Plus this time we’re running a special. One box for 35 dollars or 2 boxes for 60. ”

“Well, I only have enough for one box today. So how about you and the other girl come by next week too?” Mr. Nelson said as he licked his dry lips and ogled the young girl.

“Sure can do, Mr. Nelson. And you said you only wanted one box today?”


Ελλάδα συνοδεία 

   Nelson stood back and opened his front door wide. “Sure thing. Come on in. I was just finishing lunch and could use a quick box of cookies. ”

Kaley cocked a quizzical eyebrow as she peeked her head through the doorway. “Your wife’s not home this time, is she?”

“No, no sweetie. Not this time,” the older man answered as Kaley stepped inside. “I guess she doesn’t appreciate anyone else’s cookies, does she?”

Kaley looked around a bit before deciding it was safe. “Nope. Where ya want your cookies, Mr. Nelson?”

Mr. Nelson walked past Kaley and began unbuttoning his pants. “Right in the living room. I was watching TV while eating lunch. ”

Kaley followed Mr.

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   Nelson into the living room as he pulled his pants down to his thighs and sat on the couch. He motioned Kaley to sit next to him. “Have a seat, little lady. ”

Kaley sat down next to the older man and their faces met as they softly kissed. Mr. Nelson’s tongue then quickly parted Kaley’s lips and slid into her warm mouth. His tongue caressed her tongue as they kissed and the young girl moaned appreciatively. She slid her hand onto his lap and softly gripped his hardening cock as he reached over and began massaging her large, soft tits. He would grip and squeeze one large tit before pinching her hard nipple through her shirt and switching to the other tit. Her expert hand quickly got his cock hard and she began firmly rubbing it up and down.

“Mmmmm, baby. You got expert hands,” Mr. Nelson smiled after breaking the kiss and smacking his lips. “Yes sir’re. Downright expert hands.



Mr. Nelson relaxed back on the couch, keeping one arm wrapped around Kaley’s body and squeezing her large tit. “Thanks, Mr. Nelson,” she responded as she used one hand to jack his cock and her other hand to massage his balls. “My scout leader, Mr. Thompson, has us practice lots. ”

Mr. Nelson gave a appreciative squeeze to Kaley’s tit. “Well it sure does show, lil’ missy. ”

Kaley beamed at Mr. Nelson in pride. “Thanks, Mr. Nelson. Sure you don’t wanna buy more cookies today?” she asked as she used the pre-cum gathering at the tip of his throbbing dick to rub her hand over his cock head.


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   Nelson gave a hard squeeze to Kaley’s firm tit and caused her to coo. “Oh, I wish sweetie. But next week, I promise. ”

“Well, if you’re sure. ” Kaley said as she leaned in and began kissing the older man on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth and enjoying the way his stubble rubbed against her face. She began working the thick staff more firmly as she rubbed up and down. Her other hand rolled and massaged his cum heavy balls and she squeezed them more firmly. She added a slow roll to her wrist as she jacked on the hard prick filling her hand just like she’d been taught. Not too fast and not to slow.

Kaley nuzzled Mr. Nelson’s neck and after another 5 minutes of her heavenly hand-job he felt himself about to burst. “Oh sweetie. So good, baby. So fucking good,” he panted. “I’m about to pop, sweetie.

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Kaley grinned. “Napkin?”

“Yeah, honey,” Mr. Nelson panted out as she threw his lunch napkin at the young Girl Scout. At nearly the instant Kaley got the napkin in place he closed his eyes and came. “Fuck, sweetie. Oh Jesus. That’s so fucking good, you sweet little slut. ”

Kaley milked every last drop of hot cum out of the older man’s prick, working the shaft to draw out every little bit. “All good, Mr. Nelson?”

“Oh, it sure is, honey. So very good,” the satisfied man said as he opened his eyes and looked down at Kaley. “Oh no, honey. I got some cum on your dress. ”

Kaley wiped her hands down and looked at the drop of cum on her dress and with a devilish gleam in her eye she scooped it up with a finger and popped it into her mouth. “Yummmm.

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  We’ll just call that a sample of next week,” Kaley said with a grin.

The satisfied, older man gave Kaley’s tits one last playful squeeze and a quick swat on her plump ass as he walked her out of the door. Kaley skipped down the sidewalk, giving quick glimpses of her under swell of her ass-cheeks as she made her way to her next house.


No one answered the next two doors but she wasn’t worried, she had all month after all and found herself at Mrs. Ann’s house. Mrs. Ann was a very good customer who ordered 2 boxes of cookies every week. She was a much older woman in her 50’s but still had a good body and mostly silver hair. When she was let into the house she and Mrs. Ann made out on the older woman’s stair case, her knowledgeable hands drawing needing gasps and moans from Kaley and the beautiful Girl Scout was almost ready to give Mrs. Ann free cookies before they stopped and made their way upstairs to the bedroom.

Kaley took her beret and shoes off and laid down on the be bed and watched Mrs. Ann take off her pants and panties. Mrs. Ann slowly crawled over Kaley’s prone, young body giving quick pecks and licks on Kaley’s calves, then knees, then the insides of her thighs.

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  When she reached Kaley’s impressive chest she gave the young girl’s tits a hard squeeze and licked her hard nipples through her uniform. When she reached Kaley’s pink lips she gave a quick peck before straddling her face.

Kaley licked her lips as Mrs. Ann slowly lowered her already wet pussy onto her mouth. Mrs. Ann’s pussy felt warm and soft on her mouth and she licked the woman’s glistening lips, loving the tangy taste of her juices. Kaley wrapped her arms over Mrs. Ann’s tan thighs and gripped her firm ass-cheeks and then slowly began licking her customer's wet cunt.

“Mmmm… Yeah. Do it, little girl. Lick my pussy,” Mrs. Ann moaned. “You like that, don’t you?You like my pussy, don’t you?”She gripped Kaley’s blonde hair, keeping the young girl’s head in place underneath her wet cunt. She humped against Kaley’s face, staring down into the teenager’s blue eyes as the young girl tongue-fucked her. She needed this.


  She’d been waiting all week for it. The feel of a young girl’s tongue buried deep in her pussy. She loved her husband but nothing could replace the feel of a teenage girl’s wet tongue.

Kaley enthusiastically lapped, licked and sucked away at Mrs. Ann’s hot pussy. She wished Mrs. Ann would buy more cookies but all the older woman ever wanted was a quick ride. She ran her tongue up Mrs. Ann’s lust swollen labia and circled her hard clit and caused the woman to moan out and grip her hair harder. “She’s about to pop already,” Kaley thought.

Mrs. Ann squeezed her thighs harder, holding Kaley’s angelic face in place as she prepared to cum. She felt the young girl grip her ass tighter and then Kaley thrust her tongue deep into her wet pussy. “Oh Fuck!I Fucking Love The Girl Scouts!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as she came.

Kaley sucked and lapped as hard and fast as she could, not wanting to miss a drop of Mrs.

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   Ann’s gushing juices. “A good Girl Scout always swallows. ” Mr. Thompson had told his troops. Plus it kept them from getting stains on their uniforms.

Mrs. Ann smiled down at Kaley as she climbed off her face and collapsed on her side next to the young girl. “Wow, Kaley. You sure are something special ” she grinned at the young girl.

“Thanks, Mrs. Ann. I’ll bring your cookies by tomorrow then. ”Kaley stood up, straightening her uniform before waving and turning to leave.

Mrs. Ann sat up quickly, “Wait, Kaley, wait.

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  Hold on a sec. ”

“What is it, Mrs. Ann?”

“Well… I don’t usually do this. Normally it’s just two boxes a week. But… well…”Mrs. Ann looked down sheepishly at her naked lap.

A look of concern spread across Kaley’s face. “What is it, Mrs. Ann?I’ll do anything for a customer. You know that. Last spring I did naked yoga for Mr. Tyler and we don’t even sell cookies for that. ”

“Well, sweetie… for an extra 20 dollars could I… well… see you and taste you real quick. I mean, your little pussy. I’d love to taste it.

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  Just real quick. ”A blush burned across Mrs. Ann’s face. There was just something about Kaley that made her feel like a nervous schoolgirl.

Kaley chewed her lips as she thought it over. “I don’t know… That’s not… well that’s usually 4 boxes. ”

“No, no sweetie,” Mrs. Ann hurriedly interrupted Kaley’s train of thought. “I just… well, me and my husband were deciding about buying 4 boxes each from you next week and I was nervous. So I was hoping that just a quick peek would help me out. You know?” Mrs. Ann stared hopefully at Kaley.

“8 boxes!?Wow!” Kaley thought, trying to keep the excitement out of her eyes. She’d been trying to get Mrs. Ann to buy more than 2 boxes for years and now she and her husband wanted 8!“Well, I guess.

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  If it helps you decide. ”Kaley reached under her short shirt and pulled down her wet thong. She grabbed the hem of her skirt and raised it up slowly to show the older woman her wet, hairless, little pussy.

“Oh my…" Mrs. Ann cooed. “You have the most adorable little pussy, Kaley. ”

Kaley blushed. “Thank you, Mrs. Ann. ”

“You look absolutely delicious. ”Mrs. Ann reached her arm out and slowly traced Kaley’s wet cleft with her fingertips. “And so wet. Kaley, are you usually this wet?”

Kaley began panting as her customer inspected her pretty, pink pussy. “Y… yes, Mrs.

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   Ann. I’ve been trying to get you to buy more boxes for ages. ”

Mrs. Ann placed her middle finger at the entrance to Kaley’s gushing cunt and slowly began to push inside of her. “I had no idea. So tight and wet. Oh, Kaley. They need to have a picture of your little pussy on the boxes, not of those cookies. You’d sell a hundred in a day. ”She licked her lips in anticipation of tasting the young girl.

Kaley shuddered in pleasure, “T… tha… thank you, Mrs… Mrs. Ann. ”Her knees suddenly became week as Mrs. Ann’s finger slid over her G-spot.

“Would you like me to make you cum, dearie?” Mrs.


   Ann whispered.

“We… I’m not… not without selling you the… cook… cookies, Mrs. Ann. ”Kaley was very nearly about to collapse. Her thighs twitched and her chest heaved, pushing out her tits and straining her shirt.

Mrs. Ann licked her lips hungrily. “Of course not, sweetie. ”She began pulling her finger out of the young Girl Scout’s drooling pussy. “To bad. ”Mrs. Ann held her hand up to her face, staring at the young girl’s juices as Kaley regained her breath. She slid her finger into her mouth and tasted Kaley’s pussy on her finger. Her eyes shot wide open in amazement. “I’ve never…" she couldn’t even finish her thought.

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  “Kaley, honey. You are absolutely the most delicious little girl ever. ”

Kaley smiled wide as she began pulling up her thong. “Thank you, Mrs. Ann. "

"Next week, Kaley. Next week. Get here early because you’ll be staying late. ”Mrs. Ann trembled at the thought of every deprived thing she was going to do to the girl.

Kaley clapped her hands together enthusiastically and jumped up and down with joy. “Oh goodie, Mrs. Ann!I’ll see you and Mr. Ann bright early next week,” and with that she skipped out of the room.


Kaley’s next house was the Tylers.

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  Mrs. Tyler had the kids at her parents’ house and she found Mr. Tyler out back in his garage. He was a pretty easy sell since he always started out with at least 3 boxes. Kaley could hear 80’s classic rock coming from the garage so she walked into his backyard and knocked loudly on the side door.

“Dammit, Julie. ”Kaley could hear Mr. Tyler yelling. “What’d ya forget this time?”Mr. Tyler opened the door and saw Kaley standing there with her hands clasped behind her back, pushing out her impressive chest. “Oh, Kaley. It’s you. ”

Kaley waved enthusiastically and smiled. “Hi, Mr. Tyler.

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  Wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies?”She already knew the answer. Every day a new girl went to every house and everyday Mr. Tyler bought at least 3 boxes from every girl.

“Well, Kaley Cuoco. My favorite Girl Scout. Come in, come in. ”Mr. Tyler held the door open and waved Kaley in. As she walked past him he kept his eyes locked onto her plump ass. “First day of cookies sale?”

“Yes sir. ”Kaley bent over slightly at the waist, pretending to straighten her socks and giving Mr. Tyler a glimpse of her thong.

Mr. Tyler could feel himself already hardening. “Well how ‘bout that.

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Kaley quickly spun back around to face the greasy Mr. Tyler, making sure her firm tits jiggled around in her tight shirt. “So?You wanna buy some?”

Mr. Tyler scratched his chin, pretending to think it over. “Well, I don’t know. I spent all day working on my old corvette here. Had it since high school. ”He walked over to his old car and patted the hood. “Takes a lotta money to up keep, y’know. ”

Kaley skipped over to the other side of the car, unbuttoning the first few buttons of her tight shirt. When she bent over to pretend to look at the engine her firm, ripe tits nearly fell out of the over-stretched material. “Sure looks impressive, Mr. Tyler. ”

“Hmmm…" Mr. Tyler moaned as he stared at the young girl’s impressive cleavage.



Kaley looked over the top of the engine at the amateur mechanic with a devilish gleam in her eye. “Sure there’s nothing I can do to…” she ran her finger tips over the tops of her breasts, “…change your mind?”

Mr. Tyler smiled at the young minx. “Tell you what. Why don’t you go stand in front of the car there,”Mr. Tyler pointed to the middle of the garage. As Kaley made her way he sat down in the driver’s seat and turned on his headlights, showcasing the young girl. He popped a cassette into the car’s stereo. “Now why don’t you try to convince me to buy what you’re sellin’?”

Kaley suppressed her laughter. It was the same thing, every time. “She’s My Cherry Pie" came blaring out of the old corvette’s speakers as Mr. Tyler sat behind the driver’s seat, unfastening his pants. She rocked her hips back and forth as she ran her fingers through her hair and took off her beret, tossing it aside. She turned around and thrust her ass out, giving him a glimpse of the under swell of her ass-cheeks as she unclasped her over-alls and dropped her skirt. Her thong disappeared between her luscious ass-cheeks as she bent over at the waist, showing him her small, barely covered pussy as she ran her hands up her legs.

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  She looked over her shoulder at her customer and smiled seductively as she stood back up slowly.

Kaley turned around, facing Mr. Tyler, as she unbuttoned her shirt slowly, revealing her tan cleavage as she danced around seductively. With her shirt completely unbuttoned she cocked her hips and let her small shirt slowly slide off her shoulders. With a practiced shrug the shirt fell off completely and exposed her large, tan D-cup tits capped with hard, pink nipples. She brought her hands up to cup her large orbs, pursing her lips and pinching her nipples, never losing the beat of the song. She pranced around topless, letting her tits jiggle and sway on her chest as the older man licked his lips in anticipation.

The young Girl Scout turned around facing away from Mr. Tyler and used her thumbs to hook the elastic bands of her thong. Keeping time to the music she slowly pulled the small bit of material down her legs, exposing her firm ass to her customer. She pranced back and forth, giving the amateur auto mechanic plenty of time to stare at her naked ass-cheeks as she slapped first one cheek and then the other but with their natural firmness her flesh barely rippled.

Cupping her hairless pussy Kaley turned back to Mr. Tyler, keeping him from seeing her completely yet. She pretended to masturbate and stared at the much older and horny man with a look of lust. Slowly she removed her hand, letting the older man finally see her wet, gleaming, hairless cunt.

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Mr. Tyler suddenly blared the horn before shouting out, “Aw shit honey!I’m convinced. Get in her. ”

Kaley sauntered over to the passenger side and quickly got it. Mr. Tyler had already pulled down his pants to his ankles and was holding his throbbing erection in his head. “So 3 boxes then?” Kaley giggled.

“A show and a blow-job?Shit yeah!”Mr. Tyler gripped the back of Kaley’s head and guided her face to his lap.

Kaley gripped the base of Mr. Tyler’s hard cock and began licking it from the base to the tip, swirling her tongue around his throbbing cock-head before licking back down.

“Oh fuck, baby. I’m too worked up for preliminaries. Just suck it,” Mr. Tyler gasped out in frustration, desperate to cum.

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“Yes sir,” Kaley said with pride, proud of the fact that her strip tease had worked her customer up so much. She was very mindful to take her job as a Girl Scout very serious. She placed Mr. Tyler’s plump dick-head into her mouth swirling her tongue around it before sliding it deeper into her mouth. She was kneeling over in her seat and felt him trace his way down her back to her ass. He slid his finger between her firm ass-cheeks and over her puckered hole, sending a shiver down her spine. She moaned out and began bobbing her face up and down faster and sucking hard.

Mr. Tyler reached Kaley’s pussy and began sliding one of his fingers in. “Oh fuck, babe. You are so wet and soooo fucking tight. ”The young girl moaned in appreciation as he started to finger-bang her. She reached down and cupped his balls as she sucked his cock faster and harder. “Fuck yeah. Suck it.

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  Suck that fucking cock!”

Kaley bobbed her head up and down as fast as she could and thrust her drooling pussy back onto the older man’s probing fingers. “God I wish he’d buy another box,” she desperately thought.

Mr. Tyler pushed a second finger into Kaley’s wet twat and slid his thumb across her asshole, causing the young girl to shudder. “Fuck, you are so fucking tight!” he gasped out as his favorite Girl Scout rubbed her tongue across his dick-head. “So fucking tight and wet. ”

Kaley gripped Mr. Tyler’s balls more firmly as she jacked the base of his prick. She kept thrusting herself back onto his hand and moaning, letting him know she was enjoying his fingers inside of her.

“Aargh!Fuck it!” Mr. Tyler yelled, pulling Kaley off his cock by her hair. “Four boxes. Back seat. Now!”

Kaley smiled and quickly crawled between the front seats and into the back as Mr. Tyler followed, pulling his clothes the rest of the way off.

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  When she reached the back seat she laid down and spread her toned and tanned legs wide.

Mr. Tyler quickly got himself into position and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Kaley’s tiny pussy. “Oh fuck, baby. I’m gonna rock you like a hurricane. ”He’d had Kaley before and knew how tight her pussy felt. It was amazing. Easily the tightest little cunt he’d ever had wrapped around his cock. He pushed in slow, giving her time to stretch around his length and watched her large tits rise and fall on her chest. He bent down and sucked a plump nipple into his mouth, lashing it with his tongue. He abandoned any attempt at technique, he just needed into her body. Needed to feel ever tan inch of her luscious form.

“ohgodohgodohgodohgod…” Kaley chanted as the older man penetrated her, living out some old adolescent fantasy of his left over from his high school days. A firm, fresh, young girl hungry for his cock in the back of his car. “Oh fuck me, Mr.


   Tyler. Fuck me like a hurricane. Eye of the tiger. Shake me all night long. Pour your sugar on me. Cum, on feel the noise. Just Fuck Me!”

As Mr. Tyler bottomed out inside of Kaley he released his mouth’s hold on her tit and looked up at her with a meaningful smile in his eyes. “You are such a precious little girl for helping this old man live out his fantasy. ”

Kaley kissed Mr. Tyler deeply. “My pleasure, Mr. Tyler. Girl Scouts are supposed to help out whenever they can,” she said as she smiled, meaning every word.

The older man smiled quickly and then went back to nursing at Kaley’s tits, enjoying the feel of her writhing underneath him.

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  Slowly he drew his dick out and mumbled around his face full of young, tan tit, “Here we go, baby. ”Suddenly he slammed into Kaley’s pussy, jack-hammering away as she screamed out.

“Fuuuuuccckkkkkk!!!!!Oh Fuck, Mr. Tyler!Fuuuucckkk Mmmeeeee!” Kaley yelled out as Mr. Tyler pummeled away inside of her. She could feel her juices squeezed out of her as he filled her, nearly violently, with thick inch after thick inch of his hard dick again and again.

Mr. Tyler grunted with every rapid fire thrust of his cock, burning with the need to cum, to fill Kaley’s tight little pussy. He’d never had a tighter pussy and he loved the way it gripped and squeezed his cock.

Kaley thrust her drooling pussy up to try and meet each of Mr. Tyler’s rapid fire thrusts but he was moving too fast for her to match his speed. She wrapped her legs around his clenching ass-cheeks as she gripped his forearms to brace herself. Her head was knocking against the interior of the side of the car but she didn’t care, all that mattered to her was the feel of his thick cock penetrating her again and again, filling her, stretching her. She laid there motionless, just accepting his cock pistoning in and out, moaning as she climbed closer and closer to orgasm.

With one final thrust Mr.

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   Tyler buried himself completely inside of Kaley’s young body and came, shooting load after thick, sticky load into her tiny pussy and grinding himself against her hot groin.

As Mr. Tyler came like a fire hose inside of her, Kaley’s own orgasm tore through her as she grinded her sizzling clit against him. “Oh Godddd!” she yelled as her pussy clamped down on his prick and began practically drawing out his hot cum.

The couple lay together panting and enjoying the after-glow of their orgasms for several minutes before Mr. Tyler sat up. His spent cock slid easily out of Kaley’s well fucked pussy and their mixed juices dripped out of her and onto the upholstery of the corvette.

“Oh fuck, Kaley. It’s been too long since your last batch of cookies,” Mr. Tyler said as he playfully palmed one of Kaley’s large tits and squeezed the warm flesh. “You’re gonna have to start coming around more often. ”

Kaley continued to lay flat on her back and pant in orgasmic bliss. “Mmmmmm. Only a few more weeks to go, Mr. Tyler.

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  Sorry,” she grinned as her body continued to twitch.

“You’ll be back next week ‘tho, right?” Mr. Tyler asked as he helped Kaley to sit up.

“Sure thing. ”Kaley sat up with a dopy smile on her face as she continued to try and catch her breath.

“Well, good. My wife should be back by then and you know how much she likes your cookies. ”Mr. Tyler affectionately patted Kaley’s toned thigh before crawling out of the car. He gathered his clothes up and then started looking for Kaley’s.

Kaley slowly climbed out of the car and made her way over to Mr. Tyler, her large tits gleaming with sweat and Mr. Tyler’s saliva and jiggling with each step. “Oh goodie, Mr. Tyler.

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  Hopefully I’ll make enough selling cookies to win the trip this year. ”

Mr. Tyler gave Kaley a wet washcloth and a towel to clean herself up with and then watched her dress. “Where ya going this year, anyway?”

Kaley shimmied into her tight clothes. “Bangkok. Mr. Thompson says there are some Asian business men who are really interested in the Girl Scouts. So he’s going to introduce them to the winners. He says he’s taking the top 5 girls who sell the most cookies to meet the 20 business men.

Mr. Tyler gave Kaley a playful swat on her thick ass as he walked her to the door, not even bothering to put his clothes on. “You’ll do fine. Don’t you worry. Hey, who’s coming by tomorrow?”

A worried look crossed Kaley’s face. “Um, squad B.


  I think it’s Vanessa Hudgens. ”

Mr. Tyler saw the concerned look on Kaley’s face. “Don’t worry sweetie. Your cookies are the best. No way am I buying more than 3 boxes from Vanessa. ”

“Good, cuz she cheats,” Kaley blurted out.

Mr. Tyler kissed the frown line between Kaley’s eyes. “It’s ok, honey. If you think you’re falling behind, just tell me. I’ll take you to work with me and you can sell cookies there. Just don’t tell anyone or I’ll have to do it for all the girls. ”

Kaley beamed up at Mr. Tyler.

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  “Oh thank you, Mr. Tyler. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. ”Kaley skipped off out of the garage, sure she was going to win this year.

To be continued….