Uncle Joe Chap. 04


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Brooke Hogan, Nick Hogan, or Michelle Trachtenberg, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Mm/f, Teen, Incest

Uncle Joe
Chapter Four: Brooke Hogan (Michelle Trachtenberg)
By Muhabba

Michelle Trachtenberg lay on her back on top of her teacher’s desk, naked with her legs spread wide and high in the air. Her teacher held her legs up by her ankles and fucked himself hard between her long legs. Her nude and sweat covered body was completely exposed to her teacher as he thrust himself deep and fast into her wet, little, pussy.

"Ugh, ugh, oh yes, please, ugh. . . ," Michelle panted as she was penetrated again and again. She stared down her body at her teacher’s invading cock as he thrust it in between her sticky pussy-lips.

Michelle stared down in lust as her firm tits bounced around high on her chest, her tiny pink nipples hard and erect.

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  With every hard thrust of her teacher’s cock into her tight little pussy, her firm, young, teenage body shook, causing her to moan in pleasure. Faster and faster, harder and harder, the thrusting tool invaded her, causing her juices to pulse out of her body and spill down her ass and pool underneath her pale ass-cheeks.

"Uncle" Joe Smith quickly fucked himself hard and fast inside of his young student, his hips rapping up against her ass-cheeks with a thrapt, thrapt, thrapt sound. Michelle’s sweet pussy juices coated his cock and groin and spilled out over her ass and onto his desk. All he cared about was getting himself off and gave no concern for his teenage student, only wanting to fuck and cum deep inside of her tight pussy. Her firm body lay spread out and totally exposed for his eyes: her face thrown back and panting, her arms stretched up and pulling her firm tits high onto her chest, her long creamy legs held high and wide in the air, not a ounce of skin lay unexposed. Her pale body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and jiggled with each of his hard and fast thrusts.

Michelle could feel her orgasm approaching. At every thrust of her teacher’s hard cock, she soared just a little bit closer to cumming. As he thrust himself again and again deep inside of her juicy pussy, she thrust herself back onto his cock, trying to cram as much of the hot, thick meat into herself as possible. As Mr. Smith’s cock bottomed out inside of her greedy little cunt, she would grind herself against his groin trying to created friction for her needy clit. She began whimpering with need as she thrust her tiny pussy onto his thick cock. As her hot pussy clamped down onto his cock, she thought she could feel every bump on his skin as it rubbed against her slick, velvety pussy walls.

As her teacher’s hard tool thrust again and again inside of her, it rubbed hard against her G-spot and ground against her clit, causing Michelle to moan out and finally explode, "Oh God, Mr.

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   Smith!Your Making Me cccuuUUMMMM!!!!!"

Michelle’s cunt spasmed and clutched at Mr. Smith’s cock, her orgasm sending electric shocks through her pulsing pussy, throbbing clit, and hard nipples.

Mr. Smith pulled his thick tool from Michelle’s pussy, causing her juices to spill out and leaving her greedy cunt feeling suddenly empty, "Wha?NOO!Leave it in me!Please!"Instead he threw her to her knees and pulled her head back by her brown hair. She gasped in shock and pain as she watched him fisting his cock right next to her face, wondering what he was doing.

Joe kept a firm hand on Michelle’s head as his cock jerked and spasmed as he came. His first shot of cum landed on his nubile student's forehead, the next shot landed on her dimpled chin as she gasped out in surprise of the cum bath her angelic face was receiving. His last shot landed in her gasping mouth, giving the teenage girl her first taste of cum.

Michelle looked up at her teacher with her face covered in his creamy cum, "Thank you, Mr. Smith. I came so hard. "

Joe looked down at his young student, her face smiling up at him, "Now, Michelle, what did I tell you to call me?"

Michelle beamed with pride up at Mr. Smith as cum dripped from her forehead down to her perky titties, "Thank you for fucking me. . .

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   Daddy. "


Joe was sitting on a plane and remembering his last fuck session with Michelle Trachtenberg, and grinned at the idea of making the young girl call him "daddy". He laughed to himself while remembering the work-out he’d been having lately, fucking the tight teenage bodies of: Michelle Trachtenberg with her long, lean, pale body and angelic face; Jennifer Love Hewitt with her large, firm tits; and his niece Jessica Alba with her bedroom eyes and full, round ass. Now he was on his way to meet another one of his adopted families, the Hogan’s.

Joe’s friend Terry was a famous wrestler going by the name of "Hulk" Hogan and had done pretty well for himself. Now Hulk was semi-retired and spending most of his time with his family and Joe was going for a surprise visit. His plane landed and he got a cab and headed for the Hogan household.

Joe was in the middle of a daydream involving his niece Jessica Alba and a bottle of baby oil when he arrived at the Hogans' house. He exited the cab and walked up to the front door and knocked. As the door opened he was nearly knock back by the vision of teenage beauty that had answered, Brooke Hogan.

"Uncle Joe!" Brooke squealed as she squeezed her uncle in a bear hug. At nearly 6ft tall with a firm but rounded body and large breasts, Joe felt he could lose himself in the form of his tan, blond, teenage "niece".

Joe's face was imbedded in the teenage amazons’ large expanse of tan cleavage, which was barely contained inside of her sports bra. He felt the heat coming from Brooke’s sweaty body, and guessed she had been working out and wrapped himself around her.

Brooke broke the hug just as Joe’s hands began sliding down her sweat slick back to her tight biker shorts.

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  "OhmygodUncleJoe!I’msogladtoseeyou!" the young girl squealed, jumping up and down and causing her sweat slick body to jiggle.

"(ohgod)Hi, darlin’. I just thought I’d drop in and say ‘hey’,"Joe said as his mouth dried.

"OhmygodUncleJoe," the young girl squealed again, "Mom and Dad are out of town. Me and Nick are the only ones at the house for the next couple of days. "

Joe immediately got a perverted idea, "Well, show me where your brother Nick is, then we’ll call your parents and tell them you found a baby-sitter. "

Joe followed the bronze beauty through the house, watching her plump ass move underneath her tight work-out shorts.

Joe and his niece found her younger brother in the living room and they then called their parents. Afterwards both kids went off to finish what they were doing, allowing Joe to wonder about the house.

Joe quickly found his nephew’s bedroom and a couple of minutes later he found what he was looking for. He knew that Nick was becoming quite the little ladies man and a partier, and now he had found Nick’s stash. Nick Hogan had quite the collection of porn as well as some party drugs, X and some different types of uppers. Joe took some of the pills and dashed down stairs to the kitchen. He was a Chem. teacher and used some know-how to make his niece and nephew a new type of party drug.

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  He told the kids to grab their swim wear and meet him outside as he made the drinks. After some time that he "refined" the drinks, he took the them to his nephew and especially his niece. Outside he saw Nick doing laps in the large pool and Brooke sunning herself on a lounge chair.

Brooke lay stretched out in a tiny, white bikini, her dark, tan skin gleaming with sweat and suntan lotion. Her nipples poked out through the material of her bikini top and her bottoms were pulled snugly up on her tight, little pussy. Joe stood and watched his teenage niece and his cock lurched in his pants as her tan body lay nearly exposed to his eyes. She was wonderful mix of long, lean muscle covered by plump and rounded tan flesh. Her deeply tan skin stood in stark contrast to her tiny, white bikini and blond hair.

Joe swallowed hard and yelled out to the kids, "O. k. guys. Drinks are ready. "Brooke quickly stood up and stretched, her large, tan breasts jiggling around in her tight top and causing the large orbs to nearly jump out. Nick quickly ran past Brooke to grab his drink as Joe watched Brooke walk. Her large breasts swayed back and forth as her long legs carried her to him to grab her drink.

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  He leered as she walked into the house, her white bikini bottom pulled up on one side and exposing one plump ass cheek.

As the evening grew late, and more and more drug laced drinks were consumed, Brooke and Nick began feeling more and more excited as well as a deep sense of comfort. Brooke was just feeling so good and relaxed sitting snugly between her uncle and brother. She was so excited at having her uncle visit that she couldn’t sit still, she kept squirming and moving around on the couch while laughing and talking. She kept rubbing and caressing her uncle and brother and nearly falling out of her bikini, constantly having to run her hands over her plump body to readjust herself.

As Brooke had to keep touching herself to keep herself from falling out of her bikini, she noticed a warmth starting to spread through her body. She also noticed how her pervert brother kept checking her out. She was use to boys staring at her, hell, she’d even noticed her dad doing it now and then and she was pretty sure her uncle and brother was doing it now. She would get a tingle going through her body whenever she noticed boys checking her out, and she was feeling those tingles running through her body now.

Joe could not stop staring at Brooke’s plump, teenage body and he noticed that Nick couldn’t stop staring either. Joe stared deep into his young niece's cleavage and said, "Hey, Brooke. I hear you want to be a singer. That true?"

Brooke plunged towards Uncle Joe, rubbing her body against his, "Yeah, Uncle Joe. And I’m getting really good, too. "

"But can you dance?" Uncle Joe dared his niece.

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Brooke jumped up, causing her large breasts to wobble in her tiny top and began swaying to a mute beat in her head. Joe could see Nick’s jaw drop as he stared in undisguised lust at his older sister. She shimmied and shook, sashayed and swayed, stretching and pulling her muscles as she danced for her uncle and younger brother.

Brooke giggled as her Uncle Joe whistled at her and tucked a dollar bill inside of her bikini bottom. She was so into her dance that she didn’t even notice as her uncle pulled her bikini bottom down, exposing the top half of her young ass. She continued shaking and moving her body until all of a sudden one of her large, firm tits popped out of her top, and she didn’t even notice.

Nick nearly choked at the sight of Brooke's naked tit, he couldn’t stop staring at the heavy obrb topped with a hard, pink nipple and no tan lines.

Brooke was dancing around so much she began dripping sweat and a nice heat was spreading over her overly developed, teenage body. She finished her sexy little dance facing away from her audience, showcasing her nearly exposed ass and arching her back while thrusting out her simi-exsposed and ample chest.

Joe applauded and laughed at the look on his nephew’s face as Nick stared at his nearly nude sister. Joe scooted over as Brooke flopped down on the couch, one of her hands falling onto Nick’s lap.

"Oh My God, Nick. What’s that?" Brooke asked, giving her brother’s hard cock a involuntary squeeze.

Nick stammered in embarrassment before saying, "Well, what do you expect?Your tit fell out!"

Brooke stared down at her exposed chest, "Opps. Sorry, guys.

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  I can’t believe you got a hard-on staring at my tits, Nick. "

"He’s not the only one, Brooke. Look,' Joe said as he pulled out his hard dick.

"Uncle Joe, why’d you do that?" Brooke squealed.

"It’s only fair, Brooke. You showed us yours after all. " Joe said. "Now what about Nick?"

Brooke giggled at her younger brother’s blushing face, "Yeah, Nick. Let’s see what you’ve got!"The over excited teenage Amazon reached into her brother’s damp swim trunks and pulled out his excited and huge, throbbing cock. Both Brooke and Joe stared at the young boys giant cock taking up most of Brooke’s hand. "Nick, that’s, like, fuckin’ huge!"Her hand slowly closed around the thick meat sticking out from in between her brother’s legs.

"B,B. . . Brooke, What, what do you think you’re.

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  . . doing?" Nick gasped as Brooke Hogan, his older sister, began to slowly massage his throbbing tool.

Joe grabbed Brooke’s free hand and placed it around his own aching cock. Brooke broke her eyes away from her brother’s tool and stared at her hand now covering her uncle’s cock. "It’s only fair, Brooke. You’re playing with your brother’s cock, so why not mine?" he asked in a low voice.

Brooke stared up from her Uncle Joe’s tool and into his eyes as she gave a quick nod before returning her attention to her brother’s prick.

Joe panted as his teenage niece massaged his prick and he raised his hand up to feel one of Brooke's large tits. The skin of the young girl's tit was smooth as silk, deeply tan and hot to the touch. He grasped and massaged the heavy, golden orb and pinched the hard, pink nipple.

Brooke gasped and began panting as her uncle began molesting her plump tit.

"It’s only fair, Brooke. You’re touching me and now I’m touching you. That’s fair, right?" Joe said as he whispered into Brooke’s ear.

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  "Now what about your little brother?"

Brooke looked deep into her brother’s eyes as she continued to fondle his prick, "Please, Nick?I’m touching you and it feels good. Now you touch me. It’ll feel so good, Nick. Please?"

Nick stared back at his nearly topless older sister, "O. . . O. k," and began to slowly play with Brooke’s large, heavy tit.

Brooke closed her eyes and lay back on the couch, pushing her golden orbs into her uncle and brother’s greedy hands while moaning and panting the whole time. She began squirming around on the couch, enjoying the feel of her tits being massaged by her incest filled family.

Brooke was moaning softly at the feeling of her naked chest being molested by her uncle and bother, then she screamed, "OHMYGODUNCLEJOE!!!"

Joe had bent down and began sucking on his niece's tit, sucking as much of the hot meat into his mouth as possible. He took a long lick of Brooke’s nipple before allowing the teenage tit to pop out of his mouth and leaving a wet smear, "I thought you’d like that, Brooke. "

"Oh yes, Uncle Joe. That feels so good. Please, suck my tit some more.


  " Brooke panted.

"But what about Nick?" Joe asked.

"Yes, Nick. Please suck my tit. Please, Nick, please. " Brooke begged. Nick slowly lowered his face to her naked chest and began lightly sucking on her nipple. She released the two cocks and brought her hands up to cup Uncle Joe’s and Nick’s heads, trying to encourage them suck hard on her throbbing nipples.

Brooke barely noticed as her uncle slipped his hand inside of her tight bikini bottoms, but screamed in pleasure as he slipped a finger into her virgin pussy, "OHGODYES!!!!!"

Joe let Brooke’s aching nipple fall from his mouth as he said, "You were feeling my cock with your hand and this in only fair. " before once again sucking at her tit flesh.

"Yesyesyesyesyes. . . only fair. Only fair, Uncle Joe.

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  Only fair. " Brooke gasped as her uncle’s questing finger plunged into her slowly, again and again. She began humping against her uncle’s hand as his finger slid in and out of her drooling pussy. She pushed harder on her uncle and brother’s heads, nearly causing them to suffocate on her large breasts. Uncle Joe slipped another finger into her cunt causing her to scream as he plunged his fingers as deep as they would go, "YYYEEESSS. OH YES, UNCLE JOE. YES. "

Joe released Brooke’s large, tan orb from his mouth and whispered into her ear, "Since Nick is doing such a good job using his mouth on you, don’t you think it’s only fair to use your mouth on him?"

Brooke’s eyes shot open and stared down at her brother’s naked cock, "Yesyesyes. Only fair, Uncle Joe. Only fair, Nick. "She quickly bent down and ran her tongue up her brother’s throbbing cock.

Joe smiled as his teenage niece began licking her younger brother’s huge prick. Brooke grabbed Nick’s throbbing tool at the base and began quickly licking up the long shaft. After the huge cock was coated in her warm spit, he watched as she ran the large head around her lips and began a hard suck on the tip. He scooted back to stare at his cock sucking niece as she moaned around her brother’s prick.

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  He had removed Brooke’s top and her large tits were pressed against her younger brother’s thigh as her head began to bob up and down on his lap.

The rest of Brook’s tan, teenage body was lain out across the couch with her plump ass pointed in the air. Joe pulled down her bikini bottoms and began thrusting his fingers deep inside of her tight, wet pussy.

Joe tried his best to keep a eye on his niece and nephew, but it was hard to see around Brooke’s tan, round ass. He squeezed and massaged the warm ass-cheeks of his teenage niece, all the while thrusting his fingers again and again into her tight, little pussy. As he pulled out his fingers a gush of Brooke’s juices came as well and he began smearing it around her tiny, puckered asshole.

Brooke didn’t know much about sucking a cock, only what she had seen and read on the Internet but she was trying to put into practice everything. Whenever she bobbed her head down around her brother’s monster cock, she would let loose with a deep moan, sending vibrations across her tongue and over his tool. As she pulled her mouth up his shaft she would use her tongue to massage the big vein underneath. And whenever she reached the top of his throbbing prick, she would use her wet tongue to circle the velvet fine head before sucking down as much of his dick as she could and starting again. She used one hand to hold the base of her brother's cock, holding it tight and jerking on the now spit wet skin. With her other hand, she had began to massage his heavy ball sack, feeling the cum filled orbs inside. She had to keep herself from gagging a few times as she took his giant dick to deep into her mouth, causing it to bump the back of her mouth and slid part way down her throat.

Not that Nick was complaining, he just lay with his head back chanting over and over again, "Oh Brooke, oh Brooke, oh Brooke. .

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  . "

Brooke continue her blow-job, enjoying the way her brother’s prick felt in her mouth, the feel of his warm tool as it slid in and out of her hot, wet mouth. She felt such a sense of power over him, like he’d do anything she wanted as long as she would use her mouth on him. She was so engrossed in her first taste of cock, she barely reregistered as Nick began thrusting his hips towards her mouth, almost ready to cum in her mouth.

Joe continued to finger fuck his beautiful, teenage niece's pussy, using the drooling juices to smear around her tiny, pink, puckered ass-hole. When he saw his nephew begin to thrust his huge cock into his sister’s mouth, Joe knew it was almost time.

Nick gave one last powerful thrust into Brooke’s mouth and shot his first load deep into his sister’s mouth.

As Brooke began swallowing her brother’s thick load of cum, her first taste of a boy’s cum, Uncle Joe rubbed across her clit. She erupted in orgasm as her brother came in her mouth, her uncle thrust his finger’s into her virgin pussy, and she began to scream in pleasure around the invading prick. Just as she was about to crest into her orgasm her Uncle Joe thrust two fingers into her tight, little ass-hole.

Brooke began screaming harder, but her cries were muffled due to her brother face fucking her mouth and spilling his seed into her throat. Joe knew that from now on Brooke would associate her first taste of dick, her first taste of cum and her first orgasm not by her own fingers, with having her butt-hole filled. He could feel the pressure around his fingers as her body clamped down hard in orgasm, both her tight pussy and tighter ass filled with his fingers. Her body shook as she quickly swallowed her younger brother’s cum, and humped her pussy and ass against Joe’s molesting fingers.

Brooke’s heavy, tan tits were squashed against her brother, her nipples grinding into the flesh of Nick’s thigh as Uncle Joe leaned over her quivering body, "That’s a good girl.

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  Swallow every last drop. Yessss, a very good girl. "

Brooke just lay sandwiched between her brother and uncle. Nick’s still hard cock filling her wet mouth and her uncle’s fingers still sawing in and out of her pussy and ass. She whimpered as her brother removed his cock from her mouth, but she grabbed the hard tool and began massaging it around her beautiful face, smearing herself with her own spit and his cum.

Brooke was lifted by her uncle and moaned in joy as she felt his lips close around her nipple, sucking hard on one heavy tit and then the other. Uncle Joe whispered in her ear, "Now it’s my turn, Brooke. Fair is fair after all. "

Brooke offered no resistance as her uncle lowered her head to his throbbing tool, she just gladly opened her mouth and began sucking on the hard dick that was offered to her. She didn’t have to offer much to her uncle since she was still coming down from her orgasm as he began thrusting in and out of her tired mouth. She simply sucked hard on the tool, and massaged it with her pink tongue. She didn’t get as much joy from this as her brother's blow-job but she did enjoy the feeling of simply lying still and having her teenage face fucked by the hard cock. The drugged teen moaned as her uncle slid one hand underneath her and grabbed one of her tits and leaned over her body to whisper something to her brother.

Joe leaned over towards Nick and whispered, "Brooke used her mouth on you. Don’t you think it would be fair to use your mouth on her?"

Nick didn’t even look at his uncle, he just stared down to his older sister’s naked ass and the juicy slit in between her thighs.

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  He didn’t speak, he just shifted around until his mouth was barely an inch from his sister’s naked pussy.

Joe watched as Nick extended his tongue towards Brooke’s pussy, and heard his niece gasp as Nick began to slowly lick up the soaked hole. Brooke began moaning around his cock, sending pleasant vibrations through the shaft as her brother began licking her needy snatch.

The only hand to ever touch Brooke between her legs had been her own, and she had never, never had a boy put his tongue there. Now she had her younger brother clumsily eating her pussy, and her Uncle Joe was watching it all.

Joe watched as Nick grabbed a round ass cheek in each hand and began licking harder and harder at Brooke’s pussy. As Nick became more confident, his tongue became more wild and eventually Brooke was moaning and panting around Joe's cock, sending him closer and closer to cumming. He stared at his cock sucking teenage niece, waiting for the tell tale sign of her approaching orgasm, waiting for the right time to take this little virgin girl to the next level.

Brooke began getting more and more into sucking Joe’s cock, her wet lips sliding up and down the meaty shaft faster and faster, and he enjoyed watching her try to hump her brother’s face as he sipped down her draining pussy juices. Just as she was about to reach the second orgasm not caused by her own hand Joe pulled the blonde beauty from his stiff cock and her pussy from her brother’s mouth.

Brooke was nearly furious at her uncle stopping her from cumming, but smiled as he whispered into her ear with what she should do next. Brooke sat up straight on the couch, her large breasts red from their recent handling, her pussy soaked at being molested by her family.

"Nick,” Brooke began, "I want you to be my first. "

"What?" Nick gasped, "What do you mean ‘your first’?"

Brooke leaned over towards her brother, placing one of his hands on her sweat covered chest and grabbing his huge, naked cock, "Well, since dad won’t let me date but he lets you do whatever you want, I think it’s only fair for you to show me what I’ve been missing. It’s not fair that you get to have sex and I can’t.

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  And I love you so much, and I’m so horny and I’ve all ready made you cum once. Please, Nick, please. Be my first. I love you so much, Nick, please fuck me. "

Nick couldn’t believe his eyes as his sister laid down on the couch and over their uncle's lap, her tan tits moving slightly to her sides and her long legs opening, revealing her wet, pink, pussy. He couldn’t even think, he just leaned over his sister, moving between her open thighs and his chest sliding over her naked tits, her hard, pink nipples scrapping across his skin.

Brooke still had a hold of Nick’s cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and with her other hand pulled her brother’s mouth down to her's, sending her tongue into his mouth and sharing the most passionate kiss either one had ever had.

"Now, Nick, now. Fuck me, little brother. I want you inside me now," Brooke ordered her brother, demanding the incest.

Since Brooke was laying on his lap, Joe had a clear sight at what Nick was doing. Nick slowly braced his body as Brooke kept a tight hold of his engorged prick. With a deep breath, Nick began sliding his dick into his older sister. Brooke moaned as her brother stole her virginity, groaned as she felt the huge meat slowly enter her virgin cunt. Joe began a slow humping of his cock against Brooke’s naked back as Nick continued his penetration.

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Brooke's soaked pussy stretched out around her brother’s huge prick, her pink pussy lips spread as wide as possible to allow Nick’s hard cock into her. Her juices slid around his prick, allowing the thick pole easy access to her and helping him to slid deep inside. Her fingers had never been as deep as Nick’s cock, it seemed to slid up her pussy and into her chest. She took a deep breath of air and held it as his prick slid deeper and deeper. The horny girl began moaning and panting as the huge cock slid in, finally stopping after what seemed an eternity.

With Brooke now filled as much as she felt was possible, she looked deep into her brother’s eyes and gasped, "Now, Nick. Do it now. Fuck me. "

Nick slowly began pulling out of his sister, lost in the sensations of her wet heat wrapped around his cock. At about half way out Nick reversed direction and began shoving deep inside of his sister, causing the young, teenage girl to squeal through her clenched teeth.

Nick began thrusting back and forth into his sister, grunting with the effort and causing Brooke to squeal with the pleasure. As he entered into a gentle rhythm, he leaned down and sent his tongue into Brooke’s mouth. He had kissed girls before, but it was nothing as hot as kissing his older sister.

Brooke returned the kiss, running her wet, pink tongue into her brother’s mouth, and cupping the back of his head with her hand. Her large, tan breasts were crushed against her brother’s chest, her tight nipples scraping against him.

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Both siblings were so turned on, so hot for each other, that they quickly entered into a rhythm together. Brooke began thrusting her hips forward, trying to cram as much of her brother’s cock into her greedy pussy as possible and grazing her tingling clit against his thrusts.

Nick’s thrusts into his sister’s hot, dripping pussy came faster and faster as he listened to her moan,"Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme. . . "

With one final thrust of her hips Brooke came, her pussy gushing her juices and her needy pussy clamping hard on her brother’s invading prick. Nick groaned as he felt his sister’s pussy grip onto his cock, and with one final thrust he came inside of her pussy. He buried his dick as deep inside of his sister as he could, shooting thick, ropes of creamy cum into her cunt and filling her full of his seed. With one final groan of pleasure from the brother and sister, they collapsed against each other. Nick’s chest crushing Brooke’s large tits and his hips pressed tight against her dripping cunt.

Joe grinned as he watched his niece and nephew bask in each other’s orgasm. He leaned down to whisper in Brooke’s ear, "It’s my turn, my dear little Brooke. It’s only fair. "

Brooke looked up into her uncle’s face and slowly nodded, still feeling a need deep inside of her. Nick slowly raised up off his sister, pulling his softening cock from her pussy and watching as cum slipped from her pussy and slid down between her bronze ass cheeks.

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  Joe pulled the teenage Brooke up to his lap to straddle his erect cock. She was completely limp as he placed the entrance of her tight pussy over his tool and held her there.

Joe looked at his niece’s down turned face and whispered,"Hold on, baby. Here we go," and with that he let Brooke suddenly fall the rest of the way down onto his throbbing meat.

Brooke screamed as she fell onto Uncle Joe’s dick, "Oh My God!"

Joe caught a pink nipple in his mouth and grabbed a handful of each ass-cheek and began bouncing the teenage beauty up and down on his dick. He kept up a hard pace, bouncing the young girl up his cock and letting her fall down, covering his dick with her hot pussy, feeling the girl's juices slid down his prick and balls. Her large, meaty breasts bounced and jiggled with each thrust and her ass-cheeks shook in his hands.

Brooke kept whispering, "Ohfuck, ohgod, ohfuck, ohgod, ohfuck. . . ," with each of Uncle Joe’s hard thrusts. She grasped his head and pulled it closer to her chest, trying to cram as much of her full, round tit into his sucking mouth as she could.

Brooke panted and moaned at the hard and fast fucking her uncle was giving her as he sucked hard on her tit flesh and used a finger to probe and massage her tight, little asshole. Higher and higher, closer and closer she came to another orgasm, until finally her uncle held her still, right before she could cum.

Brooke whined as she tried to grind her clit against her uncle’s lap, desperately trying to come again, "Uncle Joe.

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  Don’t stop now. Please don’t stop yet, I’m almost there. " Brooke pleaded.

"Not quite yet, Brooke. I want to try something first," Uncle Joe chided. "I want you to go sit on your brother’s lap. I want you to sit on him like you’re doing to me," he said.

Brooke nodded to her uncle, trusting him to take care of her needs. She climbed off of his prick, her juices trailing over her thighs and down his shaft. She stood up if front of Nick and took his dick in her hand, working the shaft and tugging on it until it was just as hard as it had been before. She spread her legs and slowly impaled herself on her brother, grinning as he moaned while she slipped him inside of her. She lifted one of her tits, offering it to her brother’s waiting mouth, smiling as he began sucking on the large breast.

Joe pushed Brooke forward and whispered into her ear, "Lean forward, Brooke. As far as you can. "

Brooke leaned forward, crushing her brother’s face with her tan orb.


  A sense of anticipation filled her as she felt her uncle’s prick nudge itself against her puckered asshole.

Joe grinned as he slipped the enflamed head of his cock into his niece's tight ass, groaned as she took a deep breath and held it. Slowly and inch by inch, he impaled his sweat, young niece with his cock.

Brooke’s ass tightened up as Uncle Joe worked his cock deeper and deeper into her, humping back and forth, trying to work the hard meat into her.

Joe finally shoved the entire length of his cock into Brooke’s formally virgin ass, grinning as the girl finally let out her breath. Slowly he began humping his cock slowly in and out of his niece, ass fucking the tan beauty.

Nick also began to slowly fuck his sister, keeping pace with his uncle as they shared the young girl he had grown up with. He could barely breath as he was crushed by his sister’s large, tan tits and Uncle Joe kept a tight hold of her hips.

Both Nick and Uncle Joe sawed in and out of Brooke, slowly increasing in speed as she screamed and yelled in pleasure. She couldn’t move as she was speared by the two cocks, she could only lay there in between her brother and uncle as she was penetrated again and again in both of her tight holes.

Brooke slowly regained some control of her body, shifting her hips forward and back, trying to cram as much of the thick, hot meat into her ass and cunt as possible. Her pussy gushed out her juice's as both her younger brother and uncle fucked her harder and harder. She had no idea this much pleasure existed, had no idea her body could feel this good. She felt like she was made of pure sex, pure lust as she was fucked harder and harder. Every nerve in her body was on fire as she was penetrated again and again, all that existed for her was the feelings she was receiving from her pussy and ass.

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Again and again Brooke was fucked deep into her holes, screaming and yelling, "OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD. IT FEELS SO GOOD. THANK YOU FOR THIS. THANK YOU FOR FUCKING ME!!!!"

All of a sudden Brooke got a mental picture of what she looked like at that moment, sandwiched between her uncle and brother. Legs spread wide, tits sliding back and forth over her brother’s chest, ass cheeks jiggling with every thrust of her uncle’s cock, hair plastered to her head, eyes closed, mouth panting, moist lips parted, She saw everything. Another picture entered Brooke’s mind, her father naked in front of her, his hard cock thrusting in her mouth, all her holes filled with dick. With another scream she came, her pussy and ass clutching the hard dicks invading her body. Her hot pussy spurt out it’s juices, running out around her brother’s cock and sliding between his legs to soak into the sofa.

As Brooke’s pussy clamped down onto Nick’s thrusting cock, he thrust hard into her one last time, shooting his hot, thick load deep into his sister’s tight pussy once again. He bit hard onto her nipple, causing the girl to scream one last time at the curious mixture of pleasure and pain.

With one final thrust as his neice came, Joe drilled his cock balls deep into the young, teenage girl's ass and shot his entire load of cum deep into Brooke's spasming body.

Brooke moaned as she felt her insides coated with sperm, the feeling of perfect love and perfect sex filling her entire body. All three of them simply lay there for the next couple of minutes, panting with their bodies covered in each other’s sweat. Brooke leaned her head up and kissed her brother deep, running her wet, pink tongue into his mouth.

Brooke broke the kiss and turned her head around to kiss her uncle and whispering, "Thank you Uncle Joe.

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  Thank you Nick. Thank you both for fucking me and making me cum. I feel so good. Can we do it again tomorrow?"

Joe just smiled.

To Be Continued. . .