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Well, it seems that some of you are reading these and emailing me so I am happy that you are feeling good. Also, if any of my girlfriends read let me know too.

This just happened and so I am still all ful of cum from it. I was sitting looking thru my email and naked, fresh from the shower. A couple emails had made me very warm and I had my favorite dildos near by and was just running one over my clit and the door bell rang. I peeked out the window and two very well dressed young men stood there waiting for an answer. Well, I did not want to scare them off so I tossed on a thin wrap and went to the door. No panties, no bra, just a sheer wrap that was over my shoulders to the knees and I held it together. I opened the door and they stood there and one finally said, "Maybe we could come back later when you have had a chance to dress. " I looked at them and told them that this is as dressed as I get unless I leave the house and that I had nowhere to go today. . "please come in. " I said and they looked at each other then looked around and stepped inside. I sat on the couch and they each sat in chairs that were across from the couch. "So, what can I do for you?" I said smiling and they were both redd faced and nervous. "Well, we have come to talk, that is we are going around talking about.

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  . . ahhh. " he tried to get out. I was letting the front of the wrap fall slowly, now my nipples were almost in view. He looked at the other and knoded and the other one said, "Well, what he is trying to say is that, ah, well. . . " his mouth was dry. "Would you two like a glass of water?" I said and they both said yes.

I went to the kitchen holding the wrap around barely and came back with two glasses of water. Now, this made it impossible to hold the wrap closed so if was open showing my front to them. It clung to my tits she that it stayed on but just barely. I gave them the water and sat back down now letting the wrap stay open and my legs apart some, showing a nicely shaved pussy. I saw bulges growing and knew that if I did everything right that they would be mine.

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   "So, like I said before gentlemen, what can I dooooo, for you. " I said letting the wrap fall now so that I was naked to their view. "Wow, well, maybe we shold go. " one said and the other looked at him shaking his head. "You mean that you don't have an hour you can spend with me?" I asked them laying back and moving my legs apart and taking my nipples in my fingers pulling them and then sucking one till it was hard. Now I could see they were both ready for me. I moved my legs apart and motioned for one of them to sit next to me on one side the other on the other side and they did. I put one leg over one of their legs and then took my hands and unzipped them and ppulled out very nice cocks, hard as rocks.

"Now these are what I need. " I said and buried one in my mouth and sucked him slowly making him moan and lay back. I looked around and patted my bottom, "You can slip into pussy can't you dear?" I asked the other and he was on his knees and soon invaded my pussy, hard and deep. I went back to sucking the other and was rewarded with his load of cum. Pushing back the other soon filled pussy and they both slouched on the couch. I sat between them and played with half hard cocks, then licking the one that had been in my pussy made him hard again and massaged the other hard so that soon I had them back in me. One in the pussy and one in my mouth.

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   This time they took longer and filled me with their cum again. I laid there dripping cum and licking my lips and making sure they knew that they could have more. "I need it one more time boys, think you can?" I saidand ptook them in my hands and began sucking them one at a time to get them hard again. "Oh yeh, they are ready now. " I said and moved to sit one on the couch and I slipped him into my ass, making sure to moan like a slut and let him know it was great. I leaned back and took the hands of him and wrapped them around to pull on my tits, "Make me moan and pull them hard. " I said and then pulled the other to me and slipped him into pussy. "Oh yeh, now fuck me good boys, do it good and hard, make it good for me. " They pumped me good and hard and deep. They also began sucking my tits, and then the one in front began biting them hard, "Oh yeh, bite the nipples hard, harder, really good, leave marks all over them. " I was almost screaming now. "Bite them. " I finaly yelled and his teeth sank into my flesh drawing blood. I sprayed their cocks with a huge orgasm and they filled me with cum.

"Oh yes, that was what I needed.

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  " I moaned as they slipped from insdie me. Blood was driping from the bite marks and they stood staring at me. "We are sorry lady please don't tell. " one said. "Give me your phone number. " I said and they did. "I will expect you both over here in two days. I will call to make sure you will be here. " I told them and they dressed and left. I sit here with dried blood fron teeth marks on my tits and their cum flowing from y pussy and ass now. Can't wait for two days to go by.


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