Twin Brother and Sister let Little Brother In


When I was at the wild and crazy age of seventeen, I thought of myself as anything but wild and crazy. But honestly I didn’t have time, what with an over achieving brother and sister. My older siblings were twins just a single year older than me. The two of them had graduated a full year early and in my family, you just don’t come in second. Tied for first, sure, but not second.

Because of this unspoken rule, we tried to focus on separate strengths. We all excelled in different sports, were very talented at different instruments, and even dated different types of people, all so that there would be no distracting competitions, just what mattered. Graduating from high school and going off to college, however, was something that all three of us had to do. From the same school no less.

At the age of 18 Thaddeus and Brittany (Thad and Brit to everyone at school and ‘The Twins’ to everyone in the family) had even moved out of the family home and in to a good sized two bedroom apartment near the university.

“It will help us learn how to live on our own without having to be so far away that it’s miserable without you,” was Brittany’s argument to Mom. Miserable indeed…she knew exactly how to talk to our Mother.

“You know how much it will mean to me to not have Chris wanting to tag along when I go off to Frat parties at the beach house. ” This was Thad’s argument with our Father. Beer and bikinis, my fathers native tongue.

Just about a week before I was going to test out of Junior year and start my last few credits, Uncle Kay (on my Mom’s side) had a heart attack.


   Without very much discussion our parents headed for Denver to help out. This meant leaving me alone in the house. The single condition? Either Brit or Thad would check on me once a few times a week until our parents returned.

By the third day I had heard from both siblings over the phone, but no one had come to check on me in person. This was perfect! At last I could get some personal time with me porn collection on the 63” HDTV in the family room.

The following day after school I parked my Jetta in front of the house, ran in the back door, up the stairs, tossed my backpack on the desk chair and pulled out a little present. Earlier that day a friend of mine had come through in a big way. He had lent me what promised to be one of the hottest porn movies that had ever been made. Eager to see what all the hubbub was about, I wasted no time turning on the set and popping in the DVD. As soon as the action started on the screen I reached down my pants for my cock.

After a few moments of stroking watching some of the hottest sex I had ever seen, my cock was raging hard. Keeping my eyes on the video I backed up a few steps and sat down on the couch…or at least I tried. What I actually did was stumble over something on the floor and fall onto my sister, Brittany, who had been watching the entire time.
For a moment I was very, very confused. By this time I had unbuttoned my pants and pulled my boxers down so that my cock could get some release.

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   Looking back at the lump I’d just landed on I went a little numb.

“Wha…what the hell?” I stammered in a half-yelp. “How long have…when did you get here?”

“Who me?” Brittany said with a smirk on her fact, “I’ve been here for about an hour waiting for you to get out of school. Thad and I didn’t have a last period and I’d forgotten you did this year. ” Her eyes trailed down my body where I was still slumped over her. When her eyes got to my cock she smiled a great big smile. “I’m glad I didn’t say anything when you first came in. Gave me a chance to see that. ”

Still a little disoriented and now very confused and very turned on, I rolled off to one side and off me sister. That’s when I heard another voice.

“If he’d have landed on me he might have felt my cock on his ass. ” When I looked toward the kitchen door my eyes fell on Thaddeus. There he was leaned up against the doorframe.

“That is a hot video you have there,” Thad said pointing at the screen. As he spoke his other hand moved down and he groped his own cock through his jeans lightly.

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   “And I have to say, you’ve got about as impressive a cock as I do, little brother. ”

The snicker that Brit let out was sharp and high pitched, “I’d say! In fact I’d even go so far as to say that he’s got you beat by maybe,” she paused and looked down again, this time she reaching over and grabbed my exposed and still slightly hard cock, “half an inch or so. ”

No time to react, my mind still whirling with the fact that I’d been so distracted by my chance at high definition masturbation. I had missed seeing my brother and sister in the house entirely. I watched in a kind of ecstasy as my very own sister wrapped her hand around my cock.

“Not even!” Thad exclaimed as he made his way out of the kitchen doorway and over in front of the couch. “He’s not even hard all the way, you can’t judge by that. ”

Pushing a little, Thad nudged his way in between Brit and I and my cock slip out of her hand. As he wiggled in between us he thumbed at his belt and unzipped his pants. “And I’m not totally hard either,” Thad said looking back and forth between Brit and I. “How about this little brother. I’ll suck your cock until you’re hard, and Brit here will suck on mine until I get fully hard. ” He put on his award winning grin, “Then we’ll know for sure which one of us is bigger. ”

I couldn’t even speak, but did managed a nod. Something triggered inside of me and my head started to swim all over again.

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   Ever since I was about seven years old, I’d fanaticized about doing sexual things with my siblings. I had never spoken to anyone about it…ever. As I had gotten older and my sexual experience grew, I came up with new and amazing scenes to play over in my mind. None of them, however, had ever been anything like this.

With my nodded agreement, Thad smiled at me with gusto. “You won’t be disappointed, I promise you that. ” Motioning to Brittany with his head he continued, “And if you’re lucky the Master of sucking cock might give you a go and show my skills up. ”

With that, he leaned forward into my lap, opened his mouth, and gently put the head of my now slightly swollen cock between his lips. Just before I closed his eyes to enjoy what already felt blissfully amazing, I saw Thad’s hips shift so that his cock faced our sister. She likewise dove at the cock before her, only she did it with a noticeable hunger, gobbling up the pre-cum that had started to form and then slurping it up in to her mouth to the hilt.

I felt Thad slowly let his mouth glide down the ever stiffening shaft of my cock, his tongue coursing over the soft skin. His mouth went to work, the tongue flicking just below the head and tracing shapes along the entire underside. The whole time it was evident that Brittany had top class skills of her own. Between flicks I could feel the vibration of my Brothers moans coming through, my own throaty moans sounding off opposite of his.

After just a few minutes my cock was harder than it had ever been and Thad’s head came up out of my lap.

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   He smacked his lips, “I’ll be damned,” he said turning to his twin who had also stopped her oral ministrations. “This thing is a little bigger than mine. To make it all the better, he oozes pre-cum none-stop. ”

“Cum?” Brit said, her eyes growing wide. “Does it taste as good as mine?” The dark haired girl reached her hand down the pants she had undone at some point. When it reappeared two of her fingers were nearly dripping with her juices. Thad leaned forward, his mouth open.

“Don’t be greedy,” she said to Thad, “Chris’ never tasted me before. ” With that she reached over her twin and towards me. Slowly my lips parted as I locked eyes with my Sister. If I didn’t wake up now, then I was never going to. This shit was really happening!

Just as her fingers contacted my tongue a new level of euphoria rose up in me. My lips closed around her fingers and I sucked the nectar from them slowly, savoring the flavor. When she pulled her hand out of my lips, I finally found my voice.

“God, Brit.

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   That’s amazing. I want to taste that first hand. ”

With a sly smile she winked at me, “Oh, I think that can be arranged. ” Then she tilted her head to the side, “Chris, have you ever sucked a guys cock before?”

“Only once,” I returned. “Freshman year I got drunk at a party and sucked off Danny DeMylo. ” I paused and thought about what else had happened with Danny and I. I was already involved with my own siblings so I felt safe letting them know. “Well, I sucked off Danny and then he and I took turns eating his sister cunt. ” A smile of fond remembrance formed and the twins echoed almost the exact same snicker.

“Oh lord,” my brother was the first to speak up. “I ought to bean Danny for not telling us that he and Lyn had fucked little Chris here. ”

Still laughing a silent chuckle Brit said, “I think they did in a way. Remember that week they were very insistent about asking us it we were sure no one else in our family was in to this?”

“Oh yea,” Thad said and then turned back to me. “Brit and I have been fucking with the Dan and Lyn since we were what, like 12 or so. ”

It was just then that I realized how long this had been happening and how much I’ve missed out on.

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   My mind whirled again with the new information but clarity was soon brought to the forefront when Thad said, “Well then little bro, I think it’s time you got some more experience with a cock in your mouth. But this time, it’s one I think you’ve been wanting for a loooooong time. ”

He was right. I looked down at his cock and smiled. Almost anyone I knew would refer to his prick as a ‘monster cock’ or some such. I, however, happen to have one just slightly bigger and it’s size didn’t intimidate me for a moment.

I moved off the couch and sat sideways between Thad’s legs. Having little to no gag reflex, I proceeded to open my mouth and envelop his entire cock in one fell swoop. I wish I could have been looking up when I did that because judging by Brit’s sharp inhale and his deep and guttural moans, it must have been a sight to see.

Almost immediately his hands were and the back of my head guiding my pace and making sure that I got the same depth every time I took his cock in as I did the first time. I used a different strategy than my brother, sucking hard in to my throat and then making a swallowing action around his cock every so often. This must have driven him crazy because in no time he was picking up the pace and lifting his hips off of the couch to fuck my mouth.

Just as his pace started to increase I felt movement next to me. Brit had gotten up off of the couch and sat down on the floor next to me. I can’t really describe the feeling my entire body got when she put my cock in her mouth and deep throated it the same way I had just done my brothers, but one thing is clear.

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   I know exactly why me was moaning.
Brit’s technique was just like mine. Get it deep and swallow around it. I was so turned on by sucking my brother’s cock while his twin, my own sister sucked on mine that I started to moan even louder than I had before.

I think it was the vibrations in my throat and how far down Thad’s cock was that did it, but within a few moments of Brit’s assault on my cock, and my moaning, Thad’s hands had gripped the sides of my head firmly and his hips bucked wildly in to my face.

“Oh fuck!! FUCK!!!” his moans started to turn in to words, “God little bro! Fuck yea, you’re going to take my cum in your throat!!!”

Clearly he wanted me to swallow his cum and I had no intentions of doing otherwise.

The thought of his load in my mouth and throat started to tip my own scale and I started pumping up into Brit’s mouth. She lifted her head for a split second. “Fuck yea, cum down his throat while I make him cum in mine!”

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuck! I’m cuuuummminnnnggg!!!” His warning came with his hands clamped firmer than ever on my head. All at once he thrust up and pulled my head down, driving his cock deeper than it had been yet. “Fuckin’ take my cum!”

The moment I felt the first powerful jet of cum launch from his cock down my throat, it pushed me over the edge and I was cumming in my sisters mouth. It was hard to breathe as I buck up at her mouth with fierce thrusts. The ecstasy I was in was amazing and I kept cumming and swallowing cum for what seemed like a few minutes. All the while Thad was moaning loudly and Brit was humming her approval and enjoyment of my own non-stop flood of seed.

When my head was finally released I kept his cock deep in my throat for another moment, swallowing away and making sure I had every bit of his cum in my mouth.

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   Brittany did likewise and didn’t spill a drop. She and I lifted our heads at the same time.

I inhaled deeply and caught my breath and then looked at Brit who was breathing nearly normally. “How do you do that? Get a cock this big down your throat and not run out of breath?”

“Practice,” she replied shortly and smiled, “and I hope you get your breath back soon because my pussy is leaking big time and I really need someone to mop up all of my cunt juice. ” Leaning forward she assumed the ‘Stalking Cat’ walk that a lot of strippers use and came toward me. “Know anyone who might be up for the job, little bro?”

I realized at that moment that I had been licking my lips from the moment she suggested that she needed her pussy eaten. I didn’t care, it was obvious she noticed and appreciated my desire for her.

I nodded slowly, “Yes in fact I’ve been craving your cunt since you teased me earlier. ”
I didn’t need to say any more than that. Hopping up to her feet, Brit slid her jeans all the way off and kicked them toward our fathers favorite chair. For a moment my mind focused on what our parents would think if they walked in this very moment. As if she timed it to get my mind off of enraged parents, Brit lifted her shirt off over her head, fully exposing her lithe swimmers build. Toned in the right areas and full in the ones that really matter, my older sister was drop dead gorgeous no matter how you looked at her.

After the shirt came the bra, expertly removed with one hand. Now there was a skill I needed to learn.

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   A little motion caught my attention and I looked over to see Thad stroking his cock again. I looked down at my flaccid dick and wished that I had sustainability like he did. Looking back up I couldn’t tell who I wanted to stare at more.

Brit was totally naked now and she reached down her hand and offered it to me. When I was back up on my feet she stepped in and brushed her lips against mine as she spoke, “God damned, high time we got you in to the club. ” With a wink she stepped passed me and sat right on Dad’s chair, her ass scooted toward the edge and her legs opened part way.

I looked back at Thad who had stood up and was removing the rest of his clothes. Yet another body that was a wonder to behold. Both weight training and track in high school made for a well muscled male form. I reached back and wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking it a few times gently.

“Don’t you worry about me right now, bro. You get your ass on your knees and pay respects to that beautiful pussy of our sisters. ” His head nodded toward the chair that Brit was in and my gaze followed.

Her legs were more open now and she had a hand busy tracing the slit of her moist pussy. I could see from where I was standing that she was wet with slick cunt juices.


   “Hmmm, something is missing down there,” I said to her with a sly grin, “Maybe I should take a closer look. ”

She let out a little moan as one of her fingers separated her sticky lips and pushed inside her hole. “Don’t take too long getting down here. I can pleasure myself almost as good as Thad can. ” She let out a small chuckle that was quickly converted to another moan as her fingers penetrated her again.

Without another thought I got down on my knees and reached for the hand that was busy probing her. Gently I removed her fingers from her slit and brought them up to my mouth. I shot my tongue out and licked up and down the cunt-wet fingers. Her pussy juice tasted so amazing, and apparently I made some kind of noise that confirmed that.

“You like, huh?” She asked rhetorically, one eyebrow raised.

I didn’t speak, just nodded slightly and looked her directly in the eyes as I cleaned up the last of her cum from her fingers. Letting go of her hand and moved forward and came within an inch of her opening. The hair around her slit was neatly trimmed and the aroma that came from her sex was intoxicating.

Almost instantly, the scent of her pussy caused my cock to jump back to life. I’d gone down on plenty of women in my few years of sexual activity, but never had I gotten this hard this soon after cumming just from the smell of it.


   My hardening cock much have been Thad’s cue. I felt his hand on my cock and I let out a small moan as my lips connected with Brit’s pussy.

Licking the cum from her fingers couldn’t compare to getting it from the source. The flavor of her cunt flesh, mixed with a mild tang of sweat, topped off with the sweetly acidic rush of flavor that was now leaking out of her caused me to groan with pleasure. I could feel the sensation coursing through me all the way down to the top of my cock where Thad’s hand had started to move just a little bit faster.

For a moment I didn’t know what to feel, I just knew that all my choices were ecstasy. Brit put a hand behind my head and started to run her fingers through my hair, nails dragging along my neck and scalp. Her hips writhed under the attention of my tongue as I ceased nibbling and kissing her pussy lips and began lapping upward along her slit, pushing my way just inside of her opening from time to time.

I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum and again, on cue, Thad laid down on his back with his head under my cock with his mouth open. Stroke after stroke of his hand urged the salty-sweet fluid from the depths of my cock and I could hear him lapping his tongue out and making small moaning sounds when he got a good stream of my lube in his mouth.

“Oh God, Chris,” Brit moaned out, “God you have an amazing tongue. I want you to shove that thing up inside of my cunt. ” Her breathing was turning to a pant as she spoke and I obliged her, stiffening my tongue and driving it straight in to her opening.

Her hands curled through my hair and gripped it, pulling my entire head in to her pussy. Her hips pushed forward and she ground her cunt against my face allowing me to get my tongue even deeper in to her.

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   That was when I felt the most amazingly exotic sensation.

I was so focused on the ecstasy from Brit’s cunt trashing that I didn’t notice Thad move in behind me. He was not on his hands and knees, face buried in between my ass cheeks with his tongue tracing the rim of my sphincter. I moaned in to Brit’s cunt as I felt her legs start to stiffen and clamp around my head.

“FUCK!! Oh God Chris, eat my pussy. Fucking tare my cunt open with your tongue. ” Her hips were bucking wildly up at me and my concentration kept shifting from the amazing sensation on my ass and the euphoric knowledge that I was about to make my sister cum.

“Ohhh, Ohhhh, fuck me!!! Fuck, I’m going to cum!! Eat my cum Christian,” she directed me. “Eat all my…fucking…. . cuuuuummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!” With that she bucked up at my face a few more time and the flood gates were opened.

Gush after gush of her cum started to squirt out of her pussy and I had to fight a little against her to back up and not choke. The pungent aroma and taste of her juices, however, caused me to go a little wild and I shoved my face back in to the now pulsating stream of cum that was ejecting from inside of her.

As I pushed forward I felt yet another sensation that made me want to cum right on the spot. Thad was still behind me and had tongued my sphincter to the point that it eased it’s hold and gave way for his saliva coated muscle to enter me.

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   God I was going to cum and I wasn’t even touching my cock…No one was!!

“Mmmm,” I let out a loud moan in to Brit’s pussy. “Oh God!” I exclaimed as I pulled my face away from the puddle between her legs. “Fuck Thad I think you’re going to make me cum! Unghhhhh! FUCK!!!!”

All of a sudden he stopped and removed his tongue. It still took a moment for the edge of sanity to return to me, but I was indeed safe from blowing my load for the moment.

“Can’t let you do that, little bro. ” Thad had got up to his knees, his rock hard cock pointing mostly straight out, but with a small curve just like I have in mine that pointed it slightly upward. “It’s a bit of a tradition with Brittany and I that when we share someone the first time they dump their load inside her pussy. ”

“Mmmm, fuck just thinking about getting your cum inside of me makes me wanna squirt again,” she chimed in. “But I think that our little brother’s ass needs some attention from that cock of yours, Thad. ”

“Of fuck yes!” I had said it without even thinking. In fact it wasn’t until the next day that I looked back on it all and realized the first cock…the first anything in my ass was my brother’s 10” long cock with that thick head on it. “But let me propose a solution to all of this,” I continued. “I don’t think I’ll last more than a few minutes with that cock inside of me so why don’t I start by putting the head of my cock inside of you, Brit. Then Thad can work that behemoth of a cock in to my ass. When he starts to fuck me, I’ll meet him on the reverse and fuck you at the same time.

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“Now that should make you shoot a huge fucking load, Chris. ” Brittany was already getting in to position, as was Thaddeus. “And don’t worry, I’m on birth control so by all means, dump every last drop of that beautiful seen inside of my pussy. ”

Thad was right up against me now, edging me forward and in to position. As I scooted up, my cock bobbed in the air. As I reached Brit’s opening the head was still bobbing and it swiped up and down along her pussy lips causing her to shutter.
Thad got himself perfectly placed and then sat down on his feet, back away from me. Leaning forward I felt his tongue once more on my sphincter, this time he let a generous amount of his spit dribble down the crack of my ass on to my opening.

When he was convince there was adequate lube he rose back up on to his knees and I felt his hand on my shoulder. Leaning forward he kissed the back of my neck and I reached my hand behind me to grab his cock.

“Here,” I said softly, turning my head back to look at my sexy brother, “let me put the head in myself and then it’s all yours. ” I moved forward and kissed him passionately.

Facing my sister once again I took in her beauty and pure animalistic passion. My desire burned like molten metal for my brother to be inside of me. I leaned forward and licked one of Brit’s perfect pink nipples, letting my teeth glide over it sending a mixture of pleasure and the good kind of pain over her tit-bud.

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With a deep breath and perfect trust in my siblings I straightened back up and pushed back on my brothers cock head. Compared to what my body felt then, everything else was like French kissing some girl in high school . Waves of lust and passion rolled over me as my asshole opened up smoothly over the reddish-purple head of my brother’s cock. As my ass closed around his shaft just passed the rim of his cock head, my brother pushed forward with his hips, not wanting to lose the momentum of my bodies acceptance.

As his stroke hit a slow mid-stride I started to push back on him forward motion, driving his cock deeper inside of me. The most amazing mix of pleasure and pain washed over me and I felt my cock thicken and swell. I reached a hand forward and positioned my cock and as Thad bottomed out inside of me I was pushed forward.

In one solid motion my entire cock was enveloped in my sisters cunt. Wet with her cum and as lubed up as any pussy could ever get, she was still tight and I could feel the walls of her cunt gripping every inch of my cock as it rammed inside her to the hilt.

A chorus of moans filled the room as the three of us found a kind of sexual nirvana. The rhythm of thrusts had been in sync from the very first moment, and only became more perfect and precise as lips, tongues, and hands joined in the cacophony of sexual contact.

“God Fuck your cock feel so fucking amazing! I‘m going to cum when you fill me up. ” Brit moaned out as her head fell back. “God fill me with your cum, Christian!“ I could feel her pussy starting to tighten and swell as the steady run of her fluids washed over and covered my cock.

Of one mind, Thad and I picked up the pace and my mind soared to new heights.

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   Never before had something so primal fed such a need in me. As my brothers cock picked up full speed I felt every inch of him sliding in and out of me. My own cock was alive with sensation and every fold of my sisters cunt brought me closer to my climax. I could feel my cock getting larger still. That went for Thad as well; I could feel his already enormous cock thickening and pleasure rushed through me as I felt him reach deeper in to me. “Oh yea! Your ass is so fucking tight. It feels like your ass is sucking my cock deeper and deeper in to you! Uggghhh, God I’m going to fucking cum!!!”

“Oh fuck yea. Fuck my ass!!” I looked back at Thad to see his eyes squinted shut and I knew that he was getting close to his orgasm. I pictured his cock loosing wave after wave of hot cum inside of me and I felt myself reach the boiling point.

“Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkk!!! Fuck me I’m going to fucking cum in you, Brit. Cum deep in your pussy while our brother fills my ass with his seed!!!” I was almost yelling, the slapping sound of Thad driving in to me mixing with the slapping sound of my skin against Brit’s open legs. It still amazes me that none of the neighbors heard us.

No sooner has I announced that I was going to cum than I felt Thad’s cock twitch inside of me. His pace was the same but there was a thudding ferocity to his thrusts. All of a sudden I felt it, hot liquid spurting our of his cock on deep in to my asshole.

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   He moaned loudly as he shot his seed in to me.

The feeling of his cum blasting against my insides sent to rocketing over the edge. My own thrusts gained the same thudding ferocity as his had and my cock exploded inside of my sister with a moan that quickly became a shout, then a yell. “FUCK!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh GOD!!! Fill me with your hot fucking cum!!! FUUUCK I CAN FEEL YOU SQUIRTING IN…IN…SIDE OF…ME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

As she called out to the world around her in ecstasy our moans became louder for a moment as waves of orgasm rolled over us. Within a few moments, before my first orgasm had subsided, I could feel myself cumming again. I couldn’t even open my mouth to do anything but grunt. Spurt after spurt continued to fill my ass as I did my sisters cunt.

I could feel my cum and her juices gushing out of her and around my shaft as our pace began to slow and a sense of peace came over all three of us. I collapsed just to one side of Brit as Thad’s body came down on me with a thud. We remained as we were for quite some time, still inside of each other. In fact, neither Thad or I became soft for almost an hour.

Things were not the same for the three of us after that, and why would they be. I had discovered that I can give in to my lustful feelings for my brother and sister and that was one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever felt.

I graduated from school just a few short months later. Only a week after that Thaddeus and Brittany came for a visit and spent the entire time convincing Mom and Dad that I should move in with them to this beautiful three bedroom house that they wanted to buy as an investment.

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   Well, at least that’s what they told the ‘rents. We moved in to that house before the end of that very year and have lived there for two years now. It’s been amazing having my siblings so close and of course we all still see other people. But, that’s another story altogether. .



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