Trying It II


He chuckled. "Unless it would make you feel better if I was in the buff, too," he laughed.
"You mean, both of us?" I laughed, not taking him seriously.
"Well, if it would make you feel less shy. It'd be OK with me," he replied with a unconcerned nonchalance. "I mean, I'm not all that shy. "
"Oh," I said. Again, not knowing quite what else to say.
Happily he said,"I don't know if you're use to doing that with friends, but it never bothers me. Sometimes it's kind of nice. You know. . . just be natural. "
"No. .

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  . I never really do that with friends," I said, being entirely honest about it.
Mr. Stanly was accepting of that answer.
"Well, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Although as I recall in school. . . you were always kind of shy and quiet. "
"I don't know if I was that shy and quiet. Not all the time," I said.
"Anyway, it's different now. You graduated. . .

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"Two years ago. I'm at college now. "
"Like I said, it's different now. You're older, and I'm no longer your teacher. Although as I recall, you had Mr. Lynschburg for that class and not me. "
"Uh, yeah, Mr. Stanly," I said.
"Why don't you call me Dave?" he said with an easy smile.
"OK. Dave," said.
"But while your clothes dry, I suppose we could both be comfortable. "
I grinned somewhat self-consciously. "You mean. .

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  . buff it?"
He chuckled again. "It'd be fine with me. Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon. "
Somehow he made it sound quite ordinary.
"I. . . I guess," I said.
"And that way, you won't feel so awkward,. It's fine with me. "
We took our coffee from the kitchen and went into the living room. he sat down on the sofa and I sat down on an easy chair and watched as he slipped off his shoes and removed his socks. His shirt came off next and then, without any ceremony, he slid out of his pants and underwear. Suddenly he was naked and wearing no more than a pleased looking smile.

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"Ah, that's better," he said, satisfied.
He looked OK without his clothes on. He had a slight paunch and quite a bit of body hair. His manhood was short and thick, dangling downward between his thighs. I went ahead and took my towel off and put it aside. Now we were both naked. It was sort of interesting being like that. There was a kind of comfortable freedom about it.
"You certainly look in good shape," he complimented, giving my bare form a once over.
I smiled shy. It was not something that I heard every day. Especially from another guy. Although, coming from him, it was a nice enough compliment to hear, really.

    "So tell me about school," he said.
    I told him about college, although there really was not a whole lot to tell.

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       We talked for a little bit about that. After a few minutes it was easy to forget that we were sitting there without clothes. Or at least to forget about having to feel shy about it. Actually, it was easy to like the feeling. It was sort of bold and daring, I suppose.
    "No girlfriends, huh? " he said.
    "No," I answered.
    He grinned and teased, "Boyfriends?"
    I blushed. I know I did. "No," said. I was hardly bisexual, and certainly not gay.
    "You never know," he remarked carelessly, showing himself to be accepting and open-minded. "I mean, these days. . .

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    "Yeah," I said, merely acknowledging that I knew what he meant.
    "Oh-oh," he said. He made a somewhat modest face.
    I saw that he was starting to get an erection. His penis was starting to grow.
    "Sorry about that," he apologized, unable of course to hide his beginning arousal.
    "Well, it happens," I excused.
    Quickly, in just a moment more, he was sitting there with his penis fully erect. .


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