Truth or Dare turns naughty


Me and my friend Liam were both at his house while his parents went for vacation. It was his 17th birthday making me a year younger but I was still very. . . manly down there. I am 6' ft and brown hair and green eyes and worked out occasionally so i had a nice body. And then there was Liam he ate and ate but never gained a pound and he was very thin with wavy blond hair and wonderful blue eyes, all the girls were wild over him. At night I slept over and we decided to play Truth or Dare. We started with dumb things like eat a bug or hold your breath. Then Liam said something I would never had expected, "I dare you to show me your cock. " I wasshocked and didn't know what to say or do so I just sat there frozen. Then without warning Liam came and pulled down my pants and underwear in less then 2 seconds, which revealed my 5' in cock not boned . Then he said another thing i didn't expect, "Wow nice cock its even bigger then mine. " I'm not really gay but to hear him say that kinda turned me on and we had been friends since preschool. Then it was my turn and i said, "I dare you to suck my cock" and without missing a beat he got on his knees and started sucking away.

He started slow and jerked me off and i was stunned, happy, but stunned.

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   Then he started sucking faster and faster it was amazing. I had blow jobs in the past but this was just amazing. Then i was about to cum and i started to face fuck in fast and hard i don't even think he breather but i don't think he cared much. Then i came all over his face and hair and he looked AMAZING with my hot cum all over him and he licked it all off. Then when i we were both catching our breathes he asked if i wanted to try anal sex. I said sure why not so i got all four's and he got some Vaseline the only lube he had and starting to rub it on his cock and and butt hole. He slid one finger in there then two and then three it felt great i never had anything in my ass before and i really wanted to want something. He then took his 9' in cock and slowly went in it hurt a lot and wanted to say stop but all that came out of my mouth was "oooohhhh" and other moans. Once he got his big cock in me he took it mostly out and slammed in to me. He did that over and over again and my cock was harder then a rock and was dieing to get touched. Then Liam took his hand over my cock and started giving me a reach around while he slammed my butt hole and I couldn't even imagine anything better. Liam said "O god Adam i am gonna cum should i pull out?" Then i said "OF COURSE NOT PULL OUT FUCK ME HARDER AND CUM IN ME!" and like an obedient dog he did just that and when he finally screamed an orgasm i felt it shoot up me like a gun. His cum mixed with a little of my blood felt unbelievable in me. Then once he came every last drop of cum in me. We both said at the same time "That was amazing.

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  " Ever since that day we have been fucking and sucking each other almost everyday and we even tried a threesome with one of our friends but it didn't work so well. For once there was a happily ever after.

The End.



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