Trick or Treat - Part 2


Trick or Treat -Part Two

©Shyblueeyes1968 - 2010

(MFF, Teen, Femdom, Strap-on, spanking and caning, mild BDSM, Male/Female Anal).

In Part 1, David, or Mr Lake, a teacher is disturbed late on Halloweens night by twoTrick or Treater’s, who turn out to be former pupils, looking to settle some unfinished business. The girls are Julie, a budding dominatrix, and Jenny, her girly sub side kick. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to complete part 2.

David was in a dream like daze, as he was led into his bedroom by Julie, who was holding firmly onto his cock. Part of him was asking ‘is this really happening; had he really just witness one girl, a former pupil, cane and fuck her friend with a strap-on rubber cock?’ Was it really followed by him receiving the best blow job he’d ever had? Not even in his wildest and most secret daydreams, when Julie and Jenny were schoolgirls in his class, had he imagined anything like this. Any second now he would wake up; he was sure of it, this had to be a dream. He’d wake up alone, with his sheets wet and sticky, and yet, despite the part of him that was convinced he was dreaming, he didn’t appear to be waking up.

Now all three of them were standing in his bedroom and for a moment there was awkward silence, but then Jenny suddenly let out a little squeal, and leaped up onto his bed and proceeded to jump and down. As she descended, her pleated skirt rose up, exposing bare sex to his and Julies gaze. Even though he’d already seen all of what Jenny had to offer, he still found the this very exciting.

“Isn’t she such a bad girl, Mr Lake, I am afraid we may have to punish her again” commented Julie, standing next to him, still with the large strap-on cock thrusting out from between her thighs.
“Yes. . . I emmm suppose we must” replied David, catching up and trying to slip into the role that Julie was continuing to play.

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“Emmm yesss, but what to do” pondered Julie?
Jenny continued to bounce up and down upon his bed, and as he watched he noted that her breast was so firm and pert, that they barely bouncing.

After a few seconds thought, Julie announced “I know, I think you should put her over your knee and spank the little minx. ” Turning to the bed, she said in a very stern voice “Jenny! Stop it now, this instant!” She cracked her cane on the side of her boot to reinforce the command.
Jenny’s bouncing came to an abrupt halt, and she immediately adopted the naughty girl about to be scalded pose. She stood there, head hanging forward, biting her lip and with her hands behind her back.

“Get down, you’re being naughty again, bed’s are not for jumping on, you silly little girl. ”
Jenny got down off the bed and turned to face Julie and David.
“What do you have to say for yourself, silly girl?”
Jenny hung her head and whispered “I am sorry Mr Lake. ”
“What are beds not for?”
“Jumping up and down on. . . sorry. ”
“And what are beds for?”
Jenny whispered something.
“I’m sorry, we didn’t quite catch that, speak up you silly girl!”
“There for. .

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  . fucking in Miss. ”

“I think you haven’t learnt your lesson properly, what do you think Mr Lake?”
Even though he knew this was all make believe, he felt himself getting very excited about the whole role play thing.
“Come here, and lay across my lap” he told Jenny, as he sat down on his bed.
Jenny hesitated for a second or two, and then moved to where he was sitting, Julie in the meantime had settled into a small wicker arm chair in the corner of the room, the rubber cock thrusting defiantly up from between her legs like a thick rude flag pole.

Jenny stood by the side of David.
“Please Mr Lake, I’ll be a good girl, I promise. ”
“You said that earlier, didn’t you Jenny?”
Jenny simply nodded her head.
“So clearly you need another lesson don’t you?
Again she nodded her head.
“Lay across my lap!”

With an exaggerated show of reluctance, Jenny positioned herself across his lap. He gasped as she crushed down on his erect cock, and he had to wiggle his hips and shift his position to get comfortable. Once she was settled across his lap she wiggled her own hips and pressed down onto his cock with her belly. He placed his left hand around her waist and gripped it firmly, and with his right, placed it on her bare thigh, and slipped it upwards and under her skirt, pushing over her bare arse. Jenny sighed and glanced over her shoulder, and smiled, before turning back and bowing her head.

David gently stroked her pert bare cheeks, first one and then the other.

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   They were round and perfectly formed, almost boyish, he’d often admired it in class, even in his weaker moments, fantasies about it? Had they guessed? He continued to stroke each cheek in turn and then gave them each a caress and squeeze. He did this for several minutes, savouring the moment, dwelling on the fact, even a recently as 6 months ago, would have at the very least have lost him his job, and probably worst. This made him a little angry, because they had know, the little sluts, they had teased him, put temptation in his heart.

With the last thought and without warning, he lifted his hand and paused with it in the air for a second, before bringing it back down sharply. There was a loud slap and Jenny gasped and jumped as his hand hit her bare arse. He raised his hand again and held it there again for a second. On Jenny’s white skin, there was now a red hand mark forming on her left cheeks. He kept his hand in the air for a few more seconds, before bringing his hand down again, but this time he smacked her right cheek. He continued to do this, alternating between each cheek. With each slap, Jenny let out a cry and bucked her hips and kicked her legs, pressing her belly down against David’s erection, sending an intense burst of please down his shaft.

After a few more minutes, David stopped spanking her, and his hand came to rest on her red and warm cheeks. He gently stroked his hand up and down.
He asked “I hope you’ve learnt your lesson young lady?”
Jenny raised her head and twisted around, “Yes Mr Lake, I have, I promise to be a good girl now. . .

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  ooowww. ”
David slapped her again.
“No. . . You’re going to be a very naughty girl. What are you going to be?”
“I’m gonna be a naughty girl. ”
“And a dirty girl too” added Julie.
“Yes Miss, a dirty little girl too. ”
“Say thank you, Jenny. ”
“Thank you, Mr Lake. ”

David continued to stroke Jenny’s bum, and then he moved his hand between her cheeks and ran his hand up and down between them. He caressed her anus with his fingers, and then moved down to her pussy. As the tips of his fingers neared her pussy, he could tell that she was dripping wet, and his fingers slipped into her cunt with ease despite being tight. Jenny let out a little sigh as the finger entered her; she moved one of her legs wider and pushed back to meet the invading finger.

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   David pumped it back and forth and then he inserted another finger, and Jenny let out a louder sigh, almost a whimper. He pulled back, and then thrust his hand forward hard, lifting her up and pushing her forward and she let out a load groan, “OOhhhhhh yesssssssssssss. ”

He pulled back and pushed in again, and repeated the motion several times, before slowly slipping his hand out of her pussy and moving slippery fingers between her bum cheeks. Using his big fingers probed and then pressed it against her tight anus. It was very tight, and he had to push more firmly, before it slipped in.
Jenny cried out in pain, as his finger invaded her. He paused for second, savour the feeling of tightness, before slowly pumping his finger back and forth. Barely moving at first, his finger tightly gripped by her anal ring, he worked it in deeper.
“Please Mr Lake…it hurts, I never been fucked there…please…OOhhh”
“Just a moment” said Julie, she stood and walked over to the satchel, and rummaged inside. “Use this” she handed him a tube and returned to the chair.

David looked at the tube, ‘lubricant’ it said on the side. He pulled his finger out of Jenny and flipped the lid open, and squeezed a liberal amount onto his big finger. He then pushed his finger back between Jenny’s cheeks and began to pump it back into her arse. This time Jenny just made a moaning noise as he fucked his finger into her. Christ this was hot, he thought, but it wasn’t enough, he as almost ready to explode with lust and desire; suddenly he stood, pushing Jenny onto the floor.

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“Lie over the edge of the bed slut!”
As Jenny stood up and positioned herself, David began to apply generous amounts of lubricant to his swollen and painful cock.

Meanwhile, Julie stood up and climbed onto the bed, she began to arrange the cushions and then sat on the bed; her legs spread wide, and slowly wanked her rubber cock. It was one the most erotic scenes David had ever seen, the cock, combined with her clearly visible pussy below it, glistening and wet.

“Bend over the bed you little slut!”
Jenny obeyed instantly; she lay on the bed, with hips on the edge and her legs touching the floor. Without prompting she reached for and then began to suck on the rubber cock. Julie placed her hands on Jenny’s head, and began to hump her hips upward, fucking the dildo into her friend’s mouth. Jenny was making little slurping and moaning noises and did her best to suck on the thick shaft as it was forced into her throat. For a moment, David and Julie’s eyes met and she nodded, with a wicked smile on her lips.

He posited himself behind Jenny and squeezing more lubricant onto his fingers, he slipped them back between her cheeks and into her anus, twisting them and working the lube in. He repeated the process until he was satisfied that she was slick enough. He lent over her and positioned his arms on either side, and placed his well lubricated cock between her cheeks and he felt Jenny tense and then relax. He held himself for a second, and thought of all the times the little slut underneath had teased him, and then with one hard thrust, he pushed his thick cock into her he tight little arse.

Jenny let out a muffled squeal, and tried to pull herself away from the invader raping her arse, but David move one of his hands and placed in on her back and pushed her down, and Julie, has still holding Jenny’s head, took a firm hold of her friend.
“Yea fuck her, rape the little slut, she wants it. ”
David was half way in, and was now pumping his cock back and forth, pushing in a little deeper with each thrust, and with each one, Jenny responded with another muffled groan and clawed at the sheets with her hands.

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Meanwhile, Julie had pulled the rubber cock out of Jenny’s mouth, and shifted its position so has to leave her pussy clear. She lifted herself up and allowed one of the cushions to slip under, raising her hips up. She spread her thighs further apart, and then she pulled Jenny back down so her face was now buried in Julie’s pussy. She closed her eyes and lay back.

David began to fuck his cock back and forth, just a fraction at first. With each inward thrust he went a little deeper. Jenny continued to make loud and muffled noises has David’s thick cock, thicker than anything Julie had thus far used on her, worked its way deeper into her. Once he was fully he had got his full length into her he paused for a second, savouring the moment, before beginning to gently moving his hips back and forth, each stroke slightly longer than the first, until he was making long slow thrust. Pulling his cock back until only the head was in and then sliding it slowly back in. Jenny and Julie were both making moaning noises, as with each inward thrust of his cock, Jenny’s mouth was pushed up against Julies soaking cunt. She bucked her hips up and down rubbing it against her friends face.

It was taking all of his self control to hold back, to not just pull back and fuck her as hard and fast as he could, he was so close to cumming. So he started picking up the pace, fucking his cock into her. He started moaning through is gritted teeth. He couldn’t hold it back much longer, his hips moved faster and harder.

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   Jenny hands reached around to try and push him back as he assaulted her arsehole, but he didn’t care, he just wanted fuck her arse as hard as he could, god he had wanted this for so long, all those years of frustration came flooding back as he fuck his cock into her. With a loud cry he began to pump his spunk into her, but he continued to fuck his hips up and down, pulling right back and forcing back in, filling her arse with cock and spunk. Meanwhile, Julie was holding firmly onto Jenny’s head, pulling her face hard against her pussy, and emitting little moaning noises of her own as the combination of the sensation welling up from between her thighs and the knowledge of what was being done to her friends pushed over the edge into her own orgasm.

After a few more thrust, David pulled out and collapsed onto the floor leaning against the bed, and after a few seconds, he realised Jenny was quietly sobbing.
“Ahh, you poor dear” soothed Julie, “did the nasty man hurt you?”
“Yes…yes Miss, he did. ”
“Should we punish him?”
“Yes Miss. ”
Turning to David, Julie asked “Are you prepared to be punished Mr Lake, after all, fairs fair?”
He swallowed; damn, where was this going thought David. After a pause he replied “yes. ”
“Well then Jenny, what do you think we should do to him?
Jenny looked up at David, her face still streaked with tears, but with a very wicked smile on her lips.
“I think you should fuck him miss, fuck him like a bitch. ”
“Well Mr Lake, can you take it as well as give it?”
He looked at the dildo, well he had wondered hadn’t he? What it would be like, he tried with a small vibrator, and it was good, but to have someone fuck him, like he seen online? But now he wasn’t so sure.
“I promise to be gentle…after all, little boys can’t bare pain. ”
Damn he thought, despite his misgivings, he could feel himself getting hard again. “Ok. ”
“Get on the bed, you naughty man,” instructed Julie.

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David got onto the bed.
“Lie down on you back,” and then turning to Jenny “Get the cords and cuffs Jenny. ”
“Do you always carry handcuffs” he asked.
“Hmmm, no, just when we are going play” answered Julie.
He lay one the bed, and allowed Jenny to take first one arm, and cuff it above him, and then the other.
“Lift your hips slut boy. ”
Jenny placed two pillows under his hips and then she positioned her self above his head, while Julie gripped his ankles and began to lift them and push them back. Jenny took hold and pulled them back, until he knees were almost touching his shoulders, which had the effect of spreading his arse cheeks wide open. Christ, David, they knew what they were doing, he shivered with both fear and excitement, and clearly somebody had giving this a lot of thought.

Has he watched, Julie began to apply the lubricant to her fingers, and he was relieved to see that she was being very generous with it. She shuffled forward, her rubber cock wagging with the movement and she dropped hand downwards. He felt a cold touch on his arse, and she began to rub it, the sensation was quite pleasant, but suddenly he gasped, has without warning, Julie inserted a finger into his tight almost virgin hole.
“Your going to have to relax David, or its going to hurt…the first little boy we did this too, cried, didn’t he Jenny?”
“Yes Miss, cried like a little baby, and begged so much, but miss kept fucking him. ”
“You’ve done this before?”
“Oh yes” smiled Julie as she continued to finger fuck him. She removed it and began to apply more lubricant, before inserting it again, and then she pushed another finger in.

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   It hurt, but in a pleasant sort of way. She continued to do this for several more minutes, apply more lube, before finally pulling out, and applying more to the thick rubber cock.

“We like to tie up little boys, and rape them, especially Dean Thomas, you remember Dean, don’t you?”
Yes, he did remember him, and his reputation, even in the staff room there had been dark rumours about his activities. So Dean had got his just deserts.

“Yes” announced Jenny, “Julie rapped him so hard, just like he did to Tina, and made his squeal like the pig he his. ”
“He’ll think twice before he hurts another girl, but don’t worry Mr Lake, we like you, so I’ll be gentle. ” Looking at Jenny, she instructed her “hold him firmly. ”

She shuffled forward, and taking a grip of her cock, she positioned it between his cheeks, and looked into his eyes. The look in her eyes sent a spasm of fear and excitement sizzling through his body as he realised that she had lied about the not hurting bit.
“Take a deep breath and relax” instructed Julie.
He tried to relax as he felt the pressure building up against his virgin anus. There was a sudden burst of pain as the head of rubber cock forced his tight anal ring apart and he let out a load gasp as she entered him. She held it there for a second and reached forward took hold of his cock which had shrunk, and began to gently wank it.
“There, there, it wasn’t too bad was it?”

It stung like hell, but after a few minutes, the pain lessened and became a hot burning sensation and his cock began to harden again. After a few more minutes Julie began to rock back and forth, inching the rubber cock into him.


   Looking him in the eye, she asked “is that good?”
“Hmmm yes, its good. ”
“You like being fucked?” As she asked the question she made a harder, deeper thrust.
“Arrrrrrrrrrhhhh shhheeezzz…. yessss” gasped David.
“Beg Bitch Boy. ”
“Please fuck me, Please fuck me Miss Julie. ”
She pulled back, and then thrust back in hard.
“Yes Miss, fuck the bitch, make him pay…” hurged Jenny, as she said this she shuffled forward, and straddled his head, and lowered her soaking wet cunt down onto his face, while at the same time taking over the wanking of his cock from Julie. She then used her hands to take a firm hold of his legs.

Julie began to slowly but firmly fuck him in the arse, as he licked and suck on Jenny’s pussy. She alternated her motion, so that every few short thrusts, Julie pulled back and made one long hard thrust before making several smaller faster fucks. Meanwhile, Jenny had leant forward, and was now furiously sucking and wanking David’s cock and he redoubled his efforts on her cunt, licking her clit and then thrusting his tongue into her cunt hole, before returning to her clit.

Has Julie rammed the rubber cock into his rectum, he bucked his hips upwards, forcing his cock into Jenny’s mouth, who in turn pushed down with her hips, smothering David’s face with her wet pussy. This continued several minutes, until with the with the pressure building up inside his groin, the dam finally burst releasing a wave of pleasure that David had never thought possible, it almost boarded upon being pain. He ejaculated again, sending a powerful stream of spunk into Jenny’s mouth.

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    So engrossed with her own sexual whirlwind, she was caught by surprise, and her eyes flew open and she tried to pull up and away. However, Julie, anticipating this, and guessing David was about to orgasm, had moved her hands and placed them on Jenny’s head and held it down. Jenny was forced to take all the spunk from David’s cock and nearly choked, before recovering and swallowing the thick warm sperm.

    Meanwhile, Julie had continued to fuck David, pumping her rubber cock into him with long fast strokes, but she was becoming frustrated, and needed to have some release soon. While it felt good, the pressure of the dildo between her legs just wasn’t sufficient to bring her to own orgasm. It enough to get her very hot and wet, but also very, very frustrated. Jenny on the other hand was clearly nearing her own climax and had lift herself away from David cock and was now pushing her self down onto his eager mouth riding his face, as he alternated between licking deep inside her cunt, and licking her clit. His face was soaked with her juices which flooded out of her. Her cries and gasp merged into one continuous moan as her climax burst upon her, and she forced her hips down harder, almost suffocating David.

    Slowly, Jenny came down from her high, and lifted herself off David socking wet face, allowing him get his breath back. Meanwhile Julie had pulled out the rubber cock and was sitting on the end of the bed catching her own breath. After a few minutes, David said “Emmm, girls, erh, can you let me go?”
    “Hmmm, what do you think Jenny; shall we let our bitch boy go?”
    “Ohhh, I dunno Miss, can’t we keep him?”
    “No, I suppose we better let him go, will you behave yourself,” tuning to David?
    “I will. ”
    “I hope not,” whispered Jenny.

    Jenny unlocked first one and then the other and David sat up and rubbed each wrist in turn, fuck thought David, I am going to be sore for weeks, but actually, it was one the best and strongest orgasm he had ever had, and he knew he do it again. Jenny was lying next to him on the bed, while Julie was reclined in half sitting position.

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       She had removed the strap-on, and was ideally stroking her pussy.
    “Well children, did we have fun?”
    “Yes, Miss,” they both replied.
    “But Mr Lake, I’ve been naughty too?”

    Damn, he thought, I am not sure I have the energy for more.
    “Really, well what do you think if should do with you?”
    Julie sat up and got onto her knee, adopting a submissive pose, and lifted her finger to her lip, and in a little girl gone bad voice, said “I think it’s time that you punished me Mr Lake, and I’m such a bad girl, please, I need to be punished. ”
    She slipped off the band and turned and bent over, sliding her gloved hands down her legs and gripped her ankles.
    Julie was bouncing up and down on the bed excitedly, “yes Mr Lake, punisher, she is such a slut, she needs it. ”
    David looked around, and there, on the chair, on top of the gown, was Julie’s cane.
    “Yessssss” gasped Jenny excitedly, “use the cane, give her a good thrashing Mr Lake, show her what happens to bad girls. ”
    “Yes, Mr Lake, show me what happens to bad girls” encouraged Julie, and she wiggle her bare arse enticingly from side to side.

    David got off the bed, and walked over to where the cane was and picked it up. He flexed it a few times, and although he’d never thought he be into this sort of thing, he had to admit that it was kinda sexy.
    “Are you sure about this Julie?”
    “Yes, yes sir, I like it, Jenny canes me all the time. Please Sir, I’m so bad, I need it. ”
    David stood by Julie’s side, he stroked the cane over her bare arse cheeks, and she reached further down and gripped her ankle and thrust her arse back and up.
    “I am ready Sir.

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    David continued to stroke her cheeks for a few more seconds, and then suddenly lifted the cane up and then brought it back down with a crack.
    Julie let out a loud gasp “Yesssss, do it again please. ”
    He repeated the stroke, slightly harder this time, and with each stroke, he paused for a few seconds. Red lines were appearing across the girls white cheeks. His cock began to harden with each stroke and crack of the cane.
    “Cane me lower, please sir. ”
    David did as she was instructed, striking across her upper thighs, and her wet pussy…
    “ARRRHHHHHHHHHH Yessssssssssssssss. ”
    Julie jumped this time, and nearly fell forward.
    “Again…do it again. ”
    David did as he was asked and repeated the strokes three more times.
    “Enough, no more…. ” She slowly stood and David could be see that her face was tear streaked, and yet this was contrasted with looked of ecstasyupon it.
    “Now, I need a good hard fucking…who’s going where?”
    While Julie and David had been occupied, Jenny had strapped on the dildo, and was sitting on the bed wanking it.
    “I wanna fuck the bitch in arse” announced Jenny.
    “Hmmm Ok, you lie on the bed, David, and I’ll get on top.

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    David did has he was instructed and Julie climbed up onto the bed, and straddled him. She wanked his cock for a few seconds, before shuffling forwards and raising herself up and positioning his cock head between her outer pussy lips, before firmly but slowly lowering and impaling herself in one motion on his cock. She let out a soft moan, before leaning forwards.
    David felt Jenny get up on the bed, and he wished he had a side on view of what was happening, but then perhaps next time.
    Julie let out a hiss and bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, has Jenny, entered her roughly, pushing her down further against the cock in her cunt.
    David could feel the rubber cock entering Julie, and was amazed by the sensation. He wanted to thrust his hips upwards, but for the moment, he lay still. Julie began to rock back and forth, only slightly at first, but moving a little bit more each time.

    She Looked down at David, and whispered “Fuck me. ”
    He started pushing upwards as she came down, and tried to get into sequence with Jenny’s inward fuck. She had a firm hold on Julies hips and was making long hard thrust with the rubber cock. She loved doing this to Julie, because despite being the submissive of the pair in most of there games; they always ended up with Julie being anally fucked with what ever came to hand. It had started with the handle of the hair brush when they were young, moving on to cucumbers and there mothers vibrator.

    Has each cock thrust inwards, Julie emitted a loud animal grunt and huge them on, “Yes, fuck, god, fuck, harder fuck…Oh god yes…harder…” interspaced with loud groans and grunts. David wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to keep the space up, he cock was going to be very sore, as he concentrated on keeping in time with Jenny own thrusts.

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       Jenny’s hands had come around Julies sides and where now firmly gripping each breast and she continued to fuck her friend. All three were glistening and dripping with sweat, and panting heavily.

    Julies moans and groans increased in volume and pinch, and became one continuous wail, which rose up into a scream as her own orgasm finally arrived and burst upon her. David let out his own scream as Julies nails dug into his shoulder. Jenny was now pulling the rubber cock back to the point where only the heads was insider her friend, before thrusting hard and fast inside and then repeating it. Mean while Julie had completely lost control and had collapsed up David, shacking and screaming through a serious of orgasm, until finally both subsided, and she slipped in a semi-conscious state. Both David and Jenny slowly ceased there thrusting, and Jenny finally pulled out her cock, while David, rapidly becoming semi-hard remained inside Julie for the moment. After removing the strap-on, Jenny collapsed back onto the bed, and all three slipped off into an exhausted sleep.

    The End

    ©Shyblueeyes1968 - 2010

    To read more of Shyblueeyes1968 stories and to find out more about him, please visit his homepage: http://www1. asstr. org/~shyblueeyes1968/



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