(Transformers 2007 movie) Bumblebee finally hits on Mikaela


Topic: (Transformers 2007 movie) Bumblebee finally hits on Mikaela(Transformers 2007 movie) Bumblebee finally hits on Mikaela© 2007, Warner Brothers & Hasbro of AmericaBumblebee had a crush on Mikaela, he always have had it ever since he first laid his eyes on the gorgeous human female. It was the reason he faked a mechanical problem when she first got a ride from Sam. It was also the reason why he changed his alternate mode from a beaten old Camaro to a brand new top of the line one the moment she complained. . .
And now that Sam was away on a trip to New York it was Bumblebee’s chance, he drove himself out of the driveway turning on a hologram of Sam on the driver’s seat. Bumblebee rode to Mikaela’s house, once there he sounded his horn off. Mikaela came out looking rather surprised.
“Sam? When did you got back? And why so soon?” She asked but received no answer. Instead the hologram of Sam vanished “Holy shit! What the? Bumblebee what is the meaning of all this?” Mikaela nervously questioned Bumblebee. “I am sorry I did not mean to frighten you Mikaela. I… I just needed to see you, please come in we need to talk”
“Why, what is it? Is Starscream or any of those other so called Decepticons back?” Mikaela asked Bumblebee “No, nothing like that! Don’t worry just please get in. ” Bumblebee said in a pleading tone to Mikaela. “OK I guess I can spare a few minutes or so” she said as she climbed into the vehicle. With that Bumblebee sped off into the highway, after a while they reached the location Bumblebee wanted to be all along.
“Hey were back at the lake where you guys first gave me a ride! OK what is going on? Why did you bring me here?” Mikaela asked feeling really puzzled about the whole thing.


   “As you said this is were we first met. ” Bumblebee answered.
“I really do not understand… Wait, are you hitting on me?” Mikaela asked with a tone of astonishment in her voice. “Hitting? Oh you must mean the slang you humans use when referring to making a move on someone, right?”  Bumblebee said.
Mikaela was stunned by Bumblebee’s statement “Umm… Yeah you got it all right, so are you?” she asked more perplexed than ever. “What do you think? Huh?” Bumblebee answered her with a husky tone in his voice that Mikaela had never heard before but before she could utter a world a hologram of  Jim Carey’s character the mask appeared on the driver seat. The hologram began to speak in the character’s voice.
“Honey, you ask is if I am hitting on you? Sugar I’d be crazy not too!” as he finished like in the movie his face turned to that of an animated cartoon wolf his tongue rolled out and his eyes popped right out in classic cartoon fashion. With that the hologram once again vanished “Truth be told, I’ve had a crush on you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I got to give it to Sam. The boy does have excellent taste!” Bumblebee explained. .
“Well, thanks… I think… So are you all outer space alien robots like this?” Mikaela asked once again. “What do you mean like that?” Bumblebee asked as it became his turn to be puzzled. “I mean horny cybernetic beings like you?” Mikaela answered back.

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   “All sentient beings feel urges and desires regardless of being mechanical or organic Mikaela” Bumblebee explained.
Mikaela was more puzzled than ever ”But you are machines! I mean do you reproduce as we do?” she asked one more time. “No we do not reproduce as you organics do. In Cybertron it was the All Spark that gave life to us all. We do not know the origins of the All Spark other than the fact that it created us. But never the less as I said before as fully sentient beings we have all the urges and desires that you humans do!”
“Really, now? Do you have to go to the bathroom as well?”  She asked in a somewhat mocking tone. “That’s strictly a bioorganic function Mikaela, our cybernetic bodies produce very little if any waste. ” Bumblebee explained in a tone that clearly denoted that he was rather annoyed by the question.
“Yet you are somehow interested in hitting on somebody with a less efficient organic body like mine!” Mikaela now shouted back angrily. ”I’m sorry Mikaela; it was not my intention to upset you. But I did find your last question rather annoying. ” Bumblebee said in a condescending tone. Bumble… Umm… You know what could I just call you BB?” She asked.
“If that’s what you want…” BB responded back. “OK well BB just how on Earth do you think this could possibly work out? As you said you are machines that were created by the All Spark and you obviously do not have any reproductive organs to speak off and even if you did the differences in size would still make it impossible.

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  ” Mikaela said inquisitively.
“Honey I may not have a prick and as you said even if I did it would not be possible for me to use it given the size differences between us, but I know plenty of ways to make you happy!” BB answered with a devilish tone in his voice. “Make me happy?” she asked once again half knowing the answer anyway. . .
“Why is it that you humans ask questions that you really know the answer too anyway? I’ve searched your whole internet and if you really want it as you humans put it in plain English. I know how to make you cum like crazy!” BB replied back.
“Oh, is that so? And just how could you possibly pull that off?” Mikaela asked feeling both curious and a bit horny now. BB felt Mikaela’s arousal and happily pressed on. All of a sudden Mikaela felt like a pulse that came right under her seat and went right into her pussy making her very own clit vibrate, at nearly the same time she felt a sudden breeze from another direction slightly to her front and below her which lifted her blouse.
“What… What was that?” She asked extremely surprised. “Inside the cabin I can control both sound waves and displace air with precision. In fact it can be as precise as a laser beam and that is what you just felt” BB explained. “Wow if that’s what you can do in your disguised mode what can you in your Robot mode?” She asked feeling positively turned on now.
“A bit more but for that we would need a far more secluded place than this but we have not even started yet.

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  ” BB told her “Ok so how do we proceed now?” Mikaela asked. BB felt that at this point she was totally in the mood and ready to comply with whatever he told her “Well I think you should begin by removing your clothing as they will only get in the way. ”
“You want me to strip naked?” Mikaela asked now with a bit of nervousness in her voice. “Isn’t that the usual way you humans engage in sex anyway? And Mikaela please relax I would never, ever do anything to hurt you!” BB told her in a soothing tone. “I know, it’s just I’ve never ever had have sex with a robot before! Alien or not! I’ve been with plenty of guys and even have French kissed a girl once but that’s it!”
“There’s a first time for everything and it is also a first for me as well!” Bumblebee said in response. “You mean first time with a human or first time ever?” She asked. “It is pretty much my very first time ever!” BB answered. “And you plan on umm… Making me cum like crazy without any prior experience whatsoever?” Mikaela asked with a devilish tone in her voice.
“Experience won’t be an issue. You see I can sense every breath you take, every heartbeat your heart makes in short I can sense any minute change in your body and act accordingly so… Are you gonna get naked or not?” BB explained. “Damn you are one impatient tin can! Hold on…” She said as she slowly undressed as she did Mikaela noticed the windows glass becoming darker. “Oh that’s nice give a lady some privacy” She said giggling as she finished undressing “Anything for you my dear!” BB told her.
Mikaela was now totally naked in the passenger seat of Bumblebee “Well I’m ready now” she said in a husky voice. “Indeed you are!” BB answered. With that Mikaela felt both surges of what seemed to be sound waves and wind hit her exposed boobs as if someone was caressing them.

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   Her breathing became deeper as her arousal grew. Her nipples became hard and erect thru BB’s ministrations using the combination of surges of wind and sound waves precisely targeted toward her boobs and nipples.
She instinctively spread her legs as surges of sound and wind assaulted her pussy plying it open and making her clit vibrate at the same time. Mikaela moaned in absolute ecstasy as she felt the impending and inevitable arrival of a humongous orgasm. She finally climaxed and her body convulsed spasmodically. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped thru her body as BB continued ministering pleasure to her body in a way no human ever could.
 Every sensitive erogenous area of her body was not left untouched by BB’s expert manipulation of sound and air currents and it was all simultaneous too unlike any person man or woman could possibly ever make her feel. Mikaela lost all control of her body under the extreme pleasure sensory assault she was being dealt by BB and lost track of time and space being a total prisoner of the incredible sensations that racked her body.
After about an hour the pleasure sensory barrage dropped down as BB felt that Mikaela was all but drained.  Mikaela uttered the first words she could once the sexual sensory storm that had ripped thru her body had concluded “I… I’m so… Tired! I can’t move a muscle!” BB replied her back in a soothing tone “Shh… Don’t worry you’ll be fine you do need to rest now though!”  With that BB opened the passenger car door and gently dropped Mikaela on the ground rapidly transforming into Robot mode. BB gently picked Mikaela up walked to a nearby hill overlooking the lake that was now bathed under the light of a full moon.
BB laid Mikaela next to him, by that time she was soundly asleep. BB gently brushed her long hair from her face “You are one magnificent creature Mikaela!” it whispered as it silently admired the gorgeous naked beauty sleeping next to it on that solitary hilltop.
 Almost at about 4:40 AM to 5:00 AM Mikaela woke up startled to be under the stars she then remembered as BB spoke to her “Don’t worry dear you are quite safe!” “What…. What time is it?” She asked “Well in what you humans call your time zone would be about 4:40 AM…” BB calmly replied back ”4:40? It’s almost sunrise, I need to be back home! Where are my clothes?”  “Right next to you my dear.

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  ” BB told her.
She quickly picked up her clothes and began to dress “Although I have to say I very much prefer you in your should I say natural state!” BB said as she finished dressing. “Yeah I bet, now I know what guys and giant space robots have in common!” Mikaela replied. “And what’s that?”  BB asked.
“You both can’t wait to get into our skirts or pants that’s what!”  She responded “Well can’t argue you with that logic, coming?” BB asked as it transformed back into his vehicle mode and opened the passenger door for Mikaela. She promptly entered and immediately Bumblebee took off into the road.
“So where is this going now?” Mikaela asked. “What do you mean? The road?” BB asked back confused. “No not the road, this thing between us now?” She explained visibly a bit annoyed of having to be so specific but then again no one said Robot/Human relationships would be easy did they?
“Oh that… Well, look Mikaela I don’t want you to think that I want to come between you and Sam, you guys do belong with each other and besides in the end I could not possibly ever offer the kind of relationship you need or better yet deserve. ” BB explained solemnly “Strangely enough I understood all that! So is this a one time deal then?” She replied back. “Only if you want it to be. I’m very fond of you I like you a lot Mikaela I did since I first laid my optical sensors onto you. ” BB said.
“So Bumblebee tell me when you obviously faked your mechanical failure when Sam picked me up was it too get a good look at me then?” She asked. “Give the girl a prize, you won the lotto! Bingo! As I said I’m fond of you since I first saw you.

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  ” BB answered plainly. “And you kept all this to yourself for all this time? I mean why now?” Mikaela asked. “I had to wait for what you humans call the right moment and it felt this was it, was I wrong?” BB asked with a tone of sadness in his voice.
“No it wasn’t. It still a bit of a shock but no it wasn’t wrong, but if we obviously cannot pursue a relationship like 2 human beings would have what then?” She asked. “Again that is entirely up to you. What we had tonight could be a one time thing or it could happen as many times as you like, besides I only showed what I can do in vehicle mode so far!” Bumblebee said in a devilish tone.
“You are terrible!” Mikaela said hitting the dashboard in a slapping motion. “Me? Terrible? No Amazing and Spectacular definitely!” Bumblebee replied as once again a hologram of Jim Carey’s the mask appeared blinking at her. Mikaela could not help but to laugh at the overture. “Still Sam should not learn of this extracurricular activity!” she pointed out. “That would be wise…” BB replied back as it stopped right in front of Mikaela’s home.
“I do believe this is your stop my beautiful lady” Bumblebee said as it opened the door for her. “Well thanks for a one of a kind night!” she replied back. “Do you want it to be just one a kind night?” BB asked.

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   “No most definitely not Bumblebee. So when can we do this again?” “Well it would be preferable when Sam is away such as this time for sure and he returns tomorrow so…”
“Agreed so ‘till Sam’s next long trip then…” Mikaela agreed. “Well ‘till then, see you around…” BB said as it sped off toward Sam’s house and Mikaela entered her home to get ready for the next day which was to start in about an hour or 2.
The end…




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